The Solution Has Always Been YOU

The solution, the angle, the edge that everyone’s looking for to beat this tyranny has been here all along. People are always seeking answers, solutions, laws, or someone to lead the way, when the reality is, the solution has always been simple. It doesn’t even require critical thinking, analysis, or research. It only requires a moral compass and integrity. The solution is YOU.

This battle for our freedom is a battle within ourselves. The smokescreens have everyone believing it’s a battle of “us against them,” but when you pull on that thread until you can’t pull anymore, and you look in the mirror, at the core of this, it is about resolution within oneself. It is letting go of all outside noise, telling you what to do, how to do it, and what to believe in. It is getting to the root of what prevents you from standing up for yourself, of setting boundaries, of speaking freely, and of honoring your God given freedoms that feel as though they are being stripped away, because you are unable to disobey the tyrants. The rules were set, and you were always told to follow the rules. But what if the rules go against your right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? What if those creating the rules don’t have you in their best interest? Do you follow them blindly, even though you know you are submitting to the very destruction of your livelihood?

The problem isn’t what other people say to you, how they look at you, or what they demand of you – the problem lies in how you choose to react to it. If your overall concern is about what others think of you, then you may be willing to sacrifice your freedoms, your morals, and your integrity. To take a different path and stand out in the crowd often terrifies people, even if it is the right thing to do. Those perpetrating the smokescreens know this full well and use it to their advantage while instilling fear, guilt, and shame. Once they’ve injected that cocktail, it’s hard for a lot of people to step outside of it and see it for what it is – manipulation. When you know you are doing what is right, what is just, and what is compassionate, you no longer care what others think, how they perceive you, or how they may look at you, because it is their own fears causing those reactions.

Some are filled to the brim with anger over this virus, the economy, and corruption around every corner, while feeling a sense of helplessness. Again, the solution is YOU. This virus event isn’t a fight we take to the government, nor is it a fight we take to the streets, this is an internal battle that must be won in order for all to walk with their head held high, their moral compass pointing the way, while saying NO to all of it. What is all of it? What would end this swiftly? Open your business, make a living, and feed your family. If you do not wish to wear a mask, don’t. Get out in nature and do not hibernate in your home. Are you getting calls or a knock on your door from a “contact tracer”? You do not have to answer or respond, and you most certainly don’t have to let them into your home without a warrant. Will they reach a point where they try to intimidate you into doing so by fining you if you don’t? Quite possibly. Don’t pay the fine. Will they arrest you and take you to jail for not paying it? Unlikely, but surely they would select a few to make an example out of. Do you give into this level of tyranny so they can keep taking and taking and taking, illegally? Do you want to comfort your fears or do you want to live your life with dignity?

Do not overthink it or over complicate things. Do not sit around and wait to be rescued, for if one cannot stand up for their own freedoms, and only rely on others, we will all be stuck in the same time warp that we find ourselves in right now. People need to release the “rulers” and recognize that you ultimately “rule” your own lives. Our choices create the world we live in, and look at where we are. You can sit around and assess the repercussions of every rightful action you take, and attempt to “weigh it out,” or you can actually do something about it by doing what you know is right, regardless of repercussions. That is living your truth. If everyone stood down due to potential repercussions, there would never be forward movement, but if the majority stood up it would remove the repercussions for all because they do not have the manpower to control the masses. They are outnumbered by the millions. You do not fear the outcome, and know you will be able to navigate it so long as you live by your moral compass, because the alternative is submission and self-sabotage, and you have no intentions of selling your soul.

The IRS is a corporation working for the global mafia that blackmails everyone into paying them a large percentage of their hard-earned money so that they can streamline it to arms of the government that siphon it out to the mafia. It is blood money. They know it. You know it. We all know it. Why is everyone still paying the mafia? We are all complicit. Fear of fines. Fear of jail. This is how they own you. If there were ever a time to discontinue payments to the mafia and cutoff their blood money, this is the year.

