MUST WATCH: Interview with Del Bigtree and 3 Injured Healthcare Workers From Receiving Covid Injection

In a Highwire exclusive, Del Bigtree sits down with three healthcare workers who were on the frontline of Covid vaccine rollouts in America. In a candid and emotional interview, the three women go back to the day they received their vaccine, the severe reactions they endured starting just days after, and the complete denial the medical community has towards the groundswell of injured people looking for help.

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  • David Robertson

    I hope that people begin to realize that the entire medical system is dysfunctional and has been for a very long time, since at least the 1930’s. It has been designed from top to bottom as a pharmaceutical marketing and delivery system.

    With the exception of those functions inherited from the legacy system, such as mending broken limbs, every symptom is treated as a signal to prescribe some pharmaceutical drug.

    Physicians are trained to look for these symptoms and refer to their computer to see which drug to prescribe. It seems from this video testimony that any other symptom is being treated as autogenerated by the patient, as a mental condition to be treated by a psychoanalyst.

  • Laura Jackson

    I’d like to add a bit of info regarding David Robertson’s comment above; If you’ve never heard of it before, please do some research regarding the Flexner Report of 1910, which essentially shut down holistic medicine, schools, hospitals and local apothecaries and neighborhood chemists. Within three years had been able to effectively label all of holistic medicine as quackery and it’s practitioners as quacks, ushering in Western Medicine. The study was paid for by Andrew Carnegie.

    Since I’m a skeptic about most things anyway, I’m grateful to you Corey et al for making this information available, it confirms everything I’ve been reading about.

  • David L

    I can certainly believe these ladies are experiencing some kind of neurological issue. However, I’m a bit sceptical, as are doctors, for good reason. I’m not a fan of these vaccines either. But, my partner has had virtually the same issue, and she’s not received the vaccine. She’s had this problem off & on over the last several years.

    I find it hard to believe the lady on the right is NOT on any kinds of meds. My first thought was they all are diabetic, and that can cause nerve & muscle issues. Could the vaccines cause some kind of reaction? Absolutely! But, my partner IS on meds for several conditions, namely diabetes. And meds for anxiety. She’s also, around the same age as these women. Electrolite imbalance, magnesium, potassium, sodium, can also affect muscular control. An issue she has had several times over the years.

    So, I’m all for more research into this, for obvious reasons. However, because my partner has been in & out of the hospital several times over the last 6 months, I’m not 100% sure that she wasn’t given the vaccine. But, her issues pre-date any of the vaccines. And she recently had a minor stroke, which has me concerned whether the hospital didn’t slip one in?

    So, with all the questions about these vaccines, I’m of the opinion, wait & see till more information comes out!

  • MickieKnows

    I have a close friend with Huntington’s Disease. It is a genetic disorder that forms a protein which causes symptoms of the disease.

    And, Covid is a genetic therapy where the cells create a spike protein which causes problems in some people.

  • Karen Bracken

    I watched this heart breaking interview the day it came out. Funny that when people died of gun shot wounds, cancer, heart failure they were all categorized as COVID deaths but now that people are dying or being severely damaged by the vaccine they are saying it is all in our heads. The VAERS system has already received more reports than the total of the last 20 years. How do they address this issue??? They say anti-vaxxers are putting in fake reports. Anti-vaxxers are about honesty and integrity we do not do the kind of things the left does. Whenever they blame us for something like this you can best believe it is something they themselves are or would be doing. I have shared this everywhere and I hope others do the same. This makes me so angry and even more committed to getting out the truth. I pray for these brave women. I don’t know if I could have endured what they have endured. The damage is one thing but to be made to feel they suffer from mental illness is a crime. I pray one day these ladies have their day in court and get justice.

  • Donna

    So far, I’m not getting any covid shot. These women are suffering and no one can help them? Why would I get something that can affect people like this?
    One of my kids picks up the deceased for mortuaries. He has picked up more people who died from the shot lately than he ever thought he would. He’s been told by some doctors, nurses and now a coroner not to get the shot. He already had covid and will get never the shot.

  • Mona

    @Laura Jackson My grandfather was victim to this. He became a chiropractor to help his mom, who had health difficulties. It didn’t stop him, however. He set an office up across the street from the county hospital. Medical doctors would go out the back door of the hospital and cross to Granddaddy’s office to get their ‘bones cracked.’ The M.D.s knew.

