Exploiting Transgenders Part 4: Manufacturing a Reality $$

From unwitting or negligent parents to the education system, billionaire funders to big pharma, the CIA to Hollywood, NGOs and legislatures, the manufactured transgender industry has been pushed for several decades, and increased fourfold from 2000 to 2014. In fact, there are already over 50 youth gender clinics in the U.S., with hundreds of locations providing services for those of all ages. The social engineering and medical engineering origins have long been established, and were covered in part one and part two of this report. The funders and profiteers of this agenda were covered in part three.

Despite the fact that 40 percent of transgenders attempt suicide, more often after transition surgery, the funders and profiteers continue this manifestation under the guise of “glamor,” “feeling whole again,” and “reproductive rights.” Part four summarizes the sales and marketing phase we are currently in, showing just who is doing the brainwashing to drive sales, and increase the industry from less than 1 percent of the population to a thriving industry, which includes more legislation. Aside from this being a billion dollar industry, the results they are seeking seem to coincide with their plan for a one world governance and a socialist agenda.

Who is Behind The Brainwashing? Phase 3: Driving Sales

The social engineering phase has long been in place. They have built advocate teams across the country within colleges and universities, altered legislation to include LGTBQ teachings in schools, brainwashed parents to believe Central Precocious Puberty is an actual disorder that requires pumping hormones into their children, have institutionalized this ideology, have maintained positions on boards of universities and medical infrastructures, and have the media in their back pockets. They have changed medical guidelines and practices, trained doctors and surgeons all over the country, and opened up countless gender clinics. They have also trained counselors and psychologists to suggest “transitioning,” to their patients, rather than working through the mental traumas. What we are witnessing now is the sales push to increase less than 1% of the population who identify as transgender, to enormous heights, so as to drive sales. Who better to do that than those they’ve had in place for decades?

LGBT Community

It’s really tragic how they have exploited the transgender community, while purporting to support them. Some of those involved with the LGBTQ campaigns are a part of pushing this, some are confused by it, and some are downright angry with it. Some can see right through this agenda and are aware of their ulterior motives. Some are truly trying to help and support the transgender community through these campaigns, but unfortunately, unless they start speaking up about how transgenders are being exploited and need to be very careful with who they seek out to help them through their gender dysphoria, they are only hindering them, especially when it comes to pushing hormones and transition surgery on children. 

Here is one example of a campaign by the LGBT community that was targeting Chick-fil-A to stop funding Christian organizations. Chick-fil-A has donated millions to the Salvation Army, the Paul Anderson Youth Home, and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes for years. The LGBT community declared this was wrong because those organizations oppose same-sex marriage. So what happened? Chick-fil-A folded under pressure and is no longer donating to those organizations. The San Antonio City Council banned Chick-fil-A from San Antonio’s airport for donating to those organizations as well. If anyone believes for one moment that this is a grassroots movement, they would be sadly mistaken. It is quite clear who is controlling both the narrative and the money. What this little accomplishment of theirs did was to show the public their ability to control others, seed people’s minds with Christian organizations being discriminatory, and keep people focused on LGBT as they launch their transgender sales campaigns.

Therapists, Pediatricians, Surgeons, Medical Associations & Organizations, WHO

This goes without saying, but it needed to be included here. The timeline in part one showed how various medical societies, associations, and organizations all got on board with creating “guidelines” for treating gender dysphoria, which included giving children puberty blockers. This was all masterminded. By these folks at the so-called “top” putting this out there as “fact,” it gives way to the entire health industry to follow these guidelines as though they are doing what’s best, what’s right, and what’s moral for their patients. Unfortunately, many of these medical professionals see this as a great new development, incredible new surgeries, and scientific experiments they get to be a part of, so they do not question it, research it, or fight it. Sadly, many who have tried to fight it have found themselves without jobs, blackmailed, or murdered. The powers that be would have you believe that the evolution of science and our health industry is cutting edge and life-saving. Whereas that may be true in some areas, so much of it has been compromised and infiltrated by eugenicists early on who still carry out experiments on humans today. In fact, this 4-part report by The Sharp Edge on The Cancer in Modern Medicine is an absolute must read to understand how the health industry is run.


The CIA is very much involved in pushing this agenda. Of course, they do it under the guise of “acceptance” and “nondiscrimination,” but their ulterior motives are clear. They even came up with a “diversity and inclusion strategy” under the direction of former CIA Director John Brennan. If one didn’t understand the full scope of this agenda, they might believe this was all done for the good of the LGBT community.

