Under The Radar and Over The Target

Fame? No desire. Spotlight? Too hot. Popular? Could care less. Legacy? Immaterial. Recognition? The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth – it’s not about me, it’s about the message. Why do I fly under the radar, rather than shooting to the stage? Because, it allows me to send shock waves out in a steady stream, hitting over the target, while flying under the radar.

By trickling information out to one million people per year, from a faceless investigator, the significance goes mostly unnoticed by the heavy hitting twisted media, always on the prowl to pounce. And, as they descend in a downward spiral, my information tracks upwards to a place that will soon be out of their reach, for any attempts to invalidate my evidence, will become near impossible to spin because they will no longer hold any level of authority. Strategy, patience, and coordination. Interviews are spaced out in waves intentionally. Everything must be monitored.

It’s about the message. It’s always been about the message. This is a spiritual battle, but until the illusions are stripped away, spirits cannot flow freely. To wake one’s mind to the projections and misrepresentations that have plagued society with illusions so out of reach from the truth, requires explanation of great depth, but most of all – it requires time. To play their game in their arena requires a level of patience, tolerance, scrutiny, and a steady pace to endure the long game – without getting benched.

Building a historical library of evidence every step of the way, packed with resources for everyone to be their own investigator, and archived documents so the information can be carried on for as long as necessary, until most people can see with clarity, has all been required.

Working from behind the scenes was and is never about fear or self-preservation, but rather preservation of the information that needed to get out without being bottlenecked. People often project their own fears onto me, suggesting I should watch my six, be careful, get bodyguards, don’t get suicided or Arkancided. There is so much negative energy being fed into those words and thoughts of fear. There is no need for fear. I am spiritually protected, just as I was spiritually guided to do this work. This information needed to be composed and brought to the surface. That was Phase I – “strip away the illusions.”

Phase II is navigating this new world that is emerging. “Learn how to let go of judgement, for there will be much to judge.” As systems and structures begin to crumble, and some unfortunately hold strong, new ideas, thought processes, out-of-the-box thinking, and solutions need to be manifested and created. People recognizing, maybe for the first time in their lives, that they have innate abilities and skills that lay latent, all will begin to bud. Regaining the endless flow of power that lies within each of us, in so many forms, that most have forgotten or it was suppressed, needs a reconnection boost to tether those ties.

This is where I thrive – in Phase II. This is where I am in my element, in full creation, manifesting all that is beautiful and witnessing small miracles each day while communing with the universe each night. This is where we’ve all been headed for decades, most just weren’t aware of it until recently. Sitting idle while waiting or hoping for change doesn’t make the world go around, it only stifles it and keeps us all locked into a paradigm that no longer serves us. Setting things into motion – that is where the real stuff happens.

I will continue to roll out my book over the next several months, as it is the grand finale of agendas I am exposing, to reveal how the inner workings of agencies, government, and NGOs operate together to destroy and steal from humanity. Why? Because it is the very matrix of all things evil – it is the wheel that runs this world, and each spoke represents another NGO siphoning our lives away from us, another legislature acting from greed or blackmail, another arm of the government feeding the eye through grants or contracts, and another elite carrying out evil agendas. Even their investments tie back into the wheel. It’s all connected. It is their monetary system. It is the very core of how they make money, move money, control money, and hold power. All of the money – our money – can trace back to this system they’ve built. Read my book as it rolls out, and it will all become clear.

As I write and release each chapter over the next five months, I will also begin shifting in the direction of Phase II.

It has always been about the message. Rid yourself of the illusions, rediscover yourself, and take us all into Phase II. Every single person can touch the soul of another, can set things in motion, and can create change that will empower humanity.

“Make room for the light, for it is already in you.”

Corey Lynn is an investigative journalist, co-host of the weekly Dig It! podcast, and co-host of The Solution Series. Follow her at coreysdigs.com, on Twitter, Gab, Truth, Rumble, and Telegram. Support her work by becoming a Patron, making a donation or buying a Book.


  • Nana Albert

    Hi Corey…i love your work and i love the path you choose to do it! You know I think you are right with the light and positive energy and I too believe that! I am concerned about the high levels of selfishness and egoism around here in germany…it will be a hard ride for the poor people (mind, soul and bad surrounding environment)! I hope (like Dave from X22 report illustrated) the better will help to clean up the cities and change the mindsets of the people ( children safe now…hallelujah!) If it would be possible to educate the people to this point, i think it all will be possible! Much love from us and thank you for all your great work🐾👋🏼

  • Noel West

    I don’t know how I found you but so glad I did! Thank you for your great articles. I can discern truth. You are much appreciated!!

