I’ve Waited A Long Time For This…

I’ve waited a long time for this. Pulling myself out of the quicksand has been more difficult than I ever imagined it would be. I knew that if I followed this calling it would be heavy, dark, and intense, but I also knew that it had to be done before the “soul” and “energy” could be the main topics of discussion.

People often ask me why I do the work I do. My friends and family thought I lost my mind because politics, corruption, and sinister people were things I always stayed far away from, but they also understood why this work was necessary. The truth is, I didn’t want to do this work. I didn’t want to delve into the darkest corners of the universe and expose elements of evil I knew I would find. I didn’t want to trace the money to show all the ways it is used against mankind. And, I didn’t want to find myself in a place of doubt, which is something I had never experienced until stepping in this quicksand.

So why did I endeavor to do this work in the first place? For decades I’ve been shown where the future is headed and asked to “open people’s eyes” and “write with weapons of passion” to expose “the darkness that resides” because “light must be restored and balance will follow.” I was shown many things about events unfolding and told that “people will need to learn to let go of judgement, for there will be much to judge.” But the key was always leading up to “showing others their uniqueness” and true power. I always got a sort of tap on the shoulder when it was time to begin writing and what to write next.

Despite this seemingly runaway train of chaos ensuing, it never threw me off balance, never created doubt, and never prevented me from living in the flow with joy and the ability to manifest. At least, not until I began building out the web of agendas against humanity that I was encouraged to write about, and which I felt an obligation to do. For some reason, being told about terrible events and individuals doesn’t quite have the same impact as digging into their lives, thoughts, words, money, actions, energy field, and connections. When you walk a hundred miles through mud, it becomes difficult to remember how lush grass once felt between your toes.

I kept asking, “how many more agendas against humanity must I piece together in big picture format before this part of my job is done?” And then, I would see another big agenda that people needed to be made aware of so they could better navigate the terrain. Timing is a funny thing. I would begin a big report, typically winding up at 50+ pages, then something in life would stall me for a few days or sometimes a few weeks, and then new information – another “dot” – would reveal itself that was the final link that needed to be added for the full scope to be seen. I learned long ago to trust delayed moments. There was generally something not yet seen or about to happen.

A few months ago I found myself with a loss of words, which anyone who has ever read my work or listened to our weekly podcast knows is a rare thing for me. It’s okay, you can laugh. I laugh at myself all the time. I reached a point where I was recognizing that the exposure part was coming to a completion since I had documented the majority of major agendas against humanity, the “take action” and “solutions” part was necessary but not the ultimate key to unlock the cages everyone had put themselves in or had been put into. It was then that I finally reached the point that was the goal all along – to show others their uniqueness – because this is where the true power lies. This is where the magic happens.

Of all the corruption that has ever been carried out, the absolute biggest and longest standing move against mankind has been to control the narrative around people’s true power and abilities everyone was born into on this wonderful earth. This goes beyond the soul and the spirit because the earth provides another dimension we are able to tune into. When this energy is understood, coupled with the soul and intention, manifestation is endless. This has been intentionally stripped from human minds through false narratives, labels, indoctrination, and an abundance of other avenues that the “dark forces” will stop at nothing to carry out because they know that if people remember this direct line to God, the universe and everyone in it, it would be game over. Just as churches were built with “authority figures” who set rules so people would turn to the church instead of their direct line to God. This is what “waking up” is really about. This is why so many are still “asleep.” This is the awareness they absolutely do not want people to have because it can hinder their efforts in so many ways. Their game of fear, chaos, and distraction would have a minimal impact and people’s positive state of mind and wellness would be a difficult barrier to break through.

Sometimes what is unseen has the biggest impact. The ripple effect from each individual is like a 220 amp charge to light up the dark. If one could actually see the exchange and drain of energy with their own eyes, it would be easy to know when to plunge forth or stop feeding it. Energy is life force and no one can exist without it – not a tree, a bug, a dog, a star, a blade of grass, the earth, and most certainly not a human. This field is not just a source of life, it carries a source of knowledge through frequencies, much like tuning into a radio station. Their goal of AI and transhumanism is to further control everyone’s life force, people’s exchange of energy and health, and continue to keep people in the dark about how the mind, body, and spirit are an incredible trio that threatens the dark forces very existence.

