BE AWARE: Attempted Bills on Homeschooling

I recently did a report on children’s books in schools and how the so-called education system is indoctrinating children and filling their minds with false agendas, one-sided views, trying to break family units, and fear mongering. I proposed some suggestions at the end of the article, then took to twitter to see what “solutions” parents might have. It received an enormous amount of suggestions, from removing it from Federal control and putting it under the States, to disbanding teachers unions, and parents communicating more with their children and getting involved with the schools. The most widely suggested idea was to homeschool.

With homeschooling growing at an estimated rate of 2% to 8% per annum just over the past few years, and over 1.6 million children being homeschooled, I knew that this would eventually hinder their indoctrination agenda, and suspected that states might attempt to instill new laws and crack down on homeschooling. My suspicions were right, and it’s far worse than I imagined. If there is one thing that most parents who homeschool have in common, it is that they have activism in their blood. That said, those parents, and all parents who are considering homeschooling, need to be on high alert and pay attention to any bills being proposed in regard to homeschooling. The last thing they want is for you to pull your children from public schools and teach them the truth.

In fact, Sen. Kamala Harris has recently proposed a bill to extend school hours to 6pm, and the teachers unions are backing this. That in itself is very telling. I mean, why wouldn’t they want to keep your children for additional hours each day so that the state can raise them and pump their minds full of disinformation while you are slave to the money system they created? By proposing it under the guise of helping parents out by providing a place for the children to be until the parents get home from work, is a manipulative enticement that should be seen for what it is.

Alarming Bills Pertaining to Homeschooling

There has been a lot of state legislation, rules and regulations, and control over homeschooling throughout the years, but recent proposed bills are becoming alarming and indicative of trying to intimidate parents away from homeschooling. When they want Child Protective Services (CPS) knocking on your door to approve of homeschooling, there is a big problem. Even the National Advisory Committee on the Sex Trafficking of Children & Youth in the United States is requesting ideas and recommendations for professionals working in the foster care system. Why? Because they’ve stated that they recognize child trafficking is a huge issue in this country and have been observing the increasingly vocal concerns about the CPS system. They have even acknowledged this in the State Department’s 2019 Trafficking in Persons report. I recently did a report covering the corrupt child welfare system in southern Florida.

Earlier this year, in Illinois, Democratic State Rep. Monica Bristow introduced House Bill 3560, which would have required Child Protective Services to investigate the homes of all children being homeschooled to ensure there was no suspected child abuse or neglect in the home. Of course, even if there was no reason for these suspicions, the parents would be forced to allow CPS to enter their homes and investigate before they were allowed to homeschool. Fortunately, this bill was tabled and killed in less than a week, but it doesn’t mean they won’t attempt something of this nature again in the near future. More likely than not, Bristow was contacted by numerous disgusted parents, and had to table the bill. From 2017-2018, there were 66,250 children being homeschooled in Illinois. Imagine CPS utilizing their time to knock on the doors of all of those families in a “guilty until proven innocent” crackdown.

In January, a similar bill was introduced in Iowa that proposes quarterly home visits to check on the health and safety of children being homeschooled. This bill states that the visits will take place in the child’s residence “with the consent of the parent, guardian, or legal custodian,” but is followed up with – “if permission to enter the home to interview or observe the child is refused, the juvenile court or district court upon a showing of probable cause may authorize the person making the home visit to enter the home and interview or observe the child.” So basically, intimidation tactics, governed by an already corrupt CPS and court system, whereby most parents probably wouldn’t even know they could refuse entry. That makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, doesn’t it? Furthermore, they do not indicate what constitutes as “probable cause.” This bill did not make it out of the House Education Committee before the required 2019 session “funnel” date.

Georgia passed a bill in May, sponsored by four Republicans, requiring school districts to report new homeschoolers that fail to file state paperwork to child protective services.

Tennessee attempted to pass a partisan bill that would have prevented families under investigation by child services from switching to homeschooling without permission. It failed.

