Tell Congress To Protect Homeopathic Medicines

Americans for Homeopathy Choice are on top of the FDA’s recent announcement, and they need your help. Here’s what they have to say:

We want to be jolly this special time of the year.  And, there is certainly much to be thankful for including the continued availability of homeopathic medicines important to our health and that of our loved ones.

But with the FDA making its proposed new guidance final this month, we now must face the prospect that some of our cherished medicines could be gone in the new year as the FDA decides to eliminate remedies that it considers “too risky.” We don’t know what the FDA is talking about because properly manufactured and labeled homeopathic medicines have never—I repeat, NEVER—killed or seriously injured anyone in over 200 years of use!

We need your help this holiday season. Read the FDA’s guidance and send a clear message to Congress to protect homeopathic medicines here.

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  • Valerie Protopapas

    When are we decent people going to learn? TELL CONGRESS???????? Congress and the rest of our government and our “culture” don’t give a damn what we the People want! Our last two elections should have made that clear as well as vaccine mandates and all the rest. The American people are no more “in the loop” of government. We are being “governed” by people who elected themselves and have no interest whatsoever in what “the governed” want, need or demand.

    As long as things remain as they are, we are no more free than are the slaves in China.

  • Alisa Battaglia

    There is no reason to remove Homeopathy since they were previously considered inert.
    They produce no harm and have been around for centuries.
    Thank you

  • Anne

    We have been using and prescribing homeopathics for 30 years with never any issues We have had miraculous results especially in children The FDA approves toxic drugs that cause long lasting issues but wants to remove a harmful treatment that has been used for over 100 years They can’t say it hasn’t been tested and shown to work Other countries use homeopathics primarily for their medicines India France to name a few We lived on. French island when my children were little and one was injured by a puncture would When treated at the hospital they used all homeopathics This is about money and control not what is good for the people

  • Alma

    Do you really tthink there going to do this ? thats compation for big Pharma . and alot of Herbs have been pulled from the markets . when it should have been alot of these so called perscription drugs with sometimes illreverseable side effects . posion .

  • Jerry Vaitulevich

    I don’t know why you believe that sending any message to ANY politician will do any good. They are ALL corrupt and the republicans are the same as the democrats. The time of this type of action is long gone, not that twenty years ago was all that much better. There are so many issues that Congress could have addressed since JFK’s assassination and even well beyond, back to forcing a central bank on the public quaintly called The Federal Reserve which is no more federal than FedEx. I am a sceptic as you may have noticed and with good reason. I’ve followed the actions of this fully corrupt government for years and the quintessential of a false scamdemic with the lockdowns and the push to kill millions of Americans and many more worldwide with a fake vaccine, rigged elections installing a mentally incompetent criminal president and the traitor “Obama-aka Barry Soretoro” who’s job was to destroy this country! Where were the politicians then? They were well aware of all these things and became accessories to the crimes because they did nothing and that is their true job…to do nothing (but get re-elected). Well let’s hope they might stop the corrupt FDA.

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