Dear Diary, I Am Observing…

It is day 10 of our in-home quarantine due to a coronavirus strain that originated in China back in December 2019 and has since conveniently found its way into well over a hundred countries, including the United States of America. Of course, China hid this from the world, while allowing people to fly out of the country, but if you dare speak of it, the media and left-wing politicians will spend countless hours alarming the world that you are a racist. It’s quite something to observe.

No one can agree on the origin of the virus (aside from its location), and theories range from bats to bioweapons and everything in between. Meanwhile, China took it upon themselves to nastily implicate the U.S. military as releasing this virus in China, while the media steps up to show support for China by calling us all racists. Yep. This is the world we live in at the moment. Of course, Bill Gates is always front and center when it comes to viruses, which has always been rather bizarre, being as he’s a college dropout with no medical background whatsoever. But hey, he’s got billions, so who the hell cares?! From eugenics and vaccines to pandemic movies to Event 201, and on to donating millions to rescue the world from this virus, the savior himself happens to be located at the original epicenter, just 19 minutes from Life Care Center nursing home in Kirkland, Washington where it all began. Better yet, a web has spawned around him with at least a dozen nursing homes infected because some of them share staff, many of whom come in from other countries. It’s almost as though he has a front row seat. How sublime.

Then suddenly, the same day as President Trump announces a state of National Emergency, Gates announces he is stepping down from the board of both Microsoft and Berkshire Hathaway, in a flimsy statement on his LinkedIn account. How subtle. He fails to mention his focused efforts on the virus as being one of the reasons – this was a big red flag, diary. I’ve studied this man for years, and his lack of savior complex in the verbiage tells me Gates has something cooking. Rumors immediately circulated that he had been arrested. Not so. The man who first cried “pandemic” failed to mention the virus in his statement. Can you believe this? I can’t! Not possible. He’s up to something, as per usual, and I won’t let it go. But we’ll talk about that at a later date.

What’s really curious is that the first death occurred at the nursing home on February 29th, followed by over 20 more, and yet Governor Inslee has done nothing to get them the medical supplies they needed. This was the epicenter, the hotspot, the location everyone has been most focused on, but they have been given no supplies while staff drop like flies. They haven’t died, but many have fallen ill with no replacement staff in sight. They finally just announced that they will be getting supplies out to Washington, California and New York immediately, with no thanks to Inslee. The nursing homes in Kirkland area have now received masks and other medical supplies but are still awaiting gowns. Is Inslee willing to put lives in danger to take a President down or crash our economy? Is that what this is about, dear diary?

I am observing a multilayer attempt at a takedown of not only our President, but all countries, so as to create a new global governance where these corrupt, evil, thieving, excuses for human beings have their sight set on owning us all – even more so than they already do. It’s a small business dream park right now. Not. And in the midst of all this madness, and boy is it madness, the white hats who are looking to destroy the deep state, are conjuring up their own plans while gracefully taking hit after hit. It is quite something to watch… the strategies, the projections, the fear mongering and manipulation tactics that have captivated the entire world. THE. ENTIRE. WORLD.

Personally, I believe that this was planned long ago by the deep state. Whether or not China was in on that plan, they took it upon themselves to happily allow the spread because they’ve been a sinking ship and would love nothing more than to see the U.S. crash and burn. There are just too many damn signs and events indicating this was planned, and too many nefarious clowns falling into place to push the plan further. With Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx both having been tied into these deep state players for a long time, including their work with PEPFAR and The Global Fund’s HIV/AIDS agenda I’ve been writing a book about for over two years now, it gives me pause as to what is really going on behind the scenes at the highest level of our government. I suspect these folks were brought in due to their “expertise,” with a lack of replacement ability due to the fact that those in high level positions regarding our healthcare industry have long been corrupted. Are detailed observations being made as to how these two are carrying out their responsibilities during this new virus event, with close attention to who they are communicating with, I wonder? I sure hope so. One thing is for certain, former CDC Director Thomas Frieden, Bill Gates, and these two doctors are clearly gunning for a vaccine, and don’t appear to be overjoyed with the prospect that this malaria cocktail is helping people. They had bigger plans in store. They’ve been heading toward trying to chip us via vaccines for awhile now, and this entire event raises a big red flag for me on that front. I will be paying close attention to their future moves, because this is a precursor for what’s in store. If they wanted to wipe everyone out with this virus, the death toll would be through the roof, and it’s barely made a mark.

