Manufacturing an Industry

Exploiting Transgenders Part 1: Manufacturing an Industry

How do you build an industry? How do you market it and provide support backing up your marketing? How do you exploit a community, while creating a glamorized trend throughout society, stemming from chaos and confusion? How do you grow your margins and take it all the way to the bank? How do you do all of this, and still sleep at night? The exploitation and manufacturing of the transgender “industry” kicked off in the 1950s with a mix of social and medical engineering, with a moving target on children. The manufacturing of this industry goes far beyond anyone’s wildest imagination, and if you dare question it, it is discrimination. The real discriminators are those exploiting a community who truly suffer from trauma, depression, and an attempted suicide rate of 40 percent. They are the ones who should be angrier than anyone about the atrocities these people have committed. They are now exploiting your children, and they have taken this to dangerous extremes. 

• A study by Johns Hopkins researchers shows “gender-affirming” surgeries have increased four-fold from 2000-2014.

• More than 40% of transgender people attempt suicide with a higher portion resulting after reassignment surgery, and the suicide rate is nineteen times higher than the general population.

• Less than 1% of the population identifies as transgender with 23% of them identifying as heterosexual.

• Only 4.5% of American adults identify as LGBTQ, yet teaching about these different sexualities and sex has already made it into state law in four states and counting, while seeding young children’s minds with the idea that switching genders is like choosing between an Almond Joy or a Snickers bar.

• There are over 25,000 adverse reports including 1500 deaths on Lupron products for puberty blockers, endometriosis, and prostate cancer. Manufactured by AbbVie, Lupron Depot-Ped is the number one prescribed puberty blocker, which is being used on children for early stages of gender transitioning, despite never having been approved by the FDA for that purpose.

• Multiple states now offer “Gender X,” a non-binary third gender option on state ID cards, driver’s licenses, and birth certificates, by way of using “discrimination” for passing new legislation. This is a global epidemic.

Why are transgender people being glamorized, the idea of switching genders pushed upon children, and it’s all prohibited from being discussed or debated? The remaking of a population by creating mass confusion and chaos while dishing out puberty blockers as though it’s the next best Botox treatment, has avalanched into dangerous territory. Faster than one could daringly speak the incorrect pronoun, gender clinics are popping up across this country, surgeons are sharpening their scalpels, and money is pouring into this agenda. With the suicide rate of transgenders being nineteen times greater than the general population and a large percent of transitioned transgenders wishing they hadn’t done so, one wonders how this destructive agenda got its kickstart and who’s really benefiting from it. Certainly not those dealing with gender dysphoria.

Part one will take you through the timeline and origins of the social engineering used to create this industry. Part two will cover the medical engineering behind this, and the danger to children. Part three will get into those funding this agenda and those profiting from it. Part four will show how they have manufactured a reality, who’s assisted, and how it must be stopped.

Pivotal Moments & The Kickstart of Exploiting Transgenders to Manufacture an Industry

Though the first gay periodical dates back to 1896 in Berlin, the first pro-gay film was released in 1919, and the first gay bar in America was established in 1936, many transgenders are not gay. This isn’t about sexual desires, but rather sexual identity. The timeline below focuses on the transgender movement specifically.

Magnus Hirschfeld, a German physician in Berlin, coined the term transvestite at his Institute for Sexual Science. He was the first to offer gender reassignment surgery. Much of his work was allegedly destroyed in 1933 when the Nazis burned books. In 1922, he performed a castration. He went into exile during Nazi Germany and his Berlin institute was destroyed.

In Berlin, Dora Richter born as Rudolph Richter, was the first known transgender woman to undergo vaginoplasty.

Biologist Dr. Alfred Kinsey founded the Institute for Sex Research at Indiana University, now known as the Kinsey Institute. He received his Ph.D. in biology from Harvard University. In 1948 his first volume of results by the ISR research team was published, called ‘Sexual Behavior in the Human Male,’ which became number two on the New York Times bestseller’s list.

1952 (Hollywood glamour kickstart phase 1: setting the stage for the pivotal push)
Christine Jorgensen was the first American to undergo a sex change operation, which was promptly featured in American national media in both The New York Times and the New York Daily News. She was glamorized and turned into an instant celebrity, who spent her life advocating for the transgender community, with Hollywood’s help. The operations were performed in Denmark, and vaginoplasty done in New York with the oversight of Harry Benjamin. (more on this below)

1954 (more of setting the stage)
The first known British transgender woman, Roberta Cowell, began making headlines around the world.

1962 (the push on children)
The first gender identity research clinic opened at UCLA. They worked with children and adults on conversion therapy but did not perform surgeries.

