5 Ways to Financial Security While Building Thriving Communities Outside The System

Tyranny seems to be the main entree on the menu these days, but there are so many wonderful appetizers and other dishes to generate the fuel you need to succeed during a time that requires a lot of faith, intention, and determination. Together, we can build a future that provides abundance, financial security, and a thriving community, outside of the system the globalists are trying to create for us. The first step begins with accepting that things are changing, as perception is the key to getting you through it.

There is a big opportunity right now to take advantage of this transformative time and shift it to our benefit. Don’t get caught up in the distractions chipping away at your time – keep your eyes on the prize – communities that thrive all on their own.

In order to build a better future for our families, it’s going to require a community effort, creative endeavors, and thinking outside the box that the globalists want to keep you in. Building a strong foundation should include food security, energy supply, housing, health, and financial security. Their goal is to make everyone feel as though they have lack, no access, and no control, but the truth is that people have far more power, talents, skills, and heart than they want people to believe – so prove them wrong!

They taught an entire civilization to be co-dependent, convinced everyone that luxuries are necessities, and channeled a prioritization list of nonsense into the minds of millions, that put “family” at the bottom. It’s time to be self-reliant and self-sufficient. Perception and intention are two very key ingredients to productivity and manifestation, so look at this as an adventure in reclaiming your soul, your power, and your life. There is no more time to waste. Let’s get going!

Below are 5 business models for earning a living while also building up communities to get ahead of their agenda, and to provide part of the foundation needed to thrive. If all 5 business models are implemented in any given community, the impact would be remarkable! These ideas can be expanded upon and incorporated into communities across the country, and in some cases, across the world. An idea begins with a single thought but it is up to you to expand on it, see it through, and give it life. You can do it! Together, we can all do this!

1) Keep The Necessary Supply Chains Going, Outside of The Globalists’ System

Eliminate the orchestrators of choice – the big brands and big box stores. They want to move to a “no access zone” for those refusing the jab, monitor all of your spending, and eventually only allow you to buy what they want you to. Money going into their pockets is money we are giving them to build our own enslavement system.

There are essential supplies we all need in this world, such as personal care items for hygiene and health, cleaning products, vitamin supplements, medical aid products, baby products, and other miscellaneous items for day to day living and survival. Unfortunately, the big brands are not only in bed with the Globalists and big box stores, but their products contain terrible preservatives and toxins that harm us, and some of the ingredients come from other countries, including China.

But what if there was direct access for families and communities to get products that are manufactured in the U.S. with direct distribution to their doorstep? Better yet, what if these products didn’t contain toxins, worked far better than the big brand products, were more affordable, and a healthier choice? What if we could maintain this critical supply chain that is run by a patriot who cares about the little guy and knows precisely what is going on? Together we can shift the future by pulling our funds away from the big box stores, big brands, big banks, big tech, and big gov.

This is one critical area that serves an incredibly important piece of the foundation. This particular business model is something I can help others achieve. It is part of our path forward – a way for families to build financial security as well as product security, while at the same time, connecting entire communities into this supply chain so they too will benefit from safer and healthier products, defunding the human enslavement system, and have direct access to these products when access is quickly being taken away from us. This is a solution that serves everyone and can help to build a thriving community, when coupled with some of the other business models below. With each business model, or building block, we can cover all of our needs to maintain a community that never feels lack, doesn’t need to be connected into the “system,” and focuses on family, joy, and love – the true priorities of life.

This particular model is the most practical and ideal one to get rolling immediately because it allows everyone to take advantage of it, as it is not limited to specific skills and requires no funding to get started. It’s also well-suited for anyone who is looking to create a part-time or full-time business that is incredibly rewarding in more ways than one. No matter what your situation, this one breaks any mold. And the best part – I can help you get it going.

Please watch my short video to see how we can all work together to build financial security through this business model. I am super excited to share this with you and make these necessary shifts to secure a better future together.

2) Community Skills Website for Buying, Selling, Trading, Gathering, and Building Together

Chamber sites, Nextdoor, Meetup, and other networking sites may have served their purpose for awhile, but it’s time to move to the next level where a community can build together and people won’t be censored or removed.

The vision for this site, might look something like this, but can certainly be expanded upon:

• A savvy website designer could build this as a template for a community, provide their own advertising banner to build up their network of clients, and then offer it to communities across the country. This is a great way for a website developer to help their own community, potentially hundreds of other communities, and build up their business at the same time.