Louisiana tried to pass a bill that would have prevented homeschooling when a registered sex offender lives in the household, but it failed to pass. Kentucky proposed a similar bill in 2017. This all poses an interesting debate. Whereas some registered sex offenders may have been wrongly accused and convicted, it is alarming that those who have abused children are allowed to reside in the same home with children. Generally this is not the case during their supervision period, but once that passes, those rules may be dropped. It is a known fact that nearly all child predators don’t lose their desire for children or stop acting on those desires.

In 2018, Maryland introduced a Democrat partisan bill that would have required two annual home visits by a representative of the country board of education to try to identify homes where children were being abused or neglected and “notify certain agencies.” This bill failed.

Stay Alert

These bills are a sampling of the government’s attempt to control your parental rights, your children’s rights, and your freedom. Now more than ever it is important to stay on top of what bills are being introduced, rally together, and fight them tooth and nail. The last thing you want is CPS knocking on your door. They are unwilling to loosen the reigns on their indoctrination agenda, so it is up to the parents to monitor what is being taught in their child’s public school, in addition to what new laws they are trying to instill for those homeschooling.

Whereas several of these bills have failed, there is a pattern emerging across state lines, and make no mistake, they will continue these efforts. You don’t want to receive a knock on your door from CPS one day, because the bill you never thought would pass, passed. We all witnessed this with the passing of full term abortion bills to fuel their abortion agenda. Stay vigilant.  

Corey Lynn is an investigative journalist, co-host of the weekly Dig It! podcast, and co-host of The Solution Series. Follow her at, on Twitter, Gab, Truth, Rumble, and Telegram. Support her work by becoming a Patron, making a donation or buying a Book.


  • Nicole A Hall

    I believe this is happening because of the media coverage that has happened in regard to certain homeschool families. I also feel that if people saw what an average homeschooler was and their situation, they would be less apprehensive. By fear-mongering, we are just perpetuating the myth that all homeschoolers are like the one family in California, chaining our children to their beds… we all know this isn’t happening and those that are upholding societal Norm rules I should not be frightened of what is going on. I actually know a homeschooling parent that is part of Casa and the whole CPS thing, so obviously they have checked her out and found nothing amiss with in her household.

  • NEW New York Homeachooler

    Amazing! I’m so baffled by all of the sheep that believe their children are receiving the education that reflects their own experiences. BUT, I am here to tell this sad but true account… the school called CPS on me, with allegations of malnutrition and neglect when I had enough of their garbage last March and pulled my kids. To know me you would be confused by the report made. My children are well cared for, live in a beautiful home, a home above the norm in our district, all of our kids are involved in spo¹(rts and one is competitive athlete. THEYRE ALL VISIBLY WELL NOURISHED, muscular not fat nor obese. THE cowards hid behind a false sense of security in their misunderstanding of the mandated reporter’s responsibilities when reporting. as the report as frivolous as it may be, only has to abide by one rule, the report is made in “good faith”, ya know—not retaliationu.

  • Vanessa Spring

    I think rather than try to stop homeschooling, government should analyze why public schools are failing so many children. I mean think about it… I send my child to school and they may be the next victim of a mass school shooting, relentless bullying that can go on with nothing done by school administrators to stop it, loss of instructional time due to behavior issues in the classroom that require the teacher to stop teaching so they can evacuate the classroom while a child with a behavior disorder trashes the classroom, sexual harassment, lack of sufficient programs for gifted students, budget cuts that eliminate the arts….. Maybe fix the public school system and families wouldn’t find it necessary to pull their children out to ensure their child receives a decent education.


    I joined today! No one gets to indoctrinate my beautiful children! I pray the Lord Jesus continues blessing children and guide the parents who are struggling with the idea of homeschool. It’s the best Ferguson


    I joined today! No one gets to indoctrinate my beautiful children! I pray the Lord Jesus continues blessing children and guide the parents who are struggling with the idea of homeschool. It’s the best decision i have made yet.