Reed Erickson became a patient of Harry Benjamin to transition into an American transgender man, then in 1964 created a foundation to donate millions to promote transgender and gay equality, between 1964 and 1984. His foundation helped fund the creation of the Harry Benjamin Foundation and $72,000 funded Johns Hopkins Gender Identity Clinic between 1967 – 1973.

1965 (first US clinic to perform surgeries)
John Money and Claude Migeon quietly opened the Johns Hopkins Gender Identity Clinic, the first sex reassignment surgery clinic in America, which was later shut down in 1979 over controversy because some of the psychiatrists believed that the patients were not better off after surgery. Though, somewhere along the way, they began doing surgeries again under the name ‘Sex and Gender Clinic.’

Harry Benjamin published a book titled ‘The Transsexual Phenomenon.’

1969 (setting the stage for a disorder in children)
Marshall and Tanner published the results of their study of 192 white British girls. They claimed that the average age of thelarche (onset of secondary breast development, whereas the initial growth occurs in fetal development) was eleven years and they defined “precocious puberty” in girls if this began before age eight. For boys, it’s if pubertal development occurs before age 9.

Psychiatrist from New York, Richard Green and John Money, an assistant professor at Johns Hopkins, co-edited ‘Transsexualism and Sex Reassignment,’ which Johns Hopkins Press published. (more on Green and Money below)

1969 (setting the stage of victimhood as a focal point for the future)
LGBTQ people rioted after police raided the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village in New York City. The Stonewall Inn was a gay bar that transvestites, transgenders, hustlers, and even homeless youth went to.

1970 (building the discrimination wall)
The first gay and lesbian pride parade in the world kicked off in Chicago, followed by a march in New York and parade in Los Angeles, priming the public for accepting what was to come down the road, while building up a case of discrimination along the way.

An LGBTQ class called ‘Social Movement: Gay Liberation’ was taught at USC.

1970s – 1980s
Transgender advocate and Hollywood celebrity, Christine Jorgensen, traveled the country to speak at university campuses, advocating for transgenders.

1971 (the medical push on children)
Discovery and synthesis of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) by two research teams, Andrew Shally of the New Orleans Institute Laboratory, and Roger Guillemin from the Salk Institute in California. They devised analogs that led to a Nobel Prize in 1977. This is what is used for puberty blockers, under the guise of a “disorder,” so it could be used for transgender transitioning in the future.

The University of Michigan established the first LGBT office.

Richard Green was the founding 30-year-editor of ‘Archives of Sexual Behavior.’

The Gender Dysphoria Clinic at Queen Victoria Hospital, Melbourne was established by Dr. Trudy Kennedy and Dr. Herbert Bower. Then, in 1979 the Victorian Transsexual Coalition and the Victorian Transsexual Association were formed, creating Australia’s first transgender rights and advocacy organizations. (The industry was simultaneously being built across the globe. This is just one example of many.)

1976 (pushing it into the education system)
First course in LGBT studies were taught at UCLA.

World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), previously named the Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association, was founded by Paul A. Walker and headquartered in East Dundee, IL.

The BBC put out a documentary about Julia Grant, a transgender woman, titled ‘A Change of Sex.’

1980 (health insurance push = more $)
The American Psychiatric Association’s (APA) third Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-3) added “gender identity disorder” which helped transgender individuals to get access to healthcare.

1989 (creating medicine for a false need in children)
Patent for Supprelin was filed in May by The Salk Institute, which is a histrelin acetate injectable puberty blocker for children with “central precocious puberty.”

Supprelin was approved by the FDA on December 24th as the first product of its kind. However, Johnson & Johnson’s were the pharmaceutical company selling it.

1993 (the political push)
Roberta Achtenberg became the first openly gay or lesbian person to be nominated by the president and confirmed by the U.S. Senate. She was appointed by President Bill Clinton. Though not transgender, this is included because both the Clintons and Obamas were cohorts in pushing the agenda full speed ahead.

1997 (Hollywood glamour kickstart phase 2)
Ellen DeGeneres came out on television as being gay. Though DeGeneres is not transgender, she became the Hollywood face of the gay community to push the LGBTQ agendas. It all connects.

1998 (discrimination push for future legislation)
The murder of transgender woman Rita Hester, lead to the ‘International Transgender Day of Remembrance,’ which began in 1999.

Hillary Clinton became the first First Lady to march in a LGBT pride parade.

2002 (the legislation push)
The Transgender Law Center was founded in California to fight for discrimination against transgender people, and alter laws and opinions.

The National Center for Transgender Equality was founded in Washington D.C. by transgender activist Mara Keisling, focusing on policy advocacy and media activism.