• The website would provide profile pages for everyone in the community, with check boxes for “seller,” “buyer,” “trader,” “service provider,” and “free”.

• Each individual could list their skills, as many trade skills will be important in the future. Some of these skills may include; builder, mechanic, welder, gardener, farmer, teacher, sewer, grocery runner, law mowing, dog walker, holistic healthcare, doctor, dentist, farrier, veterinarian, babysitter, self defense instructor, writer, planner, developer, weapons instruction, electrician, plumber, woodworking, etc. – the sky is the limit. Every skill is important and could come in handy for a neighbor.

• Direct chat options could be in place for people to reach out to one another, and/or emails provided. Since this is community based, a password should be required, and it would be best for people to list their full names and some form of contact. The idea is to come out of the shadows and get to know your neighbors, work together, and grow those relationships. This is the time to thrive, not hide.

• There could be a monthly meeting at a local venue, outdoor park, or neighbors home to where the community can gather once a month to get to know one another and continue moving forward with plans of building upon food, energy, and financial security.

• There could also be a weekly event coordinated, similar to a farmers market, but with the buying, selling, and trading of all kinds of items. This is another great way to get to know people in the community.

• Those who have local shops or farms could better promote those through here as well, so people know they are supporting their neighbors rather than big box stores.

3) Trade Skill Teachers: Locally & Online

Trade skills will be absolutely key to our future, and sadly, not enough people have these skills. This is a great opportunity for tradesmen and women to teach these necessary skills to their community while also earning a living. Some of these fine folks have lost their jobs due to jab mandates. This could also be ideal for those who are retired but have a wealth of information and skills to share, and would love to pass that down to younger generations. And, some may be out of work due to a disability, but one that wouldn’t interfere with being able to teach others their trade, without getting too physical.

This could function as a two-model system that benefits everyone:

• Local Model: The tradesmen can team up (3 or more) and create a local program whereby they alternate or integrate their skills into projects to teach people in a hands-on fashion at a local venue, garage, or barn. For example; a builder, electrician, and welder could team up to build a small scale model or basic framework for something they feel many people would benefit from learning. Each could educate people on some of the basics and must-knows leading up to this project. Those attending would each pay a fee and the community would benefit greatly from learning these skills. The idea isn’t to turn them into master tradesmen, but rather equip them with enough knowledge and basics that they can repair, build, or install things with a greater level of confidence without the need to rely on others.

• Online Model: The second part of the model would be to either livestream or record these classes and edit them into a package that posts to a personalized website where people who couldn’t attend, or are from other communities pay a small fee to have access to these streams so they too can learn. Whereas it won’t be hands-on, it will still provide a wealth of knowledge to get them going, and could inspire tradesmen in other communities to build the same local programs, and add their own streams to the website, broken down by community. Those building the website would have to determine the logistics and fees together.

• The other obvious way for the tradesmen to earn money, is by promoting their skills, they will likely attract people who wish to pay them for their services on bigger projects, which could make for a great on-site teaching lesson at the same time!

• Some key projects that should be taught might include; general repairs that typically happen with homes, building a root cellar, greenhouse, water collection system, hooking up generators, constructing other power sources, installations, converting items for multi-use, building out the walls, plumbing and electric for a basic bathroom, how to use manual tools (instead of power) to achieve similar outcomes, etc. It would be convenient for those learning, to receive a list of tools and items needed prior to the classes.

Sure, a person could lookup a “how to” video on censoring-giant YouTube, but there are three issues with this. 1) YouTube will continue to censor, and teaching master level trades skills is not something they will want promoted. 2) It could take a person hours to find that perfect video or grouping of videos that teach them several things they need to learn in order to see a project all the way through. 3) There may be a few select channels on YouTube that include short videos by tradesmen on how to do a single task item, but how many of them provide full classes that incorporate multiple skillsets?

Imagine having a single website with all high level tradesmen that teach all aspects of completing a project from the woodworking, building, electric, plumbing, welding, etc., that over time comprise of so many different projects, a person could come to feel self-reliant and self-sufficient? Add to that, if this is also done on a local level, the people of the community would benefit from getting to know these tradesmen in person, like the good ol’ days.

