America’s Multiple Personality Disorder

For those wondering, I do not have a college degree, by choice. I did accumulate over 100 credit hours just for fun. I never saw the point in investing one’s time, energy, and money in learning things I either cared nothing about or knew was a bunch of bull. Many of the courses I enjoyed were art-related, but there was one subject that always intrigued me – human behavior and psychology. I’ll never forget standing in front of the podium and giving a speech on the report I did on multiple personality disorder. Being in the spotlight was never my thing, so remembering the sheer terror that ran through me is hard to forget. I remember the beginning, the ending, and the A+, but everything in between is a bit fuzzy because I was so focussed on breathing. Looking back, that report could have been written about all of America as a whole.

Multiple personality disorder isn’t anything to joke about, as it’s a serious condition people suffer from, but if you’ll allow me a little leeway on the sarcasm, and follow along, I think you’ll conclude that I’m on to something.


It began so innocently… a meme here, a meme there, a meme everywhere! Some made you laugh, some were based in fact, some were utter disinfo, some were downright crude, and others could make a grown man cry. Next thing you know, everyone is being told they are racists, fascists, white supremacists, deplorables, or had the new TDS syndrome. There were extreme leftists and extreme rights, socialists, marxists and communists, and don’t forget about the terrorists.

Then, the crushing pronouns came into play, and suddenly people were identifying as eagles and purple plums, thems and non-binaries, which Reader’s Digest says is an important term to understand. Men in high heels and dresses were coloring their hair blue, propping up their bosoms, and reading stories to children while encouraging them to hit the runway in drag. On any given day we could witness an Antifa male terrorist in a skirt, spreading his legs for cops who were ordered to stand down. Thankfully they weren’t ordered to get on their knees, though some did that for BLM. Those that were hauled in, were eager to get their mugshot so they could show off just how degenderized they had become before being released to the streets once again. I’m still debating whether that was a science experiment, paid actors or drug addicts, or good old fashioned MKUltra. Oh gosh, conspiracies… oh so many conspiracies… that came true.

Churches were being burned, and Christians were rightfully irate, but many began judging anyone who dared say the words “spiritual” or “energy” (watch the comments flow in). The Satanists were distraught over their satanic sculptures being moved. Movies were made to prop up Satanists as a welcomed religion, to further push their agenda. It was right up there with Netflix’s Cuties, which exploited 11-year-old girls to shake their booties and grab their crotches. In fact, the Satanists probably had a front row seat, and they rolled out the red carpet for them… only in Hollywood.

Hollywood quickly became the laughing stock, and some of them were the first to split personalities, but then again… some of them were paid to do that, just to kick the psyops further down the road. The pedophiles were being exposed by all personalities, left, right, binary, non-binary (look it up in Reader’s Digest), and child traffickers were being swooped up by the dozens. But, when the engineered virus hit, the pedophiles and felons were released from their cages, and those that weren’t may just get a vote in the next election, if there is one.

Everyone of every color were suddenly sporting masks, and not the cool kind like the Lone Ranger wears… these were full face masks… the best kind for robbing banks. It cut a trail of fashion at a pace never seen before. Musicians finally found their identity. Madonna even had her crew fashioned with gas masks while New York burned to the ground, in a fancy show she put on not long before the engineered virus struck. Gosh, the coincidences.

While parents were dressing their little girls as boys and little boys as girls because they were told to help them be “gender neutral,” classrooms were teaching them how to masturbate, and legislators were applauding themselves for full-term abortions so the little ones couldn’t even make it into the classroom. Children were soon swapping their little designer masks in class, trying to make the best of their enslavement, while trying to understand whether they are supposed to hate white people or black people. Meanwhile in Pennsylvania, twelve-year-olds are deciding amongst themselves if it would be cool or not cool to get injected by poison, because legislatures think the state should have more rights over a child than their own parent. But don’t worry, the CDC had a meeting, and determined that children and young adults should still get the injection after finding it was causing myocarditis and peridcarditis, and the FDA’s going to slip in a warning on Moderna and Pfizer’s fact sheets that are handed out to… no one, before getting the jab.