  • Lee Deavers

    The medical system is evil to the core. These Healthcare professionals were arrogant. They did not think they would be a statistic despite the evidence. If they had not had this injury they would still be encouraging and promoting this injection despite those who are injured. Thats immoral. They cry for help now but turned a death ear to those who were a stastistic. Like Eve, they trusted the serpent and choose the apple. Sometimes what goes around comes around.

    The information against Big Pharma and the medical industry was all over the internet. People like me who have been labeled as “conspiracy theorist” have been treated like these ladies are being treated—as lunatics.

    I am not an “anti-vaxxer”. I am not pro-vaccine. I am not a “conspiracy nut”. I am a holistic systems based believer. The medical industry is an antiquated reduction based system fed by greed, and promoted by misinformation and disinformation. What other organization is like that? Our government? Indeed.

    I am not a Democrat and I am not a Republican. Both parties are corrupt. Both parties contribute to the Swamp. Neither party wants “We the People” to be in charge. Trump only pretended to care in order to gain your trust.

    Truth, Freedom and Health are the things that every American ought to be willing to die for, not a vaccine. Don’t make the mistakes that these ladies made—don’t trust the serpent! God is right, Big money is corrupt. Big-Pharma is corrupt. Big-Government is corrupt. Big- Insurance is corrupt.

    You are not going to be rescued by anyone from the top!!! Donald Trump is not going to rescue you. He is a billionaire. You have to be involved in a bottom-up movement to change the health care system and the Swamp. Join a bottom-up movement.

    Get control over your health for Gods sake! Nutrition is the key, not the medical establishment!

  • solange Silverman

    Doctors and health care professionals are being intimidated and are, therefore, afraid to speak out and to do their jobs. They and the information people need to make an informed decision is being censored.

  • John

    i feel the suffering these women are going through. To see them convulsing in such ways brought tears to my eyes. I feel their pain.

    I was diagnosed at age 27 with having Tourette Syndrome. the symptoms/tics/twitching I have are not nearly as severe as these women experience though I do “tic” all day/night, usually having to rest in bed or meditate in order to get some relief. The toll these tics have taken on my body and soul in the 55 years since first starting at around age 10, is hard to explain though I’m starting to believe these tics have something to do with the ‘vaccines” given as a young kid in the late 50s – 60s.

    From the start, my wife and I have followed and listened to many doctors, scientists and nutritionists and have no intentions at all in getting the shots. This COVID and the injections ( they are NOT vaccines – they’re injections/medical treatments/therapy ) are not about the world’s health and hopefully the people will wake up and realize what’s really going on and Bill Gates’ involvement in it all. this is NO LONGER a “conspiracy Theory. it is quickly become factual and we all need to JUST SAY NO. Otherwise, we’ll all be controlled by a demonic sect in government and big-dharma. We’ve NEVER gotten the flu shot and NEVER had the flu. We see NO REASON to tempt fate now. Our immune system is healthy and we simply take care of ourselves, which has worked well for us. we don’t need government or the medical establishment or big-dharma telling us how to be safe and/or healthy.

    When government insists something is for the benefit of mankind, it’s usually only for the benefit of government. Believe the opposite of what MSM tells you. Trump was NOT lying about the fake news:)

  • Barbara

    Rumble videos will run for a few minutes and then stop. Is this in a format other than Rumble? Or, does anyone know what’s required to play a Rumble video without it stopping after a few minutes? I tried two different browsers (Chrome and Explorer) on a Win 10 Pro system.

  • Barbara

    Following up, I tried a third browser, Avast Secure Browser, and was able to play the video. I offer this information in case anyone else had this problem with Rumble.

  • Bar ara

    These ladies’ stories are heartbreaking. I hope those injured will file lawsuits. I had a few thoughts about how this could be done, given the immunity Congress has given companies like Pfizer, Moderna, and Astra-Zeneca. I think the contemplated immunity may not apply.

    Vaccine manufacturers are immune from liability under 42 U.S. Code § 300aa–22, but since these shots are not really vaccines, then arguably the immunity does not apply. Also, the statute cited provides immunity for a “vaccine manufacturer.” What about a lawsuit against those who administered the shot, the media who suppressed information about injuries from the shot, and any employer who required the shot as a condition to continued employment?

    Please note that the vaccine manufacturers lose their immunity if they engaged in willful misconduct. They have received reports of adverse reactions but still continue to to manufacture and distribute the “vaccines.”

    If the federal immunity statute does not apply (either because the manufacturer acted willfully or because these shots aren’t vaccines), you still have your state law remedies. A lawsuit would be based on some kind of tort claim, depending on the law of your state, because every person has a duty to refrain from injuring the person or property of another.

