Covid-19 Resources: Medical, Legal, Forms, Jobs & Other Critical Information

To better guide your search for information on all things related to Covid-19, a list of resources has been compiled below for each of the following categories: Medical, Legal, Forms & Letters, Jobs, Alternative Resources, and Critical Information on the Bigger Agenda. I will be adding additional resources, and possibly categories, as time goes on – so be sure to bookmark this page.

Medical Resources

Doctor Consultations, Medications & Protocols

Medical Information

Medical Research Databases

Adverse Event Reporting Databases

Legal Resources

Legal Advice

Legal Actions

As of September 9, 2021, these states are fighting against mandates of the Covid jab and / or vaccine ID passports.

Legal Information

Forms & Letters


Financial Planning

  • Family Financial Disclosure Form for COVID-19 Injections – Solari Report


Hospital Patients

Hospital Workers

  • Exemption form Hospital Vaccine Mandate – AAPS


  • Vaccine Exemption Sample Letter for Military – Gab

Notices for Covid-19 Test Mandates

Notices for Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates

Notices for Vaccine Administrators

Other Forms


  • Notice of Parental Authority Requirement of Disclosure & Safety of Medical Treatments – Solari Report

Religious Exemption Letters and Documentation

  • Religious Exemption for Covid-19 Vaccine Documents – Gab
  • Religious Exemption Supporting Documentation – Gab
  • How to Get a Religious Exemption for Employer or College – The Healthy American
  • Legally Written Religious Exemption Letters – FOR-US
  • Title VII and How to Craft a Proper Religious Exemption – Jeff Childers, Esq


United Airlines Employees

Vaccine ID Card

Job Boards

NEW Category: Alternative Resources

This category will host links to resources that assist with our freedom of movement and activity, that do not restrict us with mandates.

• Private charter air travel – Freedom Travel Alliance
• Shopping and supplies that may be difficult to find locally, and don’t require a mask – Solutions by Corey’s Digs

Critical Information on the Bigger Agenda

22 Ways to Stop Vaccine ID Passports in 2022 and Why We Must! – Corey’s Digs

Corey’s Digs 5-Part Covid Report

  • COVID-19 Pt. 1: Hospitalizations – Reality Check
  • COVID-19 Pt. 2: New “PIC” and The Hidden Data
  • COVID-19 Pt. 3: Nursing Homes and Long Term Care Facility Deaths “With” OR “From” Covid Facts
  • COVID-19 Pt. 4: The “Test” That Changed The world is Deeply Flawed
  • COVID-19 Pt. 5: Psychologists, Scientists and The CIA Tell Us Fear is The Real Killer

Corey’s Digs 4-Part Digital Identity Report is Now Available in Paperback in The Bookshop!

The Global Landscape on Vaccine ID Passports Part 1

Part 2: How Your Digital Identity is Moving to the Blockchain for Full Control Over Humans

Part 3: The Key Implementers of Your Digital Identity onto The Blockchain


Pick up the paperback book on this full 4-part series, plus 22 ways to stop the vaccine ID passports, in The Bookshop.

Corey’s Digs reportCDC Bases Covid Jab Death Toll % on Doses – Not People, as Death Toll Topples all Other “Vaccines” for 3 Decades

Other Resources for Critical Information

A big thank you to The Sharp Edge for assisting with compiling all of these resources.

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  • Kathleen LaBonte

    Cory – you are the calm in the storm. Excellent compilation. For weekly updates on adverse reaction reports, would you consider adding the OpenVAERS project, which “allows browsing and searching of the reports without the need to compose an advanced search (more advanced searches can be done at or” Also, you can search the VAERS reports with variables, i.e., your state, age, particular vaccine, time frame, etc.

    As of 9/3/2021 there are 675,591 “C” vaccine adverse event reports (only 1% of the population reported, meaning that there over 30 million cases not accounted for). With respect to all vaccine adverse events, 1,492,463 reports to read. Talk about gaslighting people that vaccines are safe, and the general population believe it!