A geriatric became president under false pretense, so they built a wall around him, while his wife delivered cookies to the National Guard. Not even Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory lived up to this display. Maybe she will bake up a batch of cookies for the military while they sit through their critical race theory training, and get the white beat out of them. Or who knows, by the end of the month, half of them may become he/shes, or even thems. Half the people are so confused, they believe the propaganda that we are at war with China, when we are in bed with China. So if the military can’t stand up to critical race theory brainwashing, they’ll just march alongside China, and they’ll all get along just fine.

At this point, everyone felt like they were having a bad acid trip. But the story continues…

The exhaustion began to set in and people contemplated whether this was like an episode of the Twilight Zone, The Walking Dead, or The Apocalypse, though some fantasized about alien invasions. Time Magazine went with the zombie apocalypse, so I guess no one got a say in that matter. I personally preferred the Twilight Zone version, and often played the Twilight Zone by Golden Earring at 2am when I would be up late working on a report. It really got me energized. “Yeah there’s a storm on the loose, sirens in my head, wrapped up in silence, all circuits are dead, cannot decode, my whole life spins into a frenzy.”

Some folks were so burdened by fear, they gave up on bothering to take their mask off, and drove with it on, biked, and some probably even had sex with it on, because they were told to do so. Some even wore multiple masks because little man told them it was a good idea… as they followed his authority right off a cliff. Others were terrified by the world coming to an end… not from the virus, but from climate change. They agreed that we should just kill all the cows to prevent the farts, give up our vehicles, to heck with fossil fuels, in fact… they just want the government to have it all because it’s too much to be responsible for and too difficult to be self reliant. The World Economic Forum did tell them that “you’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy,” and like E.F. Hutton – when WEF talks, people listen. Not.

Once the jab came, it was game over. All the crazy came to a screeching halt, and it was full on non-scientific lie after lie after lie, in a serious downturn of rage, fear, and confusion. It shattered businesses, relationships, lives, and souls. It was the sword of death, a toss of a coin, an experimental gamble. Everyone was affected because everyone knows someone who got the jab. The division previously constructed of twisted identities, didn’t hold a candle to this masterpiece. Worry fell over everyone, and everyone fell over worry. The grand culmination of every personality resurrected from the ashes, sat heavy like stone. A somberness filled the air while people grasped for what identity they’ve maintained through the insanity. The good news is, Mastercard understands the pain you are suffering with your identity crisis, so under their new ‘True Name’, they are allowing everyone to choose whatever name they identify with, to put on their card. I think everyone should get cards under the name of God. That’s just my personal opinion, and I’m being totally serious.


I think it goes without saying that all of my non-degreed colleagues out there, and even those with degrees, would concur that America has a serious multiple personality disorder conundrum, and continues to split with each month that passes. This is a problem, and I don’t think a prescription, or even a psychologist is going to solve it, though many people might want to consider speaking with one for good measure.

If someone were to sit with a psychologist and review the list of traumas they’ve endured, witnessed, or partaken in, a psychologist would likely respond with, “you have experienced a lot of traumatic events and it is perfectly normal to feel fuc*ing insane right now, my dear. Here, have a Xanax.”

The reality is, the illusions felt real. See that? It was an orchestrated illusion. A psyop. A masterfully coordinated pile of heaping shit to play on your emotions, wear you down, strip you of your identity, make you feel crazy, and get you to submit. NEVER, EVER, SUBMIT. When you feel like you are sliding, just put on the Twilight Zone and dance around your living room. That’s right, let it all out. Let yourself feel a little crazy without actually going crazy. Acknowledge that you are in fact in the Twilight Zone, but we are all along for the ride with you.

