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Hunting The Hunters: Inside The Minds of Elite Corrupt

There are many kinds of hunters, but they all operate from similar playbooks, and once you recognize the “elites” corrupt strategy, symbolism, and what they are ultimately after, the game can be turned…and you become the hunter. The following will break down how to track the NESTS and WEBS. These are two very different things, but the games they play are similar in nature, so the research strategy just shifts a bit to a larger scale. All of this can be done through open source research without any access to paid databases or boots on the ground, though if one has access to those, your search would be significantly sped up and you may garner additional information, especially a good background search database.

Hunting NESTS

child trafficking and abduction, child abuse, CPS, foster care, kidnapping

Nests are localized fronts that portray themselves as saviors of children. It is a group of people working together to build a nest in their local community that has all the makings of a child trafficking front. These are well designed with a system in place, and are more than likely using the children for more than pedophilia, such as running various tests, mind control, possibly DNA altering, and other nefarious things.

They always have people on the inside, such as through the local courts, social workers, law enforcement, and child protective services. They generally have connections with churches as well, and oftentimes are directly linked to domestic abuse shelters and homeless shelters. There is almost always a connection with a dentist. One can only speculate as to why, but potential possibilities may be access to anesthesia to put someone under, perform dental work and establish medical records with a new identity and add them into the medical database, extracting DNA, or inserting a small tracking device. The medical database can be used for a multitude of reasons, organ harvesting being just one of them.

There are many people that make up the nest. Generally there is someone or multiple people fostering children. Sometimes there will be local charities of some kind that assist with children, but not always because that can draw too much attention for these types of nests. Instead, there may be homeless shelters and/or domestic violence shelters, making the prey easily available to the hunters. A psychologist or some form of therapist is always necessary in this case. And make no mistake, there are almost always family members involved, whether it be husband and wife, parents and children, or siblings.

A doctor, attorney, local politicians, and teachers also play their roles in these nests. They have to have someone who is very computer savvy to monitor, surveil, and cover all fronts of false narratives, while having access to plenty of databases. If it’s a big nest, you can count on some high ranking individuals with surveillance backgrounds.

In order for the nest to function under the radar while out in the open, they need people from most of these fields to have protection from all angles. Oddly enough, oftentimes these churches, dental offices, shelters, and other connections, are setup in strip malls. Another oddity is that many times there is a storage facility directly connected to these strip malls or very nearby. One can only speculate on what these might be used for.

When you come across someone you are suspicious of being a hunter, dig into their family and friends, place of work, where they live, and what’s nearby. Search all social media sites for quick hits, and run background checks for additional insight. Always go back in time to try to find when these people first met because oftentimes you will find bigger connections you may have missed. If red flags are going up, start creating a map, zoom in on nearby locations and start investigating those. Look into the local NGOs, politicians, churches, people, and so on. Creating a map creates a visual that allows you to see from a birds eye view. It’s amazing what you can find from this perspective. It’s also important to create a timeline as you go, because inevitably you will come across a date that stands out, and when you cross reference it to other events you were researching, you will find the connection.

It’s important to note that many of these places, such as shelters and NGOs, have Board Members, and you will find that their Board Members and Directors often operate as Board Members of each other’s organizations. That’s when you know you are on the right path. Once you make this connection, look into their 990s (if available), and seek out the CEO, trustee, other board members that may have not been listed on their website, and of course study the money flowing in and out. If you have a Pacer account, you can dig into their past court records and see what pops.

To Recap

The bigger nests have a very strategic system in place. They typically have a skilled IT person, doctor, dentist, psychologist, court connections, law enforcement, foster and/or social workers, foster care families, domestic violence and/or homeless shelters, churches, and family members make up these nests. All of this research can be open sourced investigations, as there are plenty of resources available right at your fingertips, and you may opt to subscribe to a paid background search database, because it will cut your time down significantly.

Always take caution and be sure that your computer is secure when hunting the hunters, as oftentimes there are individuals monitoring their sites. Search from mock accounts instead of your own, and use a good virtual private network (VPN) when searching. In fact, a VPN should be used on all devices at all times, especially when banking and shopping online. If you have someone you can absolutely trust in law enforcement, you may consider passing your findings on to them for investigation. Be careful with publicly doxing people, as different states have different rules when it comes to ousting individuals. Private citizens are protected by privacy laws and may sue for releasing their personal information online. If there is a story on MSM pertaining to an individual you are looking into, that is fair game, but always be careful about posting their addresses and phone numbers. Politicians and some public officials are generally fair game as well.