2007 (the push for children to change genders, as young as 3-years-old)
The first youth gender clinic opened at Boston Children’s Hospital. They are a comprehensive general transitioning clinic for 3 to 25-year-olds. (more on this below)

Supprelin-(R)-LA was approved by the FDA. Rather than being an injectable puberty blocker like their method designed in 1989, this is a subcutaneous implant that is inserted into the upper arm for a continuous release over a 12 month period.

2008 (backup support to alter children)
The Endocrine Society, with members in more than 100 countries, “approved” puberty suppressors as a treatment for transgender adolescents as young as 12 years old.

2011 (more backup support to alter children)
The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) issued “standards of care” for the treatment of patients with gender dysphoria, including puberty suppression. WPATH was originally called the Henry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association.

2011 (the push of laws to include LGBT in school’s for children)
California passed a law requiring schools to teach LGBT history, and began distributing LGBT-inclusive textbooks for K-8 in 2017.

The Janus Information Facility, University of Texas Medical Branch, published ‘Information For The Family of The Transsexual and of Children with Gender Identity Disturbances,’ funded by The Erickson Educational Foundation which closed in 1977. This booklet was digitized and made available in 2012.

The BBC published an article on Jorgensen in 2012, stating “George Jorgensen, a quiet New Yorker, shocked a nation by returning from a trip to Denmark transformed into the glamorous Christine.”

President Barack Obama, the first sitting president who was okay with the same sex marriage, brought up gay rights issues in his inaugural address.

The American Psychiatric Association’s (APA) fifth Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-5) changed the “gender identity disorder” diagnosis to “gender dysphoria.”

Government appeals board ruled that Medicare must cover surgery for gender transitions, which overturned a policy dating back to the 1980s. WPATH standards of care studies on the benefits of sex reassignment therapy played a big role in this. It doesn’t mean all sex reassignment surgeries will be paid for by Medicare, but it lifted the ban so they can submit documentation for coverage.

President Barack Obama was the first president to state the words “gender identity,” and did so while giving a speech about foster care when declaring May “National Foster Care Month.” That same year, he appointed transgender activist Raffi Freedman-Gurspan, who served as the first openly transgender appointee to work inside the White House as an outreach and recruitment director in the presidential personnel office.

Roby Mook became the first openly gay manager of a presidential campaign, for Hillary Clinton.

In April, Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner came out as a trans woman, changing his name to Caitlyn. The same year, after this announcement, Jenner starred in a reality television series called “I am Cait,” which was all about his gender transition. He underwent the reassignment surgery in 2017.

2015 (decades of pushing it, now fully glamorized)
IMDB put out an article titled ’70 Celebrities Who Are Actually Transgender People.’

Barack Obama gave Ellen DeGeneres the Medal of Freedom award, while Bill and Melinda Gates sat behind them.

Ellen DeGeneres and Barack Obama

Hillary Clinton wrote an op-ed for Philadelphia Gay News, which was the first time a major-party presidential candidate wrote an op-ed in an LGBT newspaper.

President Barack Obama designated Stonewall Inn as a national monument, again focusing on discrimination. He tweeted about it in 2019.

Stonewall Inn

Angela Ponce competed in the Miss Universe contest as the first transgender to compete, and it made big headlines worldwide across every major news source.

The Australian Psychological Society, representing 24,000 professionals, says the disapproval of both parents for a child to have reassignment surgery, should not inhibit a child under 16 from consenting to procedures and that hospitals should have the right to petition courts and change the parents minds.

The Hill reported in October, “a federal judge overturned ObamaCare protections for transgender patients, ruling that a 2016 policy violates the religious freedom of Christian providers. The regulation prohibited insurers and providers who receive federal money from denying treatment or coverage to anyone based on sex, gender identity or termination of pregnancy. It also required doctors and hospitals to provide “medically necessary” services to transgender individuals as long as those services were the same ones provided to other patients.”

CNN ran two LGBTQ Town Hall’s for democratic presidential candidates to pander to them on live TV.

Four states have already passed legislation requiring all schools to teach LGBT history in schools. California was the first state in 2011 but didn’t approve of its first LGBT-inclusive textbooks for K-8 until 2017, followed by Colorado and New Jersey in 2019. Illinois will begin incorporating it into their schools in 2020.

The Social Engineering Origins

After reviewing the timeline, it is easy to see how the making of this industry was manufactured, glorified, and glamorized. A lot of work has gone into building up this industry, considering less than 1% of the population identifies as transgender. Much like the climate hoax that took decades to build upon, engineered by many of the same people and organizations, this agenda has moved past its infancy stage and is full steam ahead. I say “industry” because that is what they have built, and are pursuing with great determination. There are already over fifty youth gender clinics in this country, and that’s just for youth!

