My Personal Experience with Covid-19 and Digging Up The Evidence, for Transparency

As an investigative journalist, I have written numerous reports on Covid-19, including information from inside the hospitals, tying together data points, the science, big pharma, funding, therapeutics and vaccines, and the impact it has had on our economy to the detriment of the people. In addition to hundreds of hours of research, analysis, and first-hand observations, I have had personal experiences and connected with many in the medical field. Because I have published so many reports regarding Covid-19, for transparency purposes, I want to share how I have arrived at my conclusions, as well as gathered the evidence to back my reports.

Early on, when Covid-19 first hit the U.S., I was already observing false flags, viral video propaganda, and bad actors warning people that 1-2 million people would die. I’ve seen this show before. I’ve observed it, researched it, and in some cases lived through it. They come on strong with harsh fear tactics and spew exaggerations to suck everyone in. It’s the fear hook. Ultimately, it never evolves into what they say it will, but they keep everyone on the hook for as long as they can, until the next “epidemic” or “pandemic” allegedly breaks out. Many of us witnessed this with HIV/AIDS, which has been a decades-long slush fund that I have been writing a book about. I’ve released the first 3 chapters, but had to table it to cover the Covid madness. Once you’ve been through it, observed it, and researched it extensively, the patterns and their maneuvers and manipulation tactics are crystal clear to spot. So I had to get to the bottom of Covid-19 and weed through fact from fiction so I could share this information with the masses. Does this make me an expert on the matter? No, but I pull all data points from the alleged experts, such as those below.

Throughout this year, I have followed and documented data, verbiage, video, and content from the White House Covid-19 Task Force, CDC, WHO, NIH, Johns Hopkins, HHS, FDA, BARDA, Covid Tracking Project, Bill Gates, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. Deborah Birx, America’s Frontline Doctors, big pharma, legacy news media talking points, and numerous scientists and doctors. I do not take my work lightly. I listen to their words, analyze their voices and body language, scrape all of their data and statistics, pull scientific studies, and document real data, manipulated data, retractions, hypocrisy, blatant lies, and doublespeak. With exception of them hiding and removing data, these organizations and people are actually quite transparent. Their trickery is like watching a bad magic trick.

I have also spent a great deal of time communicating with over 20 medical professionals who work at hospitals throughout the U.S., ranging from RNs, critical care nurses, respiratory therapists, technicians, paramedics, MDs, pathologists, and a medical examiner. I verify employment for any of those whose information I utilize in my reports. Additionally, I have friends and family members who also work at hospitals. I have reviewed real causes of death logs, xrays, and legitimate Covid hospitalization counts at specific hospitals from internal computers. I have spoken at length with a medical examiner who has performed autopsies on Covid patients.

In addition to all of the above, I want to briefly share my personal experience. I do not wear a mask, and have not worn a mask since this began, with the exception of 4 times. Twice I had to have blood drawn at a medical facility, once was to cast my vote in the 2020 election, and once I briefly wore it to be seated at a restaurant. I have gone into several different grocery stores, convenient stores, several hardware stores, coffee shops, banks, restaurants, gas stations, drugstores, indoor shooting range, and fast food places without ever wearing a mask, while everyone else around me is wearing one. It is a symbol of submission and signals to everyone around that it is ok to submit to this tyranny. I will not do it. I have read the studies, though that wasn’t even necessary, as a child could tell you that these masks don’t work. I’ve also run all of the data to know that this “virus” isn’t nearly as contagious as they stated, and studies prove this as well. That is documented in part 4 of my most recent 5-part Covid-19 report, and the first 3 parts are already published. In fact, the 90% who test positive, yet are strangely asymptomatic, are not the “super spreaders” they have alleged them to be, and studies now reveal that as well. This is also in part 4.

After all of my research, just how contagious do I believe it is? I’ve never worn a mask, with exception of those few times I indicated above. I had a 90-min massage by a massage therapist who had a low-grade fever and headache just a few hours later, and tested positive for Covid. She was physically touching me and breathing over me for 90-minutes and I did not contract it. Nor was I “asymptomatic” and passed it on to anyone in my sphere, including my elderly parents. Am I a beacon of health, pumping myself full of vitamins? I probably should be, but I don’t. I also have a very close friend who was visiting her elderly dad numerous times in a hospital and nursing home. Neither of them ever contracted it, nor did her mom. My elderly father is out and about in public places every day and has never contracted it. My friend’s teenage son contracted it and only had a headache and mild fatigue. She and I had already been hanging out when she discovered he tested “positive.” Neither of us contracted it or “spread” it to others. I have a close friend who’s 10-year-old daughter spent the night at a friend’s house and a few of them, including her daughter ended up with low-grade fevers and a headache that lasted a day. They tested positive, so decided to all continue hanging out together. In fact, her daughter was excited and said, “mom, I just became a part of history!” then she ran off to play with her friends. Though this is sad, and cute, and funny all at once, the point is… she had no fear, thanks to her wonderful mom.

