COVID-19 Pt. 3: Nursing Homes and Long Term Care Facility Deaths “With” OR “From” Covid Facts

It has consistently been reported that nursing homes and long-term care facilities account for 40% of all Covid-related deaths, but how do these numbers actually breakdown? Is the general population aware that they are including these deaths in the total mortality data if they test positive but it’s not the cause of death, as Dr. Deborah Birx from the White House Covid-19 Task Force has stated, and as the CDC disclosed? Hospitalization data has also been distorted and is incredibly misleading, which was covered in part 1 of this report, including the fact that the 2017-2018 flu season far exceeded Covid hospitalizations, and the CDC is grouping pneumonia, influenza, and covid (PIC) for death totals, which was covered in part 2 of this report. Both contain critical data points put out by the CDC and the Covid Tracking Project to understand the real numbers. Perhaps the worst part to all of this is the fact that over 46% of nursing home residents suffer from depression, and these lockdowns have taken a toll on the elderly and their families.

Dr. Deborah Birx stated, “if someone dies WITH Covid-19 we are counting that as a Covid-19 death,” and the Illinois Director of Public Health has stated the same, explaining that even those in hospice care who have a few weeks left to live will be counted as a Covid-19 death if they tested positive, or if they clearly died of a totally unrelated cause. In fact, even if some died from a gunshot wound or in a car accident, if they tested positive for Covid (oftentimes postmortem), they are counted as a Covid death. The problem with this is that the PCR tests are unreliable and have produced countless false/positives, which is perhaps indicative as to why 90% of all people who test positive are asymptomatic.

The biggest issue is the fact that governors and mayors are basing lockdowns, restrictions, and mask mandates on three factors:

  1. Number of positive cases: many are false/positives and 90% of people who test positive are asymptomatic

  2. Number of hospitalizations: claims of hospitals being at full capacity have been misleading and exaggerated

  3. Number of Covid deaths: the CDC states that only 6% of all Covid-related deaths show Covid as the only cause on death certificates, and Birx and health officials have already stated they are counting EVERYONE who test positive despite the fact it had no bearing on their actual cause of death

There is a big difference between dying WITH Covid and dying FROM Covid

Why do the legacy media, politicians, and big pharma stakeholders keep running headlines and sound bites using the language “280,000 people have died FROM Covid-19!” when in fact all data points to it being quite the opposite. Just as Dr. Birx stated, anyone who tests positive is being documented as a Covid death. From gunshot wounds to car accidents, end-stage conditions in hospice and nursing homes, heart disease and everything else… they are documenting all of it as a Covid death and then shouting out to the public to create panic and justify lockdowns.

A good example is a nurse Corey recently spoke with at a hospital who conveyed that there were 2 people who died in hospice, 1 person who died from stage 4 cancer, and another person who died from end stage COPD who all tested positive for Covid, were then added to the Covid death total.

Even the CDC, who has stated only 6% of death certificates indicate Covid as the only cause of death mentioned, refuses to document the overall deaths correctly. They have the death certificates for the other 94% and can easily break it down to make the public aware that the number of people allegedly dying FROM Covid is small. Why won’t they do this? Big pharma invests millions in the CDC Foundation. Their list of partners and corporate donors is staggering. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has given them over $150 million in awarded “grants”. In fact, just two months ago, they awarded them another $971,885 “to understand the epidemiology of Covid-19 in Kibera, Kenya”. It’s no different than the AIDS slush fund with scores of NGOs circulating funds through to one another.

Statistical Data Straight From The Horses Mouth

• As of December 9, 2020, Johns Hopkins is reporting 288,716 U.S. deaths whereby people tested positive for Covid.

• There are 2.1 million residents in U.S. nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

• Nursing homes, long-term care facilities, hospice, skilled nursing facilities, and assisted living are counted by the CDC, Covid Tracking Project, and all others, as a grouped mortality percentage which currently equates to 39% of all documented Covid-related deaths, accounting for over 104,000 deaths. In many states, nursing homes and long term care facilities account for 70% – 81% of all Covid-related deaths in their state.

• 69.3% of nursing homes are for profit and 57% of them are chain affiliated. 63% of hospices are for profit and 81% of residential care communities are as well.

• As of December 5, the CDC showed that 7,748 individuals died in hospice, that also tested positive for Covid, so were counted as Covid deaths.

• According to CDC’s data on “conditions contributing to deaths where Covid-19 was listed on the death certificate,” 43% of all deaths included influenza and pneumonia.