Here’s what I know with certainty: there is life after the body dies, there is a field of knowledge we can all tap into and it’s not the internet, our thoughts most definitely impact outcomes and also have the ability to manifest realities, we can energetically and visually connect with humans and locations on the other side of the world without leaving our chair, we can heal others through our own energy providing they want to be healed, we have the ability to communicate with spirits including those who we once knew on this earth, we absolutely can feel, sense, and absorb other people’s emotions without knowing them or even standing next to them, the heart is the central point of all connectedness and should be nurtured, intention from a place of love is the most powerful force of all, the narrative controllers have intentionally applied labels to any “movement” or science that has attempted to awaken people to these truths so that people will think they are kooky or crazy, much like they’ve done with the term “conspiracy theory.”

We’ve reached a critical point whereby if people do not get off the hamster wheel and turn their focus inward to apply the jolt of light necessary, raise our collective consciousness and our individual power which emanates from pure love, these dark forces will continue to attempt to flip the field of light to a shadowy blanket of dust. Even if they are to succeed with some of their agendas, how those actions and information are processed and addressed are critically important to individuals and humanity as a whole. We all operate within the restriction of our own bodies, but those restrictions are not what has been taught, and this body is only temporary.

The number one agenda against mankind is to strip you of your humanity, your compassion, your love, your power, and your life, by keeping you in the dark from who you really are. It’s time to remember who you really are. We are all God’s children and we are all connected through this physical field and everything we do as individuals has a ripple effect on all who exist in the human body.

Remember who you are. Don’t let them keep you in the dark any longer. You are beautiful and you are powerful.

I’ve waited a long time for this. I’ve had far more patience than I thought I was capable of and I’ve learned far more than I cared to know, to be honest. I’ve had to take these past several weeks off because my lifelong friend and soul sister of 40 years passed away. This past year-and-a-half has been very difficult, as I’ve lost several people as well as my two precious cats, and my dog who was the love of my life. I know that so many people have been dealing with loss as well and I feel your pain. Even though we know we will be reunited once again, it doesn’t seem to lessen the pain while we are still here. My heart goes out to all of you who are going through these experiences as well. I will be getting back to work very soon and continuing on with our podcast on current and upcoming things to be aware of, in addition to providing important content and insights that I hope will be well received on this next phase we are moving into. It’s time to restore the light.

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  • Blair

    Thank you Corey for another open, honest, and perfectly spoken piece. This might very well be the most powerful one you have ever written. It holds the wisdom of all you have endured and persevered through but summarized into the inevitable meaning of it all- that we are beings of light and have immense power, if only we could recognize it and harness it. Thank you for your work, your vulnerability, and insights. You are truly exceptional.

    • Ariel

      Corey, I am sorry for your losses. I lost 2 kitties in the last year. So I understand. God bless you and thank you for all that you do. I know you do it out of love.

  • Barbara D

    This is a great article. Recently I was taking off on an airplace and the force to break the gravity made me realize that that force/power is within me and all of us. It was confirmed – now use that power to break all the darkness that attempts to surround us. I, also, have been through kidney removal, chemo, and lost my husband of 40 years at the same time I was goind through my treatments. Every day I wake up and say ‘ok, Holy Spirit, get me through another day and thanks for being with me last night.’ Through all the loss and pain my heart kept beating and my lungs kep breathing-I’m thankful for automatic life functions. Now we are all put here for a purpose-maybe just maybe we use that light, powerful, gravity breaking (you know how powerful that force is because you are forced back into your seat on the airplane). I’ve been given power, dominion and authority while I am here on this earth and I plan on using it. I’m 76, still healthy and alive and when I see evil which seems to be running around like they have gained the upper hand, I speak against it. So I call all of you who feel the same to get on a plane and feel that gravity breaking force and know that that is inside you – use it and know that you are not alone.
    I am in the desert yet I see snow capped mountains in the distance – what a great visual God has given me. Thanks, Lord, I will see your majesty in nature.