Does this mean that no one has contracted it or the “virus” doesn’t really exist? Of course not. A virus exists, just as coronavirus strains have existed for years, but it’s not the deadly virus they want everyone to believe it is, the PCR tests are completely faulty, the lack of prescribing simple therapeutics is criminal, and everyone knows the ventilators are a death sentence. The entire history of how the virus emerged is shrouded in lies. It is no worse than the flu, and all numbers point to this. I have a cousin whose father tested positive for “Covid-19” and had terrible respiratory issues because of other conditions he had. He was hospitalized and was briefly put on a ventilator, then finally got the hydroxychloroquine / antibiotic remedy and was fine. Just as influenza and pneumonia can exacerbate preexisting conditions, so too can coronavirus, but data and studies prove it is no worse than the flu. The real virus is fear, and the real threat is the authoritarian governors, media, corrupt politicians, big pharma and stake-holders who stand to make a lot of money while attempting a worldwide power play.

The fact is, when you review all of the data put out by the CDC and other organizations, it’s quite easy to discern that the numbers have been exaggerated on all counts, especially when Dr. Birx herself has informed the press and American people, during press conferences, that they are counting everyone who tested positive for Covid as a Covid death even if they died from other causes, including gunshot wounds, car accidents, or a week left to live in hospice. The problem is, the media buries that while pushing the narrative they want everyone to believe – that this virus is a death sentence – so that people will comply, as they obliterate the economy and people’s lives. It’s criminal and quite evil and it infuriates me to my core, as it should every American and everyone dealing with the same tyranny in their country.

The work I do is to extract the facts no matter which way they go, provide the evidence, and expose the truth so that people can make informed decisions. I am neither a doctor or a scientist, but then, neither is Bill Gates. I do not like people being taken advantage of, manipulated, or having their lives ruined by those who wish to hold power and control over them, and are willing to do it at any cost. This is why I do what I do, in the hopes of giving people a fighting chance by being armed with knowledge.

I have published over 150 articles and in-depth reports on topics and agendas that directly impact mankind. Six of them have been used in three legal cases due to the evidence they provided. I have published over a dozen on Covid-19. You can read my most recent 5-part series on Covid-19 here. This complete series will be made available in The Bookshop as well, once all 5 parts are published.

All of my investigative reports are available for free on this site, and many are also available in PDF format in The Bookshop for download at a small fee. My work is solely reader-funded, so any support is greatly appreciated.

Corey Lynn is an investigative journalist, co-host of the weekly Dig It! podcast, and co-host of The Solution Series. Follow her at, on Twitter, Gab, Truth, Rumble, and Telegram. Support her work by becoming a Patron, making a donation or buying a Book.


  • Candace Haft

    My daughter, 18yrs old, worked at an assisted living facility for the last five months. She worked as a resident aide and was in direct contact with Covid positive people.

    In November, the facility had 23 positive cases, 4 were hospitalized with other underlying conditions, 2 died WITH Covid not from Covid. The rest recovered and were treated at the AL facility.

    Our daughter never got sick, she was tested frequently, my husband and I never got sick. Her coworker tested positive, she had sore throat and a headache, and felt fine a few days later. We’ don’t do anything special. I don’t wear a mask, nor does my husband. I believe it’s criminal pushing the fear factor and lockdowns.

      • DH

        Corey, thanks so much for the work you do. Have you found any correlation with increasing COVID hospitalizations or deaths following the flu shot? I am a contract worker at a hospital. I have a medical exemption. Several of my coworkers and one of our specialty MD’s got sick and tested positive after getting the “mandatory” flu shot. Other co-workers who have exemptions or refused the shot have not tested positive even though there have been exposures – mostly outside of the hospital. One of my friends from childhood, who worked for the hospital also, died within a month of getting the flu shot. She was diabetic and obese ( not morbidly). It seems to me that symptomatic people test positive because they have some vulnerability that makes them more susceptible – such as recent vaccination. I think they die with COVID, not from it. My friend who died had tested negative within days of her death. The cause of death was listed as cardiac arrest.

        • Corey Lynn

          I did have a few people who work at hospitals make similar correlations to what you are saying, however, I don’t have access to patient files so I would have no way to validate if positive tests and/or deaths followed flu vaccines. I know that the question itself isn’t even asked in many cases, so it’s not documented. Hard to track.

