ALERT: 2030 Psychological Agenda – Obedience Training for PreK-Adults Already Global with Billions in Funding for Full Control – Part 1: Introduction

The magnitude of the agenda being exposed in this report is so astounding, so expansive, and so detrimental to the entire global population, that I feel it is necessary for me to introduce it in first person before rolling out the chapters. Time is of the essence, so it is vital that this information reach all ends of the globe as quickly as possible. This is about a mind control, obedience training, and brainwashing operation that the globalists have been working on for a couple of decades, and began implementing it at full speed in 2016. With the exception of a small number of people touching on a fraction of the overall agenda, they have been rolling out their master plan while distracting us with much smaller battles. This is about the psychological culling of the population to bring everyone into the 2030 Agenda with a one mindset and level of obedience that is tracked, controlled, and being scored, and it’s all being disguised as a PreK-12 school “embedded” program that includes the parents’ involvement and a lifelong journey of “learning” for all under the new “global citizenship,” including adults. Even more disturbing is a second agenda that integrates with this one, based in their version of “spirituality” in an attempt to bring a whole new belief system drenched in dark practices and disguised as love and acceptance of all religions. It’s as though the world is being hypnotized.

I was visiting a friend a few weeks back and she began telling me a story about her daughter’s experience at school. She said that the school was incorporating a new program to help children with mental health since the Covid-19 mandates and restrictions had created so much depression in children. Her daughter’s teacher, who is neither a counselor or psychologist, was explaining to the children that no one will love them unless they love themselves, and that no one will believe in them unless they believe in themselves. Most people would hear that and say, “that’s so true, we must love ourselves,” but they missed the other part of the message. Her daughter didn’t miss it though. She raised her hand and told the teacher that she disagrees on both counts. She stated that even if she doesn’t love herself she knows that her mom always loves her and that makes her feel better. The teacher said, “and that makes you love yourself.” Her daughter replied, “no it doesn’t. It just makes me feel better. It’s the same thing with believing in myself. I don’t always believe in myself and I get nervous when I have to go on stage, but I look to mom and she tells me she believes in me, and it makes me feel better. It doesn’t make me believe in myself.” Smart girl.

Between the time she had left the classroom and got home, she realized that this was a really awful thing for a teacher to be teaching children, that no one will love them if they don’t love themselves. In a time of children being depressed and suicidal rates on the rise, and these teachings are supposedly being done to help children, she thought… what about those who may be suicidal? Imagine receiving this message and being told no one loves you or no one believes in you? It’s all mind trickery.

I asked my friend what this “program” is exactly, and I immediately began digging into it that evening. What began as a quest to get to the root of who all is behind it and how far they’ve taken it, turned into countless hours and days of tracing a never ending trail of funds being pumped into this agenda, discovering the additional agenda, and ultimately seeing their full game on this massive, psychological undertaking to control the entire population. Even for me, in all of the agendas I’ve exposed, this one took the cake.

After a week, I had already compiled over 40 pages of research notes, diving into every crevice of what this full scale agenda is really about, who all is running it, funding it, created it, how many arms it actually has, how far along they are with it, devices they intend to use, where it is heading, and how it all ties into the digital identity, social scoring system, and full monitoring and tracking of every human being through these mechanisms already in place.

I quickly discerned this isn’t just about the children or transforming the entire education system into a mind control model. It is a full blown operation for the entire population to conform to one mindset and one belief system with controlled obedience, to build a global citizen workforce that operates on demand and activates through virtual and augmented reality. These programs are merely the doorway. It is the framework they can sell parents on to convince parents to train their own children while training themselves without even realizing it. It is a “whole family” and “whole community” agenda, but the schools are the doorway. It is the mechanism they are using through counselors, educators, physicians, and businesses who are also being fooled by the illusion. Critical race theory is another form of brainwashing that needs to end, but it has been a distraction from their true agenda that runs through entire curriculums, in school and out of school, that has sophisticated layers the average eye won’t even recognize. It is shrouded in subtleties, reverse psychology, emotional charges, and delivered in a way that will excite children and bring hope to parents. This veil must be lifted.

