“Who Is THEY?”

The number one question consistently circulating on social media and infuriating the minds of millions is, “who is they?” Not “who are they,” but “who is they” as though “they” is a single force operating as one. Whereas “they” often do operate as a single force, there are many individuals and players involved. People want to know who is behind the money, power, control, narratives, and destruction of the world – the constant wars, manufactured inflation, attacks on the food system and agriculture, big pharma and medical madness, constant surveillance, AI and transhumanism, the entire financial system, and so on. It’s not limited to one or even ten countries – it is a global agenda that goes back centuries and even the most brilliant researchers, historians, and investigators can’t name every person involved at the top of this hierarchy. However, there are thousands who can be named, and most everyone has acknowledged the fact that it is a very small percent attempting to rule the world under their “new world order.”

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There are several terms people use to reference these bad actors, such as the “deep state,” “global cabal,” “illuminati” and “shadow government.” The individuals orchestrating this attempted global takeover operate covertly within the government to alter public policies and laws while shaping culture and narratives. More recently, many of these bad actors no longer operate covertly – it’s more an in-your-face style these days. They are all in, desperately trying to cull the masses through their playbook, and although they would seem to have a plan a, b, and c for every agenda, people are fighting back and seeing through their manipulation tactics. It’s true that it is creating quite a field of cognitive dissonance, but with each month that passes, more and more people are becoming aware of the game being played on humanity, and they refuse to tolerate it.

This is the Great Con and they can only pull it off if you believe in it, if you fall for it, if you accept they have power over you, and you allow yourself to become the obedient slave they want you to. That is the biggest dose of truth. They need everyone to believe they are the authority, they have your best interest at heart, and what they are telling you is truthful. They want you to feel powerless and dependent on them. That is their biggest hurdle and that is what you should never give into.

The further back one goes, the more difficult it is to track them. Why? Because the wealthy bloodlines tend to intermix, often changing their names and spellings, their backgrounds, and their family connections. To make matters worse, there are hundreds of psychological campaigns running simultaneously, coming out of multiple countries and sources to further confuse people. One thing is for certain – these folks have been planning this ultimate takeover for a very long time, have all of their minions and useful tools coordinating for them, have brainwashed millions of people with their schemes, are savvy and calculated with their methods and far more intelligent than most would care to admit.

This report will provide over 1900 names of individuals and companies involved in crimes against humanity and the control grid enslavement system.

People want names, so let’s start here. This is a big part of the hierarchy, leaving some unknowns hidden behind the Bank for International Settlements (BIS). In Corey Lynn’s 3-part report on Laundering with Immunity, it explains in explicit detail as to how and when BIS came about and how BIS and 63 central banks devised a plan to hold immunities and privileges. Shortly thereafter, in 1945 the UN was manifested by some of the plotters for this grand takeover, and immunities and privileges came right along with it the following day. This was the beginning of the control framework and how they would be able to carry out their agendas while operating entirely outside the law. All arms of the UN have these immunities and can extend them to organizations working with them. Long before the UN being established, the Organization of American States (OAS) was created. They too were the first to receive immunities and privileges, alongside the UN, as they work in conjunction with one another. And, they too can extend these immunities to organizations they work with. In addition to the banks, the UN and OAS, the Global Fund, Gavi, and WEF were also given these immunities, and numerous other key international organizations as well. In total, there are 76 international organizations that hold these immunities and privileges, and that’s on top of BIS and the central banks.

Whereas the UN and OAS hold treaties with a slew of countries giving them ironclad layers of protections, the other international organizations hold immunities, privileges, and headquarters agreements independently with each country who opted to do so, and there are many! The U.S. set the stage for this, doling them out to 76 organizations throughout every presidency except for Trump and Biden.

Read Laundering with Immunity to grasp the full scope of what these immunities and privileges entail. For starters, all of their archives are inviolable, their property and assets are immune from search and seizure, they are exempt from every kind of tax regular people pay, including property taxes, officers and employees are exempt from legal suits, employees and their family members can travel the world without checks from customs, military and police are not allowed to enter their headquarters, and much more.