          • DH

            I usually review the “Flu Vaccine Assessment” that is required in all patients’ charts during flu season. Most of the patients we treated who were COVID positive had the vaccine – earlier this year and currently. I can only think of 3 cases where that was not true out of maybe 100 that I reviewed.

          • Candice

            Hi Corey,

            I have wondered, also, if there is a correlation between getting the flu shot and getting COVID. It seemed like there was a huge spike in COVID cases after people started getting the flu shot this year. A friend that recently got the flu shot told me she was sick for a day after getting it this year and that she has never had a reaction like that from the flu shot. I was really curious about this so I started looking around the CDC’s website and I didn’t realize there are 4 different flu shots, one of which is stronger than the others. I read this flu shot was introduced in Italy for the first time this year so there were suspiscions that this and the large amount of COVID deaths in Italy might be linked. What if a lot of the residents in nursing homes got the flu shot and then were exposed to COVID? Like in NY and other states that mandated nursing homes had to take in COVID patients. I know that older people are more likely to die from COVID but what if it was helped along by weakening the immune system with a flu shot?

        • Lea

          My husbands facility had no one positive for the CV virus. Then about 6 weeks ago, management offered ‘free’ flu shots. My husband declined, he has never taken it, as he takes vitamin D/K combo daily and hasn’t been sick in years. He is in his 60’s, but healthy and fit, with slight high blood pressure, that is treated with medication.
          Within a week, several people tested positive for CV. It rolled through the facitlity in waves. My husband has declined the test as he has had no symptoms. He has been working 60 hour work weeks, covering for everyone. We suspect it was the flu vaccine that set off the CV cascade.
          Fyi: all have recovered 100% with 0 hospitalizations

      • Kurt Anderson

        Hi Corey, What an excellent series on the Wuhan flu plandemic. Like you I never wear a mask and sometimes feel like a ram among the sheep when I go out. I am considered a necessary worker and work closely with teenagers daily. We have been told the vaccine will be available to us in a few weeks so I went and got tested just to see if I had already been infected and already had the antibodies. I tested negative after all that traveling last summer and being surrounded by people at work. So I’m not going to get vaccinated. One thing is clear. I am totally fed up with the sanctimonious manipulation we have been subjected to. I want those who have perpetrated this nonsense to pay a big price for their malfeasance. I just feel Powerless to do anything which further infuriates me. My conclusion is I will simply think freely, speak my mind freely, and go and do whatever I want, wherever I want, and live as a free man should. If all of us did that these puffed up power addicts wouldn’t be able to push anyone around. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. Kurt

      • Sylvia webb


    • Melisa Kleber

      Have you run into proof during your research about the WHO redefining what a pandemic is so they could deem it a pandemic?

  • Greg McNulty

    Corey, just wanted to thank you for all you do. I listen to your show with the Speaker and Sharp Edge. I love you guys, only wish it was daily. I sent some $ a couple months ago and will do more shortly. Please keep it up. Add me to your email list please should we lose comms. I count on you, I work way to much to be able to research on my own, and you and the team are so great.

  • Cindy Duffy

    Corey-you are an amazing young woman! I found you when the plandemic first began and have gratefully followed you ever since. You are smart, logical and honest. Three qualities all missing in journalism today. Thank God for people like you who aren’t afraid to speak the truth. Keep doing what you believe in. We believe in you and thank you for continuing to speak the truth. May God bless and keep you and those you love. Cindy D

      • Alice2

        Aileene, I also have copd and emphysema, but not afib. I haven’t had a flu shot in more than 20 years. Some years I get the flu, some I don’t. Like everyone else, I presume.

        I do not wear a mask anywhere I go, with few exceptions like Corey’s. It’s been all these months, been around folks who “tested” positive for C-19 and I haven’t gotten sick. I do take Vit C and D every day.

        I won’t take the C0v1d vac under any circumstance. Just my experience and opinion. (((hugs))) to you.

  • Curt Curley

    To me Covid 19 is a total lie. Somebody show me the scientific proof that Covid exists! Last I heard virus is an unproven theory. Over the years science has been calling ‘symptoms’ a virus. Mix and match symptoms and voila the latest virus to explain a sickness that they have no other way to explain. No doubt, like never ending cancer research it’s big money and secure jobs for Rockefeller’s AMA.

    The best explanation that I heard for how they are pulling off this Covid 19 scam is that they took a chemical sequence from mRNA that can be found in 80% of the human race and placed it in their testing tools. When the tester sees that sequence it registers positive. It gets more complicated because the testers also recognize other gene sequences so it gets confused hence all the false results.