    One of the ladies brought up “informed consent.” If a doctor fails to tell you the risks associated with a treatment, you are therefore not informed, so he is treating you without your informed consent. This kind of medical treatment is tantamount to assault and battery.

    Additionally, it may be fraudulent to fail to disclose: the fact that the shot is really not necessary, due to the high survival rate and the potential side effects, including death. I would hazard a guess that there have been more injuries from the vaccine than from the virus itself. The manufacturers could be sued for fraud, which may also be classified as “willful misconduct,” erasing their federal liability.

    None of this is legal advice. If it were, you’d be getting a hefty invoices. Talk to a lawyer if you’ve had physical injuries, medical bills, lost income, etc. “The Frontline Doctors” can help you find a suitable lawyer if you don’t have one. Check their web site.

  • Joyce

    As a nurse my heart goes out to all three of you. I was pro vaccine until my employer suggested I get the hepB vaccine. A week later I went blind in my left eye (Diagnosed with MS) and through my own research I found many people with MS are diagnosed after a hep B vaccine. I will never get another one. You all need to read Plague of Corruption by Dr. Judy Mikovits. What an eye opener.

  • Vera Armsty

    High time to expose all aspects of the massive waste Fraud and abuse in the Medical Industrial Complex.
    Follow the Money.
    We have more than we know.
    Truth is not told. It li learned.
    We must show the MK Ultra MSM Brain Washed Zombies the truth.
    So much Pure evil.
    But we must
    Never interfere with an Enemy in the Process of destroying themselves.
    Let them “ out” themselves.🐸🇺🇸❤️🙏✝️🍿
    I love your work, Corey.
    Pure Excellence!
    God Bless you.

  • Michael House

    The media is controlled. I am sorry these women had not researched Frontline Doctors of America before taking the vaccine. Fauci needs to be in prison for crimes against humanity along with his friends.

  • Alice

    It’s all about money at the end of the day.

    All the comments above, whilst focusing on different things, are saying the same.

    Stop eating their dirty food; stop believing anything they say; listen to your body, it will tell you what you need or don’t need. Stop eating sugar (or substitutes) it’s poison. Start looking after yourselves – all the industries and governmental agencies, etc. have an agenda and it’s not about your well being.

    Don’t live their way; give your lives to the Lord Jesus Christ – get moral, get ethical and, before it’s too late, ask Him for wisdom and discernment.

  • Kathi

    Leis not forget: it was Bayer, a pharmaceutical company, which ordered and paid for 250 women from Auswitch, not to set them free, but to experiment on live women. Oh, too bad, the women died, during the experiment, before it could be completed. Bayer was forced to request 250 more, at the same price, please. Does this sound like a company which values individual human lives? This one example is enough to make me wary of any large pharmaceutical company, poised to make millions (billions?) of dollars on any kind of treatment. ESPECIALLY, when they have NO liability!

  • Jeff Paulk

    Trump rushed the vaccine because he knew most people were wanting it, and by having it rushed it would NOT be FDA approved, but issued for emergency use only which keeps it from being mandatory.

  • Mark Wilczek

    Recent research is showing something to be marvelled at; a century long confidence game. Germ Theory. Debunked long ago, but up until now was given little attention. Though debunked, germ theory is the basis of the pharmaceutical industry. “Disease” is something that can be killed by a drug. Find a bug, design a drug, bye bye bug. Simple. But, there is a problem: I am listening to people who are basically dedicating their lives to research, and they are saying that “there is no evidence in the scientific literature ( archive of all published scientific research (“science”).) that proves a “virus” causes a disease. True isolation. Koch’s postulates. Never been done for ANY virus. Duty to warn: look into this. See: Tom Cowan, Andrew Kaufman, Stefan Lanko.

  • Laura Riggins

    Since the Covid shot is experimental and people getting them are only guinea pigs, it is unconstitutional to require someone to get a shot. It is also against the Nuremberg Codes. There have been way more Vaers reports on this shot than on any real vaccine. All of the shots given for Covid need to be withdrawn from use. The people who made Covid in Wuhan, the NAID, NIH, wHO and Eco something in Wuhan all need to be shut down immediately. There is some sinister agenda going on with the Covid shots. Why else would they be offering food, Money and other prizes to get people to take them. Th egg y are responsible for crimes against humanity. Gates, Fauci, and all “vaccine” that is not a vaccine executives need to be arrested snd hung by the neck.