• The CDC runs 1-2 weeks behind on data. Based on their December 9th totals, it shows that 79% of all Covid-related deaths were individuals 65+ years of age, with 31% being 85 years or older. According to the CDC, the average life expectancy in the U.S. is 78.7 years old. Was Covid to blame for all of these deaths, or did they just test positive for Covid, so it was counted in the totals, like Dr. Birx said they were doing?                     

• Based on their current data, the CDC has shown that the survival rate of contracting Covid-19 between the ages of 50-69 is 99.5%, and the survival rate for age 70+ is 94.6%, all of which is pretty remarkable, despite the fact the numbers are being inflated by other causes of death.

The average length of stay in a nursing home is 485 days, or just over 16 months. It has been 9-1/2 months since the ground zero nursing homes in Washington state first reported cases. Depending on how long residents had already been in the nursing homes when Covid hit, we are already approaching 56% of the average time spent in a nursing home IF all U.S. nursing home residents were admitted at the end of February when it hit, which is impossible.

• All residents and staff of nursing homes are required to be tested for Covid-19 regularly. Even if they fall in the 90% asymptomatic, or the false/positive tests, they will be documented as a Covid death, despite their true cause of death.

• The CDC states that 6% of all Covid-related death certificates indicate Covid-19 as the only cause mentioned, while 94% have on average 2.9 comorbidities, which was recently increased from 2.6. They have already informed the public in press conferences that EVERYONE who dies and tests positive for Covid will be documented as a Covid death, including gunshot victims and beyond. Based on December 9th numbers, that would mean only 17,322 people may have died from Covid, while all other deaths remain questionable. That is a staggering difference from the 288k number they are sinking into everyone’s minds, while playing on their fear.

87%-97% of nursing home residents require assistance with bathing, dressing, using the toilet, walking, and transferring in and out of bed, due to their many chronic conditions. Over 47% suffer from Alzheimer or dementia,

The chart below represents 10 conditions. Asthma and COPD were grouped together, which totaled 21.2% of residents in nursing homes. 12.9% had end stage renal disease, which only accounts for a portion of residents with chronic kidney disease.

When comparing chronic issues in nursing homes and long term care facilities to those listed by the CDC, under the “conditions contributing to deaths involving coronavirus disease,” it reveals an interesting pattern:

  • Hypertension runs between 50.3% – 88.9% among this group. 20% of Covid-related deaths also had hypertension.
  • Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S. with an average of 655,000 Americans dying annually, accounting for 1 in every 4 deaths. On the CDC chart ending December 5, 2020, The CDC shows circulatory diseases, which encompasses 5 heart disease conditions, totaling 137,838 deaths documented under Covid-related deaths. Of those, 51,619 occurred in people 85 years or older, which accounts for over 64% of the total death toll of 80,257 that were 85 and older, who had Covid marked on their death certificates.
  • 30.9% – 47.8% have Alzheimer or dementia, and the CDC indicates that 38,577 died with those comorbidities, under Covid deaths. In 2018, 122,019 nursing home and long term care residents died from Alzheimer’s or dementia.
  • 12.9% had end stage renal disease and the CDC indicates that 23,202 died with renal failure as a comorbidity, under Covid deaths.
  • The four leading causes of death in nursing homes are falls, sepsis, medication errors, and abuse and neglect. According to the CDC, 1 to 3 million serious infections occur in nursing homes each year, causing as much as 380,000 nursing home deaths due to sepsis alone. On the CDC Covid chart, 23,830 people are listed as having sepsis and 110,966 are listed as having pneumonia and influenza, but are also marked as Covid deaths because they tested positive either prior or postmortem.

Below is the December 5th totals from the CDC’s weekly Covid-19 chart on conditions “contributing” to deaths involving Covid-19. “Contributing” is an interesting choice of words, since Dr. Birx and others have all informed everyone that they will include anyone who tests positive for Covid-19 as a Covid death, even if it wasn’t the cause. Based on the conditions, as well as age groups documented in the chart below, in addition to the fact that 90% who test positive are asymptomatic, it is quite clear that there is likely a large number of individuals who died from other causes as opposed to Covid. Also note that they have a footnote stating, “Deaths with confirmed or presumed COVID-19.”