4) Expand The Co-ops For The Farmers and Beyond The Farmers

We often hear about farming co-ops where people can pick up their weekly or monthly order from a farmer that may contain a group of vegetables, fruits, and meat, but how well are these programs developed across the country in order to truly support the farmers and communities? This should be a team effort, and not just with the farmers, but beyond the farmers. A small group of people could build this as a business to grow the food security within a community, and take a percentage of the sales.

This could really take off. Here are just a few ways to get it going:

• If the small group begins with the local farmers, mills, and ranchers and establishes how many people in the community are involved in the co-op, they can begin getting more of the community involved. It’s an easy sell, when people are faced with a future where our food security is being threatened. Everyone should want to support one another to make certain the food supply is plentiful and they won’t need to rely on outside sources, with exception of certain staples perhaps.

• There are a lot of wonderful farmers out there, but unfortunately, they are being intimidated into turning over their crops and paid off by government to do so, or their land is being stolen. They need to know we have their backs and we need to know that they have ours.

• This doesn’t have to be limited to fruits, vegetables, and meat. This can expand throughout a community to include many different food suppliers so that everyone’s needs are met and everyone wins. This could include vegetables, fruits from orchard farms, herbs and spices, dairy, cheese, butter, breads, meat, jams and spreads, eggs, honey, flours and cornmeal from a mill, and even wool. There may be community members that are producing enough honey or medicinal herbs for example, that they would like to offer their products as well.

• While families focus on growing what they are able to on their own land, many will ultimately need additional food and products to cover their needs throughout the year. Some of these families may choose to trade with one another, such as honey in exchange for eggs.

• If there is a family producing enough fruit to make and sell jams, perhaps they want to offer a monthly class in jarring and preserving, where they can also sell their products during this class.

• The local farmers could host monthly classes for those supporting the co-op program, that teach the community how to grow specific food items, how to utilize the seeds from the vegetables to get the most out of their crops, and provide items for sale at the same time. This is a win-win for everyone because the families need to be somewhat self-reliant, while at the same time, can depend on the local farmers for other needs, and connect with other families for potential trade and sales. Everyone is working together to create a food security system that is outside the globalists’ system.

• Another suggestion might be for a family or team of individuals who have found themselves out of work, to establish a small local grocery store that provides all of the products from farmers, ranchers, and local families, to sell under one roof, which can also act as a pick-up location for the co-op program. This store could get other products in, such as necessary staples that may not be found on a farm.

A couple of good sources for assisting with building co-op programs is John Moody’s book ‘The Food Club and Co-op Handbook,’ and Nita Bali runs a fantastic program that reestablishes the regenerative small family farm food system. The Solari Report also publishes an ongoing Food Series, which has a lot of great tips and keeps you up to date on what’s happening in the farming industry. And, the Rogue Food Conference is another source and network, if you can make it out to one of their conferences. is also a terrific website that is linking farmers with local communities via placing your order online.

As a side note: It wouldn’t be a bad idea for food trucks to start expanding, given the outrageous mandates they are trying to enforce with restaurants.

5) Local & Telemedicine Healthcare Professionals

This is a very niche and quickly evolving industry that holistic practitioners and doctors could capitalize on for the greater good. If there is one thing we’ve learned about the past 18 months, it’s that this single changeover to telemedicine is actually working in our favor. We have already seen doctors doing this to provide people with telemedicine appointments to consult on both prophylaxis and treatment for Covid, but the demand is far greater than availability. Doctors all across the globe need to step this up and take advantage of the “telemedicine” practices that were forced upon everyone, and use this tool for the greater good. Just as we’ve seen teachers and parents come together to create homeschooling programs, medical professionals need to do the same with local facilities and telemedicine.

It’s not just with prescriptions either, there is a constant backorder on supplements, specifically the combination ones that include C, D3, Zinc, and Quercetin. If anyone ever wanted to open up a local holistic practice that provides supplements and herbal remedies, this is the time! Not only would a local community shop be needed, but the advantage of online sales and telemedicine appointments would really boost the business. This is a model that is already in place, with a high demand for people to step up and fill these shoes. Imagine being able to walk into a local supplement store that also provides a holistic doctor, medical doctor that can prescribe, and even a nutritionist! This is going to be needed for the longterm, and being as so many health professional are leaving their positions due to mandatory jabs, there is no better time than the present! In fact, I would argue that this is the shift that was needed to get small facilities all across the country moving in a better direction for healthcare that gets back to the way it should be – teaching people how they are capable of healing themselves.