Once people understand that THIS is the control framework – the structure that was created nearly 80 years ago so that they can operate outside the law and never be held accountable, it’s easy to see how all of the other pieces fall into place.

Who is THEY? That alone is the key list of 76 organizations, BIS, and 63 central banks at the top of the pyramid, bearing in mind there are wealthy, strategic players behind this pyramid whose names we may never know. Those leading these organizations are the key names purposefully put in a position of power to carry out specific agendas. Those key players move around within that group of organizations and sometimes head up affiliated organizations in order to maintain their strategy. Some of those agendas come straight from the pyramid organizations, while others are contracted out to their affiliates at NGOs, corporations, universities, lawmakers, governments, 3-letter agencies, news media, and private equity firms. For example, CIA agents often move into news media positions, FDA directors often move over to big pharma, CDC directors move over to Rockefeller Foundation or Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and so on.

They keep their key players in positions they need them in at specific times and then move them around to other leadership positions when they need certain actions carried out. Jim Yong Kim is a prime example of this, from co-founding Partners in Health to advising the Director-General of the WHO and Director of HIV/AIDS department, then fulfilling outcomes required at Harvard in various positions, on to President of Dartmouth College then to President of the World Bank – coincidentally resigning early in 2019, and now a partner at Global Infrastructure Partners. Kim has been instrumental in nefarious actions in Haiti, the AIDS agenda, vaccines, Covid contact tracing, pressuring countries in order to receive funding from the World Bank, and the climate agenda, and each position was timed right. It is no coincidence that BlackRock is acquiring Global Infrastructure Partners in the 3rd quarter of 2024. You can read more about Jim Yong Kim’s connections and involvement in Corey Lynn’s reports here, here and here. They have done an incredible job trying to bury his childhood and family. CEO of BlackRock, Larry Fink, also went above and beyond to hide his family connections and childhood, with a father who would appear to be a ghost. It’s understandable to want to keep family from the public eye when in high profile positions, but there is far more than meets the eye with these cats.

There are countless smaller companies who have had good intentions to provide great products and services to people or the land, but as they began to grow and gain attention, these corrupt organizations stepped in trying to co-opt them and eventually acquiring them. Whole Foods being gobbled up by Amazon is a good example of this. These organizations, including so-called billionaire philanthropists, are behind every major industry and “reimagining” it to essentially cut out everyone else from financial prosperity so that everyone can fall prey to their planned enslavement system.

Ultimately, Congress needs to revoke these immunities and privileges. Any lawmaker saying that the U.S. needs to defund the WHO (part of the UN) or the UN itself, clearly isn’t aware of this control framework because if they were, they would know that defunding isn’t going to solve anything.

How “They” Operate and Lists of Who “They” Are

Within each agenda (and there are many), the same players can be seen carrying them out. That’s a pretty big indicator of who’s running this theater. It’s important to note that there are also key players in countries whose names may not be mentioned although, their companies may have made these lists.

The Giving Pledge, founded by Warren Buffet and Bill Gates in 2010, is a real quick way to see a list of over 240 billionaire “philanthropists”, many of which are involved in agendas against humanity. Everyone from David Rockefeller to Michael Bloomberg, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Michael Milken, Sam Altman, Edgar Bronfman, Victor Pinchuk, Richard Branson, Marc Benioff, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Musallam Bin Ham AlAmeri, Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, and countless others are part of this group whereby they have committed “to give the majority of their wealth to address some of society’s most pressing problems.” That is, to create a problem and then claim to save the day by establishing new industries and wiping out others.

The UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals is completely inverted and portrayed as helping the earth and humanity, when in fact it is the exact opposite and a total con. It is the primary scape goat used for every agenda they are attempting to carry out. From climate change to poverty, food, health, education, industry and economic growth, it is the playbook narrative for each action they take. The PR is pushed by the World Economic Forum who plot and plan how these actions should roll out and who should take the reins. These players often meet in private by invite only through secret societies and organizations. The universities pump out whatever so-called studies are needed to validate their actions so as to obtain government funding and so media can hype it up. Therefore, it’s important to understand how their language works in order to read between the lines, and recognize that “convenience” means convenient for them because they can track you, “safety” means you will be told what you can do, what you can say, what you have access to, and how you can spend your money, “inclusion” means you will be part of their enslavement system, “equity” means everyone will be on universal basic income and healthcare so that they can hold control over you, “protect marine life around the world and use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development” means they are mining the oceans for resources under the guise of climate change while decimating entire ecosystems that could destroy all marine life. You get the idea.

Government grants, using taxpayer dollars, is one of biggest ways they move taxpayer money into the hands of the corrupt. Over 20 U.S. government agencies distribute these funds, such as DHS, DOD, DOE, DOS, HUD, USAID, USDA, for example. These funds go directly into corrupt organizations and foundations hands, or through ministries in other countries where the money seems to disappear or achieve little results, or in cases such as war they may funnel it through the World Bank, which of course has full immunities and privileges so no one will ever truly know where the money went. The Pentagon has failed audits six years in a row. Mind you, they self audit. Over $21 trillion has gone missing from U.S. federal accounts at HUD and the Department of Defense.

In Corey Lynn’s report on 17 Goals Toward Enslavement: Exposing The Real Agendas Behind The 2030 Agenda, it gives a full breakdown of these so-called goals with attached reports uncovering evidence to the contrary. There are a myriad of additional reports on Corey’s Digs that also directly pertain to these agendas. Here are some key reports with lists of individuals and companies involved in these schemes:

The Global Landscape on Vaccine ID Passports is a 4-part report, and available in paperback with a bonus chapter on solutions, that shows how blockchain, digital identities, and digital currency are one of their major end games in order to control what people do and how they can spend their money. It is packed full of hundreds of cited sources providing key evidence. Under the guise of health and well-being, this con ticks off 9 of their 17 goals. Part 4 reveals a list of 287 individuals and companies involved in this agenda.

• By now, it should no longer be a mystery that Visa and Mastercard are playing a critical role in the digital identity control system.

Elon Musk deserves his own bullet point. Though many have held him high up on their hero worship pedestal, Musk’s history speaks for itself. In Corey Lynn’s report Space: The New Frontier For The Central Control Grid, it provides an abundance of evidence about what is transpiring and Elon Musk’s involvement which should raise the hair on the back of anyone’s neck who can’t be fooled. In addition to Elon Musk, there are other key common players involved in this scheme, such as U.S. Space Force, Morgan Stanley, WEF, UN, BIS, central banks, Deloitte, and others listed throughout this report.

• The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Trust funnels money to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) who then grants money to the Global Fund and Gavi, both of which Bill Gates is co-founder of. The BMGF also grants billions to sectors of the UN and countless NGOs owned by friends. Then, some of the money gets funneled back in through the Global Fund by some of those same NGOs and other branches of the UN. It’s a revolving door. Additionally, billions in grants from the U.S. government and other countries funnel taxpayer dollars through the Global Fund and Gavi. They are washing the money right in front of everyone’s eyes, all through non-profits, most of which have full immunities and privileges. Here is an in depth video Corey did covering just how this works and showing the organizations involved.

• The food industry is monopolized by 10 companies. Talk about population control. These companies crank so much sugar and bioengineered ingredients (genetically modified and gene-edited) into their foods to keep the population sick. Many of them also work closely with the organizations listed throughout this article. Understand that these companies are willing to take a hit in order to move agendas forward, such as shutting down during Covid or some of their food processing plants going up in flames.

• Who controls everything regarding what is put in people’s mouths, from seeds to pesticides to the food itself? Codex Alimentarius does. It was established in 1963 by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO), both are arms of the UN with full immunities and privileges. Their sole purpose is to set the standards and guidelines for all food that is consumed by human beings. Once those decisions are made, countries take those “standards” and implement them, creating regulations and laws. The USDA is a driving force for not only adhering to the standards, but making certain that other countries follow in lock step. China runs the pesticides committee and Monsanto has a seat at the table. See Corey Lynn’s report on this here.