Role models were put in place, turned into instant celebrities, and the media has done its job well. The medical industry created the illusion they needed in order to target children for the long game. Politicians, Hollywood, the media, and lawmakers all played their roles. But the health industry, from the scientists to the doctors and surgeons, pharmaceutical companies, and the organizations making the false claims, are by far the worst culprits of all in the manufacturing of this industry. The universities had a hand in all of it, and the education system for youth is now greatly at risk.

Meanwhile, legitimate transgender people are suffering, trying to work through difficulties, and they are being exploited for the benefit of the greedy. And whereas controlling society, creating cognitive dissonance, and targeting children is par for the course for their overall game, this is equally, if not more so, about the money. There is big money in this, and gender clinics across the country are lining up doctors for their next fat paychecks, while pharmaceutical companies are raking it in. It’s appalling!

first American transgender surgery

Though there were a few others, one of the greatest spotlights was placed on George William Jorgensen Jr., who was born in New York and drafted into the Army at age 19 during World War II. George was given an honorable discharge in 1946. When he returned from the Army, he set off to Denmark to undergo a sex change operation, making him the first American to do so. Jorgensen began hormone replacement therapy under Dr. Hamburger’s direction, a Danish endocrinologist in Denmark. He was given special permission from the Danish Minister of Justice to undergo several operations, and in 1951 had an orchiectomy, followed up by a penectomy in 1952. When she returned to the United States as Christine Jorgensen, a vaginoplasty was performed on her under the direction of Dr. Angelo, with Harry Benjamin as a medical advisor.

When she stepped off the plane in New York, she was turned into an instant celebrity, and used her platform to advocate for the transgender community. By the 1970s she was touring university campuses. What media was the driving force the moment she returned from Denmark? The New York Daily News and The New York Times. Headlines are as important as the media source putting them out. The New York Times titled their piece ‘Bronx Boy is Now A Girl: Danish Treatments Change Sex of Former Army Clerk.’ The New York Daily News titled theirs ‘Ex-GI Becomes Blonde Beauty,’ with a subheading of ‘A World of a Difference.” It’s interesting that both included the fact she had been in the Army in their headlines.

first American reassingment surgery gender dysphoria

Jorgensen had gone to Dr. Christian Hamburger in Denmark to begin her process, because in 1952, there wasn’t much in the way of healthcare for transgenders in the U.S. However, that quickly changed, once the spotlight was amplified. After all of the media attention, they allege other transgender Americans began writing to Dr. Hamburger for treatment, and he referred them to none other than Harry Benjamin, who of course had practices in New York City and San Francisco.

Prior to Jorgensen being drafted into the Army, she did a short 2-year stint at RKO studios, which was founded in 1928 and taken over by Howard Hughes in 1948. Over the years, Jorgensen was a socialite, pop singer, cabaret performer, photographer, filmmaker, and of course an advocate for the transgender community. Hollywood embraced her, she was invited to all of the big parties, and film contracts were streaming in. They built her into the perfect role model to glamorize the beginning stages of their new industry.

The BBC published an article on Jorgensen in 2012, stating “George Jorgensen, a quiet New Yorker, shocked a nation by returning from a trip to Denmark transformed into the glamorous Christine.” A Danish doctor, Tiet Ritzau, who made a documentary about Jorgensen in the 1980s, said that she felt she was “a woman who happened to be in a man’s body.” And there it was – glamour, and being trapped in the wrong body – two of the most propagated and misleading tactics for the transgender community today. They then pushed a story that Jorgensen struggled with relationships because her birth certificate stated she was a man. What are we seeing right now? Gender X being added to birth certificates, state ID cards, and driver’s licenses, and in some states transgenders are allowed to change their gender on their birth certificate to male or female.

Do you think it’s a coincidence that George (Christine) Jorgensen read and learned about doctors doing hormone therapy while he was in the Army, received an honorable discharge, lived in New York, was able to get high-level permission for surgery in Denmark, only to step off a plane in New York to be made an instant celebrity pushed by Hollywood? Do you think it was coincidence that the universities welcomed her with open arms to advocate for transgenders, documentaries were made, and it was totally glamorized? These are the industries who create the narratives, push the agendas, and try to control society. Jorgensen died of cancer in 1989, at the age of 62.

