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    Defense vs Offense: Which Are You?

    Most people are defense drivers. They are going about their day just trying to get from point A to point B. They are thinking about what they need to get done, who they need to call, or singing along to the song jamming on the radio. They are following with the flow of traffic, sometimes irritated by its pace or on edge, while anticipating a blindside they may have to react to. Even with being in defense mode, some don’t have the quickest reflexes when they have to slam on the brakes or veer out of the way. Then there are offense drivers. These are the people who are on a mission to get from point A to point B. They aren’t so much concerned about the blindside or cutoff because they feel like they own the road and are in control of the situation. They are generally more confident…


    The Government Needs a Lobotomy and Humanity Needs to Grow Some Balls

    I have a lot on my mind, as I’m sure many Americans do right now. First and foremost, why is the government injecting themselves into every area of our lives, and going so far as to make us a genderless country? That was a rhetorical question. I wonder if people comprehend what’s really transpiring? That one wasn’t. But, more on this later. The government needs a lobotomy. Humanity is losing its grip, if they ever had one to begin with, and it’s far past time everyone grow some balls – just not surgically. Let me start with the obvious – abortions kill babies, puberty blockers taken at length cause sterilization, transition surgery is castration, some vaccines have caused infertility and big pharma isn’t yet sure if the Covid vaccine will do the same but they’re cool with this since they intentionally sterilized over 60,000 Americans in the name of eugenics…


    The Calm Through The Storm

    I went camping this past weekend, to clear my head, in anticipation of one of my “aha” moments that would provide a list of solutions for everyone seeking to navigate this tyrannical turmoil we are all facing. I must have been busting at the seams for that light bulb moment, because the day before I left, my hot water pipe burst in my home and blew a small hole through the exterior wall, creating a geyser on the outside as well – all of which was just around the bend from the 2-story icicle that hung from the gutter. This geyser set out on a path to flood my entire first floor, causing all of the flooring to buckle. It was all rather symbolic in a way. I had been banging my head against the wall trying to come up with solutions for weeks – something that generally comes very…


    Living in The Upside Down

    For over five years, it has felt as though I had submerged myself into an undercover narcotics sting, only it wasn’t narcotics, it was a web of espionage, money laundering, corruption, child trafficking, mind manipulation and indoctrination, murder, and worse. I knew what I was diving into, and I willingly did so because it all needed to be exposed, as America was on the brink of total destruction. I went all in – right into the upside down. It wasn’t tough – at first – giving up my “normal” life and spending every waking moment profiling, climbing inside the minds of pure evil, digging through all of their connections, combing through their wallets, and mind-melding to “see” their next moves. I wasn’t truly “undercover” in the physical sense of being “on the inside”, but boy did I find a lot of roads that lead to the “inside.” To see their…


    Clear Your Mind and Recalibrate

    There is no doubt that we are all experiencing some of the most trying times in our lives right now. Emotions are high and swinging like a pendulum from hope to anger, with a little bit of everything in between. Confusion, frustration, and depression have set in for many, while others continue to battle on, despite their exhaustion. Many, like myself, have been researching and exposing corruption at the highest levels, darn near 24/7, for years. It felt much like running a marathon – racing to expose as much as possible so people were equipped with the knowledge they needed to make the best choices for themselves, their family, and the greater good. It was like being on an adrenalin sugar high, with a drastic crash. Though it sometimes feels as though we failed at this mission, nothing could be further from the truth. This is only the beginning. That…

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