If everyone, or even 1/3rd of the population honored themselves and their families by standing up for their freedoms, there would be no need for protests, arguing, or trying to wake people up, because people would already be operating from a place of power. Say no to tyranny. Say no to rulers. And most definitely say no to anyone and everyone who threatens you and your family’s constitutional rights, freedoms, and survival. And never stop having compassion for humanity, your neighbor, or even the person who annoys you at work, because their freedoms matter just as much as yours. Allowing tyrants to rule you by you ousting a neighbor because they have the balls to stand up for their own freedoms when you don’t, is a sign of envy and it stems from fear.

They pretend to have far more power over you than they really do, and they propagandize every incident they can to ensure the fear really soaks into your pores. Sure, they will convince some members of law enforcement to knock on your door, intimidate you, or maybe even arrest you to create a spectacle and more fear. Those members are operating from obedience and their own level of fear, just as you are. How can you hold them accountable if you are not defying the rules yourself? In any given state, there are between 250-350 police officers per 100,000 residents. A handful of larger cities may have as many as 500 officers per 100,000 residents. Keep that in perspective.

Will you face sacrifices for standing up for yourself and your family? Possibly, in some states you may. Are those sacrifices any greater than what you have already willingly sacrificed, while feeling miserable about yourself, and completely helpless? By you saying NO, and moving forward with your life, with your head held high, will you empower others around you? Absolutely! There is a sheep mentality and studies have proven time and time again, it only takes one person. Do you think for one minute that people want to be walking around with masks on? No one does. Sure, there may be some that do, but only out of fear. The other day, I went into a hardware store with a friend. Neither of us were wearing masks. Everyone else was. A woman walked up to us and said to my friend, “I’m proud of you for not wearing a mask.” She went off to do her shopping. Ten minutes later she returned to chat, no longer wearing her mask. Sometimes people need the courage to do what they feel is right in their heart, and sometimes that courage comes from observing another person’s courage. Just imagine the ripple effect of empowerment, by simply leading the way.

When I was a teenager, I was at a party with about 50 other teenagers. There were a lot of people coming and going, and there were a lot of people partaking in drinking. I hadn’t been there long, when suddenly the police showed up. I hadn’t had a drink yet, nor did some of the others. Regardless, they came into the house, sat at the table writing up tickets, while making everyone form a long line. They did not do breathalyzer tests, but they wrote all of us up for underage drinking. A few weeks later, we all had a court date at the same time. It was a funny feeling, walking into a court room and seeing all of my friends from the party. We filled the room. They began calling names, and one by one, each one walked up and said “guilty,” and were given community service. I kept whispering to the others who hadn’t been drinking to speak their truth and plead “not guilty,” but they were all under the fear spell. Even at that age, I couldn’t understand why they wouldn’t speak their truth. I walked up, plead “not guilty” and the judge told me to have a nice day, and off I went. I couldn’t wrap my head around why they had it set in their minds that they should take a punishment for something they hadn’t done, just because the police officers wrote down that everyone was drinking. It was false. The obvious moral to the story is, do not ever give up your rights, do not fall for their games, and know that you have more power than they want you to believe you have. Is this justice system corrupt? In many places, yes. Have they framed and prosecuted innocent people? Yes they have. Does this mean we should all stop standing up for our rights or walk off a cliff if they tell us to? NO.

It really comes down to this in the simplest terms. There are 327 million Americans in this country. We outnumber the tyrants by millions! We know we are in the right and we know they are trying to strip away our freedoms. Guess what? They can’t have them. Not in our minds, not in our soul, and sure as heck not in the physical world. You set that in stone in your mind and in your heart and you follow that moral compass and you stand tall and proud for yourself, your family, and all Americans in this country, and together we could shift this tide overnight. It is that simple. They do not own you, they just want you to think they do. Love yourself. Love your family. Love your neighbor. You were not put on this earth to be a doormat – you were put here to do profound things, so honor yourself and let those around you honor themselves, and together we will be stronger. If there was ever a time to look yourself in the mirror, to muster up courage, and to be brave – that time is now.

