BIG SOLUTION: Shop with Patriots and Ditch Big Box Stores Now!

I can hardly contain myself. I’ve been on a solution mission for awhile now, and when I found some of these sources, I was so excited! Not just because we are pulling our business away from big box stores and Amazon, who is trying to take over all industries, but because the PRODUCTS ROCK!

You’ve been asking for solutions, and in my opinion, this is one of the most important ones because it does a number of things:

1) No more giving money to the criminals, especially Amazon.

2) All of the resources are USA-made or grown, and some of them have their own manufacturing and distribution – bonus!

3) Improve your health: Many of these resources provide clean or chemical free products, and of course the farming ones means cleaner eating.

4) No need to worry about masks, id passports or other bogus mandates because you order online and it’s delivered right to your door!

5) As supply chains are impacted, many of these sources have products that might be hard to find elsewhere.

First Up: This is The Ultimate Shopping Club!

This is by far my favorite one, and I shop there often! Please click on the banner below and watch my short video to see why I’m so excited about this particular source that provides most of the essentials any family needs to survive and thrive, and without all of the chemicals lining big box stores. Ditch the big box stores and big brands that are creating your human enslavement system and shop with Patriots.

Second Up: Patriots’ Share

I’ve had several wonderful patriots email me with links to some of their favorite shops. And, I’ll be honest… I had a list going that I started a few months back and for the life of me, I cannot find it! So be sure to check back on my Solutions page, because I will be putting out more information in the future, for certain! Whereas, I haven’t yet ordered from these shops below, or researched them, they all look terrific, and are on my radar for potential future purchases.

True Leaf Market for non-GMO gardening seeds and supplies

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Azure Standard for Healthy and Abundant Living for bulk and natural food items

Mountain Rose Herbs for herbs and spices, herbal teas, and essential oils

RedPill Living supplements and health products

Culture of Life clothing store

All USA Clothing

Lodge Cast Iron – cast iron bakeware and cooking accessories.

US Products Only – a digital marketplace for US made products

• This one has been shared with me a lot. If you are strictly looking to support companies whose products are made in the USA, the website ‘China Never,’ links to USA, Canada, and EU shops, covering a wide range of products. Whereas, I haven’t researched the companies listed, this could be a handy resource for narrowing some things down and doing a little of your own digging. Some of these are likely larger brand companies, that may or may not be “patriot” based, so to speak. So do your due diligence. Sometimes it’s hard to find certain products at smaller companies, so this could be a good backup resource.

If you are into off-grid camping or prepping supplies and food, you can check out my store at Corey’s Camp.

Third Up:

I love this one! I’m going to start utilizing this myself. I found this great website a few weeks ago called FarmMatch, where you can type your zip code in and find local farmers to order from, and either do a nearby scheduled pickup or they deliver right to your door! You can thank Max Kane for putting this together.

On a separate note, I recently came across the site ‘Protect The Harvest,’ which I feel has a lot of important information on the battle we are witnessing of government trying to demolish our farmers and ranchers. The Ice Age Farmer covers a lot of key topics as well. And, be sure to checkout and support R-CALFUSA who fights for our cattle producers and keeps people up to date with government shenanigans. Also, check out John Moody’s Whole Life Buying Club if you are in the Louisville, KY area. He’s a brilliant speaker and writer, having published multiple books on farming, including the Food Club and Co-op Handbook, The Elderberry Book, and the Frugal Homesteader Handbook.

Think about it… if you shop at the shopping club, plus your small local grocer, butcher shop or deli for grocery needs, your local farmers for produce and meat, some of the other resources provided in this article for other needs, and a small family-owned hardware store, that pretty much covers about 95% of your needs that you can get met outside of the greedy evil-doers that are trying to control us through social and climate scoring systems. To heck with them!

With a little bit of effort we can all make huge moves that benefit us while putting a big dent in the criminal mafia. It’s all about community and supporting one another. Pull out of the central banks and find smaller, local banks and credit unions you can trust. I realize that some things coming our way are inevitable, but I say… go for longevity, build around them, don’t let them use your money against us, and we live to fight another day!

My goal is to continue to build a network of resources we can all utilize, benefit from, and support one another through, outside their corrupt system. So keep an eye on my Solutions page for more good stuff coming. I’m excited! Get excited with me – we can do this! Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter so you don’t miss a Solution, or a Dig. Email me at [email protected] with any wonderful resources you might have so I can add them to the list, and if you want to shop with Patriots and defund the big box stores, please watch my short video.

I do not have any affiliate or seller accounts established with any of the resources I am sharing in this article, with exception of Corey’s Camp. These are fantastic solutions I want everyone to know about, because we have the ability to shift the money, shift the power, and shift our futures if we all work together!

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  • Lynne

    Can you assist me with a resource to find a local bank? My understanding is they were all gobbled up in the housing crisis several years ago. I am a FL resident.

    Thank you for your pursuit of truth. Very appreciated, Lynne

  • Sharon Remeikis

    I would really love to see the whole website like a day temporary pass before making a commitment.

    Thank you.