• In Corey Lynn’s report, The New Controlled Food System is Now in Place and They Will Stop at Nothing to Accelerate Their Control, it reveals the new wave of indoor vertical growing facilities popping up with many of these same players founding them, funding them, or purchasing from them. Though this may be a positive solution for small farms or individuals, unfortunately these conglomerates are utilizing gene-edited seeds for much of this. Imagine food being locked in enormous facilities while states give them tax breaks and Monsanto/Bayer is preparing seeds. This report exposes over 150 players in this agenda, with overlapping names already documented in this article, including key shareholders. This ticks off a whopping 10 of the 17 goals to enslave humanity. And, another report by Corey Lynn exposes additional names involved in the lab grown meat arena. There are numerous other reports pertaining to food supply, agriculture, and livestock that can be found on Corey’s Digs under the Food Supply category.

• In a 9-part report on Obedience Training from Cradle to Grave, it takes an in-depth look at the education system from PreK to Adults and exposes the incredible ways they are carrying out indoctrination, brainwashing, social emotional learning, augmented virtual reality, and their goal to push ideologies through the education system into the corporate world as lifelong mandatory obedience training. This con ticks off 5 of their 17 goals. Part 9 documents an extensive timeline going back to 1903 and a list of over 580 key players involved, and 50 of them are also involved in the digital identity agenda.

• Universities have long played a vital role in shaping “the science” and producing desired results of research projects to generate outcomes the deep state players require. This in turn provides both grants and funding to the universities while signaling to big gov that grants should go out to organizations and foundations that need to further the studies, implement clinical trials, or proceed with their projects. What most people don’t realize is how involved universities and colleges are with the immigration agenda as well. In Corey Lynn’s report University Migrant Smart Hubs, Private Equity and The Leveraged Buyout of America, it breaks this all down while providing a list of over 200 colleges involved in this, dozens of organizations assisting, and private equity firms such as Blackstone playing a major role.

• Partners in Health (PIH), founded in 1983, is perhaps one of the most critical non-profits that seems to have flown under the radar for decades. From the founders to those connected, the funders, governments, and activities, there are hundreds of names attached to PIH. The list of partners reads like a who’s who of the global mafia. Corey Lynn published an explosive report in May 2020, regarding contact tracing surveillance and a $100 billion scandal that went down with PIH, IL Rep. Bobby Rush, EcoHealth Alliance, former World Bank President Jim Yong Kim, and more. The report lists over 75 companies and individuals involved. Additionally, Partners in Health, along with the Clinton Foundation, Planned Parenthood, and Ivy League Schools have all been instrumental in the abortion agenda.

• The transgender agenda is a big one, wanting everyone focused on their “identity” while disassociating from who they truly are. It’s all about the external rather than the internal. In Corey Lynn’s 4-part report on Exploiting Transgenders, Part 1 reveals an extensive timeline of those carrying out this agenda. Part 2 covers the origins of the medical engineering and who was behind it. Part 3 shows who the funders and profiteers are as well as a short list, plus over 50 care clinics for youth involved in this. Part 4 provides a list of those behind this agenda.

• To understand the mindset of these deep state actors, it’s important to get a grasp on their thirst for eugenics – a term that dates back to the late 1800s. In Corey Lynn’s 6-part report on Eugenics, Infertility & Population Growth Crisis, it dives deep into the history, the players, the funders, and the actions carried out against humanity throughout the years. The report begins with a timeline dating back to 1901, and it is a vital report that shows the attack on people’s health, bodies, minds, and desire to control the population through manipulating DNA, sterilizing to prevent births, and in some cases, murder. Dozens of names of individuals and organizations involved in eugenics and the future goal of transhumanism are documented throughout this report, and many of those names will not only be familiar, but are seen in numerous other reports regarding other agendas as well. That’s the consistency of their playbook at work.