  • Jill Berkana

    This took so much time and research. Your work is amazing!!! I will give this out to anyone and everyone. People are in need.

    Thank you for the kindness and work you have put into this!

  • Richard Noakes

    I simply don’t understand why people get herded into taking vaccines which don’t work, according to my betters, however this is the Covid Crusher which would stop this Covid Pandemic dead, if everyone practiced it and it is free, from me:
    The Achilles Heel of Coronavirus, is while it is still in the developing stage as Coronavirus/Covid in the warm, wet areas inside the nasal passages of your head (nose) and before it gets to become Covid in your head and lungs, 10 to 14 days later. If Coronavirus is not treated with my free iodine salt clean water cure to flush out your nasal passages, as soon as possible, or during self isolation, it becomes Covid, which is where the money is. You cannot catch Covid! Always breathe through your nose and keep your mouth shut, because you really don’t want the Coronavirus to seed itself in your lungs!! My free salt water cure has “absolutely nothing” to do with mRNA test vaccines. Treating Coronavirus with my free iodine salt clean water cure, flushes out the nasal cavity and kills Coronavirus, before it gets to be Covid, irrespective of if you have had mRNA vaccines or not. Mix one heaped teaspoon of iodine salt in a mug of warm or cold clean water, cup a hand and pour some of the solution in, then sniff or snort that mugful up into your nose, spitting out everything which comes down into your mouth, by so doing, you flush out your nasal cavity, where Coronavirus lives. If you get a burning sensation (which lasts for 2-3 minutes) then you have a Coronavirus infection.When the soreness goes away, blow out your head with toilet paper and flush away, washing your hands afterwards and continue doing my salt clean water nasal cavity flush cure, morning, noon and night, or more often, if you want, until, when you do my free salt water cure, you don’t experience any soreness at all in your nasal cavity. While you are at it, swallow a couple of mouthfulls and if you get a burning sensation in your chest, then you are killing the Covid/Bronchitis there too, so keep it up, each time you do a salt water sniffle, until the soreness in your head and lungs goes away – job done. Pour some of the solution on a flat surface and allow to dry and see what you have then. This is what coats the nasal passages in your head and kills Coronavirus/Covid off. You can see why it is so effective. This is what I have done for the past 27 years and I am NEVER ill, nor do you need to be either.
    Please pass it around to everyone who wants to give it a try.
    “Even so, a key issue is that the current vaccines block severe disease but do not prevent infection, said Dr. Gregory Poland, a vaccine scientist at the Mayo Clinic. That is because the virus is still capable of replicating in the nose, even among vaccinated people, who can then transmit the disease through tiny, aerosolized droplets”
    Reuters – what my free salt water cure stops.
    He added that “Current vaccines are great at preventing [CO1] serious infection deep in the lungs, but not at blocking infection in the upper airways. What’s needed is a nasal-spray (vaccine) that would stop the coronavirus from taking hold at all.” – what my free salt water cure does and stops.
    No soreness when you do it, it feels like you are flushing your head with water, if you get sore reaction, you have a virus so deal with it, exactly as I have described above – did a sniffle today – Me, all OK!!
    We all need a cure which works instead of these vaccines, when you get a Coronavirus infection – now you have one.
    Do not use saline water bought online, use iodine based kitchen or sea salt, it is the iodine in the salt which kills Coronavirus dead
    More to the point, try it on anyone with a Coronavirus infection and see what happens to the virus and how quickly it is killed in the nasal passages of the head. No Coronavirus, no Covid it would otherwise become. – Simple
    Keep safe – Richard (smile)

  • Rhona Meyers

    Thank you for this amazing information all in one place. That is incredible. Wondering if anyone used Myfreedr. as I was not able to fill out the form on the page. The buttons did not work and the other option was to connect with FB Google or Apple… did not think those were a good idea.