  • Blair

    anyone in Northwest Florida- check out
    This is a family that began their own aqua phonics farm and it’s incredible. They are working on partnering with other farms in the area to set up a local delivery service.
    The husband is developing a formula to be able to scaling the aqua phonics system to whatever size someone might need so more people can have their own aquaponics farm at their home to feed their family. If you don’t know what aquaponics are it’s a really amazing system that uses fish and water to grown plants. That’s a terrible description actually. Look into it. I just visited the farm and was amazed.

  • ellie

    This article isn’t your usual truth-share. I feel I’m being lured in, like an infomercial into a MLM company. This seems fishy coming from you Corey, the queen of full-disclosure.

    • Corey Lynn

      I am sorry that you feel that way Ellie. I’ve been working very hard on finding solutions for people who are looking for alternatives to big box stores, and who want healthier products that are made in the USA. It is not an MLM company – it is direct to consumer. I find this to be an excellent source, but if it’s not for you, it’s not for you, and that’s ok.

  • Alisa

    I have friends who are sick of trying to purchase amo and being told all kinds of things… excuse after excuse… Will they be considering this product at some point? My friends need to know… Many customers in waiting among the 2A club here. Thanks in advance for your reply. Alisa

  • Alyn

    Maybe her address doesn’t work with some email companies. There are some that are beginning to
    be more ‘private’ for obvious reasons. I don’s accept emails thru gmail, I lose lots of emails that way
    but I also lose lots that I don’t want anyway 🙂

  • Beth Neighbors

    Thanks Corey! Been following you for years, you do great work! You, Edge,and Speaker are one of my favorite sources.

  • Nancy

    Thanks for the site. I’ve been searching out like-minded people to buy goods from and this sounds like it will fit perfectly.

  • Dawn Fucile

    Ever since NAFTA, I’ve had a difficult time finding products, up here in Canada, especially clothes and appliances, that were Made in the U.S.A.! We had to travel across the border to Duluth, Minnesota to purchase these as many Canadians still do to this day. It was increasingly hard to even buy Canadian made products as the Chinese invasion took over N. American stores. Both countries were “sold down the river” by our corrupt politicians costing the loss of countless jobs and livelihoods. Thanks for this new information which I’ll pass along to family and friends!

  • Sandy Forest

    Regarding the question about a local bank: You might be able to find what you are looking for by researching local credit unions. They re often established to provide services for a specific trade, like for educators or labor unions, but you might be able to find one that provides services for people in your county or even statewide. In some regions it is possible to find a bank founded by a state charter. Banking relationships and interrelationships can become complex. If you would like to hear more about this topic, I would suggest looking for information from Catherine Austin-Fitts, who is the principal at the Solari Report. She has a background as a prominent investment adviser and was the Assistant Secretary to the Office of Housing and Urban Development during the GHW Bush administration where she encountered and openly discussed so much fraudulent activity that HUD and friends went after her. Quite a story. She has pursued a lifelong commitment to developing strong, stable community development and has become very prominent as an adviser to families, communities and industries that want to protect and strengthen their assets through sound financial practices. She publishes a weekly newsletter via Solari Report and has given numerous interviews to podcasters who feature sound financial and sustainable practices, often with a patriot outlook.

  • Courtney Castleberry


  • Suz

    Hi Corey,

    This is a darling family in Virginia, working together to produce and sell heirloom seeds. They do not use GMOs, and have taken the safe seed pledge. I’ve ordered from them twice now, and been very pleased. Their website is packed with information on gardening tools/tips, webinars, helpful blog posts, and more.

  • Tony

    I’m sure these are great companies, however in my experience the products offered are usually 2 to 3 times the price of the big-box stores. I’m not defending big box stores, I’m just saying that many of us just don’t have the budget to buy these products.

    • Corey Lynn

      Unfortunately, they’ve been funded by celebrities, some not so good ones. As far as the products go or anything else, I haven’t had any time to look into them. Let me know what you find out.

  • C.Ann

    Why do you suppose we – the common man – shop at big box stores? It’s cheaper and there’s an abundance of supplies. I thought I would at least look at what local farmers offer so, I put in my requisite information to be taken to the site. I cannot/will not pat $7.00 for a dozen eggs. I’m surprised that anyone, in their right mind, would. Yeh, I know – it’s organic and farm fresh but – come’on! If we used a dozen eggs per week, baking, boiling for salads and breakfast, we would be spending nearly $30.00 a month for eggs-not to mention milk, and other products.

    I find it outrageous when I spend $3.00+, for a gallon of milk that lasts us a little over a week. It makes me wonder, “if you don’t have a “middle man,” why on earth would you charge at least twice as much for your products as for what is charged in big box stores?” I’m sure the products are healthier, because of the way the animals are being raised – “free range” and all but, it’s not something for people who can’t afford to spend more on food than what they’re spending now, anyway – that’s what I’ve found.

    Thank you,


  • ant7

    “I cannot/will not pat $7.00 for a dozen eggs”

    grid down the price will triple. producing food by hand is not cheap.

    one of the reasons you should buy local hand-produced food now is to help them build and grow their local capability. you may not like paying $20 for eggs, but the alternative would be to have none.

