PC Brigade Marches Towards A Life of Hard Knocks

By James Fitzgerald

One of my favorite low-budget films from the 1980s was John Carpenter’s Escape from New York — an urban nightmare, where the imperial US is perpetually at war and the degeneracy of society results in a whole city being turned into a maximum security purgatory. Presumably the backstory involved protests that got out of control and which led to the annexation of New York’s Manhattan Island. There is a vicarious pleasure in watching characters navigating hellish dystopias — but the footage from the past week of American cities being trashed was gut wrenching.

My exposure to these events came through social media and took the form of snippets of footage and photos and two-sentence commentaries. I didn’t look at a newspaper or switch on the TV, because I feel there would be no surprises in their coverage. What quickly became apparent was the incredulity and panic among some civilian commentators when droves of people were shown invading shops and overwhelming the police presence on the ground. You could almost hear the heavy breathing and thumping hearts as footage filed in to Twitter from cities around the country. It seemed like only a thin blue line stood between the baying mob and the White House as darkness descended on Washington on the first night.

Some of those scenes of savagery and wanton destruction brought me back to my childhood, and the things I witnessed on the alleyways of downtown Montreal or later around the nightclubs of inner Glasgow, which in the late 90s had a problem with casual violent crime. The local media incessantly showed CCTV footage of young people being kicked unconscious and the physical aftermath of knife attacks. It was either a case of reporters not being able to keep up with the epidemic of violence or they were creating a self-fulfilling prophecy, by running the tally of recorded knife attacks in red ink on newspaper front pages, where formally the stock indices would have sat. The police response was to “put an officer on every street corner.” This policy either worked or the media got tired of flogging the same story, but the violence soon evaporated from the collective consciousness.

While attending college, I lived close to the High Court in Glasgow’s Merchant City.  Some of the people I would pass standing around waiting for their time before the judge looked like they had been dropped off by central casting for Day of the Dead. Their features had not formed in the womb, due to malnutrition or drug use by their mothers, so that their faces seemed to drip towards the ground, and the frustration and anger at being born with this disadvantage glared through their eyes. Any one of these people could have been very intelligent and talented but their appearance exiled them to the peripheral housing schemes where whole generations would grow up having never left the conurbation or city. Polite society didn’t even get a chance to shun them — they very often shunned themselves. At times I would get on the wrong bus, and end up at the terminus in some brutalist estate (those architectural monstrosities must have been designed by devils); did I get mugged or intimidated? Not really — or not when you might expect it, at least. More often a friendly local would ensure that I found my way back safely and would involve anyone else to hand, prioritizing my welfare over their own business.

When you grow up in rough cities you face from an early age the quandary of how to deal with fear — the prospect of being beaten up or mocked by the thug element.  A few people have such a serene consciousness that trouble never alights at their door, but for the rest of us it becomes a conscious or unconscious decision to be a runner or a fighter. Most people chose the former, because to opt for the later means committing to go all the way with any attacker — and also signing up for martial arts classes or the marines.

A couple of years ago, POTUS and FLOTUS spent the day at the house next door to me on a diplomatic visit. My garden abutted the estate and so I got a good view of the hardware employed to ensure their safety. Apart from the five police vans parked outside my door, there were two V-22 Ospreys perched on the lawn and a high altitude plane that hovered in a geometric pattern, just like a fly does, and during the nights preceding President Trump’s visit a bright yellow satellite added another tier of surveillance. If there was something above that, it would have required the Hubble Telescope to see it — but I wouldn’t rule it out.

There was a small protest organized at that time by, as one police officer put it, “the sort of people who read the Guardian [newspaper].” The cops must have been briefed on the general profiling of who would turn up. Amid the throng and carnival atmosphere, I had been stopped and asked by several locals why I was walking against the flow of people, away from the protest site. When I asked what issues they were protesting against, I didn’t get any cogent answers — mostly “Oh, you know, Trump.” The spectacle that materialized as the cortege of limousines approached the town was at face value a chanting opposition, but in fact it seemed like most people present were enjoying the camaraderie and free entry to the media circus. And many had brought their young children. Melania, I read later, had wanted to greet people in the town square, but had been advised not to for security reasons. I have no doubt that she would have endeared herself to everyone if she had ventured forth. The media simulacra might have been exploded, at least for those people present. 