In 1995, former president Bill Clinton signed an executive order banning the withholding of security clearances from members of the LGBT community. This EO is what “sparked the push for diversity and inclusion inside the CIA and inspired three courageous LGBT officers to found ANGLE in 1996.” ANGLE is an interesting name considering the true motives. ANGLE stands for Agency Network for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Officers and Allies. This documentary about ANGLE includes former president Barack Obama, former CIA director John Brennan and other high ranking officials.

The CIA celebrates Pride Month and carry out several events, panels, activities, and participation in the Capital DC Pride Festival. Last year, Director Haspel introduced Major General Tammy Smith, the highest ranking and first openly gay general in U.S. history. The CIA founded the IC Pride Summit in 2012. That same year, they became a corporate sponsor of STEM at an LGBT national conference held in Chicago. This is especially interesting, because the Clinton Global Initiative, along with AbbVie (producer of Lupron puberty blockers), Takeda Pharmaceutical Company (teamed with AbbVie in puberty blockers), Microsoft, and others got involved with STEM in Chicago that following year, in 2013. This was documented in part three of this report. Coincidence? That is an interesting combination of organizations, LGBT, CIA, and puberty blocker manufacturers all involved with STEM in Chicago. Curious.

Democratic & Socialist Presidential Candidates & Former Candidates

While President Trump was at a rally in Minnesota on October 10, 2019, nine presidential candidates were paying dues to their puppet masters at a CNN LGBTQ Town Hall charade in Los Angeles. It was awful, with mockery, pandering, and tanked CNN’s ratings. This came on the tails of another LGBTQ forum they did on September 20th. When California Sen. Kamala Harris took the stage saying, “my pronouns are she, her, and hers,” and CNN’s Chris Cuomo responded with “so are mine,” it was the nail in the coffin. The icing on the cake was when Elizabeth Warren said taxpayers should pay for prison inmates to have transgender surgery.

Just a few weeks later, Warren tweeted out suggesting that less than 1 percent of the population are “the backbone of our democracy.” What people need to understand is the mind manipulation behind this agenda. They pander to the immigrants, black community, and LGBT community in much the same way – exploiting the heck out of them to take advantage of them. It’s disgusting! They drive narratives that back their legislative push to further these agendas to create a divided, socialist, one world governance, while simultaneously making a lot of money. How do they make money on this? Simple… investments in the organizations and medical infrastructures that fuel these agendas, not to mention kickbacks, campaign funds, and a myriad of other pay-to-play schemes.

The Clintons, specifically Hillary, have gone above and beyond the call of duty to push this agenda, as documented in parts one and three. Abbott laboratories and AbbVie have given thousands of dollars to the Clinton Foundation and Hillary’s 2016 presidential campaign. Their website is consistent with promoting every “gender” term they’ve ever conceived. Hillary was the first First Lady to march in a LGBT pride parade in 2000.

The Clinton Foundation has focused strongly on “gender discrimination” because that is the precursor to establishing new legislation, something Hillary is quite versed in. In a recent tweet, she included a statement by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, saying “the concept of we, the people, has become ever more inclusive,” while talking about her career fighting gender discrimination.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Former President Barack Obama’s influence in pushing this agenda was the final thurst in moving it through legislation, propagating media, and hammering it home for sales pitches to begin circulating at rapid pace, while seeding the minds of the young to change gender. Much of this was covered in part three of this report.

These are just a few examples, but not a day goes by that these folks aren’t pushing this agenda. Understand, the choices they make are solely based on personal gain and financial benefit.

Legislation to Remove Parental Rights and Hijack Your Children

States are making changes to state identification documents to include “Gender X” for non-gender binary options. Some states such as California, Colorado, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, and Washington have added “Gender X” to birth certificates. There are now multiple states that allow transgender people to change their gender on their birth certificates, with some states not requiring surgery to make that update. Multiple states have added “Gender X” to their driver’s licenses and state identification cards as well. Reminder, less than 1% of the population identify as transgender, but they are passing laws across the country, and across the world, to create a “Gender X” on legal documents. Why? Because, by putting that option on documents and driver’s licenses, it is visually drilling it into the minds of everyone that there is suddenly a third gender. It also sets precedent for creating and/or adding to any discriminatory laws they wish to put in place, which will in turn be advantageous when trying to get Medicaid or Medicare rights for reassignment surgery. Think building blocks.