Wait up, hold on… just so we’re all clear, I’m not suggesting that EVERYTHING was an illusion. Clearly that is not the case. Gosh, if a shrink said that, they could really cause a setback in treatment. Let me explain… when evil plays on your emotions, intentionally stirs the pot, creates a false sense of division, fabricates narratives, lies, deceives, and manipulates minds, it creates the illusion that everything is as they say it is, when in fact it’s not.

When people all around you are doing crazy things, saying crazy things, and acting completely crazy, the crazy is going to begin to wear off on others. Some might even be enticed to try the crazy on, with their new sparkly mask and stockings. So what’s happened, is America has developed multiple personality disorder by the thousands – lost identities. Some had to check out – fight or flight resulted in complete fantasy land and they are still flying. Some became so angry, confused, and disoriented, they believe the only resolution is to argue relentlessly until they’ve severed themselves into so many personalities they can’t find their way back. And some are in a constant state of depression and/or anxiety and prefer to remain in a state of fear, rather than dancing to the Twilight Zone.


Take three deep breaths and repeat after me,

“I am not insane. The conspiracies were real, and most people’s reactions to them were disproportionately irrational, over dramatic, and some people lost their damn minds… some, their identity. I will not allow myself to slip down that mudslide. I know who I am, and the parts of me that chipped off along the way, will gather themselves up and reassemble for my best and highest good. I have been on a hell of a roller coaster ride, only now I can see the turns coming before we reach them. I see their game. I see through their illusions, and God is on my side. I will unite with others and we will fight against this tyranny. We will never submit. We will outsmart and outheart this demonic species that holds no true power over us. I will not allow myself to be manipulated, oppressed, demeaned, or enslaved, and when I’m feeling a bit off from this strange place I find myself in, I will simply dance… to the Twilight Zone.”

Dance with me

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Corey Lynn is an investigative journalist, co-host of the weekly Dig It! podcast, and co-host of The Solution Series. Follow her at coreysdigs.com, on Twitter, Gab, Truth, Rumble, and Telegram. Support her work by becoming a Patron, making a donation or buying a Book.


  • Mark J Geiger

    Is it funny, or not, that I read in the treatment to “fight against this tranny”…?

    Seems weirdly apropos, regardless.

  • JT

    Unironically, I washed the four cat food dishes I found soaking under mounds of bubbles in the sink this morning, while hurriedly waiting for my first cup of brew to drip into the coffee pot. “Someone” came downstairs and was vocally disappointed they were now clean with mumbled muddled words of, “I usually do something different with those”. I’m not sure how washing cat food dishes dismantles a beautiful brilliant mind, nor how they could be processed into clean cat food dishes much differently, but apparently I’ve opened another forbidden seal on the way this new day should go. Corey to the rescue! I know going forward to wash every cat food dish that is abandoned to a severe soaking and I must listen to Twilight Zone while doing so 😎 I would like to disturb the force please.

  • Laura Jackson

    Thank you, Corey. I’ve been focusing on Keeping It Simple. One Day At A Time. I decide what I’m going to think about today and I’m the one who gets to decide how I’m going to feel about the thing I decide to think about.

    Although I’ve met a couple of narcissists in my life, I never became entangled, but what’s been happening feels a lot like living with one.

    God Knows.

  • Joyce McKitrick

    I feel the same way! After truly experiencing this Twilight Zone, I think we’ve all learned their game. God always wins. We are his faithful soldiers and we will prevail! 🙏🏻❤️🇺🇸

  • RJ

    To Corey,
    Just found you as I followed the white rabbit from Scottymar10. Me, and the other voices in my head, “Love” your Beautiful Mind:)

  • Vesta

    You not only are a gifted writer/ activist/ genius, but a highly evolved human being! Thank you, I have shared this with all my awake friends! You rock thank you from my whole heart!

  • Mark Rissman

    Read your Bible Corey and stop with the weird spirituality garbage. The Bible has prophesied all of this and so rather than writing articles that really do no good, be born again and be the beggar showing another beggar where the Bread of Life is. The is temporary life and mankind has repeatedly gone down this path. Once in the Garden, next with Noah and now will come the final destruction. God’s Word prepares us properly so study it and “Be joyful always, pray continually and be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s Will for you in Christ Jesus.”