• Over 30 articles and reports specifically on Covid, document a mountain of evidence along with names and organizations involved in carrying out the most hellacious, coordinated agenda against mankind. Those articles are best sought out through the Library Catalog with direct links to each report.

• Under the guise of “climate change,” the governments of 26 islands have worked with public and private partners to funnel primarily U.S. government funds through clean energy infrastructure on these islands. Many of the partners are also involved with building up so-called tourism in these locations as well. Partners such as the UN, Organization of American States, World Bank Group, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Clinton Foundation, Rocky Mountain Institute, The Nature Conservancy, Tides, and many more including Breakthrough Energy Coalition which is a group of 28 high-net-worth investors including George Soros, Jeff Bezos, Tom Steyer, Jack Ma, Reid Hoffman and more. In total, there are 26 islands, 12 public sector partners and 34 private partners. Throughout the entire 4-part report, there are numerous additional names and countries involved in this as well. In Corey Lynn’s 4-part report on Shipwrecked on Ten Islands with Clintons & Branson, she shows how this all began, the funding, nefarious activities, and how it quickly escalated to include 26 islands. Where did the money really go?

• Everyone is familiar with the Clinton Foundation, but most people are completely unaware that the Clinton crime family actually has 51 foundations, LLCs and shell companies that they utilize to carry out their shenanigans. Of course, some have non existent addresses. Corey Lynn dug through endless pages of tax returns and filings to build this list and has reported extensively on the Clinton’s involvement with AIDS, vaccines, abortion, child trafficking, Haiti here, here, here, here, and here, 26 islands, fraud in Arkansas, political tax scandals, plus Jeffrey Epstein here, here, and here.

• Though there aren’t a ton of names listed in this report (a couple dozen), it contains significant information pertaining to Protecting U.S. Bulk-Power Supply and Technology from Bad Actors. The connections are quite staggering, especially three players who all worked in high-ranking positions at the World Bank with overlapping time frames, including one president, two of whom are from China and one from South Korea who all attended prestigious colleges in the U.S. The intertwining history of these three alone is mind-bending, showing where they began, what they were involved in, their U.S. connections, and where they are now. This report was publishing in 2020 and these men are still active in vital roles.

• Shareholders play a key role in controlling companies from the top down. If the majority shareholder has voting shares, they can dictate the direction of the company. The top two shareholders of nearly every major company are the The Vanguard Group and BlackRock. State Street Corp. often takes 3rd position. Just pick a company, any decent size company and search “top shareholders of (company name)” and you’ll see it nearly every time, and if on rare occasion they didn’t make it in the top two, they made it in the top five. Here is an example of BlackRock voting on three Pfizer resolutions in 2021, as BlackRock is Pfizer’s largest shareholder.

That’s a pretty good start to set people on the right path of the actual history behind all of this corruption and the goals the deep state is trying to fulfill. This report was intended to highlight some of the larger lists compiled over the past eight years of investigative reporting on Corey’s Digs. There are so many names of individuals, companies, organizations, and non-profits that work in lock step with one another to achieve these agendas against humanity, covered in over 200 reports and articles produced on Corey’s Digs, that a Quarterly Library Catalog is published to make it easier to find specific reports by topic. There’s much more to the story and the history, but this is a good baseline.

Be FearLESS, don’t be conned, and never be obedient to those who don’t have your best interest at heart.

Download this report in PDF format in the Bookshop >

Many of these more extensive reports are also available in the Bookshop in PDF format for downloading, printing and archiving. As they continue to erase history, it is of the utmost importance to document and preserve as much as we can for future generations.

Corey Lynn is always working to bring solutions to people. In addition to articles, the Solution Series offers 24 episodes with incredible individuals who share their knowledge and experience on everything from food resources and how-tos, local community building, survival and preparedness, alternative resources, wellness and healthcare, financial tips, and so much more. These are timeless videos with an abundance of helpful tools and information.

