Rogue Food Conference: Don’t Miss This Event on May 17-18 at Polyface Farms!

I’ve personally attended two of the Rogue Food Conferences and found them to be very informative and beneficial, plus it is excellent for networking with others working toward food independence. It’s educational, fun, and inspiring all in one!

The Rogue Food Conference offers real solutions to rebuilding a vibrant food system despite the reckless government regulations. From buying clubs, creative exemptions, PMAs, food churches, shared ownership arrangements and labor contracts, to charities, building financial freedom, how to beat the government, fabulous vendors and books, and so much more – Rogue Food Conference is all about ‘How To Go Rogue.’

Rogue Food Conference Virginia will feature Joel Salatin, John Moody, Catherine Austin Fitts, Congressman Thomas Massie, Michael Kilpatrick, Morgan Phelps and others! This 2-day event includes a tour of Polyface Farms, plus a fantastic pastured breakfast and lunch at Saturday’s main event.

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May 17-18
Polyface Farms – Swoope, VA

Find out more about Rogue Food Conference Virginia here.

Buy your 2-day tickets here or grab a Saturday Only ticket, as well as special kids tickets here! 

Be sure to enter discount code RFC30! to get $30 off your ticket!

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