Corey Lynn is an investigative journalist, co-host of the weekly Dig It! podcast, and co-host of The Solution Series. Follow her at, on Twitter, Gab, Truth, Rumble, and Telegram. Support her work by becoming a Patron, making a donation or buying a Book.


  • PAUL

    I agree with this article in principle, but I have one question. Who is ‘them?’ ‘They?’ There isn’t a lot of ‘thems”. You don’t have them, and them, and them, and them. There is only one ‘them’. The news media. If the news media were doing their job, none of these people would get away with anything. Judges, cops, politicians, pedophiles, traffickers. You seem to identify cops as the main problem. I don’t like or dislike cops. I don’t know any and I don’t have anything to do with them. But as far as I can see they are ordinary people who have bosses. And they are forced to interact with dangerous criminals and whiny brats and treat them all the same. But you are right about one thing. What you think is all up to you.

    • Corey Lynn

      I probably should have defined that better, but I guess I was under the assumption that when talking about all of the “rules” being imposed on everyone, that people already knew who those folks are, such as big gov, mayors, governors, the alleged “expert” scientists, CDC, etc. It is on a state by state basis, with some states being far worse than others.

  • James Mansfield

    thanks for this C – at least 2 points:
    1) you mention the bad guys making an example of non-confromists – the extent to which same is expedited is related to how much damage the non-conformist is likely to cause and how imminent that damage is

    2) it isn’t only cops big gov, mayors, governors, the alleged “expert” scientists, CDC, etc. that are likely to tyrannize/rat-out(inform upon) dissenterHEROES – most who get a paycheck and/or benefit from and/or many who otherwise see themselves benefitting from this (city)state of affairs PLUS those who have benefitted in the past OR hope to benefit in the future.

    we need a miracle and the perfect YOU – beginning with immunity too !

  • Tiffany Brain

    Thank you, Corey, for all that you do!
    I am in full agreement with your points above and have been making the argument as often as possible in my local communities.
    It’s amazing how many have willing accepted the propaganda from their overlords.
    I’ve laminated your notice regarding refusal to wear a mask & shared copies with many.
    You are an amazing and your work is GREATLY appreciated!

  • RealCousinIT

    We are in a self imposed prison from years of following the rules, their rules. Each governmental agency we believed was working on our behalf has failed us, we are at the event horizon. If we don’t implore change in 2020, our decendents will forever live with our inability to stand up to oppression we see happening now.

  • Steve Cummings

    Well said Corey. The average person is fear driven; they are afraid of losing their job, losing their house, losing there loved ones and losing their health. They will toe the line to keep these things. Take away some or all of these things and what you are left with is someone with nothing to lose, who is dangerous to ‘our keepers’. This is why they do it slowly……and misdirect. Look out for people who look different than you, look out for terrorists, look out for weather changes and look out for viruses. In reality, it is our keepers, the elites, who keep us in check. The MSM does their dirty work by keeping us afraid, and explaining how our leaders have our best intentions always as their motivations. In reality, we KNOW they are crooked, and we have accepted this for decades, but they let us have our houses, jobs, loved ones and some sort of semblance of health, so we ignore the signs. But no more. The Great Awakening is upon us. I, like you, have watch the insanity of the world for decades and I have had the confidence to share my observations. This has lost me many friends (oh well), and perhaps has made me a fringe friend who’s idiosyncrasies are patiently ignored, but now I see people saying things like “Steve, did you see this…..I think you are right!” quite often. Friends of friends are coming out of the woodwork, expressing doubt about the standard narrative we are being fed. It is growing, and growing quickly. I don’t know for sure we are going to win this, but I know one thing; we will not go down without a fight!