Let’s take health and wellness to a whole new level!

Just imagine if you had all of these business models in place in your community, and had full access to food, essential products, healthcare, and a community filled with people of all walks of life with various skills to contribute, that you can connect with and build relationships with. Imagine how good the financial security and overall security would feel? I will address banking and other community-level ideas in future solution articles, but this is a good start.

It’s time to get fired up, steer away from all the time-sucking distractions, and build a thriving community with financial security and food, product, health, and trade skill security! The only “access” we truly need is already inside us. Tap into it!

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Corey Lynn is an investigative journalist, co-host of the weekly Dig It! podcast, and co-host of The Solution Series. Follow her at, on Twitter, Gab, Truth, Rumble, and Telegram. Support her work by becoming a Patron, making a donation or buying a Book.


  • Liz

    “here are a lot of wonderful farmers out there, but unfortunately, they are being intimidated into turning over their crops and paid off by government to do so, or their land is being stolen.”

    Are you talking about Africa? That is NOT happening in the united states..People have no idea how farming works absolutely none.

    • Corey Lynn

      Farmers and ranchers have had their land stolen for decades. This isn’t even debatable. In regards to Gov paying farmers not to farm look into the expanded plans by Gov and their climate change agendas, conservation land, water rights, expanded federal land, etc. which either prevents the farming or they rent the land from the farmers for 10-15 years at a time so they don’t farm. Now look into what they are doing to the meat industry. Review all of it as a whole, and you can see exactly what is going on.

  • Rick

    Women’s Constitution? Lol…how about putting this in it…”Women must do all the heavy lifting” ???..Good Lord…Women? All sorts of rights and no responsibility….Haha

  • Kim K

    wowsers, good timing with this article, im in chinada, and just am starting to put together this site…pretty much all points you made here, im trying to create with i’m based in alberta….and have been using my site (im a herbalist to reach out to people, but decided to try my hand at NEW idea for a multi-vendor website…literally just bought the domain yesterday for it…lol…i will use your article as a go to, seeing as ill be new to this form of website–wish me luck kids!!

    as for being dependant on the “internet” as someone mentioned above –your right, but ive been collecting a database of like-minded folks/buiness’/farms information, so i have hard copies, cause there will be a black out folks..its coming!!

    if anyone has any advice/etc..please message me [email protected]


  • Larry

    I tried looking up places where groups of people form a community and work together, helping each other, being self productive etc, I found quite a lot, but thier all liberal anti Christian, Values, it would be nice to find a community like that, that was based on Christian Values, no “wokeism” or demonic poison, just common sense God Designed Virtue universally Designed Morality

  • Victoria

    FOR THOSE BEING THREATENED WITH PROPERTY LOSS: Accept a Grant Deed the way the founders intended you to Own your land as a King. Then you own your private property and the government can’t touch it. Get Ron Gibson’s book Everything You Need To Know About Land Patents.

  • Professor

    Agreed about the need to teach trades. But while traditional education may not be as immediately practical, it’s just as important if not more. As C.S. Lewis once said, “When ‘job training’ replaces ‘education,’ civilization dies.”

    We need to keep teaching children “non-practical” subjects like history, literature, and philosophy. If they don’t know and understand their culture, their nation’s past, and issues pertaining to the meaning of life, then they will be a group of people without a point. They might as well play video games on their iPhones all day long, then!

    So let’s not neglect the need for good teachers of English grammar, US history, geography, Plato, Charlemagne, etc. etc. Civilization depends on this too.

  • Madeline E Glidden

    Been thinking along these lines for a year now. The worst part I’ve noticed is making trusted contacts who will committ to these plans. I would loved to be invovled with this. Have years of administrative, technical, legal and graphic skills as a gov contractor.
    We need the courage to move forward so complainers, please stop it. Yes, we’ll run into legal, technical and other difficulties but we can overcome!!

  • Jennifer

    I thought about something similar to this YEARS ago. I even had my ‘dream team’ lineup, based on who knew what. The only problem, some of them were left leaning, but they had a lot of knowledge of how things work, including my lefty next door neighbor. I swear his brain is like an encyclopedia, complete with how-to instructions for various things. I’ve never revealed that I’m on the opposite end of the spectrum idiologically, and got along with him and his ex-wife.