They have already moved billions into this, manufactured the industry, staged their performance, sold countless parents, educators, businesses, and children on this “new vision” of education for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, worked their way into legislation, siphoned off Covid relief funds, created global councils, commissions, and financing committees, and are operating in over 110 countries, including the U.S. Everyone who is anyone in the world of corruption has a seat at this table. It’s that big. And now they are gunning for $400 billion for “free preschool” obedience training through the “Build Back Better” bill in the U.S., where these programs are prepped to potentially roll out in all 50 states. That’s why they want free preschool. The U.S. Department of Education, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, CDC, and other agencies are already working in sync with the globalists on this. You cannot even imagine the reach they’ve achieved right under our noses, until you read this full report.

They are so slick with their wording, marketing, and buying off and convincing policymakers to make the world believe this is the way to the future, that 99% of the population have no idea what this is really about or that it’s even begun… until it’s too late. The monitoring systems are already in place, the social scoring is already happening, and all they need is this final push to control the minds and livelihoods of millions and the switch is flipped. Lights out. That’s how fast they can move on all of this if people don’t make others aware of the bigger picture – the full agenda. Having the awareness is the first step in not complying. Taking action against school boards is admirable, but the reality is they’ve already targeted public schools, charter schools, after-school programs, summer camps, virtual schools and remote schooling, educators, and are even advancing it into businesses. One word: homeschool. If you are in a relationship with an abuser, do you stay and keep trying to negotiate less of a beating, or do you end the relationship? Build homeschooling programs with other parents.

Any form of compliance, downloading a vaccine id passport app, or creating a digital identity will move this agenda along faster. By millions not complying with the IDs and choosing to homeschool, it leaves them with no access to implement these mind control agendas. Of course, they will always continue their efforts on other fronts, but this is the front they want and need the most so as to see it all through.

There are still some legislatures fighting for people’s rights, some that need a fire under their ass, and others who are just down right dirty. Get this full report into the hands of the first two groups and make some noise. Get this out to every media source you know, every friend, family member, coworker, parent, community, and people in other countries. If people cannot see through the illusions the globalists have created, they will never understand what’s coming until it smacks them in the face, and it’s too late for all of us. THIS agenda is about EVERY HUMAN BEING and should be much easier to convey and show clear evidence of than many other agendas. But this is the big one. This is how they shift minds through their ultimate mind control programming and how they corral us all into their system.

Understand that they are already running this operation in 110 countries, including the U.S. They not only want a “life-course of vaccines,” but they want “lifelong” obedience training for all as well. This is the psychological part of their plan and the digital identity of everyone onto the blockchain for full control is the physical element to building our human enslavement system. This is what your taxpayer dollars are going toward – controlling your minds and your livelihoods. Time is of the essence. If they win minds, they win this battle. Without compliance and obedience, they will fail. Let me repeat that – without compliance and obedience, they will fail.

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Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: The Programming
Part 3: Spirituality in Education Programming
Part 4: WEF Vision for Global Education System
Part 5: U.S. Department of Education & Multiple Agencies Involved
Part 6: Private Sector Funding
Part 7: Legislation and Billions in State & Federal Funding
Part 8: Surveillance, Data Mining and Social Score for All
Part 9: Timeline, 580+ Players, and Conclusion

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  • Lisa Kanidiadis

    I live in Australia Victoria. I want to help get the message out. I will forward your info it’s very important Thankyou for all that you do.
    Can you refer me to any contacts here in my country you may know that can give clear directions to put into plan to protect us?

  • solange I Silverman

    This is not new and has been going on ever since Rockefeller began funding and writing public school curriculums.
    He said outright he didn’t want intellectuals. He wanted WORKERS, which means OBEDIENT workers.

    It’s just too bad it took us this long to even begin to wake up to it.

    Remember, he was a card carrying globalist. He donated the land for the UN, which is globalist HQ.
    This has been their plan all along, to do it on a global scale.
    They will not succeed.

    Change your focus.

  • Rob Leaver

    I’m an ex-teacher, secondary school headmaster, and friend of John Taylor Gatto. I respect you and your effort. And, if your book is going to get widely read, you need an editor. If you like, give me a few hundred words and I’ll edit them to show you what could be done. But you’re spot on. The ruling class is very good and they really are out to brainwash us. It’s a critical issue. Good luck.