Jorgensen’s New York Doctor, Harry Benjamin, played a vital role in the making of this industry, along with others. Benjamin was born in Berlin in 1885, knew Magnus Hirschfeld and had spent time with him at his Berlin institute before Hirschfeld went into exile and his institute was destroyed. A few years after receiving his doctorate in 1912, he moved to New York. He became very interested in sexology in 1948 and treated a child with estrogen, despite the psychiatrists not agreeing with this treatment, and helped arrange for the mother and child to go to Germany where surgery could be performed. Benjamin went on to treat hundreds of patients, published papers, lectured extensively to professional audiences, published a book in 1966 called ‘The Transsexual Phenomenon,’ and in 1979 the Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association was formed.

gender sex reassignment surgery

The Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association is a group of psychologists and therapists who devised the “Standards of Care” for the treatment of gender identity disorder. Reed Erickson, a transgender patient of Benjamins, helped fund this association, as well as educational materials, medical conferences, and Johns Hopkins gender clinic. Paul Allen Walker was the founding president. He also ran the Janus Information Facility at the University of Texas and the gender clinic. In 1979 it changed its name to the World Professional Association for Transgender Health, and it has been instrumental with assisting in changing legislation.

Benjamin was introduced to Leo H. Green by John Money from Johns Hopkins University. Green was born in Brooklyn, New York and earned his MD from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in 1961, and J.D. from Yale Law School in 1987. He met Money during his medical studies at Johns Hopkins, and collaborated with him on boys showing cross-gender behavior. Green acknowledges that Benjamin further honed his career.

John Money, Green’s co-editor of ‘Transsexualism and Sex Reassignment,’ published by Johns Hopkins Press, was born in New Zealand and immigrated to the United States where he earned a Ph.D. from Harvard University in 1952. He was a psychologist and sexologist, and served as a professor of pediatrics and medical psychology at Johns Hopkins University from 1951 until his death in 2006. He established the Johns Hopkins Gender Identity Clinic in 1965 with Claude Migeon. They began performing reassignment surgery in 1966, though they kept this very hush hush, and it was shut down in 1979, only to reopen years later.

Money was the creator of many definitions used throughout history, beginning in the 1950s. He established a definition of gender, came up with “gender role,” and in a 1955 paper suggested that gender was not only on the basis of one’s genitalia but also on the basis of somatic and behavioral criteria that go beyond genital differences. Money also asserted that “affectional pedophilia” was about love and not sex. He believed affectional pedophilia is caused by a surplus of parental love that became erotic. A famous and disturbing quote from Money:

“If I were to see the case of a boy aged ten or eleven who’s intensely erotically attracted toward a man in his twenties or thirties, if the relationship is totally mutual, and the bonding is genuinely totally mutual, then I would not call it pathological in any way.”

Money is criticized for a particular 1966 case involving the involuntary sex reassignment of David Reimer at the age of 22 months. After a botched circumcision, his testicles were surgically removed. The parents agreed to hormone treatment, raising him as a girl, and naming him Brenda, but wouldn’t agree to an artificial vagina. Follow up appointments entailed Money forcing Reimer and Reimer’s twin brother Brian to rehearse sexual acts. He had his brother Brian press his crotch against David’s (Brenda) buttocks, and also had them strip for genital inspections, whereby he took photos. For years Money reported that the sex reassignment was a success, until both brothers committed suicide. In 1997, seven years prior to his suicide, David (Brenda) told his story. It caught a lot of attention and intersex activists said that his unreported failure led to the surgical reassignment of thousands of infants as a matter of policy.

This is just a glimpse. It is a small handful of some of the folks who spearheaded this industry, which has escalated to dangerous levels in recent years. By glamorizing it, they have dismissed the trauma that those identifying as transgender suffer from. They have suggested that a person can be born in the wrong body as though they have a genetic defect, when that isn’t the case. A study by the University of Rome proves this. Rather than addressing and helping them work through their issues, they were, and are, quick to insist that transitioning and reassignment surgery will make you “feel whole,” when it couldn’t be further from the truth. Forty percent of transgenders attempt suicide, more of whom felt this despair after surgery. So what exactly is the health industry selling?

I imagine most will be as stunned as I was, after reading part 2, where I get into the medical engineering origins that have long been targeting children and have recently upped their game. After all, to build an industry, you have to target the masses to keep a steady flow of income, and confusing and conditioning the minds of children has long been their game. Part 2 is by far the most critical chapter of this report.

Exploiting Transgenders Part 2: Medical Engineering Origins – Danger to Children

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Corey Lynn is an investigative journalist, co-host of the weekly Dig It! podcast, and co-host of The Solution Series. Follow her at, on Twitter, Gab, Truth, Rumble, and Telegram. Support her work by becoming a Patron, making a donation or buying a Book.


  • R wilson

    According to Linda Paris, actress Kim Novak was also a transgender around the same time. It seems they were putting it in our faces without saying anything back then to get the ball rolling.

  • Michelle

    A blatant attempt to normalize transgenders among children is now found in Drag Queen Story Hour, coming soon to a library near you.
    I believe this is step one to normalizing pedophilia.