Legacy Media, Politicians, and Big Pharma Stakeholders Push False Death Count

Despite the fact that they have all admitted they are counting anyone who tests positive with Covid as a Covid death, even if they die from some other cause, they are all telling the public that the total number represents people who died FROM Covid. Legacy news media such as CBS, is one of the biggest propaganda fearmongers of all, pushing headlines such as “Covid has surpassed heart disease as the leading cause of death this week.” When the reality is, those dying of heart disease are being counted as Covid deaths. The doublespeak happening is confusing the masses, which is why Corey’s Digs pulls their direct data and video of press conferences into a report so people can have all of the facts in one location. The CDC is notorious for making it difficult to track down various data points, hide and manipulate data, intentionally leave dates off, and routinely change numbers.

They have been inflating hospitalization numbers and misleading people on “hospitals being at capacity” for a long time now. The 2017-2018 flu season had 810,000 people hospitalized, yet there were no lockdowns, mask mandates, and no one heard a peep about it. Governor Kristi Noem recently called CBS news out on this in regard to South Dakota hospitalization numbers.

If there was such a concern for the elderly contracting Covid-19, why did New York Governor Cuomo send over 6,300 Covid-19 patients to nursing homes? There can only be two answers to this question. Either he’s a serial killer or it’s not nearly as deadly as they say.

Bottom Line: It’s Criminal What They Are Doing To Our Elderly

The bottom line is that they are automatically logging every death as a Covid death if a person tests positive, even if they died from other causes or are in the 90% who had no symptoms. Over 31% of the deaths are people aged 85 and older who likely died from other causes. The life-threatening chronic conditions in people in nursing homes and long term care facilities are all documented on the CDC chart as other causes of death. Just as the flu or pneumonia can exacerbate conditions, a regular coronavirus can as well, but the numbers don’t justify the stringent lockdowns over sacrificing their lives through depression and loneliness, and this goes for children and those of all ages.

Stanford epidemiologist John Loannidis said back in March that “even some so-called mild or common-cold-type coronaviruses have been known for decades [to] have case fatality rates as high as 8% when they infect people in nursing homes.” There are 2.1 million nursing home residents. Based on the current 104K deaths counted as Covid-related deaths, that means 4.95% of residents allegedly died a Covid-related death, which is far less than the 8% that a “common-cold-type coronavirus” has been known to cause, and that’s including those who actually died from other causes.

Some make the argument that if such a large number of deaths are occurring in nursing homes and long term care facilities, then why lockdown entire cities and states rather than just those facilities? At the same time, if nursing home residents were asked how they felt, the majority would likely say they would rather take the risk and spend the time with their families in what may be the last months of their life, than be on lockdown, especially the 46% who already suffer from depression.

The reality is, the numbers are so low that they do not justify people losing their businesses, jobs, homes, and loved ones to suicide, in nursing homes, or those who couldn’t get life-saving procedures or surgeries while hospitals turned them away. The complete economic turmoil this has caused, coupled with an escalating suicide rate and depression has far outweighed the outcome of Covid-related deaths that they once warned would kill 1-2 million Americans.

In Canada, one elderly woman asked to be euthanized because she couldn’t face another lockdown. Euthanasia is legal in Washington DC, Washington state, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, New Jersey, Oregon, and Vermont. One nursing home staff member told Corey’s Digs that she is aware of several elders seeking the same in Washington State.

Everyone wants to protect their parents and grandparents, and precautions should be taken and therapeutics made available, but at what cost? Governors still won’t allow visitations in some states, funerals are limited, and the media is trying to convince elders to skip holidays or facetime with one another, and now the World Health Organization and Dr. Fauci warn people that they shouldn’t hug each other. Enough is enough.

There is no question – the cure is worse than the virus, and the misleading and misreporting shenanigans needs to be called out by everyone to put an end to this.

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Corey Lynn is an investigative journalist, co-host of the weekly Dig It! podcast, and co-host of The Solution Series. Follow her at, on Twitter, Gab, Truth, Rumble, and Telegram. Support her work by becoming a Patron, making a donation or buying a Book.


  • Randall

    Thanks for this fantastic series, Corey. Can’t wait for parts 4 and 5. On the Ltc deaths being coded as Covid versus what they normally would have been coded as, would there be a way to pull out the data showing that there was a drop in these causes of deaths this year? I know it gets tricky with these numbers and excess deaths and all but I would imagine there would be a way to show it?

    • Corey Lynn

      I tried, but it gets really tricky with how they lump numbers together from the past vs current, plus CDC being 1-8 weeks behind on data, etc. I translated as much as I could, but I have to wait until next year to get finalized numbers on everything.