  • Timothy J Christensen

    Lord please wake up Your sleeping children, evil has put them to sleep, we need the power that You have placed in them. Wake them up Lord, lift the vail from their eyes and minds, so that they may see and understand that evil has surrounded us. shine Your light into the darkness Lord, exposing the evil that is lurking there for all to see. Raise up Your children in prayer, Lord, each one praying for what You have put on theit heart, until the power of their prayer fills the world with light, leaving nowere for evil to hide. In Jesus name, Amen.

  • Yannis Piotoyannakis

    Humanity is at the threshold of a change whose importance can only be described as revolutionary. There is a relatively small number of people with enormous monetary power that decided to enslave humanity taking advantage of their wealth and power, the fact that many people are either ignorant, greedy or both. Then there is another relatively small group of humans that are cleared eye to know reality as is. Obviously, Corey´s group is the latter. I wish you the best of luck

  • Grumpy

    Interesting to see where Corey’s reports lead us.
    I wonder if one of the strategies to be revealed will be: To brainwash children in school you need brainwashed teachers, trained in brainwashed Universities. All the more reason to homeschool.

    Looking forward to all chapters, Corey.

  • Hope

    Homeschooler here. I have devoted the last 15 years to my now high school senior’s education… and i am sad to tell you that even that is not enough. Peers still influence, reason still lags behind physical growth, the web/net/trap must still be navigated. God help us.

  • Claude

    You beat me to it! 🙂

    Still I wish to add my grain of salt (if you don’t mind… well, even if you do :))
    Let’s review some cold facts:

    1. Human has about no instincts as other living life (as they get to walk in few hours, as oppose to babies that takes months). 99% of what babies assimilate comes from their surroundings, their environment. Different country, different behavior, culture, value system. In other words, no matter what, all humans are “programmed”.

    2. it’s been proven and shown that even as adults, human are still “malleable” (their programming can be altered) within a social context. “Propaganda”, marketing campaign, alteration of “normality”. I’m talking here about “Normalization”.

    3. The standardization of EDUCATION has always been a way to normalize children to a set of values. It’s been used to assimilate Indians in Canada, in the US, in India…about everywhere, where indigenous people needed to be integrated into specific social systems. Many cultures have been destroyed.

    4. Back to NORMALISATION. For centuries society has been under a normalization pressure: education, medical, passport, petroleum & cars, tobacco & feminism, consumerism, war, news outlet, taxes, agriculture, pharma, food processing… (and so many more) to the point that the masses have completely lost connection with who they are, with nature & life.

    5a. To me the issue is so much bigger. We’re confronted with new social set of rules, which are blindly followed by a big part of the world as they are supporting them. But not only them, at EVERY level, they all blindly follow their own sets of rules according to their “class”… up to the top who are convinced they are doing the right thing.

    5b. Here it gets a bit complicated. We may accuse gov, corp, and institutions as much as we want, while everyone believes they are doing the right thing. The person that became aggressive with me because I wasn’t wearing my mask on my nose, profoundly believe to be right. At the end, who gets to define what is right and what is wrong… it’s all subjective to your set of values, even more to your social set of values. The charade continues not because their putting millions in, but because a majority is consenting to these new rules. “MANUFACTURING CONSENT”

    Some relevant documentaries (and there are so many more):

    – Schooling the World (2010)
    (If you wanted to destroy a culture, where would you start? With the children)

    – Hyper Normalisation (2016) Adam Curtis

    Dear Corey,
    It’s not my intention to downgrade your work, but only to add a little bit of the little I currently understand.
    Love you work.

  • Michael

    Great stuff, Corey. If you have not already stumbled across her in your research, may I humbly recommend the work of Alison McDowell, who has been ploughing a lone furrow for several years on the subject you are now boldly tackling. Recently she wrote about the travails of being a voice seemingly in the wilderness. I am sure she would be uplifted to know that she has a spiritual ally.
    Individually, you are both deserving of huge admiration for the enlightenment you have already spread. As a team, Heaven only knows what kind of impact you might achieve!