  • Regina

    The reason “they” need so many agendas and put so much effort into keeping us sick and weak is exactly because “they” know our true power. If only we knew the strength of our own power, too, this world would be paradise in an instant. Everything you wrote is true and is the real message that needs to get through.

  • J Brown

    Despite all the mud and slushed you have trawled through to bring us the truth in your articles, this article may be your very best, a reminder of the energy and power that is inherent to each of us. There are times that we need that reminder. Thank you,

  • Leah

    Thank you for reminding me. I need it often. “It is All About Love” as my mom as an elder used to call out. All the dark holes we can go down as we learn about the horrific acts upon us – AND yet in the end, we must remember who we truly are and go within to strengthen it every. single. day. Strength to you through your losses and the aftermath of grieving yet celebrating life. Thank you for sharing with us.

  • Suzan

    This heartfelt sharing really spoke to me Corey. You are a beautiful soul and I AM grateful for your openess and your wisdom.

    Thank you

  • Helma

    Exquisitely written, Corey! I’m glad to know of your inspiration and mission, driven by deep heartfelt passion. Your reports of exhaustive research have educated me over the years. Now I understand that beneath your commitment to inform humanity is a steadfast spiritual understanding. I appreciate your defining of the frequency we generate; of the divinity within each of us. It is the power from which we create. May you be comforted in the grief of loss. May you be inspired to shine…..ever brighter! Here through your eloquence, we are reminded of our own Majesty. Thank you!

  • Abby

    May God bless you with comfort and faith until your heavenly reunion with your beloved dog, cats, and human friends. 🙏❤🐾🙏

  • RCee

    Many decades ago, I became fasincated by mideval history since I was 10 and had read many books on it usually read only by history majors. I was very fortunate, for not only did I go to a Catholic highschool, I lived in a university town and had access to the Uni library. In my 9th grade year taking Theo II, the priest who taught the class wasn’t too fond of me, I often asked “difficult and disruptive” questions. I had discovered the Knights Templar and was on my 3rd book about them, but couldn’t make sense of why they had been branded heretics. So I asked Fthr Frank about them, pressing him for the reason for their heresy countering his dogmatic answers with what I had learned. I was sent to the principle’s office for being disruptive for the 3rd time that year, it was only midway through Sept. I was given detention for 3 months, doing punitive janitorial work around the school, but Fthr Frank and the principle taught me well. Whatever was being hidden from me I would seek out and learn without officialdom’s approval. Over the many decades since then, I have learned much, yet always there is so much more to find and understand. It is a terrible time, it is a marvelous time. I cannot adequately express how grateful I am, for being less alone now than I had been for most of my life. Others are learning what I did so long ago, question unflinchingly, the divinity within us will guide and empower us accordingly, for that’s why we are here.

  • paulette kennamer

    Please take the rest you need and recharge without explaining in detail. Losses are so hard, and the Lord gets us through because He walks WITH us and sometimes carries us. Feel His arms around you, call on Him as much as you need, and he is there.

  • EartHeart

    Dear Corey, Your candor and willingness to expose and display your Humanness is invaluable to all who encounter your work. There are few things that I know for sure in this life. One of them is that I am not alone and never have been. All lifeforms are part of the Dance. Only those willingly choosing to bow out, miss the opportunity to take the floor. We are partners in creating a New Way that upholds and celebrates the Glory of God and His Creation.
    Love and Blessins,

  • PJ

    Dear Corey,
    Sending you so much love and compassion.
    Thank you for standing in your truth and helping others see it so bravely and continuously.
    With your sharings I can tell that we are moving to another chapter of our collective story and creating a change.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • j

    ‘Angel” etymologically means messenger. Without a doubt, you are an incarnate angel.

    Thank you for manifesting this so beautifully in your message today. Like many readers, I am deeply grateful for your words, which resonate deeply and profoundly.