  • M.

    To IT. (Apology first the long explanation ..I am not good at times in being concise when i think something needs more explanation) ) You are good with words and i get your point that is worth making and getting and i sure know how it can be living with other people’s expectations and ways of doing things that don’t make any sense to us…but i think you might need to have this information too…and too bad the person didn’t feel ok about explaining this to you IF it was behind her/his different way of handling dirty cat dishes..(LOL) . I learned this from a microbiologist who saw many cases of “worms/parasites IN LAB TESTS from people who mixed pet dishes with their own in sink to wash them for years with no issues and then arrive at clinic in dire pain and with extremely difficult to cure conditions for that reason and the parasites they had accumulated in their own bodies from their pets dishes and how they were handled. Our pets do have different digestive and processing systems and are loaded with parasites we cannot handle and do make us very illl…(eventually Cancer and other diseases) that soap and hot hot water do not kill and they are microscopic (invisible)…Also covered in book “THE CURE FOR ALL CANCERS: AND FOR ALL DISEASES…where that and many more causes are covered. So what was highly advised about that is to keep pet dishes totally away from our own and not use any sponges or clothes on them that we would also use to wash our own dishes and utensils. .and if possible wash in some separate containers or places than the sink where we wash our own in. NOW THAT MAY SEEM TO BE HORRIBLY INCONVENIENT AND DOGMATIC UNTIL YOU FIND OUT YOU HAVE THOSE PARASITES AND CANCER AND WOULD NOT HAVE IF HAD NOT DONE THAT.? AS my microbiologist friend advised. i do understand if you don’t have some vital facts it can seem to be “crazy” stuff to have to think about if is just someone’s whim to make it an issue. And i don’t know if this info IS what theirs is based on or that everyone should agree and follow the advise around it. But it might shed some light on what both of you might want to come to some compromise about (have your own dishes and wash them how want to FOR EXAMPLE or just knowing this can agree with “another way” of cleaning them? CANCER AND WORSE DISEASES are worth the trouble of not being victim to.. (not to live in fear of ..but in wisdom and knowledge can avoid)/ And i don’t wear masks and don’t get any shots…but this seems quite harmless and worthy precaution to employ as much as i might to do things that in healthy ways do repel mosquitoes or not put my hand in bee hive or hornets nest. Hope not to offend and hope this helps instead…to not feel a personal affront to what you did that ANYONE would do who didn’t know otherwise.
    And finally not to take from Corey’s most lucid and brilliant analysis of our world right now that i appreciate more than words can say and even more so the dancer and artist that i am and how much related to every or almost every single word and picture it portrays….and how i CAN also appreciate your own dilemma with how people’s personal dogmas can be so oppressive and impactful in removing the potential joy and freedom we all seek and naturally are made up of the inclination to be and live by..(.so i did hear that in your words and do appreciate that message too…and how Corey’s impacted you from that place…is also true for many of us and thank you for your representation of that)

  • M.

    Oh My God, Corey…every word so far (about half way through and have to stop and say this to you) so accurately , richly, colorfully, describes what i wished i had the words for about how I see and react and respond to all that and where i wish to be and have all of us who can “see” and be the “future” potential that awaits us of our choosing…can hold that vision and ARRIVE there. Being also a dancer, artist, and deep thinker…love love love your mind and your way with words…reflecting much of my own thoughts since college where i used to walk through this dark tunnel ..alone…on campus ..questioning …WHY am i HERE? Thank you for your brilliance, courage, wisdom, that is all a great light, and to me comparable after reading THIS…to the greatest visionaries ever in our worlds and of the purest of spirit and Godliness in action and thought compelled by TRUTH..NOT religious or spiritual dogma…but PURE TRUTH.. I WISH THIS WOULD BE READ ON SOME MAJOR NEWS STATION!!! WHAT A WAKER UPPER.