Meanwhile, they are about to pass a stimulus package bill containing who knows what, because they haven’t released the text yet. Prior to this, they were in agreement until Pelosi showed up with a 1,119 page bill she drafted up to include the Green New Deal, $90 million to the HIV/AIDS scheme, more tax credits for wind and solar for all of her buddies hoaxing the globe with climate change, election reform (and there it is!), billions for “Expenses and Salaries” for government bureaucrats, and numerous other Democrat-packed agendas which have absolutely nothing to do with a stimulus plan to help people who are out of work and the economy. Is this unbelievable? Not at all! This is typical and disgusting of how they operate. What a shit show! Whereas I realize Pelosi is spawn of the Devil, ALL of these people need to pull their heads out of their asses – quickly! Republicans are just as bad if they vote this bill in, and Trump needs to put a stop to this. God only knows what was agreed to in this bill, because as I type this, we still don’t have the final, final version. I am literally observing one of the biggest money grabs in history. A plan very well devised, no doubt. Taxpayer money! This entire event is about elections, money grabs, and controlling a population so as to control us in other ways further down the line. There is just no way to sugarcoat this.

Whereas the deep state would love to see us remain in submission in our homes, letting our businesses burn to the ground, President Trump stated just the other day that he wants to get everyone back to work and this economy rolling again no later than Easter, which is roughly another 2-1/2 weeks. From what I’m observing I believe that is plausible, despite the aforementioned money grab bill. I personally think that it never should have gone this far to begin with, as do most Americans and likely most of those in other countries as well. They want us all isolated, in submission, divided, and scared shitless, while teaching us how to wash our hands over and over again and talking to us as though we are vulnerable little five-year-olds. Sheer mind control, and people everywhere are submitting to it and wanting the government to rescue us. While Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti threatens to shut down water to what they deem as “nonessential businesses” who aren’t complying, Nevada’s governor has signed an emergency order barring the use of anti-malaria drugs for someone who has the coronavirus. My God. Is this even legal? I think not. This is how much they do not want these drugs to work, because they wanted their big, bad vaccine, which I’m certain will come to fruition eventually. The media has literally spun a story to target Trump and scare the population, about a man who died from ingesting a form of chloroquine used to treat aquariums, as though that was in fact the anti-malaria medicine being used to treat the coronavirus. This is how desperate they have become, and some people fall for this crap.

And if that’s not enough, we have multiple side shows going on at the same time. Hollywood is putting on quite a show for folks who are woke to their twisted nature and demonic pedophile tendencies. As they sit on their throne in their million-dollar homes, typing on their Corona typewriters (aren’t they cute?), whispering thoughts of doom, they make certain to throw in dashes of symbolism to catch everyone’s attention, because they know how it will play out. Most believe they are crumbling, falling apart at the seams, and on their way to their demise by means of massive arrests. But diary, what I observe are actors reading scripts, doing as told, playing a role, garnering the spotlight from two very large groups of people – the woke and the idolizers, while once again controlling the narrative. Even with their backs against the wall, they would never fall short of delivering their narrative. But their backs aren’t against the wall – they are sitting on plush couches in million-dollar homes recording their twisted ramblings to entice the masses, while pretending to ration food. How comical! And, it’s working.