  • Diann

    Corey, you and your crew is exactly what I have been looking for in journalism for years, THANK YOU!!!
    My husband and I have been practicing the very things you have put in this article. We have gone on with our lives as if the covid scam never existed, with the exception of going to our favorite pubs and restaurants with friends. I have not once put on a mask nor will l. If an establishment requires it, I take my money elsewhere. As of late I only need and wear one shirt. It reads-Give me freedom or death.
    We have taken on the IRS mafia. My husband was charged with nine felony counts and threatened with 100 years imprisonment. He started to study the law and constitutional rights. Consequently after trying to obtain legal advice he decided who better to look out for our best interests, than himself. I wouldn’t recommend representing yourself to everyone but for us, it worked out. After paying an agreed fine, the nine felonies disappeared a long with zero jail time except for the the two hours he spent when arrested.
    As stated in this article, if we don’t stand up for what is right, who will? We are systematically seeing our rights and freedoms taken away. This weekend I wanted to test just how far Google and the like invades in our privacy. I text a message to my son and husband that I was pregnant and wasn’t sure what to do. Both knowing there was no way in hell that was possible, as I am 60 years old and have had a full hysterectomy, they played along. I also looked up two things in Safari, the first being- I am pregnant now what and where to buy baby furniture. Sure enough in Pinterest, I started receiving baby info.
    We can take back our lives! Stop supporting the slimy people!

  • Laurence Franks

    It’s truly compelling that people don’t understand the power of the people. If everyone collectively changed their W-4 Exemptions to 99 for one month that would be all that’s needed to tell the Authoritarians to go kick rocks. The problem is that everyone thinks they’d go to jail, the Irony of it making them non existent… KEK.

  • Maureen

    I just subscribe to your newsletter because it resonates with my heart I’m a long-time freedom fighter for justice Liberty and truth keep up the good . how do you buy one of those shirts that you’re wearing? check out my blog the title of it is new governance on Gaia

  • John

    Your premise is just the beginning. Of course any battle begins with me, myself and I. We need to be totally on board with the commitment to stay the course, no matter what. Prison, no food, no friends, no work. It could come to that. Collectively, if enough folks did that, the outcome would be a certainty for the good guys.

    No certainty this time around though. The gullibility of the populace to embrace useless masks, endless lies from health officials, scare tactics and fear all with the stated purpose to keep us “safe” shows the battle likely will be lost if we do not fight to win. If we concern ourselves with just what “we” do, we will lose, badly.

    We are a weak country at this time and only hard work by whose who can and will communicate truth give us a chance to win the day.

  • MickieKnows

    Years ago I would hear people say, “Where is Reagan when we really need him?” And, I would answer that we need to be Reagan, by following his example. We don’t need to be afraid of idiots. I make a statement when I walk into a store not wearing a mask. We have great leader in Donald Trump. Let’s act like it.

  • Amy


    I heartily concur with your article. I have been having this same conversation with people on BookFace. It seems that it all comes back to my being selfish by not wearing a mask! Geez! I take care of me and you take care of YOU! What’s so complicated about that??? It’s the same argument I have with those who believe everyone needs to be vaccinated (I don’t) and they tell me I’m putting everyone around me at risk. If your kid is vaccinated, then isn’t he safe??? If YOU are wearing a mask, aren’t YOU safe??? I’ll keep my distance but if you ask for a hug, I’m gonna give it to you (and people have and do ask!)!!! And then, never mind the pastor who tells us that the government is not out to get us and that he’s going to comply with the CA powers that be (referring to he who shall remain nameless!) in order to honor those who have been put in power above us and we must do as they say. Hubby and I are done with it! We DO NOT wear masks. We get into the great outdoors and hike to our hearts’ content. I walk boldly into stores without a mask and tell them that my choice is to NOT wear one. I have not had an issue so far. I had a conversation with a relative and I told her that I was a rebel. She asked me later to not use such an ugly word. I let it sit for a while. She texted me later and said that she had looked up the word and that I had used it correctly. End of conversation.

