The Solution Series

    Immerse Yourself in The Moments

    I’ve always been one to live in the moment, capture my observations with the lens of my eyes, and fully immerse myself in the experience I am in with people, nature, and my surroundings. From the sound of a child’s laughter to the beauty of a tie-dye sky, the scent of a fresh bakery, the chipmunks sounding off in chorus, or the smiles on the faces of those sharing the moment, it is pure joy if you immerse yourself in those moments. I will never forget the moment I had with a hummingbird who flew up three stories over the edge of a deck to hover one foot from my face and hold my gaze with his eyes for what felt like a full minute. The connections we make with people, animals, and nature are profound. Whereas my mental notes, visual snapshots, and joy in every little moment have always…


    A Short Exercise in Dealing with Fu*kery

    When all logic eludes us because we are dealing with irrational masters of manipulation with cunning schemes to rule the world, it’s easy to get caught up in the ride and never exit the roller coaster. Step right up and get your tickets to the wildest show in town… You are in for an experience of a lifetime, just don’t hop on the merry-go-round. From the view of the merry-go-round it seems that everything around you is spinning, when in fact, you are the one spinning. This is exactly where you already are, so avoid the merry-go-round at all cost. Instead, you begin walking through the spellbound carnival filled with magicians and masters of illusion. You observe everyone’s fascination, as you study their trickery, to decipher each charade. Just to be safe, you occasionally meander into the house of mirrors to check yourself and make sure you’re not regurgitating or…


    What The Plandemic Can Do For Our Evolution

    By James Fitzgerald I was never labelled as a conspiracy theorist because my position as a newspaper editor gave me license to call out the consensus reality — and my stock market advice always made people money, which gave my other musings credence. That said, I am no longer a conspiracy theorist because the people in the stores with plastic bags over their heads and the ones jogging in the countryside wearing formaldehyde and Teflon-infused surgical masks have superseded me in the crackpot stakes. This plandemic saved my life. I had been commuting 60 miles a day; getting up at 4am and returning home at 10pm. When you’ve sat on a cramped and stuffy coach for three hours in heavy traffic for the second time that day, after a long spell in an office, you start to entertain notions of spontaneous Ascension or becoming a dry-stone waller. After the first…


    Proper Etiquette for Agent Provocateurs

    By James Fitzgerald Free speech comes at a cost, because words are power and create ripples throughout the world. The wise, after realizing the impact of their words, begin to cultivate discretion and discernment. Not much of a problem, you might say, but how much practice have we all put into developing the latter attributes when compared with the easy consumption of huge swathes of random images and information generated by corporate media and other people? The AI thought police on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are so heavy handed now that these platforms no longer offer even the semblance of free expression. “Suspect” videos are pre-banned, so that there is no chance of uploading them in the first place. It is possible to read the circuitry of Twitter’s brain by observing the headlines they flag on the right-hand column — and Facebook lets its boy wonder, Mark Zuckerberg, make the…


    The Da Vinci Code: Reap What You Sow

    By James Fitzgerald “There are three classes of people: those who see; those who see when they are shown; and those who do not see.” — Leonardo da Vinci. I had a large framed print of Da Vinci’s Renaissance masterpiece Mona Lisa hanging in my lounge for several years. It was a gift from my mother, who thought it amusing that my family line on my father’s side goes back to the Gherardini family of Florence, of which Lisa was a member. It has been proposed in some academic circles that her enigmatic smile was the first representation of a woman conveying pleasure at her inner life; marking a shift in consciousness away from the pastoral herd mentality and into the possibilities of the multiverse within. The esoteric traditions posit that the Moon was placed beside the Earth to reflect sunshine down on the planet to make human reflection possible.…

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