Down The Tube: Take A Stand With Fallen Patriot Accounts

Corey’s Digs reported on the censorship taking place by big tech back in August, 2019: Controlling Minds, Narratives & Elections: Google, YouTube, Facebook & Twitter, and interviewed Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies on the Dig It! Podcast. Since then, the censorship has escalated dramatically, election interference being predominant, and a large amount of reporters and journalists with substantial followings are being wrongfully terminated with no explanation. In some cases, Paypal has locked down their accounts while holding their funds hostage, and Sean at SGT Report just had his Patreon account removed over reporting on Qanon. The purge is real.

Despite government hearings with big tech, a recent antitrust lawsuit against Google, Project Veritas’ recent bombshells exposing Google, the debatable repealing of Section 230, and millions of people screaming from the rooftops, nothing seems to put a stop to their blatant in-your-face control of search results, ads, posts and accounts so they can monopolize the narrative they wish to push. It’s flat out criminal and they are harming people’s livelihoods, finances, and businesses while censoring their voices.  

Vorhies has teamed up with Attorney Chris Amenta to file a “breach of contract” lawsuit against Google/YouTube. He has put out an open call to others who have been wrongly terminated by YouTube and a class action lawsuit is being considered. The background, details, and contact info can all be found here.

For those searching for all of their favorites who have undergone the recent purge from YouTube, you can find their videos alive and well at the links below. Be sure to give them a follow, show them your support, and bookmark their sites, because they work tirelessly to get the news out, and just took a big hit by Google and other platforms.

Those of us who do this work, tend to spend 24/7 immersed in it in order to expose as much as possible because mainstream news only pushes propaganda and we are in the battle of our lifetime. Since this has happened, I myself have lost Patrons because some people don’t want to support that platform now. The feeling of being on the chopping block and knowing at any point in time they can cut your access, your voice, and your financial support, is nerve-racking, to say the least. They are censoring everyone that is a threat to their narrative, and it will continue if people do not take a stand and support one another, while continuing to get vital information out to the masses. We are not in this to lose. We will not give up on one another, ourselves, or our country.

Your Favorites Live On – Support Them:

Amazing Polly:

And We Know:

Craig Mason:

Deception Bytes:

Dollar Vigilante:

Dustin Nemos:

Edge of Wonder:

Fall Cabal:

Freedom Force Battalion:

Good Lion Films:



Joe M:

Jordan Sather:

Just Informed Talk:

Karli Q:

Linda Paris:

Lori Colley:

Mark Taylor:

Martin Geddes:


Mouthy Buddah:

Obiwan Qenobi:

Patriot Reload:

Patriots Soapbox:

Praying Medic:

Red Racer Video:


Sarah Westall:,

SGT Report: https://sgtreport.tv


Stroppy Me:

The Iconoclast:

The Last American Vagabond:

The Patriot Hour:

The Red Pill Book:

Titus Frost:


Truth and Art TV:

Woke Societies:

World Alternative Media:


Special thanks to Brad Cologero Getz for compiling these important links.

I would personally like to give a special shout out to three individuals who were wrongfully terminated by YouTube, because they are sponsors of Corey’s Digs work, and they work their tails off; Sarah Westall, SGT Report, and Redpill78. Check out the Real News for more journalists, authors, and show hosts that sponsor Corey’s Digs.

Never give in to tyranny, and never stop speaking out.

Corey Lynn is an investigative journalist, co-host of the weekly Dig It! podcast, and co-host of The Solution Series. Follow her at, on Twitter, Gab, Truth, Rumble, and Telegram. Support her work by becoming a Patron, making a donation or buying a Book.


    • Chalmers Ingersoll

      Thank you your hard work and to all of the account’s that have been effected thank you and together we will keep waking up the people WWG1WGA

  • Vanessa Doe

    Thanks for all the hard work you all do!!! I will always support you guys! Im up 247 trying to read everyone’s articles and videos before they get taken down!

    • Qfanz

      Titus Frost is anti POTUS! He has been since 2016. No idea why you included him?
      I can prove what I say.
      He may have quietly removed his anti Trump videos when he uploaded to whatever he’s on now but Steemit blog posts are permanent.
      Titus (not his real name) is venomous about POTUS. He works in the oil industry and that may have lots to do with his nastiness over 4 years towards Trump. Titus has been a Bernie socialism supporter.

    • Trish Lilly

      Corey thanks to you all and the list please update if possible, sharing now & following. Thanking everyone for all of your hard work & time put forth to bringing us the truth, & facts. Stopped listening to msm news long ago and it was so nice to enjoy everyone’s take & hard work. Prayers for the returns or another platform??
      Is there another platform where everyone can go instead of so many or are we stuck? Parlor is censoring & BITCHUTE?

        • Lisa Brennan

          God bless you, and your sources ! Have all your facts, sources, Please contact Tucker Carlson at Fox News Channel, he is the number one show on TV , and he will expose all of your very important articles. He is not for any politician, and that’s why he’s number one, and had to move his family around. You will reach many more people with him. You might have to move? But the truth of this New World Order, human traffic, evil, people controlling govt., and China based, communism needs someone who will expose all of this!

  • James Mansfield

    Hey C thanks….BT may not have predicted that enough would rise up and fight. Assuming BT was also quite intricately involved with decisions about these subterfuges, might those have bitten off more than they could chew?

  • Mrs. Michaela Williams

    Yes! Seems Like ALL MY favorite channels are gone now!! We knew this day was coming… I’m actually shocked we made it this far! These assholes are really Butthurt over Q!

    • Kara

      Thank you Corey! I have been trying to find several purged channels and your list saved me a ton of time. Keep fighting for the truth – we will win in the end!

  • SamiieV

    Thank you so much for your hard work and linking the pages of all the individuals who were wrongfully removed from other social media sites!

  • Rehman Asghar

    The issue of online censorship and de-platforming has been a subject of ongoing debate and concern, with various incidents involving social media platforms, payment processors, and content creators. It’s important to note that such events often generate passionate discussions and raise questions about freedom of speech, accountability, and the role of online platforms.

    Many content creators, including journalists and reporters, rely on social media, payment processors, and crowdfunding platforms to reach their audiences and support their work. When these platforms take action to suspend or de-platform individuals or groups, it can have significant consequences for their ability to communicate and sustain their work.

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