  • Matthew Blackwolf

    Excellent work!

    One thing I’m not finding — legal resources, notices, letters, etc. for fighting *mask* mandates. Specifically to employees and to retail businesses that are ignoring any exceptions to the mask mandates and are barring entry.

    Can anyone help with this?

  • Susan

    I have long been a proponent of salt water nasal flushes, but I have a question for Mr. Noakes. Wouldn’t a heaping teaspoon of the salt be enough to irritate or burn the tissues, even if the virus were not present?

  • Alan Grissett

    Regarding the comment from Mr. Noakes, I agree that saline is a powerful solution to a range of upper and lower respiratory issues. Nebulized saline (or simply inhaled from a sterile spray bottle), would treat the both the upper and lower respiratory tracts.

    Nebulized saline (NaCL) is a decentralized, powerful, and affordable treatment that you might consider researching and promoting as a solution to the medical issues being unleashed by the globalists.

    -Saline is effective in treating bacterial, viral, and fungal infections in the human body. (1,2,3,4)

    -The body uses NaCL in a dose-dependent manner to produce hypochlorous acid, which is one of the most potent antimicrobials known. (5,6,7,8)

    -Nebulized saline treatment would be resilient to microbial adaptation.

    -This treatment would be immune from government intervention.

    -If a nebulizer is not available, a person can just use a clean spray bottle to inhale the saline mist.

    -It requires no doctor, hospital, or prescription.


    1. “Nebulized saline produced by ultrasonic humidifiers should be considered as an option for COVID-19”

    2. “Hypertonic saline nasal irrigation and gargling should be considered as a treatment option for COVID-19”

    3. “Essentials in saline pharmacology for nasal or respiratory hygiene in times of COVID-19”

    4. “What to do about sinusitis”

    5. “Antiviral innate immune response in non-myeloid cells is augmented by chloride ions via an increase in intracellular hypochlorous acid levels”

    6. “Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) – Application for Inclusion in the 2021 WHO Essential Medicines List”

    7. “Hypochlorous Acid: A Better Disinfectant”

    8. “Hypochlorous Acid: A Review”

  • Sharon

    Good list for the general public that hasn’t done all their own research,you should also consider adding the latest living research website where doctors are contributing towards showing treatments that are effective it includes all the backup studies and ranks treatment efficacy. website is

  • M. P.

    It comes down to this… “When people who are honestly mistaken learn the truth, they will either cease being mistaken, or cease being honest!” (Anonymous)

    Throughout your entire life you continually DECIDE to either stop being mistaken –or stop being honest– when learning the truth. Which one of the two true answers applies to YOU in terms of the Covid-19 truth? Find out in  “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room –The Holocaustal Covid-19 Coronavirus Madness: A Sociological Perspective  & Historical Assessment Of The Covid “Phenomenon”” by Rolf Hefti at

  • Rebecca Heinemann

    I need help to fight the mask mandates at my child’s school. A religious exemption won’t help as they are a Catholic school and they support masks. I believe I need a medical exemption. Where do I start to find help?

  • Thomas Angle

    If anyone knows of a lawyer that will take a job termination case pro bono on religious grounds let me know. I would appriciate the information. I have contacted quite a few and only one was interested, but they wanted a consutation fee and they did not seem like they felt good about the case. All the rest did nto rely, did not handle cases like that or stated you are better off getting another job.

  • PatriotsWanted

    Thanks Corey! My 18 year old is using this as a resource to write a paper on vaccine mandates for school project. Can’t wait to see her grade!! She is a high honor student studying architecture at a technology high school.. I will keep you posted.

  • Tana-Lee Rebhan-Kang


    Does anyone know if individuals can participate in a collective action lawsuit against Facebook for censhorship of election and/or Covid virus/vaccine?

    I was even prohibited from sending a link to a friend on Messenger the other day.