    Thank you again, so much, and please accept sincere condolences for your losses, Corey.

    With gratitude, hope, and inspiration . . .

  • Karyn Smith

    Thank you Corey. I feel the exact same way you do. Have been down more rabbit holes than I ever cared to but through these darks times I have found an awesome local community of light & love. Truly amazing & never give up!

  • garry pollack

    U can always pull a “Mike Gallagher”—eg sell ure vote on a primo issue like the Mayorkas impeachment— & retire from Congress & take a cushy defense industry job…Nah, U wudn’t do that….

  • Janine Welsh

    Corey, I have been reading your posts for years. I think my soul was just waiting for you to write this one. You have affirmed everything my higher self has been telling/showing me. Our light and love will carry us through the darkness and chaos. God always wins. There has been a palpable shift in the energies in the last few months. I am the love and light I forgot I always was. Thank you, thank you for putting into words the energies of the times, and how they are shifting.

  • MaryL

    THank you Corey for all that you do. You helped me get through the past few crazy years. I always looked forward to your articles and Rumble videos.

  • Susan

    Thank you much for your heartfelt & powerful article – it touched my Spirit. Grateful more of God’s children are waking up to the Light & Power within. Good/God vs evil – grateful to be on the side of our Lord. WE can do this with Love leading the way …

  • Patricia M


    Thank you for your vulnerable and heartfelt message today. Indeed we are more powerful that we know! I’m certain “they” know this as well, given how they’ve amped up these last months with all the in-your-face shenannigans. They are losing and we are shining bright!

    Sending love and hugs as you deal with your tremendous recent loss. You are love; you are loved; we are all eternal!


  • Tonya

    100% agree!! The apocalypse (in the true meaning of the word) is absolutely happening, the veil is being lifted and more and more people are becoming aware!
    You do AMAZING work! I share your reports with anyone & everyone!!
    You are most certainly a light that shines forever bright!!

  • Lucy

    I feel for you. I just spoke to my longtime 40+ years long friend this morning and couldn’t help but think ‘what if…’ so I think I can appreciate what you are going through. Thank you for being transparent. I will pray your heart heals while you wait to be reunited.

  • Robyn Cosford

    Hi Corey, Beautiful article; its when we’ve been through the dark ( as you have) that we really see the light: Jesus is the fullness of that light and the way and thorugh Him and in Him is everythign that was made – and as we open the eyes of our heart to that, His light and love floods in and fills us and then radiates out of us. As you say, we are all Gods children; there is no room for judgement as we are then judged as we have judged: we must allow no blocks to the flow of love and light through. There is science behind this also, as the quantum physicists know. Im sorry for your pain and loss. Blessings. Professor Robyn Cosford

  • Peter O'Connor

    What is your judgement of Rudolf Steiner’s assertions about 21st century America:
    1. individual thinking banned
    2. Ahriman incarnates

  • Arlin

    Please check out Teal Swan- she has dedicated her life to body, mind & spirit with the end game of personal & universal expansion which turns out is the same thing. There has been an intentional effort to smear & discount her effort to bring the shadow into the light (conscious). Thank you for all of your enlightening endeavors.

  • Laura McGinty

    Dear Corey,

    This message is so perfect for humankind at this time! We are One and we are each expressions of One, inextricably connected each to the other. Thank you for reminding all of us to remember The Truth of Who We Are.

    Please feel free to check out a book I channeled 20 years ago from The Mighty Council, “Messages of Truth For Mankind,” and subtitled, “The Truth of Who You Are Will Set You Free.” It is a beautiful book which I call, ” poetic prose.” It is now available as an e-book on Amazon Kindle under my name, Laura McGinty. The second book I channeled is titled, “Answers: That Which You Seek You Already Know, Else You Would Not Be Seeking It. ” Answers is also available on Amazon Kindle.

    I would gladly gift you with both books if I had your contact information ☺️ However, both books are priced very reasonably at this time. The books will soon be available on other platforms and in other formats. I, too, am given to know that, at this time, there is an urgency in getting this information to every human being on the planet.