  • Robin


    One of my long-time readers reached out to me this morning to alert me that you are headed down the path I have been on for about 10 years now. Yes, it is global as I covered in my book <Credentialed to destroy: How and Why Education Became a Weapon. I documented what you are referring to all over the English speaking world and it is known as Transformational Outcomes Based Education. I shorthanded it as Tranzi OBE. Now it gets renamed as Learner Profiles or Portraits of a Graduate, but the function is the same.

    With your interest in Blackrock, you should be aware of the “Tinkering with the Brain” quote from the head of the co-founder’s foundation covered in my most recent post.

    Welcome to the small group that recognizes this agenda and quotes the extensive documentation on point.

    • Corey Lynn

      Hi Robin, Thanks so much for reaching out and for your dedication in exposing all of this. I look forward to checking out your website after I finish up this series. I’m sure I will find additional info you have disclosed that I haven’t covered here. Let’s keep in touch.

  • Dat Emerson

    Hi Cory & all, this book had a treasure trove of interesting sources, data & stats. I did read it before i seen this book tour. Listening to them in discussion was very complementary. I’m sure Catherine would DIG this too. It was a smack of wild data. If you have not read the Book here are the authors in discussion. I dove back in it after the shitshow blazed in…then the light bulbs in this started flashing…date of release & tour was pretty funny to add.

    Apr 4, 2019 “Empty Planet: Preparing for the Global Population Decline” Centre for International Governance Innovation. It recently hit a Million views.

    This may complement some of the areas you maybe head in this series and many other “GREAT DIGS” you done. Keep throwing rocks Girl! All of your work has been done above a beyond measure for good integral Jounalism. Get pissed off & go for the Cranky Peasantry Ida Tarbell award. Go spruce the joint up with some Modern flare while giving that speech.

    P.S. Warning!!! Reading While Drinking… You may spit up your drinks/coffee , choke or have near drowning expirences during reading with a few “WTF”, “Are you serious” …all the joys of reading…:) The video is well worth the watch. Solid food would not be advised untill completion.

  • GoAlive

    Sie verwandeln die Menschen in verschreckte Wesen, die rund um die Uhr auf sich achten sollen, so, als wären sie ständig in Gefahr und könnten nur überleben, wenn sie ständig die neuesten “Impfungen” erhalten und sich überwachen. Selbstliebe ist das gerade nicht – bis vor kurzem galten solche Menschen als Hypochonder, eine Art von Zwangsneurose. Was hier Liebe genannt wird ist alles andere als das: es ist ein tiefes Misstrauen gegen sich. Im “Austausch” wird man digital jedes beliebige Wesen darstellen dürfen. D.h. sie entwöhnen die Kinder vollends der eigenen Seele, der Selbstverständlichkeit im Umgang mit sich und anderen. So lernen sie keine Liebe, sondern Angst und Abscheu vor der vermeintlich allgegenwärtigen Gebrechlichkeit des Lebendigen.

  • Charles Ford

    Ok now this is getting wierd. I found you doing my own diggin g a few months back loved your work donated a bit and found it crazy how much we had in common on this work of Satan! Now I find here we are finding the same thing at the same time again! I came her tonight to share wiyh you what i’m sure you already now after reading this. This whole shit show is as you stated massive! I have been trying to wake people up by telling them just go WEF website if they want to know our future and if you do not believe any of that just scroll to bottom of any one of there pages and check out who is partnered with them! Then tonight totally fed up trying to not deal with this I find THE WORLD BANK ( hmmm what is this who is the president a guy by the name of David R. Malpass. Me being half eliterate which I’m sure you can tell, I search who this is and as I’m sure you already know Mr EX Secratery of State under low and behold THE PEOPLE savior Trump! The World Bank which I can see has ties to Zuckerboy with Meta which I’m also guessing World Bank is World Bank of Data! May not be vary book smart but when it comes to what I call street smarts I’m at the top of that hierarchy! I’m loosing hope fast! I want to just scream at the top of my lungs to spread the word but my voice is silent with no outlet. I can see we are doomed 70% of the world population are bamboozled. I am starting to make my piece with death they are to powerful! I get some hope which just gets shot down! So much evidence from folks like Dr. David Martin, Dr, Reiner Fuellmich, Dr. Bryan Ardis and many more with so much evidence even a first grader would have these Evil Evil Unhuman things Hung and rightfully so and done live on the White House Front Lawn! Never going to happen all are involved So Much Evil So many Lies WE ARE DOOMED! SO MANY GREAT SOULS WHO GAVE IT ALL AND FOR WHAT GOD DAMNIT FOR WHAT FUCK IT I’M OUT!