  • Jonathan Clark

    Wow, this is a real eye opener Cory looking forward to part 2. I’ve been asking myself and my wife the same questions why and how does this minuscule % of the population become so Culturally all invasive. The sexualization of children manipulating of young minds to create this despicable industrialization of gender dysfunction. Robbing children of their childhoods to feed the lust of perverse people to openly feed their sickness is to much.

  • mcclainra

    I agree with the above comments. Very well written and researched article, Corey, even if it is totally distasteful. I hope your series ‘gets legs’. IMO, these “medical doctors” should have their licenses revoked permanently, be arrested, tried, charged, and in prisoned for the rest of their lives. Thank you, and looking forward to the next one.

  • Cathy

    It’s my understanding transgender roots are found in Freemasonry, Cabbalistic teachings going back thousands of years into Sumerian, Greek, Indian, Egyptian, and many other ancient cultures. Their belief, carried into modern era, is the androgyne is the original creation by their “god” (Luciferian) and humans were split into “unnatural” forms of male and female. They’re striving to become androgynes, which they believe makes them demi-gods.

    This is completely contrary to Christian views of God creating Adam and Eve separately, he created them, and one of the reasons, imo, for global criticism and persecution of Christians. We have a group of people belonging to a cult attempting to push their agenda upon the rest of us using deceptive practices for population control and eugenics under the guise of following their religion. I agree, they are taking advantage of transgenders in our societies, wreaking havoc on all, and profiting. They’ve been pushing this in our faces, mocking us and going to great lengths to fool us. As evidenced by: Transpocaypse Now YT Channel “Ana the Androgyne”

  • Daniel

    It’s worse than we know. Thank you, Corey! I watch Dig It also. LOVE your VIDEOS and The Edge and The Speaker! You know your stuff! KNOWLEDGE is POWER. Thank you!

  • Lynette

    “(Jorganson) returned to the United States and eventually obtained a vaginoplasty when the procedure became available there. The vaginoplasty was performed under the direction of Dr. Angelo, with Harry Benjamin as a medical adviser.[6] Later, in the preface of Jorgensen’s autobiography, Harry Benjamin gave her credit for the advancement of his studies. He wrote, “Indeed Christine, without you, probably none of this would have happened; the grant, my publications, lectures, etc…” So basically “she” was the reason Benjamin for his success, ie money and fame. Just like the regular Hollywood stars. They do not own themselves.

  • Stephanie

    I’m new to Twitter. I’ve been looking around and stumbled on Corey Digs today. I now feel justified in my concerns about where this world is going and how children are being “groomed”.

  • Kathryn

    I tried to read your article and had to stop at the year 1947. My only child, my daughter, is gay. Her partner of 8+ years turned “trans” half way through their relationship. If people don’t live it (and I’m not engaged in it – it’s complicated, but has destroyed my life – those I loved the most, turned against me), people just don’t know.

    What is currently happening is the ONLY thing my daughter and I fight about, as I’ve tried to explain to her the damage it’s doing (which is actually supported by a lot of the LGB community – they’re afraid and a lot of them are actually rejecting what the T&Q parts are doing – they KNOW it’s destroying the core of what they’ve accomplished).

    Why did I stop at the year 1947? What’s in a name? Not that there’s a connection, but yes, it spooked me.

    God Bless you Corey. I’m too old, weak and broken to deal with it all anymore. IT’S REAL.

  • Van

    What do you have against transgender people that would lead you to write something like this? If you are really concerned about welfare of children who undergo unnecessary medical procedures, why are you not talking about intersex surgery? This entire report seems transphobic in nature and not based on the reality of what it is like to be a transgender child, or a parent of transgender children who are eligible for procedures. Please do not spread this kind of ignorance at a time when our people are under attack.

  • Van

    No, we are not evil. We are normal people. Yes, we have been around all of human history. Please reconsider your prejudices with grouping transgender people as if we are some kind of cult.

  • Bella


    The research that you have done on transgenders is just brilliant. You covered the evil ones who promote it, dates , follow the money and of course eugenics.

    Thank you for this very important information. I will share this research.

  • Joseph P.Freije

    And the study of these sick people also reveals that frontal lobe brain damage is a statistically significant factor in the group. But more importantly perhaps; is THE LACKING OF THE ABILITY FOR HAVING THE CONSCIOUSNESS TO EXPERIENCE REMORSE FOR THEIR SICK ACTIONS. (As in; “so what if the 6 year old was anal raped by an 28 year old….who give a f**k? If colon F**king is not normal, it wouldn’t be possible.”) America is repulsive and weak. Homosexuality IS a form of mental illness; and there have been such mentally ill creatures on the planet for a LONG time.