    Remember, doctors are Not mechanics, they just assume the testers are doing what they are lead to believe they are doing.

    As it’s been said ‘There is no end to what people will believe.’ The public is stunningly easy to fool, not because they are dumb, they have been taught in school to trust ‘authorities,’ ‘experts,’ ‘sources,’ ‘officials,’ ‘unidentified sources tell us,’ ‘studies show,’ ‘experts agree,’ and on the deceptions keep coming because people above us know best, that’s why they have parts of the alphabet after they’re name. We know best ‘trust us.’

    Truth really is stranger than fiction. Fiction has become embedded so deeply into our psyche that truth, when it is revealed is almost automatically scoffed as fiction.

    I just wrote 6 pages which I am trying to get the Whitehouse to look at that shows that nuclear bombs are impossible to ignite in war. Like Covid 19 the public has been hoodwinked into fearing atomic warfare. It’s all about fear and then control.

    Hidden in plain sight- Has anybody noticed that there has never been an atomic detonation in war since Hiroshima and Nagasaki 75 years ago? Did you know that, by ours and Russia’s own admission there are over 220 atomic bombs unaccounted for? If these bombs are so dangerous how the hell did they loose over 220 of them?

    With governments thing’s are almost never as they appear. The mass hoodwinking is breathtaking in its true scope.

  • Steve Yanke

    Could this all have been done just to get the nation to open up mail in ballots so that the election could be rigged easier?

    1: Stopped Trump rallies which proved that Trump was going to win by a landslide.
    2: Gave States the excuse to allow mail in ballots & & extended voting time…

    Just saying… God Bless all yall, and Merry Christmas…

  • John Alexander

    Dear Corey,
    Thanks for your fantastic articles and research.

    I am from South Africa where we are also being forced into second lockdown and a curfew on top of that is in mid summer here.
    The PCR Ct is bieng manipulated to generate “cases” to justify the draconian policies that are bieng used to take away our civil liberties. It is of course the poorest who are suffering the most as their jobs have been decimated as have many small businesses who would employ many of them.

    I recently read a very interesting comment in an Australian publication the Quadrant where the author said “On the other side, the shutdowns have not merely mortally wounded large swathes of small business, but also have attacked and eroded a fundamental foundation of our freedom — the right to private property. To be clear, if you owned but could not operate your business, your right to property was destroyed. In those instances where bankruptcy ensued, what we see is, in effect, ruin without possibility of compensation.”

    I am a retired pensioner and don’t have any fear of this “virus”. IMHO it is simply another mutation of a typical influenza like virus we get every year in winter. The Governemt responses have been disgraceful worldwide. There is clearly an agenda.

  • Kandis Tuck

    Hi I am greatful for your honesty. My friend is diabetic and her blood level went up to 1700. Not only did she spend 3 weeks in icu and no covid but then she spent 3 more weeks in a nursing home and she is still not caught covid. I have known since the end of March that this has been propaganda. Sincerely, Kandis

  • karen wright

    All so sadly true and horrifying. Thank you so much for standing up and being a free and solid informed citizen.

    Those that are espousing this governmental narrative are satans foot soldier.

  • John


    Thank you for your point of view it should help others. A couple of points I wish to improve upon, If I might.

    Corona is a class/group of all viruses including flu (influenza) and colds. If Covid 19 were real it would be encompassed in the Corona class and would be one of thousands of Corona viruses. Note the tests are not for Covid 19 specific, but for Corona virus (the class).

    The test itself it not faulty, the inventor of the test stated, “it cannot identify a specific virus.” Using one cycle in the test it will identify you have one of appx. 1,000 viruses. The current test when run is at least 25 cycles. That is like cooking a roast at 350F for 20 hours to make sure it is done. IT IS REALLY DONE The test will pick up any, ANY, virus from at least 5 years ago. Test results have come back positive for people that signed up, but left the line before the test. Many implied tests as you suggest are simply fraud.

    Follow the money states get $100,000 plus grants for each Covid death. Hospitals get $1600 for each Covid patient with a lot `if they are put on a ventilator. Senior care homes, and others as well as Counties get grants. A BIG reason for the lock downs. Social distancing, masks and closures is to keep you from interacting. Apart you are left to the MSM to learn the news (PROPOGANDA). Get out and interact, take the mask off and refuse to shop at stores that force masks. Tell them you have issues (we all do) and they are supposed let you in to shop. I use it all the time and have only been asked to leave 3 stores… I don’t shop there any more and in a clear voice let it be know that mandates are not laws and are against our constitutional rights so that others could hear. More need to do the same. Watch for people wearing the mask below their nose; they are half way there to not wearing a mask. You not wearing a mask and being friendly to others stimulates the chance they might stop wearing theirs

