Weeding Out Distractions & Maintaining Focus: 4 Key Focal Points

Those wishing to destroy America, take away our freedoms, and bring us to our knees, are carrying out multiple agendas simultaneously, while creating mass scale distractions as they change policies and legislation in the shadows. It is critical that people learn to weed out the distractions and maintain focus on the key areas in which they can take action. It’s very easy to get lost while following these distractions up stream, downstream, and around the bends, into a never-ending flow of disinformation that they dangle to intentionally suck you in. Controlling emotions while maintaining focus will cut a more concise path.

Whereas it’s infuriating to witness the destruction, hear the lies, and feel this level of deception and betrayal, some of what is taking place is completely out of our control. This of course is not in reference to the nighttime protests that are providing cover for the riots. This is about the bigger picture, the long haul, and making change that lasts.

Unfortunately, the justice system has run amok for quite some time and bad actors have created and infiltrated institutions across the globe. Our voices are so important right now, but action needs to happen, and that action needs to happen at the local level, where it will actually make a dent. If there were ever a time to master how to utilize your energy for efficient time management, this is it.

With the exception of elections, aside from being a voice, many things happening at the federal level are out of our control. We are observers, and we can chase disinformation down rabbit holes all day long to expose it, but what’s happening at local levels is where you can actually intervene and make a real difference. It’s important to understand what is happening at the federal level so that you are armed with the knowledge and can share it with others, but if everyone were to focus on their communities, education system, city council, mayors, sheriffs, and state representatives, we would be in the game. There has been far too much neglect of action in those areas, and we are reaping what we sowed.

Right now, many states have multiple bad actors that are manipulating and deceiving their citizens by imposing rules, laws, and policies that are not in everyone’s best interest. Power hungry, greedy criminals with agendas are running the show. Are you cool with that? Expose the bad players in your city and state, take necessary actions, and protect your family’s freedoms.

4 Key Focal Points

Local Level Policies and Legislation

These bad actors are in the process of trying to dismantle and defund police departments. That may sound fine and dandy to you until one of these rioters breaks into your home and you have no one to call, or worse, someone is attacking you and you find yourself helpless. Making your community aware is first and foremost. Making noise, phone calls, signing petitions, and attending public hearings are all necessary. Contact your mayor, councilmen, chief of police, and state representatives. If you are good with research, find out who these bad actors are, who they are connected to, and who they hold their true allegiance to. Make your community aware of this so that when election time comes, people are armed with the truth.

Pay very close attention to local legislation. For the past several years, many states have been sneaking through legislation on a myriad of things, such as numerous states trying to push for mail-in ballots. While Wisconsin is sending out 2.7 million mail-in ballots to registered voters, California just expanded their mail-in voting, a judge just ordered Tennessee to provide 4.1 million registered voters with mail-in-voting, and yet Texas vote-by-mail expansion was just blocked by the supreme court. This dance is happening in a lot of states right now. Just a few days ago, New Jersey added climate change to its K-12 education standards, making it the first state to make this mandatory. Other states are trying to remove medical or religious exemptions for vaccines, or pushing for medical neglect on parents who don’t transition their children who allegedly have “gender dysphoria,” or putting restrictions on homeschooling. The list goes on. There is plenty of work to be done here. Corey’s Digs has covered many of these agendas that are being pushed harder and faster with each week that passes. Call your representatives, attend public hearings, get involved in your child’s school or school board, roll out petitions, rally your community, and do not sit back and watch your family’s freedoms be stripped away.

Elections, Elections, Elections

If you are a solid researcher, you would do your community justice to create a dossier on candidates who are running. Find the good, the bad, and the ugly, and expose it all. If you find a good seed, be sure to help their campaign along. It takes time to build this research, so start now. Corey’s Digs has a plethora of resources, tools, background search, and tips on how to dig. Get a group of local researches to take this task on with you and work together to reach more people. Do it in an unbiased and tactful way with clear cut information and evidence to back it. Keep your emotions out of it. Make it like a fact sheet on each individual and then circulate the heck out of that fact sheet. Create a website or blog site to share the information easily and sail it across social media. Make sure people are aware as to which candidates have their best interest at heart. When is the last time you voted for a sheriff or mayor?