    “Peace comes from within. Be at all times peaceful.”

    Wrapping you in the One Heart and Loving You Always,

    Laura McGinty

  • April B

    Corey, you are a beautiful soul! Thank you for your heartfelt post.

    Finally we are ready to move forward onto more positive frequencies. I am encouraged by your diligence the hard work that I know it takes to bring us these messages of life and hope.

    Be comforted in love as you grieve the loss of a good friend.

  • Marguerite

    Thank you, Corey. Beautifully said.
    I’ll always remember you for finding the NM connection to the Jeffrey Epstein nefariousness in the middle of the former Governor’s ranch! That was a scoop and showed the connection btw all sorts of “elites” both near and far.

  • Donna Sudbrook

    Praying to God to bless you and yours. Thank you for all you are doing to bring more truth to all of us. So grateful. So inspiring. May God pour out His blessings to you this year.

  • Sean

    Corey, great piece. The very words written by you resonate with every fiber of my being. Yes, I to within the last 10 years, have gone inwards, spoken with mediums and gurus alike; not to mention the vast amount of knowledge from those on YouTube and Gaia Tv who speak about enlightenment, source energy, etc.. I’ve learned a lot, and will continue on this journey, path, or whatever one wishes to call it. It really is wonderful and life changing when you can take yourself out of the picture and plug into the collective consciousness as a whole. Fascinating stuff. I wish you well on your journey my friend, and keep up the great work!

  • Natasha

    “The number one agenda against mankind is to strip you of your humanity, your compassion, your love, your power, and your life, by keeping you in the dark from who you really are. It’s time to remember who you really are.”

    You said this was the final piece of the puzzle. I can’t help but to feel a thirst for more from you on this topic and I would also love to explore ideas on helping others to remember who they are! I’ll be watching and waiting for more! Thank you Corey!

  • Brian

    Hi Corey,

    I’m sorry that you’re hurting and I want to introduce you to the God and Jesus of the Bible. He can help you. The beliefs you describe are new age/Alice Bailey/Luciferian and part of mystery religion. You can compare this for yourself at the (UN NGO) Lucis Trust website. The wickedness that you have exposed in your studies is the work of the one opposing the Biblical God. Fortunately, you can meet Jesus today. Here’s a short presentation that will explain how:
    I wish you well and will pray for you. If you want more information on the mystery religion, check out Zak at Wretched Watchman or Billy Crone at Get a Life Media.

  • agirlandamat

    YOU have channeled the exact things I have been contemplating the past few months. You have MOVED me. You have given me hope that I am not alone with my frustrations with the inability of people to “see” DARK, EVIL chaos in this world. My voice has almost been silenced and It’s exhausting to whisper. Thank you for sharing your journey with me. I really really needed to hear your thoughts. I am encouraged that you are encouraged. You are not giving up. God’s warrior. Thank you for having the courage to have your voice heard.

  • Laura Bruce

    I don’t know what I could possible add to all the heart-felt replies you have had. Obviously, you are much loved and respected. Sending you a virtual hug and looking forward to the day we can hang out on the other side of this, celebrating our lives and achievements.
    “As the Light increases, so deepen the shadows…”

    Rock on Sister!

  • Cheri

    Beautifully written Corey! Yes this is the part of our spiritual shift towards awakening to the Spirits we are… I’ve been learning how the wetiko energies are in our world through the work of Paul Levy… another divine spirit who awakens our abilities to releasing the grip from evil and shows us there is a path away from it all. WE can deprogram the addictive nature of the evil energies and release ourselves into our creative possibilities, once the breakthrough begins, we have less of a ‘hold’ on us.
    Truth be known, the controlls are also only in our minds.
    Peace be with you and your heart felt losses Corey.
    Yes we are all in this together.
    Much appreciation for your words of wisdom!
    Cheri from Sunshine Coast, BC


    For anyone who has been “digging”, JB Hixon has been “digging” for close to 30 years. His books are amazing-
    The Spirit of the Antichrist I and II and the Spirit of the False Prophet. Available at
    They are deep and wide the exposure of evil in our country. A must read!!!! About 25-30% of each book are his references in case you don’t believe him. Do your own research!

