Historical Hypocrisy & Psychological Warfare

This is an important pictorial book illustrating the psychological warfare taking place across America, with the same playbook being implemented in other countries, while hypocrisy is at an all-time high masquerading as fulfilling agendas. The majority of images depicted throughout are hyperlinked to direct articles, tweets, and videos.

This complete book can be downloaded in pdf format in the Bookshop with hyperlinks intact. Feel free to screenshot and meme any portion of this book.

Yet, physicians, celebrities, mainstream news, and Democrats all convinced them to take to the streets in packs of herds for Black Lives Matter.

Despite thousands upon thousands of people protesting elbow to elbow, and this large enclosed funeral, the majority of states remain under COVID-19 restrictions with limited gatherings, churches and funeral homes are still closed or only groups of 10 allowed, and “non-essential” businesses are not allowed to open or can only do so with restrictions placed on them.

Which ones? These health professionals?

Second wave of COVID-19 emerges in the middle of summer, as protests and riots begin to wind down. The panic push is palpitating as the cases climb, though the death rate is currently at 0.05%, only half of one percent. Of course, this includes all individuals who were dying of something else and the cause of death was marked as COVID-19, so that percentage is likely much smaller.

Fast Forward to May 20th, after two months of lockdown:

It is approved for use in hospitals, outpatient, and at home by prescription from a doctor. The FDA’s removal clears up the confusion that it could only be used in a hospital setting, when in fact it can be used everywhere. The data doesn’t support hospital based use for extreme cases, so they removed that restriction.

‘It is Destined to Happen This Way’
5-min must watch eye-opening video.

We can change this if everyone would simply open their eyes and ears, and listen to their common sense and intuition. It’s all right in front of you. They don’t hide it – they never have. It was just easier to look the other way.

They are moving quickly now and time is running out for people to wake up and unite – all races, genders, ages, and cultures need to unite against those that have been trying to divide and create chaos to serve their agendas, rule over us all, strip away our freedoms, keep us on lockdown, and turn this world into a one world governance. They are carrying out the same playbook, same narrative, same propaganda push, and same controls and restrictions on citizens in every country right now. It should be obvious.

Stop playing into their manufactured agendas to divide and conquer us all, and start recognizing that it is US against those that wish to RULE US. This is a physical, psychological, and spiritual battle, and we need everyone on board through prayer, mental aptitude, and taking action to put a stop to this. Our future depends on it.

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  • D. Joe

    Corey, I love your work!
    Got into a disagreement with a client yesterday about this mess we’re in! In short she said it was the protesters constitutional right to protest while complaining about losing a few members of her family to the virus as well as thoughts of two states possibly shutting down again bc of up tic in cases due to protests! I said these loser politicians should have stopped these protests, and that I have a constitutional right to work but couldn’t bc my business was shut down! Anyway, her points she was trying to make were unsubstantiated, hypothetical, racist emotional and basically the same liberal talking points fed to people through msm. I try to point out the hypocrisy to people I know as well as stories the media is not putting out but they believe these fools on tv for the most part. I pray it’s different in other parts of the country, but where I am I’m being told how oppressed blacks are while they are college educated, make 6 figures and live in their gated communities ….I guess my white privileged card has been revoked.

  • MickieKnows

    Dr. Fauci uses the words, “may” “might” and “probably” when giving us reasons for wearing masks. Is he covering his tracks just in case?

  • Sallie Ann

    Please beam me up Scotty….this planet is NOT WHAT YOU THINK IT IS ANYMORE. i want to leave it NOW!!!!

    The Communists will win eventually and kill all the white folks and install themselves as Permanent Dictators and rule over those who are left…… after they kill off all their useful idiots who helped them takeover the world.

  • Nikki

    Hi Corey Lyn

    Great work again hon.

    Heard recent podcast, sorry they’re FQ’ing with you guys sweet, hang in there, I truely feel your pain and frustration, you do have to laugh though and get good rest too, take care of you.

    Heard you say you needed a GOOD LAUGH (some truth in his deliberate ironic humour) but George Carlin very funny man and to the point, this an oldie but a goodie! Hes been warning sheeple too in his own way to since 80’s

    Am I aloud to share links?

    As for black lives matter movement, I once supported them, but those who are acting like “rabid satanic dogs of hell” as ordered following the evil demo narrative, thats gone Ferrel world wide, who are the true haters of all blacks, who ordered and tried to erradicate the black Africans by injecting them with AIDS virus in South Africa deliberately, who are acting as the good evil little minions for them, doing as they were told or paid for, have now lost any empathy I had for them, may karma be returned to each of them immediately so be it.
    The angry/frustrated but peaceful protesters I respect. I will stand only, side by side with you, but I will never get on my knees for or with anyone!.



    We are ALL in the fight for our Rights and Freedom. Fight only to defend for yourselves and defend each other, but only against the evils who want to control you, to divide you, to trick you, manipulate you, kill you to which they seem to be succeeding in doing a grotesque job of, right now!

    REMEMBER they run and manipulate the media, they
    are now manipulating the internet with algorithms to trick you, they are the ones killing not only the blacks, children and all innocents but everyone who gets in their way, by using their minions to do their dirty work and bidding by manipulating everyone they can.

    They must have caught these people who work with Trump
    In some pretty precarious positions to be able to manipulate, order them and make them go AWOL on Trump.

    Not 1 day has gone by, since even before Trump got elected into presidency, “NOT ONE DAY”, where the evil, disrepectful democrates have NOT let up, where they have attacked Trump and it seems manipulated everyone almost, within the whitehouse. WTH has been going on in America. Well whatever it is its happening everywhere- MindCrafting.

    Do you, their mind controlled Sheeple, not find that Super Bloody Odd!!!

  • Bgan

    Really informative website. Stumbled upon your work today and have gone through a few post, refreshing to find news that isn’t paid for to push an agenda. Keep it up.

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