Rogue Food Conference Tennessee is All About Food Freedom, Don’t Miss This Event on December 9-10!

With rapidly rising food prices, billionaires buying up farmland, and “bug-based protein” entering the food supply, problem solvers from all aspects of the food system are coming together to make a difference for food freedom across the country. 

Rogue Food Conference offers real solutions to rebuilding a vibrant food system despite the reckless government regulations.  From buying clubs, creative exemptions, PMAs, food churches, shared ownership arrangements and labor contracts, to charities, educational entities and so much more – Rogue Food Conference is all about ‘How To Go Rogue.’

Rogue Food Conference Tennessee will feature one of America’s largest raw milk dairy farmers (Bradley Bleasdale), one of the nation’s most influential food freedom advocates (Shawn Day), discussion on the uses of PMAs (with Michael Kilpatrick), the nation’s top rogue off-grid beef and chicken raising politician (Thomas Massie) and more. 

This is a call to all who love liberty!  Join the exciting Rogue Food movement by attending the fifth Rogue Food Conference this December 9th and 10th in Lewisburg, TN (just south of Nashville).  Saturday’s main event includes a real food breakfast and lunch – sourced from local and regional farms, buying clubs as well as alternative and real food suppliers.   Rogue Food founders, Joel Salatin and John Moody, can’t wait to see you in December as we end the year spreading and celebrating – not just good cheer – but food freedom!

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