Case in point, there is a case before the Supreme court right now, who have never ruled on transgender rights, trying to pass a federal law that forbids sex discrimination against gay and transgender employees in the work place. There are already laws in place for discrimination in the work place, but they are wanting to draw special attention to the LGBT community specifically.

A woman I know was recently filling out medical information online, and when she got to the gender section, her options were female, male, and unknown. This is what normalization looks like.

Just this month, after a four-year battle over transgender students having unrestricted access to locker rooms and restrooms in Chicago’s northwest suburbs school district, they won the battle in a 5-2 vote. This gives access for males who identify as transgender females to enter female locker rooms. This is where their well-doctored, 7-decade-long “discrimination” push played a hefty role, all the way up to The Federal Office of Civil Rights. Due to one student wishing to use the girls locker room back in 2015, the school was told they were in violation of non-discrimination law and gave them 30 days to comply or else jeopardize its Title IX funding. They then allowed the student to use a private stall in the girls’ locker room, but it was not made a district-wide policy. Then, in 2017 another transgender student sued the district over locker room access. That case was lost in court, however, the Palatine-Schaumburg High School District 211 board decided to take a vote on the matter in November, 2019, and have now made it official as a district-wide rule.

Always look to New York for legislative changes, as they are by far one of the biggest proponents of initiating and gaslighting agendas. There are currently 15 states and Washington D.C. that provide Medicaid for transition-related health care, and many private insurers have jumped on board as well. Though Oregon was the first state to offer puberty blockers under Medicaid, New York has passed an onslaught of insurance coverage over the years. In March, 2015 they announced that Medicaid would cover some medically necessary services. Just four months later, a district judge ruled that Medicaid must include “cosmetic” procedures as well, such as breast augmentation and tracheal shaving. In 2016, the Cuomo administration decided that puberty blockers for those with gender dysphoria under the age of 18, should also be included in Medicaid coverage. Of course, the region’s four largest academic medical centers geared up with excitement – Mount Sinai, NYU Langone, Montefiore and Northwell. In 2016, New York Medicaid paid for 257 transgender procedures, more than double the amount of surgeries from 2015. Again, there has yet to be a large-scale study that examines the long-term effects of puberty blockers in the treatment of gender dysphoria, but they are all promoting it and selling it to be something that will change your life and allow you to feel like your true self.

Whereas Planned Parenthood is marketing hormones under the guise of “reproductive rights” that requires no mental health professionals, states are passing legislation saying that Medicaid must cover transition surgery, breast augmentation, and puberty blockers due to a “necessary” need under a mental disorder called gender dysphoria. Do you see how they work all ends of the spectrum to meet their needs and fill their bank accounts, some of which comes from taxpayer dollars? So if a woman who has incredible pain seeks to get a hysterectomy, it will not be covered under insurance, but if a male wishes to get breasts, Medicaid and several other insurance providers will cover it under a “mental health necessity.” How do you recognize when an agenda is being played out before your eyes? It’s that simple.

As alarming as this is with Planned Parenthood dishing out hormones like candy, it’s more terrifying that parents rights are being removed when it comes to children deciding they wish to transition. South Dakota recently killed a bill that would have protected the right of parents to refuse to consent to psychological or medical treatment for a child with gender dysphoria if the treatment “would induce, confirm, or promote the child’s belief that the child’s sex or gender identity is different from the child’s sex presented at birth….. and, no public authority or official of this state may take any adverse action against a parent for exercising this right.” This means, that if a parent doesn’t go along with the brainwashing that’s been done to their child, and agree to puberty blockers, hormone treatment and transitioning, the child could be removed from the family due to medical neglect. This is horrifying, and if this doesn’t open every parents’ eyes to the true agenda, then they have succeeded in blinding the masses.

According to Dr. Michelle Cretella, executive director of the American College of Pediatricians, “emergency room staff, therapists, and doctors are reporting parents to Child Protective Services (CPS) who refuse to affirm their child’s false gender.” Cretella’s concern is that the schools will begin triggering investigations into parents of children allegedly suffering from gender dysphoria who are afraid to come out to their parents, due to schools allowing students from K-12 to choose their gender identity.