    • Dr John

      I will try once again. I have spent the last 30 years PLUS researching human biology, the development of modern medicine and human diseases with extensive time on viruses (colds and the flu). Colds and flu are in a class of over 1,000 viruses called Corona. A Corona virus means one of over 1,000 not a specific virus. This is the class Covid 19 would belong to if it were real.

      The establishment says they are testing for the Corona virus, but that is a class not one virus. The test they are using was established to determine if someone has one of the many Corona virus. The inventor clearly stated, it cannot specify which virus only that it is one of the thousand plus viruses.

      The establishment is all about playing word games. They use, or claim to you the test for the class of Corona virus and then without skipping a beat say they have people that have tested positive for COVID 19. How did they get from a class of viruses to a specific virus. It can’t be done. The test they are using does not accomplish that. How do you feel about the gap, use logic. They statement they make is like a shell game. Slowly walk through what they say and ask, how did they get from the class of over 1,000 viruses down to one viruses when the creator of the test says the test does not identify a specific virus.

      The test is supposed to flow through one cycle and yet the testers submit it to 25 cycles. The repeated cycles magnify the sample by 10 time. 25 cycles multiples the sample by 10 to the 25th power or 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. I think by the number of zeroes you can see ludicrous attempt to finding any thread which might be 5 year old or older.

      Worse they lie about the tests. People have signed up for the test, tired of waiting left the test line and 2 weeks later got a positive test result. Tests material from oranges, new sodas and other materials have been sent in showing positive for Covid. With no obvious signs you and your doctor cannot determine you have Covid 19. With a temperature during the flu season you and he might infer you have a flu. With out a temperature the common inference is that you have a cold during the cold and flu season.

      If you go to the NIH, National Institute of health they have a data base of all the identified RNA strands for known viruses. These are like finger prints for viruses that are linked to data that allow you to know all about the virus; its origin, markers arrangement in the strand and with available tools the next closest virus. You can find the common cold, Numerous seasonal flu virus, but you will not find COVID 19 under the common name or any other. That is because their is no strand of RNA which all viruses are comprised to post in the NIH.

      If there is no RNA stand, the finger print for a specific virus, how can you prove your sample is COVID 19?

      If you have a sample RNA strand from a patient it has to be sent to a very expensive and sophisticated lab to grow more of it before colored dies can be added to create the RNA strand. They are not doing this and Medicare would not pay for it. Too expensive. Old people with COVID 19, they can’t and aren’t proving it.

      While we are on the subject of old people, old people are not frail! People with health conditions (regardless of age) can look frail. Stop protecting old people, we don’t need your help, if we are healthy and many of us are healthy. I am 72 and am healthy as a horse. Those succumbing to death from a viruses have serious pre-existing conditions. Those people are often already in a health facility and not wondering about. We have never worn masks to protect cancer patients out in public. They choose their own protection when going through therapy or stay home or in the hospital.

      Are their obvious signs of COVID 19, NOPE. It looks just like the common flu including the seasonal infection rate. Interesting to note that after decades of tracking the common flu, it disappeared this year. Yup, look at the data zero common flu, none, nada. I know it is hard to believe, but the establishment hi-jacked the common flu last season, just as they are this season. November 15th to April 15th are the cold and flu season as ALL doctors know. It is strange that they new around November 15th there would be a new FLU outbreak. You feel for the outbreak lasting through the summer. It is impossible if you get plenty of exposure to the sun in the summer. Your body converts sunlight to vitamin D allowing your body to easily kill the virus.

      Now the PLANdemic was not scary enough to the establishment (DEEP STATE, CABAL, NEW WORLD ORDER) add any old death also having an additional Covid component. This is a good time to murder your spouse, or some other not so loved one. It can’t be murder, because it will be classed COVID. I would not be surprised if a serial murder could not get off claiming they were all cases of COVID.

      So why are they doing this. If it is not real, why trick us. Did you know states get federal grants for COVID deaths, they can get $170,000 in some states per death. Take that times 1,000, 10,000 or more COVID death reports. That is not big, but huge money. The County gets grant money, the hospitals get grants, doctors and nurses get incentives and the senior care homes get grants. If you follow the money you may see greed is a strong motivation to ensure plenty of COVID patients and death.

