I have been reprogramming my mind and reconditioning it to how it once functioned prior to doing all of this deep research, intuiting, and writing over the past eight years. It’s actually more of a “rewiring” to sever and rebuild neural pathways I built along the way so that I can get back to a state of being in the moment, creating, and manifesting in a powerful and positive manner. It is a state that I always existed in, so this is a first for me to have to rewire these pathways.

I’m moving much quicker than I anticipated, as I’m already back to my state of observation with a sense of detachment and no emotional reaction aside from remaining in a state of peace, calm, and sometimes joy. I’m still working on the joy part, as it’s been a bit of a rough year for me personally.

I don’t know if people realize the internal programming happening within their brain that they themselves are allowing and in fact creating. The learning is important for awareness, but the repetitive thoughts and words are building one heck of a circuitry in your mind, and these control seekers are fully aware of that. I knew that when I took on this work, I would be soaking in a dark mud pit and it may become tricky to crawl out of, but I felt obligated to do so, and so I did. Though it’s taking me some time to rewire my brain, I’m enjoying the ride because it’s bringing me back to my old stomping grounds – a higher consciousness where the world is my playground, not a prison cell. Of course, it’s a trade off because I have had to step back from work to recalibrate and begin shifting into what I had always intended to get to…writing about the true power within us all. I wrote a little about this last month, if you care to check it out.

I’ve already begun writing down many thoughts and began an article, but I had to pause because I’m just not quite recalibrated yet and I need it to “flow” as it once did. It’s going to be fantastic and I cannot wait to share, I just need folks to bear with me a bit longer.

In the meantime, I hope that others are taking time for themselves and beginning their own rewiring. We cannot change the world until we change ourselves first, and it is so important to go within and do the necessary work so that one can get to a state of feeling whole, basking in joy, and being fearless and detached from any outcome. I reached the point of being fearless nearly a year ago. I guess there is something to be said for desensitizing oneself after doing all of this work, huh? Ha!

I hope people are beginning to realize – if it’s out of your control, it is a distraction and a time and energy suck. If it’s within your control – how can you exert your time and energy unless you yourself are in a balanced state without reacting emotionally? That is the state where creation takes hold and it projects a powerful force that inspires and motivates.

Let the rewiring begin!

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  • Anne Mason


  • Barbara Gayle Dailey

    Thank you, Corey, for the reminder of self love, so that we can love others. I too have had to un-weave the web within my mind, laid down by of all the chaos I’ve looked at, taken in.

  • Gerry_O'C

    Interesting line of thought Corey, i need to process my own thoughts on the ideas you
    address, and simultaneously remain very much aware that currently all types of mental and spiritual influences are currently rampant, running riot and ‘creating’ unconscionable havoc in peoples minds! We are living in a time when the protection prayed for and at the decisive ‘core’ (y! 😀🫵😀) of Psalm 91 is of incomprehensible importance in respect of our souls salvation. I’m caught for time at this moment, so i may comment later, if thats ok?!. I thought of posting a link to a work of Napoleon Hills unusual work ‘Outwitting the Devil’ that you may care to check out, ’cause you, with your sense of mission likely have much in common with the author. There’s a Secret Chapter of the volume that hasn’t been included in the book, however can be accessed at Sharon Lechter’s website or at least it had been accessible there. Here’s the link to the main body of the book Corey …

    • Marlene

      Hi Gerry – The Scripture that came to my mind as I read about Corey’s ‘rewiring’ adventure was Romans 12:2:
      “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind…” People can look it up for the entire context!
      It is dark and murky out there right now – we have to wash all that filth away, and get armored up – regularly!!!
      I enjoyed your post!! Psalm 91 is soooo good, along with Ephesians 6. Spiritual Warfare preparation to the max! <3

  • Barbara Guillette

    I’ve been reading Behind the Green Mask by Rosa Koire, all about and how we are being run
    Over by this train to a concentration camp. Rosa is dead I don’t know how but I’m sure it is not normal a great heroine.
    I will remember her name always you can buy her book cheap Amazon.
    Others in My community notice our memory is getting noticeably worse as is mine. .
    I don’t know if you received my last email but the reason the Netherlands is being attacked so much ,,is food route I see the word famine everywhere. Modeled after N.Korea to keep us so starving we are to weak to revolt. Also the ports in the Netherlands is being taken over by WEF being a trade route to the ports . Shawn Ryan podcast by a Navy Seal Yon. Who travels the world and is worried too. The WEF is taking over all the trade routes .
    Nixon labs finding all kinds of stuff in our water /blood reacting to RF. I’ll send link if you want.?
    Also saw a video someone snuck into these huge storage facilities where all the food slowly disappearing is being stored,big enough to hold many 18 wheelers and has train tracks inside. The state was mentioned but forgot actually where, but guess it’s Michigan it was in the middle of the US, as that’s where WEF has home US base in Detroit close to food supply? Tell Catherine about the Netherlands. Power to the farmers. But while protesting they aren’t raising food? My supply is frugal.
    Lena Petrova CPA stated cbdcs are not necessary, I think it’s just card ,,anyway I’m weak on this subject Google her name she’s wonderful.