  • Johanna Taylor

    Public school turned my kid from a Christian to an athiest. Public school turned my kid who was my friend into someone who has no respect for teachers or parents. Public schools are horrible places. My kids were horribly bullied at public school. Not to mention recent public school bomb threats, overcrowding, & racist principals that omit art, music, PE, & native American history.
    Homeschooling is difficult but better. Don’t let work and money tear your family apart. Kids already go to public school 40 hours a week. Extending that to 6pm is insane. Next they will allow kids to move into schools & charge them rent. Women we need to stop this. Demand schedules that comply to part time work so you don’t end up with depressed strangers as kids or work from home.

  • Greg Jaxon

    Illinois’s HB 3560 was written by a new representative at the insistence of a constituent parent, who may have even described themselves as homeschoolers. The paid lobbyist for the Illinois Coalition of Nonpublic Schools quickly explained to the new assemblywoman what a mistaken initiative this was and the author (admitting her naivete) withdrew it very promptly. The effort to keep even the word “homeschool” entirely out of the Illinois School Code has been sustained for many decades by dedicated grassroot organizations, and this has left Illinois possibly the free-est state in which to educate privately at home, in English. We count as our allies the enormously influential Catholic school system which established the strongly independent precedent of non-state schooling.

    Vigilance is a necessary message! You should ask whether your homeschool support group is a member of a statewide network that can work with legislative monitors who will lobby quietly as effectively as possible, and send out alarms for popular uprising only when homeschools freedom are under bona fide threat.

  • Valerie Blonder

    CPS IS CORRUPT and a complicit government organization! Perhaps well intended at one time, they can no longer be a trusted resource. If you have the ability to home school, I’ve noticed many of those children are free thinking and well educated, kind and respectful individuals. Schools have become a place for control and indoctrination, common core is a QUID PRO QUO between Obama and the providers. He got the book deal.. sucks for parents, sucks for the future…but NEVER GIVE UP!

  • Tony Kaz

    The public school system, at least here in Southern California, is an endless money pit of mediocrity. I attended private schools except for 7th and 8th grades and what a culture shock that was. In high school, I learned to write an essay much better than any 1st year college student would need to be able to write. Consequently, many of the English and math classes I took in my first two years of college felt remedial. In the public Jr high school I attended, kids attempted to bully me for being new and for being perceived as different (I just moved to CA – also didn’t stand for their crap so all of a sudden I was a disciplinary problem for getting into fights), Anything left out for a moment would be stolen. Some kids didn’t even speak English, which makes it very hard to socialize with them or for them to listen or learn).. This was 1980 so we had lots of Vietnamese and Mexican immigrants in the school system. My mother is an immigrant too so please don’t think I’m anti-immigrant. I’m against putting my education on slowpoke status so the kids who don’t speak English can keep up. And many of them didn’t keep up so they caused distractions in class and generally acted out in every imaginable way that 11-13 year olds act out. It was more of a circus than a school and we can throw another 10 billion dollars at the schools and no progress will be made. Why? That’s a question that can only be answered by following the money trail. I think the entire public school system should be dismantled. It’s a failure and too many kids lose out. It’s not the fault of the teachers and there ARE some shiny examples of great public schools but by and large we don’t get what we pay for here.
    I think that experience of dealing with that circus though was important for me to have. I had to see that there are a lot of people that just don’t care. They will attack you just for being different. And it was important for me to fight back to show them that they couldn’t bully me. If kids are home schooled vs going to a private school, how do they socialize with other kids? Do they have sufficient opportunity for interaction, for sports, do they learn the subjects that you might not be great in? I’m not a fan of CPS either or the foster care system (my friends had a son die in foster care) but I think there are enough weirdos out there that it makes sense to check in with families that choose to keep their kids out of school. Private schools make much more sense to me and though I’m not generally suspicious of people who home school their kids, it makes sense that the whacked out people that chain their kids to the bed could possibly be caught by the types of bills you are speaking against. There must be some way to make that into a win-win.

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