      Also it was used to hide pollsters manipulate ballots. All watchers had to stay at least 6 feet back and the criminals thought the masks could hide their identity. Activity on Facebook, Twitter and other sites included plenty of pictures of comparative analysis for clear identification.

      As to the reports you read, the graphs and charts. The data all comes from whom? The CDC has been proven to be corrupt over and over. Fauci and Brix have a tainted background that suggest they are crooks. Look up Fauci’s involvement in the HIV cure that did not work which scored hundreds of millions in grants and other revenues. Look up his framing a major biochemist placing a 5 plus year gag order on her information about cancer causing vaccines.

      Stop listening to the Main Stream Media (MSM) and stop trying to figure out the data. Look at the money trail and the benefits to cheating the nation out of an election.

      As to the BIG MONSTER in the closet. There is NO COVID 19. It is a trick to get you to take a vaccine (their last gambit). Bill Gates’ vaccine besides being potentially lethal includes an identifying marker. Without this marker you will not be allowed in any public facility like grocery stores, hospitals, gas stations. The marker is a method of tracking you and your activity and limiting access based on behavior. Look for online videos with Bill Gates talking about his vaccine and the control mechanisms.

      I know this sounds very strange and like a massive over reach. Take the time to look up the UN”s Agenda 21 and read it. It is real, it is from the UN, do your research. The UN is not our friend, research their behavior in Hatti Money given to the UN rarely makes it to those in need. The UN has made political figures very rich. The WHO is not our friend and has deceived us. They are being controlled by China.

      We have far too many political figures in the US controlled by others including other countries like China that use bribes and blackmail to control politician’s decisions. American is the last stand for FREEDOM. Most citizens in countries around the world do not own guns. We are one of the few nations that have the potential to fight back. We may never have to fight back with our guns, but the threat, the potential is frightening to the enemy.

      I know for some this is a hard pill to swallow. I have told you some amazing things that may be hard to believe. Here is a big point. I am not telling you what to believe I am suggesting you research, really research these things and others and learn for yourself. The opposition tells you what to think, what to believe. The MSM is continually feeding us propaganda. Find some valid information sources on line and compare what you hear. Ask yourself why the difference and for what reason.

      They don’t want us to go to public places because collectively we may learn the truth. We social distance because closeness creates familiarity. We wear masks to blur verbal communications and to hide friendly smiles and humor; they very things the open conversations with strangers. They, the establishment, the ones fighting President Trump want to keep us at odds, to keep us afraid and separated. There greatest fear is us coming together, us exposing their fraud.

      Now, if you are concerned about colds and flu. Think about what is in the local drug store. Does a decongestant kill the cold or flu? What does it do, mask one symptom. Does NyQuil kill a cold or flu no, how about cough medicine, nope it numbs the throat masking a symptom. There is no treatment in the drug store or at the doctors office that kills a cold or flu. No vaccines are most often for the wrong flu and they contain harmful ingredients.

      If you want to kill a cold in six hour take one 500mg of D3 and 50 mg of Zinc. Doctors use Zinc to avoid flu and colds; its not perfect, but helps. Why have they not told you about this. D3 and Zinc nail the cold in six hours no matter how bad the old is. Just one dose, pennies. And no side effects, no dangerous reactions. Look them up for yourself they are SAFE.

      If you have the flu, earlier this year I go the flu twice intentionally, (we have not had the flu in years) take 1 licorice root extract and 1 ginger root extract and in 6 hours once again the virus is gone. I take 1 piece of candied ginger root, might as well enjoy it. You can also get real licorice root candy, the real stuff. I hate America licorice candy it is not from licorice root and tastes terrible. The licorice root tastes great. Want added protection also take 1 each D3 and Zinc. Even more support can be gained by one Tsp of high quality 250 ppm of Colloidal. All together is it like shooting a mouse with an elephant gun and the cost is still pennies per treatment.

      Covid 19 if you are still hanging on to the hoax is a virus. most, if not all cold and flu viruses are similar with no outstanding features. All colds do not have a temperature. All flu have a temperature. That it the only difference between the two. All symptoms are not a component of the virus; but are the techniques of the body used to fight foreign objects. A runny nose floods your sinus passages intending to sweep the cold virus from your nose. The result is mucus running down your throat and into your lungs when you lie down. Congestion and coughing on your part to clear the lungs. The result a sore throat. Your sinuses get blocked and you get a headache. You feel tired because your body is not getting enough oxygen. Your brain is deprived of oxygen making you sleepy.