Hunting WEBS

child trafficking and drug trafficking and money laundering

Webs are an entirely different beast. These are fronts for several nefarious dealings, such as money laundering, child trafficking, drug trafficking, land resources, and pay-to-play style actions. Oftentimes a single web consists of several of these actions. These are larger scale networks that often operate across global territories. You cannot research a web without understanding the mind of the elite corrupt players involved, being familiar with their strategies and tactics, and at least having some knowledge of their end game. This is a whole different level of strategy whereby they operate in webs, the planning spans years, and they all have common goals.

There are webs within webs, and yet they all connect. Each web is an operation with multiple players, and those players inevitably are also involved in other webs that all intersect at some point along the way. The elite corrupt are the bugs spinning these webs. They have a very strategic process to how they go about building them and hunting their prey.

Spinning The Web

1) They begin the planning stages of their web and part of this strategy often involves setting up shell companies. This goes up to the highest levels and they require large cover, so Executive Orders, Bills, and Acts are often put in place far in advance. They begin rallying for their “cause”.

2) They create an “initiative” that will act as the front. Some good may come of this initiative because they have to maintain the front. However, oftentimes the “initiative” is merely an illusion.

3) They promote the name, build a website, cite scary statistics in the first two sentences which are typically false, have their MSM buddies push the narrative, and they are off spinning their web.

4) They announce fundraisers and events to raise money for this new cause, and everyone jumps on board. Some know the inner workings, some don’t, but they all want to be buddies with the “Elite”.

5) They draw in multiple governments to partake in this front, who knowingly get involved.

6) They have now raised millions from governments, NGOs and billionaires that all want a slice of the pie. They already have the organizations in place to manage the flow of money, such as the multiple arms of the World Bank or USAID for example. There are many involved.

7) They now brag and pat themselves on the back for such brilliant advocating to raise money and awareness about their new “initiative”.

8) The funds begin disbursing, and low and behold, they go right back into the vary NGOs of those that were doing the advocating.

9) The governments get their slice of the prearranged pay-to-play, the NGOs get their funding to carry out their nefarious actions, the funding agencies take their cut, and the taxpayers have no clue where their money just went, as they gaze off into the sunset thinking “what a nice initiative” we helped with.

10) The web has been spun and the hunters begin their hunt. These elite corrupt pocket portions of the funding, use a portion to maintain the “front”, and spend the rest on raping minerals from other countries’ lands, drug trafficking, child trafficking, organ trafficking, slave labor, scientific experimentation on populations, building their underground worlds and paradise islands, and God knows what else. All a non-believer need do is look at the salaries of any of the current or former politicians were making throughout their life-long careers and do the math. How is it that they are all millionaires now?

11) Each web is a circulation of money: NGOs = advocators for funding, governments and other NGOs = funders, funding management agencies = money laundering. And all of the NGOs work together to provide the funds, receive the funds, and circulate the funds amongst themselves.

12) Next web: Begin at number one and repeat the cycle.

Hunting The Hunters

These webs are big, so there are always governments, NGOs, billionaires, and organizations running portions of the operations. The MSM and celebrities are always involved in pushing their “initiatives” as saviors of the world. Other organizations, individuals and staff oftentimes involved in the overall scheme, may include universities, ports, banks, shipping companies, chemical and equipment companies, construction companies, aircraft, and retail product companies.

Once you feel you have a solid understanding of the players within a specific web, and you come across a potential scheme you believe them to be involved with, start hunting the hunters. They make a lot of mistakes, they don’t cover their tracks as well as they believe they do, and they are loose with their money. Since the bulk majority of those involved in the webs have non-profits, it’s a quick search to locate their 990s and see who the board members are, where they are sending grants to, and the breakdown of their financials. There are endless resources available on the internet to pull up specific information about any given thing. Look into every individual and organization involved in the scheme, and remember…nearly all NGOs are subsidiaries of other companies, all of which fall under a parent company. So dig deep.