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  • Gerry_O'C

    Very interesting as usual, Corey, i still have to go through ur last one and share on ss, u have many linked articles which indicates ur thorough research and as it happens i’m listening to this as ur email arrives… …alot of what he’s saying i’m familiar with though i have a suspicion that his and others negative insinuations of and or interpretations attributable to some of what Albert Pike had written, and Alice Bailey are questionable, i have reasons for my thinking on this, including a dream at age of 7-10 yrs old, when to my surprise i ‘saw’ an image of the former, it was about thirty years later that i saw his image in a book (an original I suspect copy of Morals and Dogma) , i’m not a mason, and living in and been brought up in Catholic Ireland, i’m certain i hadn’t seen his image in the interim…my feeling is that many folk have drifted so far from their spiritual senses and morality, they don’t have the ability at the moment to discern esoteric truths, and while it’s a thin line perhaps there is a distinction between that and black magic occult, even in his time Jesus spoke to the masses in parable, and reserved a deeper teaching for his close followers, that is evident in the Gospel and the Letter to the Hebrews describes how he perfected Him in his incarnation then… though i have doubts about the Lucis Trust is being used as a tool for less than savoury purposes…btw a i had a sequence of dreams back then through which I became familiar with the name Melchizedek, Jesus in Hebrews is described as a High Priest of that Order, and i had a dream that had Buddhist intonations…it was years later, decades that their significances impacted me… always a pleasure to read ur work!… Corey!…

    • cynthia lynn lucas

      Excellent we the tea party having been fighting the UN agenda 21 for years.Many people locally have no idea.I will send this out to our mailing list.Thank you for all your hardwork.
      God Bless
      Cynthia L Lucas
      Martin Tea Party Committee
      Stuart FL

  • jenna

    They are the antichristian satanic religiion hierarchy, who are above satansism and are generational Luciferians.
    Their only desire is to control all the people below them ina pyramid of the most evil at the top.
    The are not of God, but the enemies of God and the total opposite of God in every possible way.
    They are the darkness where truth, and Love and ll things of God do not exist, could not ever exist.
    There is no light or love in them, no truth whatsoever.
    They want to control all of us as evil demonic dark gods who are the antithisis of what our true God is.
    They do not have souls. They all sacrifice children, even their own, as their highest religious ritual.
    They are anit freedom, anti truth and anti love, anti life.
    They are permanent mebers of the antichrist religion who can never return to God and never be saved because they have lost their own souls by committing child sacririfce which is the unforgivable sin that takes the souls from anyone who commits that sin. To join their club their religion one must commit that sin and also provide victims=childrem to the others and sacrifice their own children to Moloch=the fallen angel of greed=the Pindar=Pope of the Luciferians.

    • Marilynne L. Mellander

      While I agree that child sacrifice has been the mark of the antiChrists, I believe Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross can cover even that sin if a person involved in this insanity can come to the realization that He/She is a sinner, in need of a Saviour and believe on Jesus Christ as their Saviour…that being said, I believe there are a large number of people both in power and acting as minions that are so demonically posessed that God has given them up to their sins and they are, indeed, damnded

  • Ingrid Bond

    First, well researched and done, Corey. 100% agree with your assessment of Elon, et al. Thank you for speaking frankly and sharing.
    I offer this additional perspective/viewing pont…
    Bodies are vehicles inhabited by whatever can find purchase in them. All these, whatever they may be (mentioned above and the like), have been produced and programmed (simplistically stated) via that which operates/manages this antilife parasitic reality via the Alice in Wonderland programming (for one, which has many versions depending on which group does the programming and on whom) which produces a very specific result in the production of sol-diers, footmen of the matrix agenda/owner/s. These productions infiltrate any and all positions of authority in this reality (whether the presenting persona knows what they are or not). It matters not if they release ‘truth’ the truth that is released will never be The Truth that frees the people from the visual/perceptual/mental etc. restriction/bandwidth of this reality trap.