Those that idolize these disturbing celebrities are being made to feel closer to them, relatable, and connected by the same shared fear – the celebrities are making certain of that as they deglamorize themselves in a creepy attempt to come across as authentic and being just like everyone else. Each one chooses their own style of “crazy,” then sits back and watches the masses go wild. And the crowd roars. All of their scared fans flood to social media to feel comfort from their idols, while those who are privy to their demonic ways, are calling out every element of symbolism they spot, including elements they don’t spot – because it’s simply not there. Yet, there are some idolizers who are beginning to see their true colors and are equally unimpressed with their whining, so on some level I believe it is backfiring on them. While Ellen DeGeneres chats about working on her magic, Madonna (or is it Madame X now?) assures everyone she is rationing her food in survival mode (hysterical!!!) and that Trump has failed the world and then jumps in a tub filled with water to let everyone know we are all equal and if the ship goes down we are all going down (as she sits in water pushing fear tactics and a whole lot of drama), David Spade is bowing to Tom Hanks as a God (probably for kicking off the closure frenzy), Maria Shriver is calling pink flowers green, and Drew Barrymore made an appearance pointing out how puffy her face is and how she isn’t sleeping (more fear tactics). It’s quite a clown show – of ACTORS.

I think Madonna’s big signal to this doomsday trend they are perpetrating, actually kicked off on May 17, 2019 when she released her new song titled “Future” – a song that was riddled with symbolism when performed on stage, including upside down crosses, New York burning to the ground and a message that “not everyone is coming to the future, not everyone is learning from the past, not everyone can come into the future, not everyone that’s here is going to last.” That entire show never left my mind because I knew it had more depth and meaning to it, and I even included it in an article I wrote a while back. But hey, on the flipside, a small sampling of people may see some pertinent information surface from all this attention pouring in from social media that shows just how deviant these celebrities are, or it could prove to be an epic fail since there is so much inaccurate information sailing at the same time. A missed opportunity.

As they continue to trend, they will ultimately continue to instill more fear and invoke more sympathy from those unaware of their agendas, while others clamor to their social media pages to find the newest piece of earth-shattering symbolism they blatantly expose. The irony is, both groups believe them to be in fear and having actual breakdowns that they are choosing to display to the entire world. All of this is reminiscent of their involvement with the “me too” movement and women’s rights movement, whereby they got thousands of women to wear pink pussyhats. I kid you not, diary. They did what they always do – they spearheaded and pushed that narrative while trying to blend in with common folk. These people push agendas, and that’s what I think people should be focusing on, not the other way around. Tom Hanks was the first prominent public figure in the U.S. to announce he (and his wife Rita) contracted coronavirus, on March 11th. He tweeted at 9:14 pm and exactly 32 minutes later the NBA canceled their season, which created a snowball effect of schools across 33 states announcing closures the very next day, in addition to Hollywood itself, and just two days later President Trump announced a National Emergency, as Netflix closed its doors. But no one seems to be focused on this timeline because they are distracted with Hollywood’s acting.

While we may be living in extreme times, with many firsts, these narcissists have been and will always be, about the spotlight, power, and controlling narratives. If they knew they were heading toward prison cells, in their weakest moment, the devil inside them would rise up to spit on us. Portraying themselves as weak, crazy, powerless individuals isn’t in their wheelhouse, unless they are acting. They are playing a role and it is working. They have managed to gain the attention of millions of people who should otherwise be focusing on more important things – such as themselves and the demands being put on us, as we lose more freedoms as each day ticks on. Yes, they are a distraction, just as they have always been. They are “entertainers.” I pondered the idea of them calling out code to one another during their little shows. The code I am witnessing is announcing to all of their speed dial friends to get on board with “crazy” because they have a narrative to control and need to stay in the spotlight while Hollywood’s doors are closed. Fear is the name of the game.

Is Hollywood crumbing, dear diary? I think that’s been evident for a while now. These people are into some very disturbing, sick things, including pedophilia and worse. Just look at Jeffrey Epstein, NXIVM, and Harvey Weinstein who is now claiming he is positive for coronavirus in a last-ditch effort for a “get out of jail free card” because they seem to be handing those out in some places. Are they sending out SOS codes because they need a fix? Well, these people have millions, in some cases billions of dollars, major connections, private jets, special deliveries, and listen to no one, except for perhaps Madonna’s favorite – Moloch. So, are they really trapped in their homes without access to whatever their needs may be or needing to ration their food? I think not! I just drove halfway across the country and no one stopped me. These people have full access to everything. The only question I have is… aside from their glamorous Hollywood gross lives, will they ever have to face the music for their crimes? Maybe someday, but I think for now, they are going to keep pushing fear tactics. This in itself speaks volumes to me. I feel like a lot of people may be missing this aspect of it.