    Masks are dangerous to your health and can land you in the hospital. The carry and can grow all the bacteria, virus, fungus and mold you are trying to avoid. OSHA demands 95% oxygen in work environments. A mask reduces your oxygen levels to 75%. Your blood and organs, including your brain, need oxygen to function. Notice you feel tired after wearing a mask for only a short period. That is the first sign of oxygen deprivation and your brain is the most sensitive. Oxygen deprivation can have serious issues killing brain cells, but hey you probable have extra and don’t need to be that smart anyway. And your mask wearing kids are getting stupiderist, by the minute so they will never notice. Keep that mask and wear it in support of others, while “dumbing” down. Or be proud, take off the mask, be a hero and stand up for America and against the overreach of this unconstitutional PLANdemic.

    For 2019 the CDC documented no common flu. Covid 19 surprisingly mimicked the pattern of the common flu until the results were not getting enough public attention. Obviously the common flu data was hi-jacked and then expanded upon as you suggest.

    The flu season is from 11/15 to 4/15 all doctors know this. It is the flu/cold season. In season if you have a temperature it is the flu; otherwise it is a cold. The temperature is the only difference between a cold and flu. Out of flu season it is likely you have an allergy. That is the logic doctors use to treat us. During the summer with short sleeves and more time outside our collagen beneath the skin absorb sunlight and converts it into D vitamins a key to beating viruses. During the winter hiding from the cold and covering up with jackets block the suns rays, and we create minimal vitamin D reducing our ability to combat viruses.

    It is very rare for someone to get a virus in the summer, by logic that suggest the PLANdemic should have been over in April.

    To cure a cold 500mg D3 and 50mg Zinc one dose each will kill all colds in 6 hours. D3, Zinc, Licorice extract and ginger w/ high quality Collodial Silver(for bacteria) will kill all flu including any that might include a bacterial component. Only laboratory viruses will include a bacterial component.

    In Feb and March of this year I intentionally contracted the Flu twice and waited for the incubation period and the symptoms to exhibit for 3 days. Fevered lips, temperature, mucus, congestion and a mild cough. I took the above treatment and all symptoms were gone in 6 hours. I still felt a little tired, but my lungs likely still had a mild congestion restricting oxygen flow. For the next 2 days I repeated the treatment and had no lingering symptoms on the second day.

    Remember, the flu or cold are not identified by any symptoms. All colds and flu have NO symptoms. The body fighting the invasion is causing all of the symptoms. This is an important point. Colds cannot survive beyond 93.5F and reside in the nasal passage of the nose. Common body reaction mucus drainage, causing a runny nose in an attempt to flush the intruder. Laying on your back causing mucus to run to the throat and lungs, causing shortness of breath and tired feeling do to lack of oxygen. You cough to clear your lungs creating a sore throat. If your mucus builds up and thickens you get a stuffy head and headache. All caused by your body.

    The same is true for InFLUenza, except it can survive higher body temperature and resides in the Bronchial tubes. Deeper in the body the body fights harder raising your temperature, otherwise the symptoms are the same. So when someone asks, what are the symptoms of a virus, there are none. You only have how the body reacts. To the point, Doctors cannot look at you and say, you have COVID19, No one can with out an RNA test which is very expensive requiring unique labs and an RNA strand to compare against. There is NO RNA strand at the NIH to use as a sample. All virus are like pieces of lint. They don’t do anything. They are a strand of RNA with a sodium component… PERIOD. We such them in and our own body’s TD4 and TD8 cells replicate them. Those cells are like copy machines intended to pick up damaged cell RNA and repair by copying them. They pick up virus RNA just as easily and replicate them also.

    This is a long comment, but it is important people learn more about virus in general and how the body functions. I hold a doctorate, but not in the medical field. I have, however, invested the last 30 plus years studying how the body works and various contagions impact it as well as the body’s response. I have also studied the medications prescribed, how many work and the side effects. The information is shocking including many unnecessary treatments. Remember Big Pharm, Hospitals and Doctors primary concern is profit, they are in business. Sick people make them rich, healthy people are a waste of time and money. Doctors get incentives from Big Pharma, procedure referrals and patient traffic.

    Don’t get me wrong I know some great doctors that work very hard to do the best for their patients and friends. That is not the majority and that is the problem. Doctors also cannot prescribe anything not approved by the AMA, hospital or insurance company. Often their hands are tied.