  • Grissel Trujillo

    Receive a big hug from Puerto Rico! Thanks for be so brave in the Lord! This is the time to put our lives in the arena for the Truth, the Lord and the Kindom. Continue until you can hear the Father said: Come to my rest, my beloved Son. Yes! Thanks Lord for the life of your Son Cory!

  • Apryle Budreski

    Your calling to this new media is no coincidence! You were born for this time and place for this very reason! Keep up the great work and thank you for educating this 50 something year old mom!

  • Alison Richards (aka Noni)

    Dear Corey,

    I’m sitting in an airport lounge waiting for a connection to the next destination on this trip called life. I read your article with pride and was inspired by each word.

    I ‘ve been on a similar journey, digging, compiling, scripting, documenting, analyzing and processing endless amounts of data and information.

    I spent 3 and a half months recording my own story then another couple months reviewing and editing the content.

    I wish I was as nonchalant as you Corey. My anxiety level increases each day as I get closer to the day my website goes live and my own story rolls out.

    But the truth has been long overdue. The Universe has guided me on this path towards exposing the evil. I didn’t have to look very hard, the details fell into my path. I even spent a few years shirking the responsibility of sharing my story because I was afraid and my ego wouldn’t let me look foolish.

    Thank you for your commitment. You are shining a beam that the rest of us can follow.

    Can’t wait to read more!

    Continued blessings to you on each chapter and Phase.

    Much love and respect

    • Corey Lynn

      Thanks so much Allison. I know you’ve been working very hard on compiling all of your information and I look forward to your release. Stay strong and safe travels. You are a brave soul my friend.

  • Catherine Huddleston

    Dearest Cory and all whom read her print,
    Thank you for Being the Love and Light that you are. For doing and being is perfect when you allow yourself to know. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you~ Love always Love ~ Catherine

  • Todd Smith

    What you are referring to is what psychologists call Normalcy Bias. I speak to people continually about this, how to determine where you are on your journey, and how to open up to new ideas and truths.
    Once people understand this better, they are able to process new information quicker and more effectively.
    You are doing awesome work and helping many others you will never even know about!

  • jack saunders


    You have expressed a cogitation I’ve been trying to define for a long time. I think I see a little more clearly in regards to the totality of what we experience in the 21st century. I think that the speed with which information flows is really our ally. Because we apply critical thought to what surrounds us, It makes us look slow. However, as we live in an age of sound bites, the fact that some of us dig for deeper understanding gives greater meaning to those who are willing to listen. Facts and remembered occurrences make us all the wiser and our message less vulnerable to the narrative of the day. Thank you for your thoughtful approach to such a bold undertaking.


  • Alan Nachman

    Corey, thank you for all you do. Greatly looking forward to reading your book! I share your links that you post whenever I can, hoping to further awaken the sleeping masses. Shine on!
    Thank you again,

  • Diane


    For the first time I listened to the link you put into the email sent on February 13, 2020. I was shocked. I don’t watch Brasscheck. So, I was trying to figure out who was the guest and who was the host. That guy Ken McCarthy may be a great guy but he is an awful host. You did not get to say more than 10 words for the first 7 minutes of his show. You were the guest and when a host doesn’t let the guest be the main speaker, they aren’t a good host.

    I did enjoy listening to your interview. I would hope that your followers and audience can get to see the meat of the problem we have in this nation and this world. I have chewed on the truth of that meat for a over a decade. Much study and research and reading was done to follow the bread crumbs leading to the culprits. They have had many names ascribed to them in order to be written and reported about without being censored from the universe!

    I don’t remember how I found your website but would assume that you wrote something that triggered the fact that you know who these people are trying to overthrow our government and the governments of the world for their benefit alone. It is a problem the world has had throughout history. I can only hope that the more I read what you offer on your site will reflect that fact to others as well who are just learning about this connection.

  • gazooks

    Wow, what a trove of conscionable intelligence woven in compassionate wisdom. To have landed here, perhaps, the premier site of conscious, individual resolution in a maze of fearful compromise, confusion, intoxicated hyperbole and slick misdirection feels like accomplishment in itself.

    Much appreciation, Corey, for your fine sensibility and determination. I’d better get busy, now.

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