  • Joseph P.Freije

    Van, you ARE mentally ill. Yes you are. There are TWO genders in Nature, one is male, one is female. GOD made life that way, idiot “doctors” can’t change that. Have your male body parts been chopped off? If so, your attitude is understandable.

  • Joseph P. Freije

    Kathryn, there is NO SUCH THING as a person who is “born gay.” There are NO genetic foundations for “gay.” NONE.

  • Joseph P. Freije

    The FACT that you “fancy yourself quite the editor”………SHOULD BE ALL THE EVIDENCE YOU NEED to see that you missed the entire factual base of the research. ALL YOU CAN FIND “WRONG” IS ONE LETTER???????? AND YOU CAN’T SEE THE REAL PROBLEM???? HUH??? Do you mean to say that you “fancy yourself AS BEING quite the editor?” You have a serious mental problem; that’s all there is to it.

  • Joseph P. Freije

    The original FREE MASONS were seen as being half divine. They were humans. They moved throughout ancient realms and were trying to build one state of humanity using skilled labor as a foundation. The FREE MASONS were welcome in MOST areas without hesitation, and they did associate with most of the tribes throughout the areas you mention, and WAY beyond those areas. Actually, the Free Masons, Phrygians; were all over the ancient world before any tribe had a boundary. The “Galli” were a tribe from Galatia; who were willing to do ANYTHING to serve the Free Masons; Phrygians; who protected them and tolerated them. Male castration was a Galatian “Galli” thing. Not all Galatians were Galli. Phrygians mixing with whoever wanted them around (everyone for LONG time), was a HUGE mistake on their part. The Free Masons were NOT attempting to force everyone to conform to their ways. Greeks were horrendously homosexual, (as in the reference to ‘Greek’ sex (man on man anal and oral; and female Greeks were also very homosexual). History has been re-written to claim the Phrygians adopted the Greek alphabet. WRONG. Sumerians, Phoenicians, Persians, Geeks and Phrygians (and others) worked together trying to develop ONE common language……obviously they failed. Phryg is Greek for Free; Phrygi’s were free men, as in they could GO ANYWHERE and set up a civilization based on skilled trade and STOIC philosophy, and (superstition/fear of GOD, respect of LIFE; were all Phrygian foundations.) Phrygians were a MATERNAL society; everything was built around protecting females. Phrygians worshipped female energy, but the Phrygian men were REAL MEN. Phrygian association with Greeks and Galatians led to the confusion of “historians” mixing the groups relative to “sex act preference.” The Phrygian “story” goes way beyond what is mentioned in this reply. Once the story got off track and into the hands of savages/primitives; the harder it became to keep the matters stated correctly. Much is the same with America; which IS a modern attempted replica of ancient Phrygia; that has been perverted.

  • Three Butterflies

    Corey. Thank you for this deep dive. I’m only through part 1 as I write but this is of particular interest to me right now. We’re discovering that “Diversity Equity and Inclusion” is being pushed thru our local municipalities, our chambers, our schools and our local community foundations. They look to Institute targeted policy changes that likely aim to affect free speech and religious freedom. I notice a couple things. Salk Institute. Salk wrote a book called “Survival of the Wisest” and it really was about social engineering of sorts. He was creator of Polio vaccine (which included Simeon virus 40) and some of us believe his intention may have been to corrupt humanity. It’s interesting some of the Trans research went thru the Salk Institute. Of course we know how disgusting and awful Kinsey was. Perhaps you already did an expo on him but there are a few out there. It’s also interesting that so much has come out of California and continues to come out of California through Berkeley Haas Institute and GARE. (Ties to Sorros and Open Borders). In researching donations of 2017 Open Borders contributions- millions in national and international contributions toward LGBTQ, Trans, Sex Ed, PP, Eliminating (fabricated) “hate” etc. This whole thing is indeed Sorros’ efforts to break the family, break America and push globalism.

  • Jay Edwards

    This is a big part of the Great Apostasy, this manufactured “crisis” has been born directly in front of the church. It’s the fault of religious leadership in christianity.
    If you would like a GLIMPSE of how bad it’s going to get, read the Book of Genesis. Sodom & Gomorrah then Genesis 6. We’re a little way down the road, birth pangs starting but it will get SO BAD that “every intent of the heart of mankind is wickedness and evil CONTINUALLY” the “glimpse” of Lot and his family where Lot offers his virgin daughters to the gay men instead of their pushing to get to the 3 male visitors.
    They’re even blinded and it doesn’t stop them looking to break in the door to have their way with the male visitors!
    Pedophilia WILL be normalized. So how do we beat it?
    1. Pray God puts His Holy Spirit IN you! If you’re NOT saved it won’t happen. You’re NOT saved if it doesn’t happen!
    2. Learn by CONSUMING The Word of God.
    3. Get discipled. If you’re not growing in ways to Feed Yourself, you’re dying.
    4. Pray
    5. Tell everyone that will listen.
    It’s not about stopping evil, we know the wickedness will grow exponentially in the end days, it’s about saving people by exclaiming The Gospel. He’ll is a real place and we’re all doomed to go there! BUT GOD made a way!
    Let those who have an ear, Hear.