      The flu is in the Bronchial tubes deeper in the body. As a greater threat the body adds a rising temperature to fight the intrusion. The virus is a piece of inactive RNA with a sodium component. You, your body, has cells that replicate damaged human cells comprised of RNA. The body doing what it does best sees the virus RNA sucks it in and makes copies. The virus did nothing.

      Viruses, human viruses are so small they can barely be seen with an electron microscope. They are not big enough to study. The Human Shingles virus of humans is that small. Anything the medical field knows about Shingles is through studying a similar virus dogs can get, that is barely large enough to analyze.

      Viruses are .015 to .01 microns; very small. N95 masks holes in the weave are 30 microns, 2,000 times larger. Two THOUSAND time larger than the virus. Go look up the size of a virus and go to a mask manufacture’s WEB site. Go look at the full body suits with oxygen supplies used in labs when studying viruses. Dangerous, really scary viruses are contained in special glove boxes where there is additional protection. And yet they sell you the con that N95 paper masks will protect you against viruses 2,000 times smaller than the holes in the mask weave.

      There is no Covid 19, stop it, take that mask off, breath the fresh air and smile at someone. Go online and look at the horrible stuff that grows in your mask. Besides that the mask causes you to breath your own CO2 decreasing your oxygen intake to 75%. OSHA demands 95% oxygen for a working environment. As your oxygen drops your energy drops and your mental acuity staggers as the brain is starved of oxygen. The little gadget they stick on your finger measures among other things your oxygen level. If you fall below 95 percent you can earn a trip to the hospitals emergency room. Oxygen intake is very important.

      Happy Holidays, this same advice is how I protect myself and loved ones,

      VietVet Spc Ops protecting America from foreign and domestic enemies, shouldn’t you?


      • Pickle

        Dr. John, Thank you so much, you are 100% correct. The biggest and saddest problem is how someone elderly tests positive, and in spite of being asymptomatic, they move them into a covid unit, where there might actually be something there that they can actually get that will kill them. Their families cannot visit, nor supervise what is going on, they treat them with all kinds of drugs that play havoc on their bodies, in which causes organ failure, and then they die alone. This has happened to our family , there is no excuse for the amount of pain and the amount of deaths this so called virus has caused. More people have died of overdoses, suicides, then “covid” deaths. To think how many loved ones died alone, because of all this is sickening. We must stop this charade.

        • Dr John:


          Thank you so much for responding, sometimes you wonder if you are taking into a vacuum. I am sorry to hear of the family loss. My 96 year old mother is in a care home where I cannot reach her beyond a phone call.

          Around 1948 there was a Supreme Court ruling that confirmed emergencies like this did not override our constitutional rights. We are considering creating pamphlets/brochures to place on cars, store fronts (the stores will allow it). and in grocery carts. Anywhere we can get possible readers. People are so afraid of getting in trouble for not wearing masks or getting this fake virus!

          Now that the annual flu season is back people thing they are getting Covid 19. When I explain it they say the understand, but want to “go with the flow.” They don’t realize this is endangering our freedom and they are the ones destroying local businesses. True corrupt politicians in-acted the shutdowns, but we are not resisting. They can’t do anything to us. In mass we control the situation.

          A few years back we were fighting local political corruption. I was seen as the leader. My house was surrounded by police officers. Eight were pointing guns at me when I opened the door. Without conversation I was tased 4 times, violently knocked to the ground where I was held down and tased 8 more times with 50,000 volts. I received physical injuries and was sent against my will to a local psyc ward were I it took over 3 days to convince them I was normal. I had been framed and spent the next 2 years fighting false changes.

          I had don NOTHING wrong and am not a criminal. This was jack boot tactics of early WWII in Germany. Interestingly they also had uniforms with Brown shirts.

          They may have slowed me down for about 8 months; but I am back in full swing. That was all 2.5 years ago and we have had an honest Mayor and most of the Alderman are honest and hard working for the city.

          In Vietnam I had a North Vietnam government Dead or Alive Bounty on my head that was enough to draw serious interest. People think it takes guts to stand up and fight in a war like Vietnam. I am here to tell you it takes guts to fight this war as well. It is frustrating, it is hard work and you are always on alert for the next attack. Propaganda is always a part of war. Lies, deception. I was shot at in Vietnam with rockets, mortars, gas, machine guns and about anything else you can think of. Today, we fight a different war, a war that is all to real, but people don’t want to accept the truth. People (not enough) don’t want to stand up.