    Corey, I like the fact that you mentioned WOOL. I’m a handspinner who uses a drop spindle, and will be at a living history festival real soon. I also knit and crochet. I met a family of siblings earlier this year, and it started with one of them replying to my Craigslist ad on learning how to spin. My new friends were interested in spinning for clothing/utility, because they know what’s going on too. They have sheep, and I have other friends with sheep. Unfortunately, my large livestock don’t produce anything for fiber, but I can use their milk for my soapmaking. However, the rabbits do provide spinning fiber. 🙂

    I hope some of us can make a go at this. I’m in!

  • Jennifer

    Corey, if you’d like to learn–from me ;), I’d have to figure out how to do that. I don’t make videos, sorry. I had wanted to learn how to spin since the 80s, but knew of absolutely no one that did. My friend that spins, and the one who was the first person I met that could show me, wasn’t able to teach me. I resorted to…YouTube videos. The video which was the best help is no longer there, and I don’t know why. It was up for years, then I searched for it recently, now its gone. 🙁

    You can always watch some of them to get an idea. Keep this in mind: Find someone who breaks things down in steps, and teaches the technique of ‘Park and Draft’. If you can crochet, why not make your own yarn???

    BTW, I follow you on Gab, but am not going to reveal my user name publically.

  • Christine Dalziel

    Hey, Kim
    I’m in Canada, too, and also an herbalist and farmer. I’ve been building an international group of like minded people for 4 years and also teaching people how to DIY their own medicine at home. This is so important because the medicine is growing right outside your door, and people only need to learn when and how to harvest it and how to turn it into good medicine. It’s a skill our grandmothers and great grandmothers knew intuitively, but has been lost with the break down of the family.

    I love this article. Its inspiring.

  • Winston

    Suggest researching about how Bill Gates is buying significant farmland as he seeks to create a lab based food system. The man is evil personified.

  • Nikki

    Larry and all,
    wokism is not the same as the awakening, that is a term “they” quote for themselves, their trickery and manipulation of what is good and godly and manipulation of perceived law.
    Remember Christian or not we’re in this together.
    We will Not be beaten down anymore.

    This explains very well the veils that be and why.
    Time to take back what is rightfully all of ours.

    Peaceful citizens could make citizens arrests together on violent authority, protecting our people and push lawsuits together to persue true justice. Don’t let them trick you anymore!


    Many Blessings

  • Kimberly Worrell

    MARYLOU actually updated the website freepeople info to

    If Trump’s Executive Order 13818-Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption, will all Gates’ farmland he has purchased all over the US be sold/leased/donated? Farmlands would be great for farmers and help with those interested in community gardening.

    I have been brain storming on a lot of the same things in your article. I skimmed through it after listening to your video. I am at work but will read it at home and write down some of my brainstorming. I have been wanted to open local community centers and thinking about a website (and possibly a newsletter for those that do not have internet) for community information, happenings, ads on local businesses to support, many many many more ideas.

    Community Center would include classes on learning the original Constitution, Declaration of Independence, true history, etc; classes (gardening, basic automotive maintenance, self-defence, etc.); groups (support, parenting, etc); resources info, many many many other ideas.

    Thanks Corey for all your excellent digs and for your many services to our great country and to We the People!
    Blessings and Prayers!

  • Diana L

    Due to the shut down of the schools, I was seeing students over Google Meet. Some of the kids did so well with it, the mothers had it put on their IEP as the method for doing speech therapy this year. I would love to do writing skills for teens over Google Meet. Ever since the implementation of Common Core, writing skills have plummeted! I’ve also thought of doing accent remediation in this format as well, with a focus on foreign med students.

  • A Schmidt

    Gates went so far as to buy water sources out West, get water as a commodity in the stock exchange, then plans to sell the water back to folks who live out West! He also owns a lot of stock in the Canadian Railway? I wonder why? To transport the folks who don’t comply to FEMA internment camps perhaps? Who knows? He threw a lot of money to the doctors at Hopkins for years. I left when that internationally known institution began to grow very dark behind the scenes. Many good doctors left because they found out what was going on behind the scenes.

    Gates is not fir human beings either. Many of the doctors were that he gave money to but not the man himself. He’s an evil man with an agenda.

