Dig It! Podcast #14: Epstein, Klopfer, Five Eyes, McCabe, Buck, Spacey & More!

This week we discussed Edge’s dig into the Humpty Dumpty Institute in connection with Mark Epstein (Jeffrey Epstein’s brother), and many others, as well as Corey’s thread on the abortion Dr. Ulrich Klopfer who had 2,246 preserved fetuses in his garage, plus hot news topics of the week on Andrew McCabe, Ed Buck, Kevin Spacey’s accuser, Five Eyes & Canada, Kavanaugh, PA Senator charged & More!

Links to Digs we discussed in the podcast:

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Abortion Dr. Ulrich Klopfer’s Connections by Corey’s Digs

Dissecting Criminal Nests & Webs by Corey’s Digs

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  • ArmyAviator

    I imagine that Dr. Ulrich Klopfer was VERY PROUD of his collection of aborted human babies! How many were BLACK? How many were HISPANIC? Will we ever know? But, I bet you that Dr. Klopfer knew!

    There were MANY National Socialist (NAZI) criminals who were actually PROUD of the numbers of JEWS they helped to MURDER. I expect that on the LEFT, Dr. Klopfer is a hero! After all, he was only doing what “His System of Values” dictated! In the LEFTIST world of delusion and insanity, how can anyone argue with that?

    Of couse, Dr. Klopfer was WELL PAID for the murders of those 2,000+ children! What a SICK society we have become!

  • Liz

    Dear Corey
    Thank you for your outstanding research.

    I don’t know if there is anything to this but Wikileaks states that Amal Clooney’s father owned the Comet Travel agency in Lebanon when she was growing up.

    When I looked it up yesterday, its a business site set up a bit like Linked In. I guess when George an Amal have taken on superhuman humanitarian roles, rubbing shoulders with the global elites I had a niggling feeling at the back of my mind that something doesn’t add up. Now I find out that George has been mentioned a number of times in Intelligence files, Hillary’s & Podesta emails – researched by Tiffany Fitzhenry. Is George part of the clowns of America – using his popularity for social engineering etc and potentially worse? See Tiffany’s article read by Thomas @Tru Reporting

    Warm Regards

  • Rita

    Excellent research. I have been reading and listening to your work for almost a year.

    I do want to point out that J.W. Goethe is a very famous German writer, poet, playwright, along the lines of Shakespeare. His character Mephistopheles from his epic tragic masterpiece, Faust, is as famous as Dante Alighieri’s Inferno from his epic poem, The Divine Comedy, and Shakespeare’s play, King Lear. The “Butcher” certainly seems to have gone all in and selling his soul to Mephistopheles.

  • John

    Thank you for the work you do, Corey. I’ve only come across your work today, after hearing your interview Dr. Janda and just from what I heard there and the little I’ve read/heard while on your site here, I’m disgusted as to the kind of world we live in and how we’ve allowed it to get to the situations we see all over now. I only pray the public/people wake up and realize what’s going on. It’s time to stop playing games on FB and elsewhere… it’s time to stop tweeting every time you eat or take a leak and it’s time to take your head out of your butt and do whatever you/we can to correct this BEFORE but gets worse and before us “seniors” leave this sad world to our young ones. Mick jagger sang in a song that he loved living, that it was easy to do, but I’m not agreeing with that lately. I’m not the typical 65 year old man and I’m not one to abide by the “rules” when it inconveniences me or my wife. I’ll go down fighting if I must, but I’ll not subscribe to their fear-porn nor will I stay in. Sheriffs, need to be educated on the going ons of these criminals and police also need education. They’re to protect and serve, not to dictate and arrest. I’ll pray for your safety, Corey, and for our God-given RIGHTS to remain… or should I say, to be regained.

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