  • Noel West

    Another brilliant article, thank you for helping to keep me sane during these strange times. Speaking of the Twilight Zone, there is a favorite of mine where a convict is sent to an asteroid to live out his sentence. He is given a female robot to ease his loneliness. When it’s time to return to earth they don’t have room for the robot so they shoot it in the face. The convict had made the robot REAL and was shocked to see it was really a machine! As the credits start you hear the robot slowly say: COREY>>>>COREY>>>>COREY.

  • Butch

    If the Bible prophesied the events of 2020 then there is a very good possibility that the Satanists wrote part of the Bible…

    I’ve heard the book of John is legitimate, the New Living Testament is an easy way to read the Bible.

    I also recommend you check out Dr. Jordan Peterson’s “The Psychological Significance of the Biblical Stories” which gives an introduction to the presence of God, if you’ve ever considered reading the Bible but never found the time or courage to do so.


  • Alison Noni

    Thank you Corey for the PLEDGE (Treatment)

    I recited it emphatically and with the utmost conviction. Yes, we have a responsibility to keep guiding others to the cure.

    Love this post! Grateful for your contribution to sanity. We are not alone. I got your back sister!

    Much respect,

  • Charles Pixley

    Great synopsis or rather diagnosis.

    Love your remedy;
    as I am known to be inspired to break into dance anywhere when least expected

    Healers of yore didn’t have college degrees they came up through the guild and the best are intuitive, have common sense, and great insight.

    Thank you doctor.

  • M.K. Styllinski

    What a great article. I always like reading more personal experiences from writers out there – it lends a poignancy to the overall work and brings into relief another life resisting Official Culture and its toxic narratives.

    In this time of obvious tyranny, it is good to be reminded that there are a significant number of people out there who get it.

    Now I can at least enjoy my coffee with a little more hope.

  • Debbie jacobson

    Thank you, you nailed it, I don’t know what’s happening , I miss America but I’m not giving in either, I’ll never get the jab or believe that hating people is the answer. My heart aches fir the kids. I believed in Q and Trump so much read everything I could on it. Finding out it was a lie was is what really opened my eyes. I thought I was woke then but I’m really woke now!

  • Claude

    I will happily dance with you Corey! I am thankful that as all this has unfolded I had my Spiritual foundation and my Principles to ground myself. *Take nothing personally* and *be an Observer and not a Judge* are two that come to mind. As we dance I will remain unmasked, unvaxxed and unafraid. Thank you as always for sharing your unique brilliance with us. 🙂

  • Robin

    I really needed this today thank you. I’m struggling with the uncertainty of how this is unfolding and how I should navigate. You are a guiding light Corey, your words are an inspiration to me.

  • Victor Gagnon

    Great article with so much TRUTH!! There is an expression that once learnt and it was “to look within” most of our world is looking out at the world and hence the world is having an affect on without knowing it is. If one does understand how we as humans think then we will not understand how we are being manipulated. The brain is simply our computer that we ourselves program each and everyone of us since childhood. When one truly understands this then no one can make you think or believe anything. It now becomes one’s own personal choice. Even for me to believe in this article is still my choice!

  • Leigh hyndman

    This is a remarkable weave of today’s insanity and the truth revealed. I read this twice. The second time slowly. It gave me a better perspective of life today, and what lies perpetuate our perceived reality.
    Your article entertained me and comforted me.
    Thank you.

  • Elizabeth

    Good article Corey. Yes, it was all a grand, stinky pile of poo, completely fake, cinema and satan loses in the end. Christians do see the events as fake. And who would judge anyone when what we are fighting are freaks who rape, torture, kill and eat newborns and little children? Lord God Almighty is for all of us.

  • greg

    corey thank you for being. and thank you for this site. i find coreys digs to be anchor that allows me to more freely explore the “delusion illusion” that has been constructed to mask reality. we seem to have achieved reality in the old chinese curse: “may you live in interesting times”.

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