This is a must read article by Margot Cleveland of The Federalist on what has been happening across state lines as it pertains to lawyers, advocates, judges, teachers, CASA, Child Protective Services, and a system that is hell bent on getting children on puberty blockers, and tearing apart families if parents don’t go along with it.

tees, tanks, hoodies, phone cases, hats, mugs

Hopefully this bill being introduced in Georgia will see the light of day. State Representative Ginny Ehrhart announced in a press release that she will be introducing the Vulnerable Child Protection Act during the 2020 legislative session. If passed, it would make it a felony to perform radical surgery on, or administer drugs to, a minor child for the purpose of attempting to change a minor’s gender. If passed, this would set an important precedent. Knowing what is at stake for all of the funders and profiteers, she will be targeted by those individuals and organizations, especially Planned Parenthood, as will any who attempt to support her in this bill. That said, if you agree that this is in fact child abuse, you should speak up in support of this bill, make your voice heard loud and clear, and call your representatives to get a bill introduced in all states.

vulnerable child protection act

Book Stores Are Pimping to Children

Orlando, Florida Mayor Buddy Dyer recently allocated $3000 in taxpayer dollars for six drag queen story hour events, whereby children were to be taught to embrace gender diversity in themselves and others by adult strippers dressed in drag. An estimated 600 children are expected to participate in this program.

These are grown adults dressed in drag, some shaking their booties, and some exposing themselves such as what happened at a library in Minnesota, while reading books to little children and teaching them about gender identity, while portraying this as some sense of normalcy that should be accepted by all. For if you do not get on board with these manipulative campaigns, you are prejudice and discriminatory. WRONG.

The drag queen story hour blasted through as a new trend over the past year and has been making its rounds across the country. Though many parents have stood up and raised concerns about these events, other parents have shockingly allowed their children to attend.

Though these are drag queens and not necessarily transgender individuals, it is all a push for the same outcome – gender identity confusion.

Naïve Parents and Bloggers

The bloggers and websites flooding the internet with lists of youth gender clinics is off the hook. People need to take a breath, do a little research, and put the brakes on, for they are essentially promoting the sterilization and potential suicide attempts of these individuals that need proper help. If there are individuals out there that are struggling with their gender identity, their past, or perhaps considering transitioning, and are looking for help, Walt Heyer’s site is a good place to start. This man has been through it, and has helped hundreds of individuals.

Parents who have hopped on the glamour train, believing they are the hottest trendsetter out there, need to cool their jets. This isn’t a laughing matter. It isn’t a game. People are being hurt and children are being exploited. Watching an eight-year-old child dressed in drag, shaking his booty to a bunch of perverts, isn’t one of those “darling moments” either. People need to sharpen up and reclaim their moral compass.

The case of the drag queen boy: Following suit with the push for normalizing pedophilia, parents are nearly prostituting out their young boys as drag queens across the globe, while perverted old men throw money at them. They’ve pushed this hard on mainstream news, talk shows, videos, and social media, with complete disregard for the fact that they are exploiting young children. Pedophiles are finding themselves in what they deem a new, glorious generation where they can freely get off on young boys dancing and shaking their booties much like a stripper at a strip club does. Everyone from Elle to Good Morning America, and NBC news are flaunting these children.

By now, many people are probably familiar with the recent case of James Younger, a 7-year-old boy who was being manipulated by his mother, who coincidentally happens to be a pediatrician who trains other pediatricians. The mother began dressing him as a girl at age three, wants to put him on hormone therapy at age eight, and start him in transition therapy. This was a very public case with a lot of important details regarding how the court system was handling this, and what this father went through to get joint custody and joint decision making regarding any treatment to his son. In an interview with his father, he detailed a lot of what he and his son endured.

The Olympics

What better place to spotlight this agenda than the Olympics? The 2016 summer games in Rio de Janiero drew in 3.6 billion viewers. Talk about taking the gold! While all eyes should really be on the 290 coaches and officials tied to U.S. Olympic groups that have been accused of sexual misconduct since 1982, with pedophile Larry Nassar being one of the worst, they want you focused on the transgender women being accepted to compete against the women. Imagine being an athlete who has worked day and night their entire life to make it to the Olympics, only to find you are up against a man who is likely stronger, faster and has more muscle mass, who is ready to steal your gold. Transgender athletes were first allowed into the Olympics in 2004 with a set of guidelines.