  • Dana Peterson

    This phenomenon didnt start in the 19th century….the Bible referred to them as transvestite hookers….in ancient Babylonian myths “androgyns” were gods and to be transvestite was to be as the gods…
    Biblically speaking original sin was sexual in nature….and because of that most ‘sins of the flesh’ are sexual. God ordered his judges to murder every man woman and child that worshipped unto baal…..because they defiled their bodies into the image of a androgyn! Transvestite hookers!! God also condemns make-up because it’s used to decieve, seduce,and tempt the flesh! He also condemns homosexuality and crossdressing…men should not wear feminine garments to decieve another and females should not take up the garments of men to decieve another( key takeawy here is to decieve)
    And God curses those that would sacrifice their children unto the fires of baal….woe to those who lead his little ones astray…millstones around necks for pedophilia….the Bible has already explained where this cancer came from!!! In Genesis 6….original sins…..Dueteronomy….the laws against sexual perversion….Numbers…..judgment for disobedience/ defiling our bodies….Sodom and Gomorrah, destroyed because of sexual sin….they had committed unspeakable blasphemy ….
    The point is, this sexual ‘spirit’ that has influenced every culture throughout the ages, is the work of satan!!

  • Ted Trager

    Little seeds were planted early and often. Don’t forget the 1953 film “Glen or Glenda”, directed by cross-dresser Ed Wood (famous for cult UFO/alien movie classic “Plan 9 From Outer Space”). This is worth watching as it’s a direct attempt by Hollywood to argue LGBTQ/related lifestyles as normal. 1953, this was filmed.

  • Jay L.

    They have been using puberty blockers on trafficked children, foster children, CPS abductees to keep them prepubescent for trafficking purposes. This has been going on for many years. They make more money on little children than on teens. The wealthy evil occultists prefer little ones.

    • Jay L.

      The use of puberty blockers on little children often results in developmental disabilities. Why is the tiniest stripper in Southern California only two feet tall?

  • William

    This entire article is very one-sided and fails to show the positives and the fact that many are “born this way.” Go look at the scientific evidence of brain development and other hormonal irregularities in the womb. You also fail to even use the correct terminologies — transsexual is far more appropriate when referring to many of these individuals. Puberty blockers, when used under the strict eye of a TEAM of Dr’s, are safe if used CORRECTLY and at the appropriate time for the appropriate individual.

  • Roger Bard

    One aspect of this whole issue that I dont see mentioned often is the role of the chemical endocrine disruptors that are being dumped into the environment by industry. Their effects on changing sexual expression in animals have been know for years e.g. amphibians & fish changing gender. Little effort has been made remove them by industry. It seems to me like deliberate intent.

  • Roger Bard

    Not to mention that a huge percentage of the USA population’s food comes directly or indirectly (animal feed) from soy, which has a huge endocrine effect with its phyto-estrogens, plant-based estrogens. Soy was a bit-player in agribusiness until the 70’s & 80s when they produced the geneticallly modifidied versions that are “Round-Up Ready” i.e. resistant to glyphosate containing pesticides. Men who drink soy-milk regularlly can have significant breast development. No moves being made to scale back soy production and consumption or to remove toxic glyphosate from the food supply.

  • Joe Kelley

    All of these wicked Physicians and so called Psychologists are Satanists. And the groomers who help bring these children “out” have demons inside. And the youth that experiment with drugs and sex are playing with fire. If and when they fall headlong into this community they are open for a demon to enter their body and mind. And for destroying God’s Temple, or body and mind, good luck when they meet their Maker at the Pearly Gates. God Bless us all. Thank you, Capt Joe Kelley.

  • L Brown

    This is an great article with so much historical information. The truth is being revealed to all who see it and believe. Its so clear the mind control and conditioning that has taken place throughout the world for years. Those that have been caught up in the lies of believing and are entangled in identity confusion I can see this is very shattering. To think you have been lied to and changed your body or been involved with same sex people because of a hundred reasons. But none of them were true, and all along you could have lived a life that was very different. I wonder what will be the end result? More death of children and youth?

  • Sarah

    Gardasil 9 – Immunisation Advisory Centre | › available-vaccines › gard…
    The vaccine is designd to protect men and women from HPV infection that can cause genital warts, precancerous cell changes and cancer in the throat, cervical …….
    but what it realy does is bring on gender confusion in adolescents.

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