    Going beyond the article for minute, STOP taking antibiotics… they kill the bad AND GOOD bacteria in your body. The good bacteria is 70% of your immune system. The good bacteria actually create some of the vitamins your body needs. The antibiotics are prescribed for 2 weeks and it takes 3 more weeks to clear your body. During that time your body cannot absorb important vitamins and your natural immune system is compromised. High quality Colloidal Silver (250ppm) was FDA approved in the 1920s and was pushed from the public eye by marketing for antibiotics (a profitable product because it was patent-able).

    Good Colloidal Silver does not turn you Blue. Cheap Colloidal Silver made at home can include salt which changes the color of the product to make it look like the high end product; but it also changes the chemical make up. The salted Colloidal Silver can and will turn you Blue. Home made Colloidal Silver has large particles of silver that can block the exit of your pancreas and then you are in serious trouble that can cause death. The particles are also often too large to enter a bacteria. High end Colloidal Silver is made down to 10 nano particles which cannot block the pancreas and is absorb by the bacteria. Colloidal Silver is still used in hospitals where surgeries require no risk of bacteria.

    As to masks N95 masks are used by surgeons to keep spit out of wounds not to stop bacteria. Look on the WEB site for N95 manufactures and they will tell you the mask is 95% effective down to 30 microns. Go to a WEB site on viruses and science tells you they are no bigger than .01 to .015 microns. That is 2,000 times smaller than the holes in a masks. They say will it catches the spit carrying the virus. A sneeze projects at 200 mph on average any virus will be flung from the surface of the droplet. Remember trying to stay on a fast moving merry-go-round. The virus has no way to hold on.

    By the way the only way to see a virus, a fuzzy image, is through a high end electron microscope. Very large and very expensive units. They cannot see inside the virus; so all the medical books that show a drawing of a virus and how it functions are conceptual. Someones imagination of how they function. Virus are best thought of as a piece of string that has ink marks along its length and nothing more.

    There is NO Covid and as of 11/15 we have entered a new flu season. Flu shots are 99% of the time for the wrong virus. Now that incorporate multiple virus in the shot and some people are getting quite sick from the virus in the only later to get the current flu. Flu Shots also contain heavy metals and mouse cells (where did you think they grew the cells).

    If you take head to what I had submitted, it only costs a few dollars to try. What if, WHAT IF, what I am telling you is true. What if a cold or flu only last 6 hours once discovered. During the flu season if you tack the Ginger and licorice extract each day you are around others you will not get the flu My wife and I have not had the flu for years (beyond my test to cure the flu earlier this year). We are 72, age does not make you weak. Weakened immune systems and existing health issues make you at risk. Being old does not make you feel sick, being sick makes you feel old. Stop protecting senior citizens; protect those with health conditions. At 72 I still body build aggressively an hour each session. 2 sessions a day, 5 days a week. I feel no pain, have a fast recovery and am built. So stuff your attitude about old age. Talk more about poor health or being out of condition. I take no steroids or other enhancing drugs. Too many people think retirement means setting on the coach or walking a golf course. The body needs activity to stay alive and to excrete the toxins in your muscles.

    Hope the helps, all the best. Merry Christmas
    Viet Vet Spc Ops

    Still fighting for America against foreign and domestic enemies… shouldn’t you?

    • Geo

      Corey, I highly respect diligent researchers/reporters. We need more digital soldiers like yourself. Thank you for sharing your research.

      I have done some digging—nothing like you—and haven’t read your full report yet. However, I did run across a few pieces of info that were not in this part of your report that were part of the EU petition to stay the mandatory order to receive the COVID-19 vaccination. I’m not a medical professional and am writing by memory so forgive me if I don’t call everything by it’s correct name. 1) There is some part of the DNA piece in the vax to suppress the extreme reaction in the lungs that in some people could actually be worse if they catch another corona virus later on. 2) Another ingredient has the effect of permanently suppressing the development of placenta rendering women unable to bear children. 3) In a separate research I found a 2013 lecture by Psycho-Neurologist Dr. Charles Morgan on technological material that can be injected, having been preprogrammed to lie dormant in the body until activated remotely. This existing technology has been used in warfare using special ops teams to communicate remotely with one another. It also has capability of erasing or changing soldiers’ memories to protect secrecy. (It is being suggested that surviving Seal Team 6 members have had their memories erased.) Actual images including GIFs can be activated to communicate to the brain whatever is programmed.

      Being such a diligent researcher, Corey, I’m sure you can find the references to these pieces of information and research them—if you haven’t already.

      I myself will not receive the foreign material COVID-19 vaccination in my body. I have no trust in the authorities having any regard for the masses. With Trump in the White House we stand a chance against this tyranny of delusion and deceit. Still, these three pieces of info—if accurate—are potentially very dangerous to humanity’s future generations. These possible consequences to the CV vaccination must be researched and relayed to WeThePeople of earth because otherwise we will not only lose our autonomy, but our ability to reproduce, our free will and the individuality of soul that Yahweh created in us.