  • diggydice

    It’s much more than tragic when you see/hear healthcare calling you crazy….. See, the same exact thing happened
    to me back in 2008 after I got morgellons. Sores all over my body & I was convinced it was some parasite but I’d
    been to 4-5 hospitals & my mom was sick as well. I took my mom to a teaching hospital where we were both
    seen & they gave us parasitic meds. Two days later they called & said to come back NOW! Something was
    wrong w/ my blood & they kept me for 5 days & they Never would look at my sores or culture any of that.
    Instead they sent in the Psych Team & wanted me to check myself into a lockdown. I said NO. We’ve got a
    written account of 2 years of our sufferings plus I bought a microscope & have 15K + photos of what I later
    came to know as, “Morgellons Disease”. The important thing to note is that when we are caused harm by
    our Government/Corporate America they immediately involve Mental Health as our problem just like we
    saw here. There are lots of sick people as a result of chemtrails & only by the grace of God am I here to
    share my story. It cost me EVERYthing >> my home/family…. and covid was more of their crimes against
    humanity….. peace & GB ALL

  • Arlene Johnson

    Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, a German attorney who is also licensed to practice law in California, has a team of attorneys around the world who are waging class action lawsuits regarding the PCR test. In one interview I watched of his, he indicated that even though the COVID-19 shot/jab is not a vaccine, they are unable to sue for it.

    Do a search for how to send Dr. Fuellmich a message. Since I’m in the UK, I searched and got a link to send him a message here. It said that in an emergency situation, there was an 800 number I could call as well as an Email address.

    Some people who have had the PCR test have ended up in the hospital as their blood-brain-barrier (BBB) had been violated. Also the reason why the swab is twisted is in order to place metal up by the BBB.

    God bless,

    Arlene Johnson
    To access my work, which is top secret history that’s internationally acclaimed and free to the world, click on the icon that says Magazine.
    To access 42 posts, to date exposing the coronavirus, log onto

  • Albert Thomas

    I wish they would stop calling the injection a vaccine as it is not a vaccine by definition…call it what it is….

  • Robert Cargill

    Watching another video they mentioned that drinking pine needle tea reverses the impact of these shots. no idea how accurate that is


    We need to take quick and decisive action. This is happening fast and has been in the works for years. By the time everyone catches up, it will be too late. I watched an interview with Dr. Stephanie Seneff, a senior research scientist at MIT for 5 decades speak about the possible neurological side effects of this vaccine. She also breaks down the molecular biology and what it does to the human body. The interview can be found on Dr. Mercola’s website. Also, there is a town hall about the vaccine on talking about the vaccine with robert kennedy jr who is leading the legal fight for us tonight at 8pm.

  • Darren Bailey

    I agree with David L.
    Well stated, but that doesn’t go along with the theory put forward by the anti vaxxer movement, the doom and gloom conspiracy nutter. Anyone that disagrees with the anti vaxxer morons that attack you. They refuse to accept the truth. If they had their way, we would still be living in caves and dying from Polio, smallpox and other curable diseases before the age of twenty.

    Not saying that people are not being affected but to attack all vaccines or this vaccine for a situation that may have been caused by other things is unfair and wrong.

    I do believe that the vaccine for covid was rushed but I do not believe the conspiracy nutters that state that it was invented to implant chips into us to control us or to wipe out 90% of the worlds population. Seriously??? There will always be side effects however no medical professional knowingly sets out to kill innocent people.
    These conspiracy nutters should be sued for false information if they cannot prove facts to support their claims.

    I had one woman come forward in a local paper saying her eldest child has ADHD because she was forced to have that child vaccinated when he was born. Yet she refuses to also state that all six of her other children (that were not vaccinated) have the same condition. Yet she also refuses to admit that her constant drug use whilst pregnant and her partners being drug addicts and alcoholics had nothing to do with these same problems. Just another loser trying to sue governments for what was clearly caused by her drug use whilst pregnant. Known fact Marijuana causes birth defects and serious health issues in many people. So don’t go blaming a vaccine just so she can get a compensation payout to support her drug habit. The woman is a loser and typical of these anti vaxxer morons that are poorly educated and use every excuse for their bad behaviour. Nothing is ever their fault, everyone other than them is guilty. Own your own life and stop blaming others.

    Want the facts then speak to medical professionals not conspiracy nutters that have ulterior motives. My mother died because she put faith in these some quack with no medical experience claiming the title “Doctor” because they have done a six week course in natural medicine.

    Footnote: I am trained in the health profession and worked in the health profession for over 41 years. I am vaccinated but not for Covid. I have migraines, ear ringing and much of what these women state and I have not received the Covid vaccine. I personally believe that these women have these effects from other means than the covid injection.

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