          One person on Twitter commented, “Where is our modern day hero to save us!” WE ARE IT, all of us. Each one of us can be a hero in our own way. Not wearing a mask and voicing your opinion in a strong clear voice when asked to wear one. Leave the stores when asked and remind them you are not coming back. I come back a few weeks later to test them and I will continue.

          Remember We have the cash, dollars their stores live on. Without us they are out of business. Work with them to fight the health departments. Peacefully protest the departments and officials pushing this mess. Thing about lawsuits where 100, 200 or more people do a class action lawsuit.

          We all need to interact and band together across the nation to say enough is enough. When I enlisted I swore an oath as did many new recruits to protect our nation and the constitution for which is stands for foreign and domestic enemies. The veterans are all great people that would give you the shirt off their back and often are do good will for others in need. We all own guns and all know how to defend and attack positions. We have what it takes to clear the field of enemy combatants and have civilian neighbors that will gladly assist us.

          We are not at that point yet and can do many things before drawing guns. The enemy fears us, because they know we are capable and that is a smart attitude. For now we need to use ever option we can to corner and control them through peaceful resistance as President Trump has suggested.

          The enemy has exposed themselves and are in serious fear for what is going to happen to them. They are not brave, they do not have an army and there money will do them no good. They know their time is almost up and they are going to GITMO where things only get worse. Military tribunals, military tribunals and executions are held with precision. There are no slick lawyers to play games to garner freedom. That is why the enemy is now so vocal, they know what they have done, how evil it is and what their fate will be.

          We need to free people from their masks and help them learn the truth, they are afraid and don’t understand. But more each day are lower their mask below their nose. More are asking so, why aren’t you wearing a mask. I see no Karens or Kens calling for store owners to expel us and more store owners are becoming more lax. We are bending the situation towards FREEDOM, it is simply going to take more work, more protests, more flyers. Luckily, the enemy is making even more demands which is disenfranchising more people.

          I was proudly kicked off of Twitter for talking too much about Q, Anons and

          Cory Digs is a good source of information, there are numerous online news media and Twitters, Gab or Parlor accounts you can follow. I spend a couple of hours each day, collect facts and then share it with neighbors. I have over time won over a number of hard left to full blown conservatives through non-pressure conversations a little at a time.

          More of us, in the know need to think strategically and tactically about getting around the propaganda, getting people back to church, to larger events and taking of the Damned masks. I like people’s smiles and miss them. Masks keep us apart.

          Viet Vet Spc Ops I am still fighting for our Freedom, shouldn’t you?

          • Pickle

            Thank you so very much for your service. I see you have everything the rest of this country lacks, honor, fortitude, knowledge and strength. Once again, you are 100% correct. Myself, I do not wear a mask anywhere I go, except for work, which any opportunity I get, I work outside with the mask down. I am amazed how few are even willing to go to a store without a mask, not for fear of the virus, but the fear of others. I am a small woman, and have been yelled at, a pushed, and confronted over and over again, luckily, I have little dog syndrome, and fight back, but to watch those around me hide, put their heads down during these events amazes me, especially when other men just stand there while I get pushed and yelled at concerns me. The amount of sheep out there is over whelming, they are filled with fear, what it will ever take to wake their butts up is beyond me. It is the few of us, that they will take out first, and it is really to bad, because then they will be really screwed. I am grateful, I have the fight and even more grateful for others like yourself, who have the fight as well, we are far and few, and I know family and life can get in the way, but just removing the filthy face diaper would be a great start for others. These masks have been proven over and over again not to work , it is a baby step that everyone should be able to tackle. Thank you again, for your fight, I greatly appreciate you and all those like yourself.

          • Dr John


            I like the way you think. Even as we communicate here on Corey’s comments we are re-enforcing the fact that Covid 19 is a lie and that the masks don’t works. People need to hear not just Corey’s articles, but how people feel about the topic. Our re-enforcing her information as everyday people builds credibility upon her huge following.

            Your small stature on the outside may not seem as powerful as your grit on the inside. Men (beta males) will take notice that you have more attitude then them. It may cause them to re-evaluate their position. And women will see your attitude and go home thinking, maybe I could be more like her. You are demonstrating size is not an issue!

            Even at 72 I am still built. Special Ops attitude, always being prepared. So it is easy for me to stand up for myself.

            I am so proud of you for not letting a “little” thing like size slow you down.