  • John

    Hey Corey. Please check out the Universal Community Trust. A way to legally protect assets that is ratified in law. I think you’ll dig it (pun intended)

  • Claudia

    Check out re forming Private Membership Associations. Just getting my feet wet

    Might truly be THE ANSWER

    We have a time bank forming- one step above bartering.
    definitly time to look into all possible alternatives.

  • bbbb A.I. is evil

    Hyper-local newsletters and meetings need to be established.Too much info. And power given to tech and surveilers via net. OMICRON IS B.S./Anagram of word,MORONIC.STOP BEING LEAD BY THE NOSE.ALL IS PART OF R.FELLER’s,1963 Operation Lockstep.a.I. Is enemy,unify! 🙂

  • Dasa Vinayaga

    Friends: Once the funds reach me, I intend to build an intentional community. The people and the ideas here are inspiring. We have advanced to the point where we can live in a home that is completely off the grid, so why not create a community that is just as independent? Where each resident grows vegetables and shares skills and know-how and assumes a degree of self-government within defined neighborhoods and for the benefit of the whole community? IMO, building an intentional community offers more freedom to innovate and communicate and cooperate as co-creators. We can design it to be whatever we want it to be. I long to ask those rare thinkers like Catherine Austin Fitts what her design would be for such a community. Anyone care to offer yours?

  • Michael

    Families who have lost beloved loved ones to the vaccines might ask for the death penalty, but there are a number of individuals who are now handicapped because of these poisonous vaccines.
    For the paralyzed vaccine injured, the selfish and greedy PROFITEERS will have to wait on them hand and foot.
    The elite will have to cook their meals, feed them, and make life very comfortable for their victims.
    The elite will do the laundry for the injured, turn on the TV to the favorite channel of the victim, and take out the garbage.
    The surveillance system of the elite will be used against them to make sure that the elite are treating their victims as royalty and if they are not, they will be fined!
    At least the elite will finally have a real job as stewards and housemaids!
    Oh yes, and those blinded in both eyes can have the elite lead them wherever the blinded want to go like seeing-eye dogs do.
    Let’s be creative, people! At the freedom rallies, why don’t the event holders set up boxes for participants to share their ideas concerning the best ways to mete out justice to the three groups of elites: the selfish elites, the greedy elites, and the murderous elites.
    Let justice and freedom reign once again!

  • Deonne

    In Australia we are finding like minded people doing backyard garden contacts & talking Community help.
    We need more to unite our skills knowledge & contacts as Cory Digs suggests many great ideas. Thanks heaps!
    We are Praying for the US Election that there be a Major turn around in Leadership towards God and good in family, faith &,freedoms.

  • Lauran

    Corey….I know one of the ladies above made a comment about what could she do , as a nurse. Sooner or later, the medical society is going to have to go underground, and they might have to do it soon. I live in a very red state, but the doctors are already being told here by the insurance companies, and the government; that they are going to have to “up” the jabs and the mantra; or they are going to lose their licenses. Doctors and nurses can practice privately, if they can figure out how to do it. Medicine for profit is the problem; and good people will always need nurses, be-damed if they have a license that is current or not. Doctors and nurses need to get together and find a solution. Maybe they will not make what they are making now in the way of fees, but there MUST be a solution to their practices………how did they do it in the old days???……..We are all going to have to go back to the 1800s, or? The sooner people get rid of governemnt anything, the better…….yes, I know that school debt needs to be paid off. It is too high as it is, because the government has a hand in it!…………thanks for all you do!

  • Barbara Guillette

    I’m a dental hygienist , though much of my teeth have been destroyed as punishment
    I have many skills I knit , though I do not spin, I cook ,have raised beds (2
    ) hand out copies of the declaration of Independence and The Neuemberg Code which
    Has our medical Rights inside. Both are on Amazon ,very reasonable, The code was put together
    By Representative McCarthy , please purchase several and pass out. Memorize as much as possible,
    Censorship is upon the land.
    Barbara G. (Memoir)
    [email protected]

  • Gumnut123


    Great to read your comment.

    The world has the best candidate in a very longtime for the … doodle dandee C in C.

    He has his site where one can donate. a member of a famous family . he continues to validate by experience and qualifications and rhetoric.

    As an Apserger Mum I have watched him for some years, and a person who is rarely easily impressed.

    I too am,


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