  • Jim Evans

    Thank you for the inspiration. We can always need more as fuel to continue our evolutionary journey. I look forward to hearing from you again.

  • Audrey

    Dear Corey, I’m fairly new to your content. The first piece I ever read of yours was on education. I was blown away. I thought to myself, this must have taken forever to write – the depth of details and history. You really helped me connect the dots. It was a powerful piece. You are making a difference. I have learned soooo much from your work. I hope you can take all the time you need to nourish yourself during your grief. I’m going to imagine my 17 year old soulmate cat (recentty passed) frolicking with your beloved fur babies in the spirit world. I can’t begin to imagine all your losses in such a short time. Too much…. Sending you love and strength in the way you need it most.

  • Eve

    I’ve long thought they’re afraid because there are so many of us, and the mind of man has the ability to connect with God – the highest power in existence. If we turn our minds onto them, they’d be gone. That’s why the fluoridation, sedation, distraction, indoctrination, manipulation, dumbing down, and the endless NOSY PARKER SPYING on us. Always telling us what is and isn’t possible, etc. The endless limitations. Hijacking religion. They taught me in elementary school that there is no magic there is only “science” but I didn’t believe that and sure enough, witnessed many miracles in my lifetime. Take heart, and remember: They play God, but they aren’t God.

  • Gerry_O'C

    …hi Corey, glad ur making sense of things and coming to terms with ur painful loss at such a traumatic time. Crows got me theough such a time! I mean they helped considerably. It would take too long to explain! I hope these videos help and also one about Ramana. ‘Canuck and I’ … …. ‘Smart raven finds secret to a happy marriage. He keeps bowing to his wife’ … … Ramana Maharshi … ‘Jnani’ … God bless meantime!…

  • 60GigaHertz

    Ms Corey you have created people like me in this fight. I am fearless and I even have a vague idea what I’m doing to smash the Overton Window into a million tiny pieces:

    “Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends [life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness], it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.” Thomas Jefferson, Declaration of Independence, 1776

    February 20, 2024 Spindale House
    Spindale, NC
    Dear Candidate:

    It has come to my attention that many elected and un-elected officials are suffering from an extreme delusion. I will simply call it “The Delusion.”

    These officials believe that if taxpayers bring unwanted or frightening issues to them – those issues are not real, important, or even actionable – as long as the officials do not acknowledge them in recorded meetings.

    Thousands of commissions, boards, councils, legislatures, agency and department committees, etc., are now populated by people (sociopathic and psychopathic) who have taken refuge in this delusion for years. They sit silently in special chairs, behind imposing furniture and never ask a single question.

    Taxpayers, finally finding the courage to stand and deliver their information and make their polite requests – receive silence and non-cooperation on the part of people who should be as outraged as they are. The Rutherford County Commissioners and the County Manager will not return phone calls, answer e-mailed requests, or communicate with taxpayers who are not attorneys. I’ve experienced this on the issue of deadly 5G. County commissioner’s everywhere have decided that they will only communicate with members of the bar. It is not surprising that this industry is not accessible to the vast majority of taxpayers. Most taxpayers cannot hire an attorney to contact their local public officials for them. In a Constitutional Republic such as ours – this behavior is completely disrespectful and unacceptable.

    Going forward into the dark fight against the Transhumanist/Globalist/Banking Cabal, this egregious behavior on the part of public officials will no longer be tolerated. Any official silence going forward, will be interpreted as that official’s agreement with the taxpayer’s position.

    Taxpayers are demanding that officials uphold their oaths of office and act in accordance with the US Constitution. If official support is not provided to resolve the issues at hand, the guilty official(s) will be outed on dedicated websites, re-called, or subject to emergency elections. At the same time, sworn officials will have their Oath’s of Office reviewed (Writ of Quo Warranto) to ensure that they have been legally sworn into their jobs. If they are in violation of their State or Federal Constitutions, they will be removed from office. Any official working under contract to the government who fails to communicate with taxpayers in the manner of the taxpayer’s choosing – will experience contract termination and be glad to walk away.