    I’m in the Fb jailhouse for the fourth time (7 days no posting/commenting/Liking/Sharing, and 30 days cannot take part in groups).

    I hate FB, but I have some groups there consisting of people who won’t leave it.

    Thanks so much!

  • Joel S Hirschhorn

    For full, true story of all the pandemic mismanagement you must read Pandemic Blunder:
    A huge amount of data and information not covered by mainstream media are in Pandemic Blunder that tells the story of how over 600,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 unnecessarily because the government has blocked early home/outpatient treatment and prevention. With over 600,000 COVID American deaths, learning about safe and effective treatment is more important than ever.
    About the Book:Pandemic Blunder contains considerable medical information and data to support a number of proven safe, cheap generic medicines and protocols that knock out the coronavirus when given early. Read about the pioneering, courageous doctors who have been using innovative approaches to prevent their COVID patients from needing hospital care and facing death. The book includes many expert opinions and Real World Evidence from doctors that show 70 to 80 percent of COVID deaths could have been prevented—and still can be. Don’t be victimized by disinformation and propaganda. Learn how corrupt forces are aiming to make billions of dollars from expensive medicines and vaccines, and how hundreds of thousands of deaths could have—and should have—been prevented! Detailed information is given to help people protect their lives by using simple prevention protocols, an alternative to vaccines.

  • Persian Marshall

    Hello, my husband and I are in the middle of trying to avoid this poison shot. Hes a federal worker and is mandated and has to take it by Nov 6th! We need help PLEASE!! No one is talking and giving information on what to do to get exempted from this shot at his job. Are the exemption forms on here the same ones that will be accepted by the govt. ? We dont know what to do and feel at a loss! My husband is on disability so he should clearly be expempted! What avenues do we take to go that route as well? We have religion and medical bases to be exempted. Any and all information is appreciated. Thank you!

  • oceanwave


    I’m in the same boat: I’m disabled and a remote worker for a state university. I’m trying for a medical exemption but not very hopeful it will be approved. If you’ve found any info specifically geared to the federal workers (which I’m not. . .) mandate and how to apply for a medical waiver, please tell me!

  • melissa patterson

    Hi again,

    today I tried the Fight the Mandates link & that one gave a 404 error from
    godaddy too.

    Not sure where that points to….

    Thanks so much for all you do!

  • Laura

    Do you have any updated letters for employers mandating vaccines or tests pertaining to Oshas ETS or are the ones listed here still relevant? Thank you for all of your research and efforts to put this resource together!

  • Jack

    Private charter air travel – Freedom Travel Alliance:

    Freedom Travel Alliance does not own or operate any aircraft. Freedom Travel Alliance will work with travel and other services providers as an advisor of it’s membership program and as an advisor of its membership. All flights arranged by Freedom Travel Alliance for its members are performed by independent, third-party FAA-licensed and DOT-registered air carriers.

    It looked promising but how are they going to carry passengers freely if they don’t have their own boats, planes, buses and trains?

    Because this is what we need to do, unite our resources to operate alternative transport systems whcih will refuse masks, vax and vax passports and allow people to travel freely anyhwere!

  • Amy Gresl

    Hi Corey,
    First thank you for the work you do. I get excited when you have a new show up on Friday mornings.
    Also, I’m an alternative medicine practitioner (Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture) working in Linton and Sullivan IN with other practitioners. If people can’t go to their regular doctor for pain management, stomach issues, sinus, high blood pressure, weight, parasites, Bells Palsy, trigeminal neurolgia, allergies and so much more they should really seek alternative sources. We help so many people and some of us aren’t mask happy vax idiots.
    Do you have a place to promote people like me?

  • Heidi Orton

    Corey, can you please check the link you are showing under Law Firms and List of Lawyers by State – Fight The Mandates?

    Your link does not appear to be bringing up information on law firms and lawyers.

    Where can I find this list?

    Thank you,
    Heidi Orton

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