This is how far they are taking this agenda for less than 1% of the population. There are now a panel of scientists involved in the decision making process for the Tokyo 2020 Games. The International Olympic Committee is supposed to be introducing stricter guidelines for transgender athletes, but the scientists are having a hard time agreeing. The discussions entail whether or not genitalia has been removed, what their testosterone levels are, hormone effect on muscle strength, and other factors.

The Education System

The education system was infiltrated long ago, from as young as kindergarteners up through universities. As more and more parents go to battle at their children’s schools to fight against the LGBT and expanded sexual education teachings taking place across the country, states are trying to pass laws that stipulate it be taught in the school system, and four states have already succeeded. CPS is getting involved, if parents don’t go along with their child suddenly wanting to transition and get on puberty blockers. Counselors are being trained on gender dysphoria and are sometimes suggesting they transition early on in their counseling sessions. They are welcoming males into female bathrooms and locker rooms in some school districts. But the most manipulative tactics are when they have teachers and instructors telling children that “genitals don’t determine your gender,” and “some days you may feel like a girl, and other days you feel like a boy,” while making it all seem perfectly normal and harmless, as though it is a choice. Imagine their confusion? Now imagine the culture they are trying to breed into this country. You don’t have to imagine, just watch this clip below. If you thought depression and anxiety has become an epidemic in this country, you haven’t seen anything yet, unless we put a hard stop to this. Teachings like this are happening all across the country and the world. This is the sales push to convert children.

Hollywood, The Entertainment Industry & Media

You can’t turn to a single station, single television series, or a single movie without the LGBTQ crowd being shoved in your face. Most people, myself included, don’t care what other people’s sexual preferences are, but do care about people with mental disorders and want to see them heal. That said, they don’t focus on the underlying issues with transgender dysphoria. Instead, they make it seem like a person was born into the wrong body, it’s about sexual preferences, and they should be whisked off to the nearest hospital to be mutilated – because, that will make them feel normal. It’s a tragedy what they are doing to these individuals, while glamorizing it and flaunting it across television screens and movie theaters. And of course, the mainstream news is in full support of pushing this because they a branch from the same tree.

Charlize Theron is just one example spotlighting how she has turned her three-year-old boy into a girl simply because her child said to her one day, “I am not a boy!” Gosh, I bet he screamed in tantrums telling her he hated her at some point as well, as most children do when they are young and not in control of their emotions. Did she jump to the conclusion that he will never love her? It’s sad really, because who knows if Charlize has been instructed to be one of the “models” for this agenda, or if she has chosen this level of child abuse all on her own? Hollywood creates the narratives they want you to eat up, buy up, and devour.

Back in 1994, The New York Times puts out a piece titled ‘How to get a man pregnant,’ and in 2014 the BBC marveled over the first “womb transplant” in Sweden. Where will this lead?

In 2015, Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner came out as a trans woman, changing his name to Caitlyn. The same year, after this announcement, Jenner starred in a reality television series called “I am Cait,” which was all about his gender transition. He underwent the reassignment surgery in 2017.

In 2015 IMDB put out an article with a photo list, titled ’70 Celebrities Who Are Actually Transgender People.’

Angela Ponce competed in the Miss Universe contest as the first transgender to compete, and it made big headlines worldwide across every major news source. This is the epitome of “glamorizing.”

Victoria’s secret is campaigning trans models, as is ELLE magazine, and numerous other magazines. They are making it a trend to normalize it. Remember, many transgender individuals are suffering from depression from past traumas and 40% of them have attempted suicide. Yet, these magazines are glamorizing it.

Coca-Cola is flaunting a commercial in other countries with a Sprite ad featuring a mom putting makeup on her son, while grandma dresses his him in a flashy short dress and sends him off with blue hair, and dad takes him and his boyfriend to an LGBT event.

George Soros’s Open Society Foundation


In a 2004 interview clip with George Soros, a mastermind behind many socialist agendas, he spoke about improving society by running subversion and disruption experiments, while concluding “it was a lot of fun.”

The Equality Institute is preaching that “people of all genders can fall pregnant.”


The UN-GLOBE United Nations has long been a part of pushing this agenda.

The ACLU suggests men get pregnant and have periods.


In fact, this tweet was so outlandish, that Tucker Carlson and Chadwick Moore discussed it on Fox News.