Diary, it’s all so very disheartening to observe how people respond to fear and how it cripples their lives and their minds, while at the same time, it is incredible to witness the compassion and unity that arises when one steps away from their computer into the real world. While social media propagates fear at the highest levels, a constant warzone of chatter, families are going on walks together, neighbors are helping one another, and the nice man at the deli gave me extra slices of meat and cheese (at no charge) for my 2-day road trip, while praying for my safe travels! It’s astonishing the level of disinformation on social media, including countless trolls that push the narrative that their grocery stores are completely out of food, which is a lie. It’s another tactic, much like the popular toilet paper videos that went viral to scare people into hoarding. It’s all a game for them, taken out of a page in their playbook. But the reality is, shelves are not empty. Sure, some items are a bit scarce, but food is plenty, some stores are limiting the number of quantities per item, and people should stop feeding into the panic. All of these tactics bring me back to George Soros talking about how he enjoys creating social disruption in countries. Ah yes, surely a page or two out of his playbook has been invoked here.

And diary, I’m a bit concerned about recent videos surfacing of people going into stores and stealing items right on camera, or looting someone’s home, while corrupt governors are simultaneously stating that they are releasing some criminals from prisons and will not arrest burglars, all as the media keeps this front and center. Why am I concerned? Because the whole damn package is planned, is optics, is meant to go viral to instill more fear and provoke more chaos, and unfortunately, too many people fall for it. It absolutely infuriates me! It’s like the toilet paper hoax that no one can figure out. No one seems to know why everyone is hoarding toilet paper, yet EVERYONE ran to the stores to load up! Why can’t people see their game? It’s so obvious! Videos and imagery seed the mind, create fear, and it only takes a handful to jump on board to wreak havoc on the rest of the world. No Hillary, it does not take a village – it only takes a handful of you asshats! People are afraid to be without, so they must follow the herd. That have turned the world into sheep. Just look at us now… all hunkered down in our homes worrying that we may run out of toilet paper.

I was curious as to what’s transpiring in other states across the U.S. as well as in other countries, because they all operate from the same playbook. I put out a tweet asking anyone who wishes to share information with others, that it would be great to know if they too are homebound, what closures are happening, new rules or laws, if they have medications or vaccines and if they are being made mandatory, and what people’s reactions are to all of this in their area. It was amazing reading over 330 comments from all across the world. The general consensus everywhere, to differing degrees, is that most people have been requested to stay home, while some places have now made it mandatory. Most restaurants and bars and general businesses have closed, with exception of carry out orders. It’s crushing small businesses. I didn’t see any mandatory orders on vaccines (yet), with exception of Denmark’s new laws where they can force test, quarantine, and vaccinate their citizens. Sadly. Everyone is being told the same term – “social distancing,” which is no surprise, because these folks like their seeded terms, and keeping us separated from one another keeps us in their pockets. Many chimed in regarding the grocery situation, stating that there is plenty of food, just no toilet paper. No doubt. The overall consensus on people’s reactions also seems to be similar across many countries. Most people feel this has been taken way over the top and are not panicking, but they are also observing many people in a state of fear. I guess this split is to be expected among millions of people. I find comfort in knowing that there are in fact millions who are not panicking. I am calm as a cucumber, with my eye on the ball – their next steps.

One thing is for certain – the entire globe has managed to utilize a virus that appears to be far less lethal than many other viruses and diseases – and have weaponized it to make us all submissive. Billions of people across the world are submitting to rulers, out of fear, and that’s a fact. That is powerful, that is power, and that is a stripping away of power from the hearts of billions of people. It’s quite incredible to observe, tragically. My hope is that people keep their eye on the ball, rather than getting caught up in all of the divisive distractions that suck away more of their power, that they detach themselves from the perceived fear, and focus on building up their own internal power while preparing to take a stand in the future should mandatory vaccines or other nefarious agendas be pushed on us. They are already using this to siphon off as much money as they can, while robbing us of our right to work.

