Become The Master of Your Mind

The mind is a funny thing. It’s illusive, ebbing, flexible, and yet constrictive all at once. It’s a tool that can be sharpened to the most finite degree while simultaneously fragmenting into hundreds of micro-thoughts, creating a conundrum in all of its brilliance. It can be sculpted and molded, culled and seeded, spoon-fed and dished up on a plate with a side of hysteria. It can shift through six different emotions in milliseconds without a single grasp of consciousness stepping in. And, it can check out on a whim – creating a blank state of sheer bliss or utter darkness. Its ability to manifest any thought, emotion, fact, illusion, perception or interpretation in any given moment, makes it a slippery slope. So who’s in control of this chaotic echo chamber? It’s time to become the master of your mind.

So often people try to control their thoughts and the information filtering its way through like a stream of genius through a circuit board determining the next path, the next route, the next glorious aha moment. Where is this stream of information coming from? Millions of bytes of data, decades of imagery, sounds, smells and tastes circulate within the mind, and it’s only when one accesses it, does it all come into focus. A flood of information already consumes the brain, with new information flowing in by the hour. How does one categorize, compartmentalize, and organize all of this data? 

The mind doesn’t store information in chronological order. It’s much like the storage boxes packed away in the back of one’s garage. At any point in time one can open a box, pull something out, and dust it off, admiring it’s beauty again for the first time. There is no time lapse with imagery and data, only memory loss. If one were to close their eyes and imagine a day from their childhood – one of their fondest memories – and relish in the sun that beat on their face, the smell of the fresh crisp air, the taste of that hot apple cider, one would feel all of the same emotions as they did on that very day. They would see the imagery through the lens in their mind as if they were seeing it through their eyes. This is in part why old wounds often take a long time to heal.

What happens when the mind is on a marathon race, has gone 100 miles, and isn’t sure which way to turn next? When it’s traveled so many avenues, can’t see the end in sight, and becomes completely lost? Exhaustion and confusion set in. Trying to process while in this state wouldn’t be encouraged. Then what happens if additional information seeps its way in, and another 50 miles are necessary to reach a level of discernment? It’s not possible. One cannot process hundreds of data points coming in all at once, while figuring out what to make for dinner, which grocery store to hit on the way home, and what the fastest route is.

Example: A mother is driving home from work, and suddenly she hears a piece of news – a soundbite on the radio. It immediately invokes emotion. This news sounds upsetting. Something big just happened. She is getting her first drop of information, while deciding which road to turn down. Then the phone rings, yet another interruption! Emotions are rising. She makes it to the grocery store but all she can concentrate on is how pissed she is about this news that still doesn’t make any sense, while trying to find the best priced grass fed beef. Good grief – it just doesn’t make any sense! By the time she gets home, she’s nearly in tears, frustrated beyond belief, and everyone is expecting dinner. How can she possibly cook a meal when she’s so enraged?! She’s snapping at everyone around her, certain that this news is the most horrific piece of information they’ve endured yet, and being sure everyone knows this and everyone feels what she is feeling. Dinner ends, the dishes are washed, and everyone sits down to watch the news – only to find it was misinformation – her rage was for naught. Energy wasted, transference of negative emotions, frustration and rage, a meal likely not digested very well, and an evening shot to hell, all because she allowed an external force to be the master of her mind, before giving herself the time to process it, assess it, and fact check it. All for naught.

What about the ones that dupe the mind, that use trickery, that use their powers for suggestive mind control, such as Google and social media platforms? How does one navigate that? How is the already busy mind supposed to see through all of this manipulation? Most people would suggest approaching it with logic and common sense. But oftentimes, events taking place and information being exposed, defy logic, and the actions taken most certainly don’t stem from common sense, so how can one review it through this lens? Researching the information and combing through every last detail, while cross-referencing stories to eliminate the obvious fallacies would be a smart decision, but not everyone has time for that. Now what?