Planned Parenthood suggests that hormone treatment can help you overcome your distress, while also assuring you that you will be on hormone therapy for the rest of your life.

puberty blockers

American psychiatric association states that gender dysphoria is a mental disorder, originally called gender identity disorder. It is a diagnosis, yet Planned Parenthood doesn’t require patients to see a mental health professional before prescribing hormones that will forever effect their life.

What’s Their End Game?

Simple. To destabilize this country, divide and conquer, sterilize in every fashion possible, create a gender identity crisis, breed socialism, all while simultaneously relishing in their fantastical financial gain while aiming toward their one world governance they hope to achieve by 2030. It is the same end game as most of their agendas. I did a report not long ago titled ‘30 BIG Hoaxes & Lies Perpetrated on Americans’. The 2030 agenda is not a joke. They openly speak about this. They want a one world governance with the UN in control. People must open their eyes, especially if you are a parent, because they are gunning for your children.

This is a slide of a single slice of tissues of both ovaries from an 18-year-old girl who had her ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus and cervix removed for a gender reassignment surgery. A primary follicle with one of the eggs appears in this slide. This is an egg that will never have the chance at being fertilized since she is completely sterile. Whether she was persuaded, manipulated, or consciously made this decision, at age 18, it is now permanent and irreversible. THIS is the agenda they are pushing.

Hundreds of transgender people wish they could go back to their birth sex, while others suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts after surgery. Former transgender woman Walt Heyer, who transitioned back as well as he could, says that hundreds of transgender people he was worked with have regret after their surgery. 40 percent of transgender people attempt suicide with a larger amount happening after surgery. Puberty blockers can not only sterilize, they have horrific side effects including seizures and severe psychiatric issues and there has not been a large-scale study to show long-term effects. Despite all of this, the funders and profiteers, and all of those involved with this agenda continue to push the envelope, and rarely, if at all, talk about the negative impact. What does this tell you?

Remember what Dr. Paul McHugh, a distinguished professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Johns Hopkins University, recently told the College Fix:

Many people are doing what amounts to an experiment on these young people without telling them it’s an experiment. You need evidence for that and this is a very serious treatment. It is comparable to doing frontal lobotomies.

I believe it will be something like how we think of eugenics now. We will come to regret it when we discover how many of the young people that were injured regret it themselves.

This is child abuse, and it’s already headed toward parental abuse by removing parents’ rights, and potentially removing their child from their home. Let children be children. Most girls I know, including myself, were tomboys, and sometimes little boys like to try on their mom’s or sister’s clothes just for fun. They are children! This is the brainwashing the system has seeded minds with… glorifying it, making it glamorous and trendy, creating mass confusion in children by lying to them about genitals through the education system, their cell phones, across tv screens, and in movie theaters.

If Americans do not stand up, speak up, and protect the children, we have no one but ourselves to blame. They are in the midst of removing children from their homes if parents are unwilling to inject their children with hormones that will sterilize them. Sound familiar? Yes, it’s very much like the vaccine industry. This is child abuse at the highest level, and they are trying to force it on parents to be the villains. My God, what has become of this country? Forced vaccines, forced hormones, and full term abortions, are sterilizing, mutilating, and murdering children. The writing on the wall has always been there, it’s time to wake up and see it. It’s time to put a stop to this. This isn’t about not accepting transgender people, this is about not accepting how they are being mistreated, and how they are being exploited to manipulate children. Do not let labels of “transphobic,” “bigot,” or “discrimination” deter you from your mission – save the children.

Download this full 4-part report in PDF format from the Bookshop. >

Corey Lynn is an investigative journalist, co-host of the weekly Dig It! podcast, and co-host of The Solution Series. Follow her at, on Twitter, Gab, Truth, Rumble, and Telegram. Support her work by becoming a Patron, making a donation or buying a Book.


  • anne Mason

    Corey: You have done it again. Thank you for your dedication and research
    that hopefully gets in front of everyone’s eyes. This is crucial to understanding
    the manipulation that’s taking place across the globe. You are a true
    Patriot. Stay safe and continue on this path of teaching.

  • Theodora

    Thank you for your research; I eagerly read this series. Especially glad to see you mention Walt Heyer and his work. It is SO important to provide hope to people who may have regretted certain bodily decisions.
    I feel so badly for people like Desmond [Is Exploited, not “Amazing”] and Jazz Jennings who will struggle just to make it to age 25.
    And Jonathan/Jessica Yaniv is a disgusting predator!

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