What I am observing is that fear itself is the real virus, and it’s contagious. People need to protect their minds, their hearts, and their souls, and recognize that there is something much bigger afoot, and time will tell how this all plays out. President Trump calls the virus the “silent enemy,” but the enemy I observe on a daily basis, is anything but silent. Most will likely take his term as a double meaning, and that could very well be the case. After all, he still refers to the State Department as the “Deep State Department.”

All I know, is that I’m guarding my toilet paper with my life. Until next time, dear diary.

Corey Lynn is an investigative journalist, co-host of the weekly Dig It! podcast, and co-host of The Solution Series. Follow her at, on Twitter, Gab, Truth, Rumble, and Telegram. Support her work by becoming a Patron, making a donation or buying a Book.


  • Arnold Ziffel

    The MSM, Hollywood, and politicians are creating the worse insidious contagion which is manufactured fear. They hope that we will turn over our freedoms for a false sense of security.

  • lowmainlow

    I highly recommend reading THE MICROSOFT FILE: The Secret Case against Bill Gates
    With the help of detailed accounts of private meetings and interviews with those close to Bill Gates, an investigative journalist traces the Microsoft president’s quest to drive his competitors out of business.
    The dropout has been planting malicious code or VIRUSES in his stolen from xerox/apple products since broken window’s inception. FACT. He created viruses and then knew it would generate revenue because there would be a need. Do you get the picture? Sound Familiar to what’s going on with Wuhan? Oh but wait, there’s more. Do a search of BIll Gates and Jeff Epstein, you know, the one with the island…. Better yet, do a search for Bill and the Prince Bin Al talweed that was arrested 11/4/17, they both owned the top 4 floors of Mandalay Bay… you know, the LV massacre shooter’s nest, where the patsy they blamed it on, Paddock was actually a gun runner and his wife worked with Australian Intel Officers [at the Golden Sands casino in aus] , one of of whom was staying across the hallway that night… anyways, I digress. Back to the drop out: Bill Gates happens to have a front row view. What are the odds of that?

  • Jennifer Ann Strickland

    Excellent article, Corey! I agree with you 100%! Everyone needs to be careful who they listen to and what they fall for. I’m not going to lie, though, I have really enjoyed the free music on YouTube from some of my favorite artists, some local, some not. I did hear yesterday, though, that there are some ” big name” musicians that plan to form a “fund” and play online to raise money. I have learned that I dont donate to those “funds” because the money doesn’t always go to where it’s supposed to. If people want to donate, go straight to the charity and donate rather than going through a “fund” or “foundation” who is supposed to get the money where it’s supposed to go. 9 times out of 10, they can’t be trusted to do that. Sad, but true. Don’t let the scare tactics work! We’re going to make it through this! Thank you, Corey, for doing what you do!

  • Shawn

    I had already read about Event 201 and PEPFAR, all the seemingly incestuous players. I live in Washington state a few miles from Kirkland and saw this in the local news of course just a coincidence that Gates had a solution to our test kit shortage ready to roll out. But where would the DNA information in those test swabs you were donating be stored and would they be kept private or used like the voluntary testing does? The other curious thing is that Gates and PEPFAR don’t just work on global AIDS treatments, they also treat global MALARIA. Why are we getting 10 million doses of that treatment drug donated from Israel but no one is talking about a donation from PEPFAR? Gates knows, so does Pence, Birx, Fauci, W.H.O. and others. Are they not interested in a cure?

  • Harry


    Thank you for all you do. Even so many Americans are succumbing to the “news” and their lies, yet I find it thrilling and heartening that Americans such as yourself are braving the unknown and publishing what they feel is the truth. Keep digging and don’t stop what you’re doing. It’s vital.

    Now, at the risk of sounding like a fanatic, I have a theory, but it’s centered on Scripture. Did you know that approx 25% of all scripture is prophecy? Prophecy is of course, the foretelling of future events.
    Did you also know that much of that volume of God’s word has not been fulfilled yet, as it concerns events that still, as yet, have to come to pass? God was very big on telling us the future of mankind, if you’ll only “dig” for that information. It is replete throughout the scriptures.
    Did you also know that of the prophecy that has come to pass, that none of it has been proven wrong? In fact, the Bible is very specific about the truth of prophecy. If it doesn’t come to pass as told of by the prophets in scripture, it is false prophecy. A lie. Yet none of God’s prophecies that concerned past events have ever been proven false. Not one.