      Godspeed in Christ,

  • Dave from San Antonio

    I was a professional healthcare practitioner for 36 years. Specifically a RRT. I retired at the start of this, in April 2020 when I found out my department was going to ignore the advice from major pulmonary and respiratory organizations about ‘not’ using BiPAP and CPAP machines with an ‘open system’…basically ‘all’ that are made are an open system. The manufacturer of the ones we used, also sent out special warnings ‘not’ to use their machines for treating COVID-19 patients. Reason…’open system’ that allows the virus to become more aerosolized and would spread it to staff and other patients. In short…I resigned due to what I considered to be bad policy. I’m not sorry I did, either. Is the COVID-19 virus real. I’d say, “yes it is”. Is it the monster it’s made out to be? No…I don’t think it is. From April 2020 through about July 2020…no one, it seems, died from anything but COVID-19. No one. People were dying from this after being hit by cars and other ‘normal things’. The amount of ‘money’ poring into hospitals for a diagnosis of COVID-19 was obscene. Money talks, right? Every time the country started to open up…’something else’ came up to prevent it…right on cue. The PSR test is flawed. Even Fauci has stated that above a 30-35 ‘cyclic threshold’ the results are, at the ‘least’, unreliable and not to be believed. The FDA/CDC want them run at a 40 cycle threshold. I smell a scam. In fact, I’ve smelled a scam on COVID-19 from the very start. Between 20,000 and 30,000 people die from flu-related complications…’every’ year in the U.S. No masks or lockdowns during the flu season. Why? Control. Face it…people are much, much easier to control and manipulate when they are made afraid of something. History bears that statement out, too. I’ve looked a this situation as a scam from the beginning. Again…when people are told to fear something…’control’ is so much easier. The CDC and the WHO cannot even produce an isolated sample of this virus. The vaccines being made have had, shall we say, ‘problems’. There have been deaths and rare neurological disorders associated with the vaccine trials. Even physicians have stated that due to the ‘side effects’ of the vaccine…getting the person back for the second inoculation is going to be a ‘problem’. From the descriptions I’ve read, the side effects run akin to a Typhoid vaccine. If you’ve ever had one of those…you’ll never forget it.

  • ilo

    I just came across your site. I have been looking for like minded people who have researched the actual science behind this medical crisis. I have just completed my own 50 page research report describing the biology behind this crisis. I am looking for people to review and comment. Please get back to me if interested.

  • Arnold Ziffel

    My son contracted Covid-1984 from taking a late cruise tour in January. Most of the crew were Chinese Nationals. So that helps explain why the cruise ships had high volume of Covid cases.

  • Mike

    My wife works as a labor and delivery nurse. She has taken care of a few ‘covid positive’ patients. Just before thanksgiving, she had a positive patient who was 21 years old. Despite being head to toe in PPE she caught it (so what good would a cloth mask do, right?) She had three days where she felt pretty bad- like she had the flu. Within a day or two I started to feel like I had a low grade cold. I felt this way for about 8 days- the symptoms never getting worse or keeping me from doing anything I would normally do. I did not and will not get tested. Our three kids, 7, 5, and 6 months, never showed a single symptom. I attribute her getting it worse than me to her being in a mask for 13 straight hours at work that day; I never wear a mask. I 100% believe wearing masks increases ones chances of getting it AND makes the symptoms more severe.

  • Carrie Collett

    My sister sent me this article. She knows I am 100% in line with you. I am not an investigator or a journalist but as I am in the field I am in I ask questions. Such as, to one of my clients, an unsuspecting hospital who doesn’t know my view on the virus I asked “it’s thanksgiving and your hospital is full and my mom and I won’t see each other for the holiday because she is worried” to which they replied “our hospital isn’t full, I mean we have about 25 icu patients but none of them are covid patients. Go enjoy your time with your mom, I’m not sure where Fox 23 got their numbers from but it wasn’t from us”.

    My mom didn’t come over for thanksgiving. She is worried about her life. She thinks she will die if she gets covid and she will not risk it. Even if I told her about the above experience she has been brainwashed and will not believe me.

    Something is wrong and people had better wake up to it. I don’t know what else to do to help fix this. I am a fixer. I want to shout this to the world, but the evil powers that be not to mention my business contracts with local municipalities would most definitely be put in jeopardy. If i knew it would fix this I would be willing lose my contracts but I won’t lose them for nothing.