  • Kathy strazzo

    Can you please send me the info. Thank you in advance:)
    I knew a lot about health and wellness before, (unfortunately I did not get any training while in nursing school, and it wasn’t until very recent that doctors have to take a class, or a chapter- at least- on nutrition) but when I went to my friends house to spend time with friends and eat good food, her sisters best friend was there, and she was promoting a health and wellness MLM and telling us about all the toxins the US allows in our skincare and healthcare/nutritional products. I had heard about some of the toxic stuff and always thought I was doing healthy things for me and my family, but was blown away by all the info she gave us and went home and researched, as well as looked at my products and found so many toxins in them. I research everything now, and get overwhelmed with it a lot. The very sad thing is that we should be able to rely on the FDA and the CDC-everyone for that matter!! But we know that we can’t and it seems almost like we have to go underground to find the truth. I’m so disgusted with everything that has gone on for years and it seems that most people are pretty much ignorant about it. I know I was to an extent, but even before that day, I used to read a lot of health magazines, etc. and thought I was In the know! So I don’t trust many sources. I read labels constantly and am disgusted by things that look healthy and companies even make their labels appear healthy and then the products full of crap 💩! – even the expensive ones and expensive department store cosmetics!
    I became a consultant for my health and wellness company so I can get a bigger discount on products that deliver results without all the toxins and they are made in the USA and delivered to my doorstep- unless I’m near the main offices,-which I’ve gone to in Irvine or Toronto- where you can pick up your products yourself.
    Now I educate people about what’s going on and there are a lot of people that are really into it lately more than ever, but there are so many that don’t want to do what it takes to get healthier and get off prescriptions. So many just want to take a pill to solve all their problems. And you know that the one pill will lead to 2, to ??? More- and then you need more pills to combat the side effects of the other pills. And then you might need an dialysis or an organ transplant. One of my good friends that I’ve known since I was 5 didn’t listen to me. She went on dialysis while waiting for a liver and kidney transplant!!! I just don’t get why people find it so hard to understand that you have to give your body what it needs for it to do what it needs to do to function properly. It’s not rocket science, but it is pretty fascinating and amazing what the body does to maintain itself and heal itself.
    Thanks for reading. I don’t usually rant, but considering all that’s going on globally, locally, at my work, and in front of my face, – I’ll leave it at that. I might not have a job at the place I was born at and have been a nurse at for over 27 years because I care about what goes into my body that god has given me to take care of
    I pray for the world and everyone in it everyday🙏🏼 Take care and God bless🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Rev. Jayme Westrom

    Great resources, Corey! I will add you to Also I noticed you don’t have a good supplement source listed. You can find 100% natural, excipient free, pharmaceutical grade, USA made supplements on my site at Thanks 🙏
    Rev. Jayme

  • Sue

    Lynne –

    type “Local credit unions” or “local private banks” then + and your town. You’ll pull up a list with a map. Some you can automatically weed out like Chase, BofA etc, and you’ll have to research the others, but this will get you started and the banks/cu’s will be within 10 miles of the town or zip you put after the plus sign.

    Banking institutions are required to put a lot of information on their websites that other businesses don’t, but don’t stop with just what they give you – do a search on each one that you think you could do business with to check connections to major banks, what the history is etc.

  • Sue

    Blair – I LOVE the site, and already fell in love with both the family and their idea! Even though I live up near Chicago, I have friends down in FL and family – so I sent them the link. REALLY hoping they do well! (if they do, maybe they can also put together something for people to start similar in other regions – almost like a franchise model, or a business class geared specifically to how they run things).

    Super site – thanks for sharing it!!!

  • Debra

    Corey, I was reading this list and noticed you listed Mountain Rose Herbs (Oregon). I live in Oregon and I can tell you they are very left leaning liberals.

    If you haven’t seen this link, check it out. They list Mountain Rose Herbs under Herbs/Vitamins. Here’s what they wrote: “MountainRoseHerbs – Has a BLM page pushing systemic racism, promoting the NAACP, promoting The Civil Liberties Defense League (protected a Portland mosque, filed lawsuit against police), wants to forge “an economy that supports social justice”, is pushing for people to register to vote (Remember that people who are too lazy or disinterested in voting, tend to vote democrat when pushed to vote). Individuals at this company donated $10,000 to get Jeff Merkley (D) into the senate. Based in the Marxist state of Oregon. Buy from Puritan’s Pride or eVitamins instead.”

    I’ve also had customer service issues with them when the spamdemetic started. I had to email them several times about my order that they were taking over a month to even send me any email comfirmation. I had to call them twice. The second time I threatened them with telling my family and friends to boycott their company and I was going to keep spreading the news. They made the wise choice then to refund my approx. $100 and cancel my order.

    I hope this helps! I love your work!

  • Sonya Choate

    Sent to around 25 family & friends on messenger. My cousin sells honey and essential oils. They may have added some products, getting in to with her in a bit. Their names are Brandi & Joshua Wallen, location, South of DFW TX area.
    With gratitude, Sonya Choate

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