    And now my point. Did you also know that America, or a ‘land across the waters’, or a ‘distant land’, or any mention of a country such as ours is found in prophecy? No where is there any prophecy of America (or a country described in such a way as to resemble us) to be found in the Scriptures. Why do you suppose that is?
    My theory is because the events of the end times involve, primarily, the countries of the middle east, as well as perhaps Russia or China, if we could ever really learn who Gog and Magog are.
    And by extension, that could very well mean that America is not a factor in the events of the end times. My thought/fear is that America is not found in the Scriptures and is not a factor in end times prophecy; because it simply is not a factor. It either does not exist or only exists to a minor extent where it does not have a major presence in the world or in the middle east any more. Not militarily, not politically, not economically.
    And this paves the way for the rise of the Antichrist to world domination. It aids him in his quest to be that antithesis of all that Christ is.
    What could cause such a thing? For America to be a non-factor on the world scene at the end of times?
    A major financial collapse? EMP weapons? Nuclear war? A major revolution that involves every citizen in this country?
    I think we may be seeing that may not be such a far-flung idea as once we thought.

    As I said, it is only a theory of mine, being an avid student of the Scriptures and Prophecy, and a Christian. I hope I am wrong, but it’s a thought that has nagged me for decades now, and is made even more possible by the events we have seen in the last three years. Am I saying Trump is not who he appears to be? Absolutely not. I believe, or at least I want to believe, that Donald Trump was appointed as POTUS by God. That God has allowed him to be our President for such a time as this.
    Make no mistake. God hears our prayers. And I suspect that more people are praying right now in this country than have ever prayed before. They are praying for Trump and his administration and for patriots everywhere. I know, because I am one of them. Think of it. If 50,000,000 people were praying every day to God on behalf of our country, do you not think God would be listening? I tell you He would be. And He would act on those prayers.
    But the elite and the leftists of the world cannot and will not halt their plans. Not for Trump’s administration, and certainly not for God or the good people of this nation. I think in our hearts, we already know this.
    Am I a defeatist? Sometimes, I suppose I am. But I am trying like crazy to not be one. But it’s difficult, even for a man of faith. Am I suggesting we just give up and let the evil forces of this world have their way with us? Most definitely not.
    Do you know what the term 3-percenter means? Look it up. We all need to be 3% patriots. But we need to combine our fervor with faith. And prayer. Because when you look at the faces of the opposition, and listen to the things they say and do, you know in your heart there are demons at work in these people. True demons. In other words, the opposition of God’s angels. They have been manipulating mankind for many centuries, so why is it so difficult to conceive that they continue to do this now? Only with increasing malevolence?
    Is there a solution?
    There may be for us and our children’s children. Prayer. Righteous living. A return to God and the things of God. And always; standing up for what is right, what is true, and what is Good.

  • Tess

    Walter vieth the UN and Occult agenda…

    Go to UNs website look up all layers on 2030 and Sustainable development goals
    Go to official Vatican websites of all the layers of climate pushes by Rome and the Pope.
    Lado to si, (sp) the popes last encyclical.

    The Paris agreement and all its layers
    Follow the money, follow the abbreviations, follow the key words phrases, watch the media, watch the actors on every stage, watch the propagation of key points that then happen based on their 2030- 2050 agenda. Everything is on board but the populous.
    Total onslaught series…

  • Tess

    Harry, you say you follow Bible prophecy. America is in the Bible. Do a study on Daniel and Revelations…
    Grab your Bible and read every single verse by verse.

  • April

    Corey, could you please go in-depth on Birx? I have not found anything nefarious there, but people keep ascribing nefarious intent to her, so I would like to see what you’ve found. I find it impossible that everyone who has worked within this system is involved in the globalists plans. That kind of logic would make us all culpable, because we are all complicit and working within their system to some degree. Please understand that I am not being antagonistic. I am open to changing my opinion with new information and sincerely want to see what you have uncovered on Birx. Thanks!

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