As everyone is finding out, those are critical positions in the grand scheme of things, as they are taking orders from the top down, even if those orders go against your freedoms. Look into the representatives running in your district. Obviously, the governor is going to be one of the most significant players to focus on. Those in charge hold the power, and the people are putting them in charge, so get it right. Sound the alarm bells, help get others registered to vote, and get out and vote!

Take Back Your Freedoms

Now that most people have seen the true data pertaining to the coronavirus, and have learned that the actual death rate is only 0.26%, that masks don’t really protect you, that they now consider it to be extremely rare for asymptomatic people to spread the virus, that it does not spread easily from touching surfaces or objects they stated for months, and that hydroxychloroquine does in fact help resolve COVID-19 and the Lancet and NEJM just recently retracted their bogus and negligent claims to the contrary, it’s time to let go of those fears. More so, it’s time to let go of the fear of how others perceive you when you stand up for yourself.

It’s time to take the lead, because the solution has always been you! They are not only allowing, but are encouraging thousands of people to gather together, elbow to elbow, in massive protests across the country, while mayors and governors join in. These are the same mayors and governors who have threatened you with fines and arrests if you dare open your “non-essential” business, kept your churches closed, dictated that you cannot gather in groups larger than 10 people, won’t open your swimming pools, won’t allow you to dine in restaurants together, are keeping your children from school (which may not be such a bad thing due to the level of indoctrination), and ruled that you cannot use your first amendment right to protest against the lockdown. Let me repeat: They are attending protests and riots with thousands of people standing side by side, while insisting that the virus is still too risky to allow you to gather in groups larger than 10, open your business, or protest against the lockdown. Does this seem logical, constitutional, or scientific in any way? NO.

Thousands of people are not afraid of the virus because they know it’s not a big risk and have therefore taken to the streets to join in on these protests. Yet, these same people were not willing to go against the rules to protest for their own freedoms. Isn’t that interesting? It’s time to fight for your own freedoms that they continue to unjustly remove from you while trying to push threats and fear tactics. Game over. Open your business, take care of your family, and lead the herd. Support one another in your communities and take your lives back!

You and Your Family

You have been through hell. We all have. It’s impossible to have projectile lies flinging at us day in and day out, told to stay in our homes and not work for three months, struggle with finances, and now witness the destruction of our cities and towns, and not feel stress or depression. And this doesn’t even take into account the past few years packed full of deception and disinformation. It’s downright exhausting for everyone. That said, this time has allowed for many to spend more time with families, pets, nature, and to reflect on their lives and what’s important. Hopefully, some good has come from this. It’s important to unravel your feelings, beliefs, confusions, and dreams so as to see more clearly moving forward. This takes time. Bad actors have spent lifetimes trying to destroy family units. This can be witnessed in Disney movies, tv shows, children’s books, and the education system. It’s time to rebuild, and we cannot rebuild a country until people recognize the power within them, reconcile their experiences and reach that point of reclaiming the child in their heart, the love and compassion they have for humanity, and the unity they feel within their families.

Whereas it’s important to stay informed, have a voice, and observe with vigilance, it’s equally as important, if not more so, to nurture yourself, keep yourself grounded and try to live your life to the fullest, while also protecting your family. Follow your dreams, express yourself, be a child, and find joy, because this darkness that swirls around us cannot be the be all end all or you will drown.

It’s equally as important to recognize that we are in a time where people are facing a new set of decisions and choices that need to be processed, such as living in a state that has gone off the rails and is pushing for lawlessness. Maybe it’s important for your family to stick it out and fight this battle, or maybe it’s time to relocate. These are big choices to make. Some parents are considering homeschooling after spending time with their children and coming to the conclusion that they can teach them more fully at home. Others are deciding that church and prayer are something they want to incorporate into their lives. Some are considering traveling and/or going off grid, while others want to stay local and hunker down. Many have taken to gardening and growing vegetables and herbs for the first time. And of course, many people are pondering all the ways to protect their families should chaos ensue.