            Everyone may look at me and say, well if I was strong like him I would stand up too; I have friends tell me that. Soooo you my friend are the better, the best example for everyone to follow. If you can do it, what is stopping them.

            You are a leader and a hero. All heroes say, but I did nothing. Aah but you walked into a store without a mask when everyone else was afraid not to wear one. Being brave is all about standing up when you are afraid, when you are nervous or unsure. Without fear, what is there to be brave about. Thing about it.

            Standing up against overwhelming odds. Standing up against attacks from multiple sides. Holding their ground when all seemed lost. That sounds like a write up for medal for someone fighting in armed combat in a traditional war. And it can be someone like you also fighting for our country in a different kind of war. You stood up against overwhelming odds, a store filled with men, women and store managers. Some of the men may have weighed twice what you do and could be feet taller, and yet you stood your ground.

            You are what we all should/need to be to win this confrontation! NO MORE Damn PLANdemic!

            Viet Vet Spc Ops still fighting for our country, how about you?

  • Kip

    Thank you for your work on hospitalizations Corey. Here in Cali it’s all about ICU beds now. All of the lockdowns are triggered by ICUs having less that 15% capacity. I’m trying to find out what the average ICU capacity is, by state, under normal conditions. I would guess there have been many times it’s been less than 15% even during a regular flu season. Of course anyone can end up in the ICU for a variety of reasons but our captors seem to want to make it sound like if you get COV2 you’re headed for ICU. I haven’t seen anything on your site, or I probably missed it, but if you know of or can direct me to that info I would be grateful. Thank you!

  • Allen

    Hi Corey,

    First off great article here and great article in your previous post.

    You are absolutely correct that what happened in nursing homes was criminal in the most legally binding sense of the term. In March/April there was administrative euthanasia committed. These criminal acts were based on policies that were mirrored in London, Montreal, Toronto, Stockholm, Madrid, Milan, Brussels, Rotterdam and elsewhere.

    These policies were driven by the WHO and then trickled down to the various nations then to the states/provinces and then to counties. There were some variations but not much. Once such policies are mandated there are “health agreements” which countries are bound to within the framework of the WHO.

    Where I must disagree with your post (and you cited this in Part 2) is the percentage of “Covid deaths” in nursing homes in the US. The figure you cite is 40% which is going to be far too low once all figures are compiled. There are several factors which distort this 40% figure downwards.

    The first being that “nursing home deaths” need to include all elder care facilities such as hospice, assisted living etc. The second being that there are many “hospital deaths” from nursing home residents that have not been correctly attributed.

    The last and most important is that the actual figures simply have not been completely released. NY State is the best, but not only, example where nursing home deaths are listed as being around 30% of all “Covid deaths and without question the total is far beyond that figure- likely twice that figure. Zucker and Cuomo have openly stated that they won’t release the full figures until they have everything compiled- to their liking you can rest assured. They have stated that they will release those figures on January 13th. You can bet that it will be put off a bit longer.

    There are other states that haven’t released figures- we won’t know until mid next year what the full numbers are and even then it will take sleuthing.

    As an aside in Canada they have been much more transparent on the LTC “Covid death” numbers. In Quebec it is around 90% of all deaths- Ontario it is around 80%. Nationally it is in the 80-85% range. Despite this obvious and admitted fatality rate and demographic Canada’s government proceeds full steam ahead with lockdowns which tells any sane person that none of this has ever been about some “viral event.”

    • Corey Lynn

      Good point on the numbers showing lower due to those who were transferred out of nursing homes and into hospitals. Though, these numbers do include hospice and assisted living facilities, not just nursing homes. It will be interesting to see the totals. I didn’t realize Canada was showing numbers that high for nursing homes. Interesting.

    • Carolanne Wegman

      Hi Corey…
      Thank you SO MUCH for an excellent unbiased and truthful report on Cov-19. This exposes the truth of number manipulation, & media fear mongers. Big pharma and CDC are not always the beacon of protection and information we think they are.
      My question regards PCR and false positives. What is the basis for this connection? I have validated 2 PCR instruments for my hospital lab testing. PCR is the Gold Standard for antigenic target molecular testing. False negative results are understandable, but in the absence of reporting the melting curve value, how do you know it’s a false positive? Symptoms are not reported on a test order, so how is a ‘detected’ result deemed as false?
      This was a tremendously written report. I eagerly await parts 4 and 5.
      Excellent research and reporting.
      Thank you.

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