  • Amy

    This is timely, I am being treated like total garbage for refusing to download the data tracking app that is “required” by HHS for my 4 year old and for daring to ask them to give me an option to request a mask exception because her mask is making her sick. I have emails that I will gladly share with you for your research. You hit the nail on the head w this one.

  • GoAlive

    They turn people into frightened beings who are supposed to take care of themselves around the clock, as if they were constantly in danger and could only survive if they constantly received the latest “vaccinations” and monitored themselves. Self-love is precisely not that – until recently, such people were considered hypochondriacs, a kind of obsessive-compulsive disorder. What is called love here is anything but that: it is a deep mistrust of oneself. In the “exchange” one will be allowed to digitally represent any being. I.e. they completely wean the children from their own soul, from the self-evidence in dealing with themselves and others. In this way, they do not learn love, but fear and loathing of the supposedly omnipresent frailty of the living.

  • Mike Perceval

    “Based on one teacher-student situation you plot the global conspiracy?”


    Not sure whether you are sincerely interested, or not, but it’s interesting to me that you – apparently – can’t see that the initial ‘teacher-student situation’ was simply the springboard that prompted a curious mind (perhaps led by the Holy Spirit), to ‘dig here’…

    I’m older than 65 and, over the course of my life journey have learned that many people, for whatever reason, do not realize how often one encounters seemingly simple, innocuous, and apparently inconsequential ‘facts’, that are, in truth, truly profound. I suppose that there are many reasons why that happens, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that those who fail to sense the potential (or real) significance of something said, read, or action, are ‘less than’ in any way. Those who have that ‘gift’ may just be different from others endowed with different ‘gifts’. But, I thank God for those, like Corey, who not only have and exercise the gift of discernment, but care enough about others to do whatever they can to share what they see – with those who don’t, and may be in or approaching danger because they are either, disinterested, unaware, distracted, preoccupied, or focused on other matters that may also be important.

    If you truly ‘lost (your) time’ as a result of reading this, it may be for one of the above reasons, in which case I encourage you to reconsider your interpretation.

    On the other hand, it may be because you simply don’t want to see these things, or you feel a need (for whatever reason) to deflect others from taking the message seriously, in which case one can only hope you come to experience a change of heart, because that is truly needed – and I sincerely wish you all the best in that regard.

  • Elfriede Lentner

    I would like to see in more details what exactly makes the basic principles of Rockefellerian Social and Emotional Learning evil, perhaps in the form of analysis using the BITE Model and the Influence Continuum, or in the way a Falun Dafa adherent saw and exposed the Communist worldview’s unconscionable absurdity.

    Anyway, here’s one phrase to consider saying audibly, as often as anyone feels guided or three times a day:

    I, as the embodiment of the Cosmic Central Sun, and Galactic Central Sun, say NO to any and all arrangements by the Communist Cacodemon. (Note: by any and all arrangements by the Communist Cacodemon, it’s not only Rockefellerian Social and Emotional Learning and the persecution against anyone who opposes it).

  • Claude

    Hey Dat Emerson,

    about your reference to “Empty Planet: Preparing for the Global Population Decline” with over a million views (but just 10k likes, and no counted dislike, I wonder why)…

    I found it quite very mainstream. A talk in the sand box, no more.
    – about fertility rate decline, no mention of pollution, medication, vaccination, malnutrition.
    – “climate change deniers”, “global warming”, mainstream narrative.
    – “social stability”, “maintain population”, in order to maintain the economy ?!?! Geo-economic power ?!

    I’m not arguing with their conclusions, nor their data, simply that it’s extremelly narrow. The subject in itself is quite cliché as it`s been served for so many decades with predictions over predictions

    Sorry mate, but from the title I was expecting something with more meat on the bone. My bad


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