These are all big decisions and very important ones. This is a time for families to assess everything that is important to them and their futures and tend to their families and those goals, rather than get overly caught up in the sea of destruction that is happening all around us. It’s also important to recognize that with destruction comes new beginnings, and if people work together to strive for a better future, maybe one day all of this ugliness we are witnessing, will eventually result in love. One can hope.

Hold on to those you love, and treat them with kindness, even if they’re not on the same wavelength as you. What’s transpiring is very scary for some, and they just aren’t ready to fully open their eyes and accept that things are changing and that they are coming along for the ride whether they realize it or not. They are either going to find themselves in the front seat or the back seat, but that’s up to them. Love them no matter what, because one day they will need you, and with a great sigh of relief, you will want to help them with all of your heart. Leave that safe space open to them.

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Corey Lynn is an investigative journalist, co-host of the weekly Dig It! podcast, and co-host of The Solution Series. Follow her at, on Twitter, Gab, Truth, Rumble, and Telegram. Support her work by becoming a Patron, making a donation or buying a Book.


  • Charles Pixley

    Corey, you’re a Goddess of knowledge a force of nature, a mighty river, sister of Ganga the flow of consciousness pouring forth from the head of the Omnipotent Creator, who Dances His Eternal cadence called Time, destroying the evil entities and Creating anew Life.

  • MorningStar

    I must admit, after all that has been revealed about COVID-19, I still have significant anxiety about the ‘gunpoint-quarantines’ and the aggressive push for mandatory and technocratic vaccines globally.

    ‘New Data On The Number Of Asymptomatic Infections Dramatically Lowers The COVID-19 Case Fatality Rate’:

    ‘Physicians For Informed Consent’:

    Orthomolecular Medicine News Service – News Release Index:

  • John Scott

    ‘The recent synthetical adaptation of the ‘common cold’, the coronavirus, (‘crown’ or CovertOperationVirus-I.D.-A.I.), was created in order to camouflage the concurrent development and installation of 5G technologies. It is a race against time. For once installed and fully operational throughout the world, 5G technologies are designed to literally roast people alive. The same symptoms currently attributed to the coronavirus will become manifest ten-fold by 5G technologies. (6)

    In the meantime, every day sees an increasing number of individuals rising in consciousness, escaping the hypnotic spells that have been cast through language manipulation, social engineering, predictive programming, and the multiplication of technological distractions designed to amuse and occupy the masses. More and more individuals are becoming aware of the pitfalls and dangers of addiction to technological their toys – iPhones, tablets, video games, Netflix, etc. The ruling elite is becoming weaker by the day with each individual realisation which raises consciousness, with each rise in terrestrial frequency…
    …Today it’s warfare…and this is not a war being waged between humans, but rather against humans by the select semi-human 1% rulers. This is no time to become embroiled in futile ‘us against them’ diversions that pit ‘normal’ human beings against one another. Because all humans are suffering, all are indebted, all are discriminated against by the ‘unseen’ inhuman rulers, the archons. Avoid becoming seduced by, and drawn into, futile disputes. So-called ‘race wars’, ‘gender difference’ or police violence (which is perpetrated by all colour spectrums reciprocally), are all being manufactured and promoted deliberately by the illuminati cabal to maintain their historic ‘divide to rule’ agenda.’…

  • Diann Bowen

    Corey you are definitely in my herd. As of late I have gone to battle with my city over big developers moo-ving into our small community and destroying our way of living and being. I’m not against development, however it needs to be done responsibly and safe. My yard and fence have become my protest ground.
    We the people have become so complacent our elected officials and city managers think they can do whatever they want. It is time to stand up and get our lives and freedoms back.
    Baaaaa! Baaaa! Stop being sheep!

  • Colette C

    This was a beautiful piece and it really touched my heart. Living in Canada has it’s own unique challenges and we are also riding a wave of deception and corruption. But your last paragraph really touched me about holding on to those we love even if they are not on the same wavelength. I needed to hear this message today. Thank you

  • Arnold Ziffel

    Many are calling for defunding the police. I’m on board if the defunding target is the FBI (USA’s Stassi).

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