  • Barbara Guillette

    Thanks Cory I’m not there yet. I’m just so mad at the deep state, the military for supporting this scam,
    Klaus Schwab from what I’ve read started as common man and now lives in mansion. He is even scamming the rich. Pay up or you die. Pay to play he promised them Paradise I read WHO is building home base in Maui . True or not? I know there putting something there. It’s a many headed hydra. A total takedown.i wonder why Kennedy picked a supposed supporter of the WEF for VP.? Regards a tormented soul.

  • Kim J.

    Wow, I have been feeling exactly how you described.
    I realize I have been reading way too many social media opinions/posts, articles, and watching too many videos (YouTube and rumble) about the crazy world we live in. I’ve even saved a lot of information from social media posts, photos etc on various subjects since 2020. Sometimes my brain seems to have too much information and a lot of it is not all that positive.

    I feel like so much is going on and I feel like I
    need to save information on various subjects. I don’t know what I will do with all he stuff I’ve saved in my emails. I feel like it’s history and must be saved. I guess I feel like it might disappear off the internet and I gotta save it and put some of it in a history blog of some sort.
    I’m doing some spring cleaning and getting rid of old clothes, books, papers, etc… and that is a good feeling.
    Also, had a lot of rain in San Diego the past few months so I have been pulling massive weeds in my front and backyard. Every time I get outside and pull weeds and plant succulents I end up thinking about nothing else. It’s like meditation in a way plus I get a little bit of sun.

    I’m having a hard time finding any movies worth watching (without all the programming).
    I might take up paintiing in the evenings instead of watching Prime Video etc…

    Anyway, I just want to say that I have been feeling like I need a break from the crazy stuff happening in the world. I think that’s healthy and that we should all really take care of our mental health because consuming all this information can be draining.

  • PJ Jones

    So sorry for all of the losses.

    I’ve been a junkie for conspiracy facts for years though I’ve been out of the country and not tuned in for many months. I’m at a point where I can hop back in or put my energies in other areas.

    So agree about the power we all have, and how it’s been hijacked. I will continue educating myself though I’ll focus far more on refinding my power rather than the hijinks of the dark forces. Everything that’s corrupted will disintegrate in any case.

    Thank you for this essay, and for last months as well. Sharing with friends who lately are on the same page.

  • Annie Beedle


    Your article is very timely for me and I appreciate all yourwork and efforts. I am reminded as to why I signed up for your “digs”. Impressive, thoughtful and kind is your center.

    God Bless You,

  • Elaine

    Corey, the one thing that was needed so people could move on from reading, watching or listening to all of the lies was a thorough explanation which you have given on everything you have shared. That way we didn’t have to waste time sorting through all of the gibberish and try to figure out if anything we read, watched or listened to was true.

    I’m sorry for your personal problems and saddened that you had to expose yourself to tons of demonic garbage to make the connections and find the truth. But I am grateful to you and will always admire your tenacity and absolute will to find and share the truth. Your reward may not be in this life but God will never forget what you have done.

  • Jamie Peterson

    Thank you for sharing. I love reading your personal writing. It’s so relatable and timely for me. Thank you for the hard work you put into your content.

  • Susan Pasquariello

    GOD bless you Corey – grateful for your article, as I know I’m not alone. I’ve been journying within for 33+ years, most especially the last 4. My Soul is not for sale – Self-Care = Soul Care. In GOD we Trust. Blessings to the Truth Warriors …

  • Gerry_O'C

    ….this is in response to Marlene, who answered my reply to the article, and i’m asking anyone seeing this who can to direct her to this reply if you don’t mind, assuming she hasn’t seen it…or if u are seeing it…Hi Marlene, thanks for answering, i can’t seem to find a reply facility on the page, though there must be one, obviously…i’ll keep this short…so in fact i’m very aware of a number of relevant verses in the N.T., thanks though for referencing, much appreciated and agreed…i don’t know if you’re familiar with the Substack application but scrolling through someone’s reading list the other night i came across one, here’s the link, i’m sure it may interest you … …i only had time for a fleeting look then, but i’ll soon be back for a more leisurely look … its a good idea to occasionally click on someone’s logo or name in the comment section and click on their ‘reads’ tab … it’s a wonderful resource…and if u feel like it, click on my name above my reply and then click on the google search results that emerges…it ought to take u directly to my substack, of the same name, consider you invited!…i only recently discovered this google facility…feel welcome to post a comment along similar lines on a recent post regardless of context, and if you feel so inclined, you might consider writing a guest post that i’m more than happy to post if the substack resonated with you…there’s so much you’ll find on substack!…you could set up your own in a matter of minutes…God bless Marlene, and thanks for your response!


    I am glad where I live there is still this thing called Spring, it rewires me a bit every year, as do all the seasons. The light from the sun changing in time and intensity. And another thing the DoD is trying to change with the chemtrails, trying to blot out the sun. Messing with weather heavily. All while encouraging folks to ‘go solar’. That alone should tell you how stupid they think we are and give us reason to withdraw all support.

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