It’s stating the obvious, but special forces soldiers — and presumably Donald Trump’s Secret Service personnel — are selected for their resilience and determination. As one grizzled sergeant major put it to me once, “we want the ones who don’t get injured when they fall over.” That was his career advice when I showed up to do selection for the marines. Another veteran, of the UK’s Special Air Service, told me that he had never seen anything in a film that compared with the action he experienced in his military career. The idea that a mob of civilians would breach the White House gates and make their way to the Oval Office for looting and vandalism is not realistic; if that impression was given, then it is part of a narrative that posits civilians and their leaders as vulnerable to social upheaval and that the security services will either desert us or be defunded as soon as the mercury rises on the social barometer. In other words, a psychological operation (psyop). Special forces soldiers do not take the kneel in deference and they don’t run away when masked civilians run at them. The Covid-19 release and reactive infrastructure around the George Floyd killing have the hallmarks of well planned operations. The Antifa thugs are no different to the Brown Shirts I read about for a thesis on Nazi propaganda — they follow the same playbook.

The phenomenon we have witnessed since 2016, where an entire media sector universally attacks and slanders a sitting US president is a humongous red flag that another psyop is underway. I didn’t give a hoot about party politics until Trump was elected, and I wouldn’t still if some semblance of independence and impartiality was shown by the industry that employed me for 20 years. How can so many people fall into step behind a blanket smear campaign that gives no quarter and concedes absolutely nothing to this individual or his wife? What spell have these people been put under and what will be the consequences for that industry?

The riots were allowed to escalate, because that is how you draw out the poison — and identify those involved. The organizers and agitators will be identified and a round up will be in progress. We live in a surveillance state, remember.

It doesn’t take a genius to surmise that we are in the second phase of a country killer operation run by nefarious forces. It was always going to get worse before it got better: the Covid and George Floyd schematics, with the resultant hypocrisy of a lockdown reversal by public officials to allow mass protests, is actually a chink of light for those people who are still asleep. If that wasn’t enough, the Floyd scenario is being picked apart and inconsistencies in the footage of his arrest are being aired and discussed on social media. Anyone who has followed regime change in eastern Europe or Africa or the Middle East will have seen many of these tactics used before. Muslims, Hispanics and Christians should all be experts at spotting the messages and manipulations by now — demonize the incumbent leader; infiltrate ethnic and religious groups and push hatred and paranoia; instigate false flag events. The whole world is living through a degree course in “totalitarian mass media and social psychology”. Stay the course and do your homework; and we’ll see each other at graduation.  

Trump’s playbook might be to let the instigators take the blame — the governors and mayors are allowed to run riot, as it were, and keep goading him into action. They want military escalation and martial law; they want that demonstration of totalitarian suppression, but it seems like their moves were anticipated. This is the Nazi playbook, but instead of Hillary Clinton in office there is an anomalous figure in the White House; someone who is an enigma, even if he is painted as a buffoon and tyrant. The problem for the Democratic party and the hostile media is that they believe their own propaganda about Trump, and soundbites don’t win back empires.

Political correctness — a creation of the Tavistock Institute — has been used to cover a multitude of hypocrisy and double standards. It was recently synthesized with health and safety protocols to lockdown whole countries. Now that the pandemic apocalypse scenario has fizzled out, the global oligarchy has unleashed its Brown Shirts/western Taliban/anarchists to terrify populations into submission. 

A core critical mass of people, mostly in the US, but increasingly elsewhere also, are waking up and perceiving the formerly disguised mechanisms of the world — the topsy turvy values, regulations, hierarchies and false prophets from celebrity and corporate life. In the quantum world, light is pure information interacting with consciousness. When a million light bulbs go on in people’s heads, the glow illuminates many dark corners, causing distress to the shadowy creatures who lurk there. They react in a frenzy of dogma and violence.

