Is AIDS U.S. $90B Taxpayer Dollars A Global Slush Fund? Chpt 2: The Global Fund

This is one of the largest, potential global slush funds happening right in your backyard! Through television, radio, products, events, and executive orders, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria is using their factions to prey on the weak at heart to donate your hard-earned money to a cause that sounds miraculous, while the government kicks in your taxpayer dollars as well. It is a $25 billion a year industry. The Global Fund itself has generated over $45 billion, ninety-five percent of which comes from taxpayer dollars through government funding from multiple countries, with the U.S. being the largest contributor to the tune of $18 billion thus far. Overall, the U.S. has contributed over $90 billion dollars to date through PEPFAR, to allegedly treat HIV in other countries. But how much of this money is really going towards fighting AIDS and who are they really helping – or hurting?

Chapter one covered ‘The Timeline to show a chronological development of just how this “Global Fund” and all of its factions evolved. It is important to read chapter one to fully understand the big picture before reading this chapter, as timing is everything, and three former U.S. presidents were involved in this. Following chapters 2-4, containing all three of Bill Gate’s organizations monopolizing this; The Global Fund, GAVI, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, over 20 other NGOs will be in subsequent chapters.

Something to consider while reviewing this extensive report: Those that are population control advocates are also pro-abortion, push for education of women and equal rights in the work place which reduces the birth rate, fight for LGBTQ and transgender agendas which also reduces birth rates via sterilization through hormones, and many have NGOs operating under the guise of “climate change” while claiming the population needs to be reduced due to the impact on the environment. That said, all of those in this report fight for the above as well, and are population control con artists. It is a con, because statistically speaking, the world has been in a major population growth crisis for quite some time, and the U.S. is at an 80-year low. The United Nations is at the forefront of this push, and coincidentally, the UNDP is the biggest recipient, administrator, and partner to the Global Fund and GAVI.

Keeping all of this in mind, many of these same folks are the ones in charge of the vaccine industry, health industry, and medicinal distribution. Is it possible that those advocating for the reduction of population could also be trying to save lives, especially those with AIDS? It’s quite an oxymoron. Also consider their dire message that those with HIV/AIDS need to take extra precautions not to spread it through sex, so billions of condoms have been distributed via these NGOs, which again prevents birth and reduces the population. Food for thought.

3 Factors in Determining if This is A Fraud and A Potential Slush Fund

Whereas this book is focused primarily on the scandals, money flow, supply chain issues, and misappropriation of funds, it’s important to cover the elephant in the room – HIV itself, because it may very well play a factor is this potential fraud.

Many people believe that HIV and AIDS are one in the same, because it has been promoted as “HIV/AIDS” throughout time, to create confusion. The reality is, Dr. Robert Gallo allegedly “discovered” the HIV virus to be the “cause” of AIDS back in 1984 after virologist Luc Montagnier sent him samples from Africa. Immediately following this discovery, he simultaneously created a “blood test” for HIV as well. It is said that the HIV  virus causes AIDS, an “acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.” It’s important to keep all of this in perspective while reading this book.

The 3 Key Factors

1)  Where is the money coming from? Who is the money going to? How much of it is reaching the people it is allegedly supposed to be serving?

2) Is the product, in this case drugs, reaching those it is supposed to allegedly be saving?

3) A war flooded the streets of America and consumed South Africa circa 1987-2008, and the classical scientists lost the battle. Did Dr. Robert Gallo ever purify a retrovirus known as HIV? Dr. Peter Duesberg, who was part of the team who originally mapped retroviruses and co-discoverer of the first viral cancer gene, published in 1987, in a journal called Cancer Research, that HIV was not capable of causing AIDS, that it was harmless. Other scientists went further, and argued no virus was ever purified. According to Dr. Étienne de Harven, a pioneer of Electron Microscopy, they “invented molecular markers to compensate for missing viral particles,” and The Perth Group in Australia has long argued there is no proof of HIV’s existence. There are three camps with different beliefs on the HIV virus, and we will explore all of those at the conclusion of this book, but one thing is clear – the Gallo camp consists of the U.S. government, all major media sources, NGOs, and big pharma, and if you dare question this camp, they will try to burn yours to the ground.

Some of the answers to these three factors will become evident throughout this chapter and future chapters as we roll through the organizations involved. The conclusion of this book will lay out these three factors in detail. First, let’s get into the guts of it and see who’s been running the funds to this operation, and the scandals that have plagued it.

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  • Trudy


    Your research is outstanding and much needed in this world! I know of a researcher on “malaria” who has done masterful work, and still has not had adequate attention to the research and proofs that are dramatically on offer!

    Please check out the documentary film 3 Billion and Counting to see the facts of how deception led to the banning of a substance that has and can continue to save lives — but is disallowed. The producer and fact-finder is an MD, DO and natural medicine, anti-aging doctor. His massive research led to the uncovering of a conspiracy to remove a clear safety blanket from the people of this earth. The history extends back to 1972 when the EPA condemned the people to removal of a life-saving powder, and began some of the diabolical patterns that lead to health catastrophes still on-going today!

    Please check out the web site and if possible, view the video or purchased the DVD. This information NEEDS to be presented to the world, and yet is blocked in most cases from even being noticed.

    This documentary has been removed by Amazon and YouTube, but still can be rented on iTunes.

  • Robyn

    Gallo did not discovery HIV but he did try taking credit for it. It was actually “Luc Antoine Montagnier a French virologist and joint recipient with Françoise Barré-Sinoussi and Harald zur Hausen. In 2008 he won the Nobel Prize in Physiology, Medicine for his discovery of the human immunodeficiency virus”. Gallo also tried taking credit for the first Human retrovirus HTLV1. But it was Bernie Poiesz and Frank Ruscetti who discovered it. Gallo took credit for the discovery only because they worked in his lab.

  • glissmeister

    The original diagnostic cluster included Kaposi’s Sarcoma. These tragically afflicted cases became the public face of AIDS. Duesberg, Rasnik et al demonstrated that KS was chemically (toxicologically) induced by amyl nitrate abuse common to highly promiscuous bathhouse lifestyle. Sometime in the 1990s KS was removed from the AIDS cluster diagnosis and tracked as independently for unique, vicious and lethal disease that it was. The AIDS/HIV cluster diagnoses rambled forth from there pushing the use of highly-toxic DNA chain terminators and other desperate measures that, in retrospect, caused profound tragedy and an epidemic of premature death within an already suffering and woefully underserved community.

    Of all the virologists involved, none had credentials or a body of work which surpassed those of Duesberg, who was vigorously and maliciously attacked from all quarters of the orthodoxy. To date, I don’t think any positions taken by Duesberg regarding HIV have yet been disproven.

    Even today, when most people think of AIDS or HIV they see the tragic image of a Kaposi’s Sarcoma victim suffering a terrible fate, poised at the precipice of death.

    Kaposi’s Sarcoma was never actually AIDS and was never HIV, but its imagery unleashed a tragedy of horrors within institutional medicine and medical orthodoxy that must someday be exposed and never forgotten.

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