As always, track the location in which this “initiative” is supposedly taking place. Map it. Review everything around that immediate location and see what else pops. What are they up to and what are they really after? Did you find that the school they claim to be running doesn’t even exist? No surprise, as that’s a common theme. Are they supposedly shipping product, selling product, or making product somewhere? Does the address match up? Does the building exist? If so, does it appear to be big enough to house what they claim? Use critical thinking and get down to the nitty gritty to find the holes in the web. Are they stating statistics throughout their websites? Yes, they always do. Can you find other data that contradicts these numbers? Can you find articles that paint a different picture, and perhaps even show photos or offer testimony? Did they really require that much funding for what they claim they need it for? Where did all of the funds go? Follow the money. Do the math. Who all is involved with the funding, because that is your first clue.

Trace the timeline. They always have a starting point. It’s easier to find than one may think. When did they put out their press releases? This is where the MSM comes in handy, and can be used against itself. Find when it began, then trace back the meetings between those involved. Be sure it is the very beginning stages of the discussion. Now search for executive orders, bills, and acts that were passed within a couple years of the “initiative’s” inception. Search press releases from all NGOs and even the funding agencies, for they are famous for announcing themselves as saviors.

Google is not your friend, therefore use it against itself and all of the “elite corrupt” to expose them for what they truly are. Use keyword searches wisely, pair names with companies, names with other names, and use the search tools to narrow things down, such as the time tool where you can set a custom date range for example. They offer a lot of advanced search tools to expedite your search, plus some basic searches that may come in handy. Use Google earth to zoom in on areas they may not want you to see.

All of this requires critical thinking and analysis. Never make assumptions, and don’t jump to conclusions. There are generally several layers to all of this, so dissect it very closely. Sometimes things are exactly as they seem, while others, there is far more going on than meets the eye.

Use the weapons the “Elite” have provided for all to use, and hunt the hunters!

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  • Pastor Kebreau

    Bonjour/ Good Morning Corey,
    I’m so thrilled to read your article, it is more than an article it is a revelation.Your article exposed exactly the problem in our country : The elite corrupt strategy or in French : Les mœurs cachées de la Bourgeoisie. These disguise elite Predators opposed to anything that is contrary to their agenda.I hope there are independent newspapers that will embrace that important article, perhaps a path to help restoring trust again in our great Country. I hope others will push that article as much as possible on Social Media.
    I tried to open it on Twitter it won’t let me.
    Hope you can visit NY and if you do please let me know.
    I pray many many can support your work financially because those information are greatly needed to help this Nation or to protect us against those corrupt Elite predators. And I know It is time consuming.
    Heavenly Father bless those who are hungry for the truth and valuable information to support Corey ‘s work in Yeshua name I pray.

    Awesome work !
    Pastor K.

  • Jay

    I would advise that this is best left to the professionals that rescue children. Most top brass in law enforcement are protecting these criminals.

  • Ginny

    Hi Corey, thank you for all of your hard work it is much appreciated. My sister’s church is sponsoring an organization called Love146 that is working to end sex trafficking and I wondered if it is legit. I did a bit of research on them but can’t find anything negative and wondered if they are okay. Please let me know at your convenience if you have heard anything bad about them.

    Much appreciation.

    • Corey Lynn

      Hi Ginny,
      Sorry, I am not familiar with this. I do have a couple of articles on here teaching how to research, as well as a resources page. You may find those helpful. Hopefully it’s a legit organization. 😉

  • michelle

    Your website has compelling information and resources. Great job.
    I only wish I had more time in my life to dig in.
    Thank you for what you do and your site is now bookmarked on my lappy toppy.

    God Bless you!

  • Liz

    Very informative. Have you heard anything about Children’s Home & Aid? They have an office near my home. Their logo and proximity to the things you mentioned are interesting; court house, law offices, churches, abandoned buildings.

  • Debbie Sherrill

    Hi Corey, thanks for this article. It is sickening and heartbreaking to see the human race doing such evil and despicable things for their gratification, whatever that encompasses especially using children. Have you heard of Tim Ballard of Underground Railroad? My husband and I have seen a couple of his documentaries on how he got started in Child Rescue Ops. I heard good things about him and his operation. He just recently released a movie named Sound of Freedom with Jim Caviezel playing Tim to expose the depths of this evil.

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