    A human body does not a human make. And we’ve all been generationally trauma, indoctrination and iv programmed to a fairtheewell to believe the lie as truth – to never see the full-on truly liberating Truth that exists all around us. (The impairment of the programming is very very extensive, we cannot even ‘see’ with our eyes Truth all around us. The visual impairment alone is astonishing, the statement ‘lying eyes’ is very true.)

    What plays out in our daily reality – is a life/death war – antilife continually inflicts on Life – the scope of which we cannot perceive because of the programming/manipulation.

    The matrix reality (definitely NOT the same thing as Natural world, rather, a parasitic reality upon the Natural world) is a very narrowly defined (frequency bandwidth trap) antilife lie programmed reality that has until now been able to operate totally unseen. Now that its physical world operations may be revealed – it will release truth (lower case t) – in order to maintain control of the collective perspective as we move through this (a cyclical opening/transference) portal in time from one dimensional space/world reality into another.

    This is just my point of view, based on my very personal experience to ad some perspective to the topic. I don’t expect anyone else to believe/share it — the program/programming won’t allow it.

  • Jerry Rutherford

    Corey. I was led to your site by a friend, regarding the SEL program, which i am familiar with. I copied the entire article, and have used it extensively. I am 87 years old, and a School Board member. I will be joining you shortlly. My eyesight is poor, so I will get my wife to do this for me. Keep up the good work.

  • Rebecca E Denhoff

    Thanks for your report, Corey. While your report is correct, it does not include the highest perpetrators in this pyramid of evil. And this is because they are so well hidden. Well hidden and able to operate with endless monies acquired over centuries of murder, theft, massacres, mayhem and absolute dictatorship. This organization has a military arm of the most Machiavellian dark triad of behavior with neither conscience or punishment. While the former has been operating since the 6th century, the latter has been in operation since 1540 and are far more potent.

    I am speaking of the Roman church and the Order of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits). Yes, many refuse to believe it, but serious study into this dark cave of iniquity will reveal most of their sins including names. It is the darkest rabbit hole of them all. Those who are supposed to be teaching the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ are the very ones who have polluted it. I do not mean to impugn good Catholics (I myself was raised in a convent school and attended the CC), but they are not cognizant of what goes on at the top and mid levels of the Papacy.

    What is most important to us in our current situation is what happened immediately after WWII. This was the marriage of the Papacy(and their various Knightly orders), the CIA, the Mafia, the Freemasons(and other secret societies). SInce that time they have made billions or even trillions via drugs, human trafficking, banking(very big), murder, assassinations and regime changes (including the US).

    The Jesuits via their NGOs and operatives have introduced all evil into society such as gay acceptance, trans and gender fluidity, introducing children into early sexuality, drug use and acceptance, feminism, rampant crime, school indoctrination and I could go on and on, but you get the point. As you have reported, many NGOs have been the public face of these horrors, but they exist only for the distribution and support structures, they are not the originators of these ideas. That you can lay at the feet of the Jesuits. After all they the Jesuits must remain completely behind the curtain and continue their supposedly good acts for humanity.

    I will say no more, the space here being limited. But since you have an audience that might be able to stand the ultimate truth in this mire we find ourselves in, I thought I would mention it.

  • nanomultipolar

    Some people who are not directly controlled by Blackrock, are not members of the WEF, but NATO, the USA and the entire “collective West” are against them, slandering and sanctioning them day after day. Very good people who are not the mysterious “They”. Here they are here (and nowhere else on the Internet – because they are not suspected as part of “them”): Russia on the path of the fourth industrial revolution – (unfortunately) the only valid report on the Internet

  • Gerry_O'C

    Posting this link to a wonderful and thought provoking documentary i stumbled on and made in 2007 it seems by The South Dakota Broadcasting Company… … it is enlightening but also painful watching in the context of what we know of and are seeing in the similarities of this destructive process being foisted upon us in a broader scale today. Suddenly, the mist is lifting, and truths are emerging in plain view! Respect to, and blessings on all the Indian First Nations!… 🙏➕🙏…

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