Be prepared for more ethic false flags in the coming weeks — from the now familiar playbook. This time it might be a child or woman who is attacked by a Christian Trump supporter. And that child or woman could be Hispanic or Muslim.

We are discovering that the hidden persuaders of this world use magic spells and quantum science to co-op our minds; don’t let the scary images on TV or outside your door become a fait accompli. Prayer and meditation, with a laser-like focus on what you want for the world is the spell-breaker in the quantum realm.

All this craziness seems to have descended from the skies, but it was always there. This is a parting of ways; a fork in the road. The masks — the personas we present to the world — have come off. The haters have dropped the PC veil and rest of us are digging deep to ascertain what we are made of and what is really important to us.

The lake next door to me is currently being drained, so that a hundred years of silt and bird shit can be dredged up. You might say they are draining the swamp, originally a counter-insurgency term meaning to remove the people (water), so that the muck (bad actors) can be exposed and accessed. I think this is what we are seeing, and will continue to see, in society. The riots have a silver lining, and that might be it. That is usually followed by a “catch and release” phase — where animals are tracked. We have been worried about contact tracing related to Covid-19 — but these thugs have a whole other degree of problems now.

There are good and bad cops. May these events put the dirty ones on notice. The sections of society joining calls to defund the police — whether that be celebrities, politicians or Joe Average — have clearly never faced the harsh reality of violence and crime. Maybe they should be given Manhattan Island to organize their brave new world — but there won’t be any escape.

James Fitzgerald is a senior editor and cutting edge journalist who has worked on national newspapers for 16 years.


  • D. Hamamoto

    Is this feller a Brit? Sorry, Mate; this is the USA. And we ain’t a Hollywood movie for your entertainment. You got to live here to have “skin in the game” (as we AMERICANS say).

  • RM Weldon

    Astute commentary on the events unfolding. I know now where my main focus needs to be and understand more clearly where my gifts are needed most. You stated it clearly.

    “Prayer and meditation, with a laser-like focus on what you want for the world is the spell-breaker in the quantum realm.”

    Thank you. With a heart of gratitude to all in Q.

  • Jeff

    Excellent writing and analysis / observation sir.
    The bottom of the (swamp) lake needs to be dredged to allow a new free flow of people (more water) into the governance and oversight of our lands.
    We will breathe free again.

  • John Scott

    D. Hamamoto: “Is this feller a Brit?” Is this guy for real? While you are ‘confining’ yourself to strictly parochial chauvinist parameters, there’s a war raging. ‘…and this is not a war being waged between humans, but rather against humans by the select semi-human 1% rulers. This is no time to become embroiled in futile ‘us against them’ diversions that pit ‘normal’ human beings against one another. Because all humans are suffering, all are indebted, all are discriminated against by the ‘unseen’ inhuman rulers, the archons. Avoid becoming seduced by, and drawn into, futile disputes. So-called ‘race wars’, ‘gender difference’ or police violence (which is perpetrated by all colour spectrums reciprocally), are all being manufactured and promoted deliberately by the illuminati cabal to maintain their historic ‘divide to rule’ agenda.’ Wise up…

  • Grand Pa Pa

    The good part is so many regular folks have woken up from the post 16 media hit. I have an old hippy sister, She is a retired RN that is fully indoctrinated from a lifetime living in Seattle. She HATES Trump. I don’t argue him i argue policy and results. the work of our Digging folks has worked wonders for waking. I share articles from real folks that dig up facts. She has experience with NGO ops ,doctors without borders, and has been on missions to south America and Haiti. So she puts the facts along with her experiences and agrees that the ecosystem of fraud is real. So by the election her and her friends that have been informed will vote for the bad orange man because of the facts that WE uncover and inform our fellow citizens about. And the situation in Seattle has devolved FOR YEARS and she has been in state sponsored NGO type mental health for addicts and welfare folks. the slow drip has gained criticle mass. Shes moving out to a rural area. Shes not alone. MAGA

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