    I keep hoping it will end soon and we can go about life again

  • Roger

    All four of us in my household tested for COVID-19 antibodies yesterday with an IGG blood draw (a very sensitive test). We did the tests through our doctor’s office who finally gave us the tests after we explained that we refused to give up our HIPAA rights at the state-sponsored testing sites (READ YOUR PAPERWORK!). All four of us are negative for immune response to COVID-19. We stayed a week over Thanksgiving at a symptomatic couple’s house who both tested positive while we were there and then we had to quarantine ASYMPTOMATICALLY for two weeks as a result when we returned to our home state. We could not have had more direct, maskless, and prolonged contact with COVID-19 without licking each other. We don’t wear masks when we go out unless we absolutely have to. We have traveled across the country numerous times throughout this pandemic. This COVID hysteria is beyond bullshit. The virus is real, but the panic we are being fed is a scam of the highest order and now I seriously question how the virus is transmitted.

  • Phil Chow

    Many in the truth community are also looking into the works of Dr. Andrew Kaufman and Dr. Thomas Cowan (and many others), who both suggest that what we think are viruses are in fact exosomes, and that these particles are produced by our own bodies as a form of detoxification.

    Their explanation for why we get sick/ill/covid is that there is something else causing the it, like electromagnetic radiation, possibly in combination with our chemically toxic environment.

    Two other researchers, Dawn Lester and David Parker, wrote an 800-page beast on why we get sick, and like the 2 doctors mentioned above, could not find any evidence for disease through contagion. There’s simply no evidence for it.

    Their work is very compelling and I highly encourage you to have a look! If you already have, I would like to know what your opinion is on their theory.

  • Mark R

    In January I began researching the COVID-19 phenomena. I have access, through a university, to hundreds of medical journals online. I also was in correspondence with doctors in Shanghai, China and S. Korea. After 4 days of slight worry/concern about what was going on, it became clear something was wrong. I knew from past experience how the medical field and media lied about AIDS and HIV. My suspicions were correct when the Indian team of doctors published their findings of HIV proteins inserted in the genome. A Canadian doctor published online his team’s discovery of manipulations of a virus with bat and snake coronaviruses inserted at specific points in the genomic structure. He has recanted this unfortunately.

    A very dear friend of mine shared how a family member was researching the SARS-Cov-2 virus at a university close to me. It has a Level 4 Bio hazard facility on campus. Her relative was involved in March, researching/testing 144 drugs and supplements to find what worked and didn’t work at “treating/”killing” the virus. The study was to be published in the journal “Nature” but was declined. A major press conference was to be announced as well but never happened. My belief is, based on what they discovered, it would have shut down any vaccines and continued efforts at finding a “novel” drug. It cut into BIG Pharma’s bottom line.

    Many deny the existence of a virus, claiming no one has followed Koch’s Postulates. Well, with all the secrecy about this virus, no one can say with 100% certainty this is the case. Below are links that may prove there IS a virus that is SARS-Cov-2 and is being SOLD to research facilities/universities. I personally have come to believe there definitely is the SARS-Cov-2. In fact, I believe there are a few different versions and were designed for different purposes. I know there were at least 4 different locations where coronavirus was being studied, London, England (Pirbright Institute) Winnipeg, Canada, N Carolina and Wuhan, China. This has been the most intriguing and dangerous puzzle presented to us and we must put the pieces together to fully understand what we are up against.

    Canadian Lab Acquires Coronavirus Sample

    Select Agents and Toxins List

    SARS-CoV-2 Viral Culturing at CDC

    Australian Lab Cultures New Coronavirus as Infections Climb

    Information Regarding SARS-CoV-2 Strains and Reagents

    Information for Researchers Requesting SARS-CoV-2 from BEI Resources

  • Jo Ann K LeQuang

    I had symptoms of COVID around Thanksgiving of 2019 when WHO and CDC said Patient 0 was a Chinese man who reported the disease on December 31, 2019. But I had classic symptoms (loss of sense of smell, fever, sore throat, shortness of breath, and a dry cough that lasted about 6 weeks). I never saw a doctor and at that time, nobody knew about COVID. I believe the disease was around much earlier and many people, like myself, got it and just thought we caught a bad cold.
    During this time I went to work, went to stores, went to restaurants, never wore a mask, and had contact with lots of people. I only missed a couple of days of work. As far as I know, no one around me or in contact with me got sick.

  • Paul

    Corey, do you think it would be possible to get your hands on a vaccine, and then have it “independently” analyzed by some lab? The ingredients would be quite telling, no doubt.

  • Pat

    This is the first report of any kind on this subject which has been of any value or made any sense. But when everyone is cowed, brainwashed, petrified and frankly, stupid; I don’t know what there is to be done.

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