    I am so very passionate about this because I want my grandchildren’s world to be one in which they live free, unconcerned with losing their God-given inalienable rights, able to move about freely (with no masks covering their faces—muzzled as if they were dogs). I want them to know that I fought for them, that I loved them enough to give my life, if need be, for their liberty. I want to set an example for them that they would know that there are things in this world worth standing up for—worth fighting for—that freedom comes with a price and that their MiMi stood firm in her belief that THEY were worth fighting for.

  • Shelley D Bayless

    EXCELLENT article! It should be spread across the USA mandatory reading by everyone who calls him- or herself a Patriot! I always wondered why everyone just didn’t defy the unconstitutional tyrants & go back to work? Why yell, scream & protest, but waste time waiting for permission? You answered all the questions! I’m ready to defy & stand up to these demons & take back my country NOW!

  • Shelley D Bayless

    I wish I had waited to write my post after reading the other comments, because other thoughts came to mind. @Paul easy to answer who “them” refers to. I think the “them” is a long list of people “in authority”: Globalists who because of their wealth and position think they have the right to rule over us, elected politicians that forgot they were elected to look out for the best interests if their constituents and were enraptured by money and power, Hellywood people who love being “idolized” and adored by their obedient “fans”, Journalists who like the money and the fact that their (few remaining) listeners believe them without question, tyrannical governors and mayors who’ve just realized they have their own kingdom to rule over and are drunk with power. I could go on and on.

    @Amy I’ve NEVER worn a mask. I knew from the beginning given the atmosphere and all the hoaxes thus far, something was up! I think the attacks and criticisms for not wearing a mask is just another trick of the Devil to get everyone to comply. God forgive me if I’m wrong for saying this, but even Pastors who encourage members to comply without question or diligent prayer in my opinion is a trick and a deception.

    I fervently strongly believe that if we all do not stand up for what is morally right and for our freedoms and get some backbone then we are just giving ourselves over to slavery and giving our country away.

  • Beth

    Corey – you are one of my heroes. Well done, Well written, well thought out. I have shared this with 50 of my friends. I spent my teenage and college years trying to figure out how so many people followed the herd in China, Germany, USSR. It didn’t make any sense. And now we are living it. It’s the boiling frog thing. The tiny chipping away at people until they cave. It’s not easy to stand up, but when you do, you discover a whole lot of people are standing up behind you.

    One of my favorite pieces is “Sheep, Sheepdogs, and Wolves” by Lt. Dave Grossman. He defines what you speak of beautifully. People are, by and large, sheep. They just want to live their lives, love their kids, make a living, enjoy their time on earth. The wolves are always circling. So are the Sheepdogs. To some sheep, both the sheepdogs and the wolves look alike. Fangs, claws, confidence… So the sheep try to defang the sheepdogs and declaw them (gun control anyone?) But when the wolves finally attack, it’s the sheepdogs who step up and protect the sheep. We all have to decide, which one are we? Are we sheep? Are we predators? Or are we protectors?

    I ask my Liberal friends this, because they believe enforcing tons of regulations makes them Protectors. But in fact they are accessories to the Predators. Hard concept to get across. You do it beautifully. Thank you! Thank you most of all for your courage, for your deep resources, for your willingness to stand and be counted. You are my hero.

  • Mary

    Amazing article, and very empowering. My biggest challenge is dealing with my sheeple friends who are in such fear and are willingly and unknowingly handing over their freedoms. I am triggered by these people, and I know I cannot let them affect me, but it’s difficult. Also, when I see people willingly accepting and going along with the mainstream narrative and the new abnormal (wearing masks, being afraid of each other, moving away from me when I’m walking, etc), I get very triggered. I have to find a way to deal with this, because it’s probably not going to change anytime soon.

  • kapoore

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I enjoy your writing. It’s always interesting to know what people are really thinking in different states, like Washington State that has been at the center of the virus. At one time California was more of an activist state but then we realized it didn’t matter whether we protested or not. Now we just simply don’t comply because we are that far gone. It’s more like the Soviet Union where the laws were so bad they were a joke and finally everyone just ignored them but said nothing… the only economy was the black economy. That is the direction California is going–big pharma gets its way and pays off the politicians but then people ignore the laws.