    If you cannot describe the forced restructure of the US and global monetary systems happening in the USA today, or the exact nature of the C19 injection and the Global Democide it has created – you should not run for office. These two events are going to drive our society to react in ways it has not since the American Revolution.

    Good Luck,

  • Miller, Lillian





  • Cathleen

    This is a perfect time for your message. I was visiting my daughter and her husband recently in Denver. What I noticed was that no one was smiling in public spaces. They are in the mountains and no one seemed happy. It broke my heart.

    We will win, Corey. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us all! God bless and be well. We are here for a reason.

  • Ger

    You have all my support, when these kinds of things happen, we tend to think that it is the end, but we are made to be resilient and we must continue and somehow be born again. When the mourning is over, the best thing to do is to find new companions, givenentuall the rate of abandonment it is often not diffcult.

    Good things will come to good people eventually.

    All the best.


  • Alanda

    Dear Corey,

    I have followed you as often as possible for over 5 years and I am SO grateful for your commitment to truth and all your hard work “digging”. This post is SO correct in many ways…our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against spiritual wickedness in “high places” (Ephesians 6) and it is vital that we learn how to do it. Our power to do that spiritual warfare rests on our faith in Jesus Christ, whose life, death, and resurrection provided the victory for us. I have been doing this spiritual “dig” for over 65 years and I must give you a word of deep truth. That Truth is contained in the Bible (in which we are told the whole story, beginning to end…which we seem to be approaching rapidly). God’s revelation in His Word is so specific and has never failed. The prophecies are totally reliable and the truths are more solid than rock! There is One God (we have beeb separated from intimate connection with Him by our own “sin”, which necessitated a “way back”). So He sent the One Mediator, between Himself and us…the God/Man, Christ Jesus, the One promised in Genesis 3:15.

    The evil you refer to originates from the one called “Lucifer”/Satan. He is a great deceiver. Jesus called him “a liar and the father of lies”! Also, as the name Lucifer infers, he was originally the brightest and most powerful of God’s creations. He maintains a lot of power, including the power to deceive and still APPEAR as an angel of light. One of his greatest tactics is mixing truth with a lie, so that it goes down much easier and the deception is all the greater because we believe we are following truth. Hence, a lot of “religious” stuff, including “New Age” or “Mystery religion” deception. The lie that is hidden so well is deadly. The truth is that we are not and can never become “god”. And we cannot even make our way to Him on our own. We have to come HIS way…which He provided at great personal expense. He gave us an amazing Champion, His only “begotten” Son, who has already fought the evil one and He WON that battle on Calvary and rose again to prove His victory!

    God provided free access to Himself through the blood sacrifice of Jesus. Satan will do anything possible to keep us from faith in His payment for our own rebellion. He knows that his formidable power is no match for the power of the subsequent indwelling of the Holy Spirit which we receive when we place our faith in the work of Jesus for us, surrender our own will to God, and follow Him. From that moment on, the Victory over darkness is ours! The Power we receive through our faith in Him gives us totally free access to God as our “Abba”, and TOTAL authority over the “prince of darkness” and all his minions. As we grow in our relationship to God, through Jesus, and learn to rely more and more on the Holy Spirit within us and the Truth of His Word, we have total boldness to overcome the evil one in whatever way he manifests himself. Nevertheless, there is power and safety in agreeing together in prayer. Jesus said, “Where two or three are gathered together in My Name, there am I in the midst of them!” and “where 2 agree as touching anything, it will be done…” So, finding likeminded followers of Jesus and praying together is extremely powerful!

    (Sorry for the long post, but I figured I had one shot to get in the major Truths…Please, spend some time praying and reading the Bible…starting with the Gospel of John. If we cry out to God for truth, He will show us, but we have to do it His way. Please be careful of “angels of light” and teachings that side-step the Truth of the One, True “Sent One”… Jesus of the Bible.)

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