  • Rebecca E Denhoff

    Dear Corey,
    I have been following your website articles and your weekly videos with the speaker and the sharp edge for a long time. I have always been a non conformist freethinker with regards to government tyranny and encroachment on our rights. I am just a private person, but I have sought to bring the word of freedom to friends, students, family and anyone else who would give me the time of day. I loved your article about getting out of the box they have built for us, I started rebelling at that in my mid twenties. The IRS is a despotic entity formed by the global mafia to rape and pillage, thank you traitor Woodrow Wilson. Thousands of Americans starved to death during the extended depression where the traitor Franklin D. Roosevelt confiscated gold and refused to monetize the economy allowing it to lanquish until WW2. That despot also sent social workers to Appalachia to say the people there were crazy, thus removing them from their lands that had been settled by their ancestors at the founding of this nation. Many were sent to asylums. This resulted in the Blue Ridge Parkway and adjoining Jefferson and George Washington National Forests. So when you go on vacation to these areas, give a thought to the misery and heartbreak that was done to generations of people living there by their government. I live here today and used to travel to homes to care for ill people. In many cases there were no roads to these homes, just a scrawny trail that required guts and a 4 wheel drive. Many had and have dirt floors, one even had a stream running through it. But these stalwart folks remember that tragedy and have a distrust of government anything. I learned a lot from these folks, their skills at self sufficiency, their special words and dialects that I had read in Shakespeare, use of plant medicines which in many cases worked better than those gotten in a drugstore. Due to their independence and free thought, their punishment by the government was abject rejection and now the younger generations here are being fed opiates to keep them down. It’s working. Then the traitor Lyndon Johnson manufactured the Vietnam War which killed many of our boys. I remember the absolute corruption of that administration. Since that time, if you have been paying attention, you know about more of these traitors who have been in the Oval Office. The government is rarely your friend, it’s original mandates very limited. Many of the people who work in government are compelled to increase it’s powers and abuses to serve their own collective agenda, which is hardly beneficial to Americans. The best thing most Americans can do is to know their constitutional rights and not allow ANYONE

  • Rebecca E Denhoff

    Stay calm and fight! Please look into Title 18, Section 242 of US code regarding ANYONE who attempts to abrogate your constitutional rights. It can be found on the DOJ website. Here is the link: I have printed it off and carry it with me and God forbid any official should approach me, but he/she will be shown my copy and threatened with criminal charges. The constitution is NOT suspended in this scare. The rest is up to you. Forget complacency and cowardice. . These officials do not have the right to enforce their mandates. I am in western Virginia where we have a lunatic governor. He and others like him depend that you do not know your rights and protections under the law. And actually they do not have the right to enforce their silly mandates, however much they can make them. I sent a copy to the governor and told him I would be spreading it far and wide and that he was breaking the law with any enforcement. You don’t need to ask permission or wait to go to work or open your business, just do it and show any enforcers that show up a copy of these federal laws and that you will file criminal charges against them all the way to the top. They will lose that court battle and you can get your expenses back. All it will take is one case won and all hell will break loose. You can bet on it.

    And Corey, thank you for all your hard work this battle. We all owe you so much!

  • Monica Warren

    179 Nations have sold their Citizens down this rabbit hole to these Sociopaths and yes it’s all about money and population control!I think in the twisted mind of “Them” front man Bill Gates,he not only wants to depopulate but somehow watch people suffering too.All his Tax free money in so called Charitable Organizations is a real cozy gig if you can get it,but the reality is shocking under the surface!!!And the theory of Chemtrails are no longer theory=it’s a patented process brought to you by Bill Gates putting tiny Albumin particles in our atmosphere,breathe deep,to help global warming🎉oh I’m not even going to talk about vaccines just don’t don’t take them please ❤be safe and know your rights not to take them💉

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