Don’t think. Don’t move. Don’t dig. Go silent, and jump into that space that allows you to completely disengage from the mind, the matter, and your surroundings. Breathe. Let go of all thoughts. Step into the zone with absolutely no emotional investment to the outcome of this information one way or the other. Simply just BE. Now ask yourself, “does this new information bear any truth. Yes or no?” This requires no concentration, as you are in a place of detached stillness. There will be a resounding “yes” or “no” immediately, and you will feel it through every fiber of your being. You may not hear it or feel it in the beginning. This will require some patience, training, and trust in yourself to achieve this level of certainty. Sound difficult? It’s only as difficult as you choose to believe it to be.

Does this seem strange to you? Every data point, all information, flows through this universe in much the same way that it flows through a computer, a circuit board, the internet. It’s all binary. You not only have access to it all on a physical level, but also on an intuitive level. Being in tune with yourself and what resonates as truth is the key to unlocking it all. Trusting in yourself is necessary. Once you receive that initial “yes” or “no,” you now have a choice. You can choose to walk away and let it go, you can delve deeper to understand it and begin to physically dig into hard data points, and you can choose to share this new found information and perhaps even take action, pending what it involves. No matter what, always try to invoke positive change.

Mastering the mind is vital to our future. If the internet were to evaporate tomorrow, how would you use discernment? It is something internal that must be learned, practiced, and controlled by one’s own mind – not by others infiltrating it. Keeping emotions in check, taking moments to escape the mind entirely, and exploring the compartments within your mind are all tools that will assist in evolving the mind, while also balancing it.

Most importantly, do not let anyone or anything outside of you become the master of your mind. They’ve been trying to control it for decades – pushing false narratives, telling you how to think, what to think, and what to believe. You are the master of your own mind. Do not let the seeds grow. You know what is truth – you just need to reconnect with it.

Corey Lynn is an investigative journalist, co-host of the weekly Dig It! podcast, and co-host of The Solution Series. Follow her at, on Twitter, Gab, Truth, Rumble, and Telegram. Support her work by becoming a Patron, making a donation or buying a Book.


  • Renee

    This is a excellent article. Thank you very much for writing it. As always your work is outstanding. Thank you for all your hard work And time you put into it.

  • Colleen Upton

    Great article Corey! We all need to take our power back! Our mind is only held hostage for as long as we give it permission.
    I think very few realize the power they have from within. Now more than ever it’s time to take it back!

  • Still Learning

    I’m sorry i got stuck on the word “not” in your story about the woman in overload. “All for not” and “her rage was for not” should be “all for naught” and “her rage was for naught”.

    Naught is an old word meaning nothing, which was your intent, i think. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    I’m sorry, but i had to comment before i could finish reading your article. Now, i can finish reading your article in relative peace.

    Still Learning

    PS I love your work. I wish i had your dedication, persistence, and perseverance. You are terrific!

  • LadyDi

    I am marveling at the truth nugget of this paragraph. If you only absorb one thing today, I suggest this.

    Mastering the mind is vital to our future. If the internet were to evaporate tomorrow, how would you use discernment? It is something internal that must be learned, practiced, and controlled by one’s own mind – not by others infiltrating it. Keeping emotions in check, taking moments to escape the mind entirely, and exploring the compartments within your mind are all tools that will assist in evolving the mind, while also balancing it.

  • Dave Brown

    Truly an insightful article. Explains so much. The battlefield is definitely in the mind. And our ultimate adversary is hard at work vying for our minds. That is why, as Christians, we need to have the mind of Christ. “Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others. Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus”. – Philippians 2:4,5

  • Steve

    You touch upon the way I feel; Be. Don’t be in the past or future. Consider the information you are receiving/experiencing and where it is coming from. Qualify. Think in differences, not similarities. This is rational thought, which leads to rational behavior. Don’t trust ‘experts’ who have not earned your trust…..especially “scientists” quoted on social media platforms……lol

  • Dawn

    Exactly the reaction I had to the article. I have prayed for discernment for most of my adult life for myself and for my family. Still I struggle with the deluge of information available and assaulting my senses. It has gotten to the point it is affecting my sleep cycle. I was struggling with this after a sleepless night and this article was an answer to prayer.

    And one of the things I was struggling with yesterday which was my main focus was downloading a new printer app on my computer!! After finally falling asleep at 3:30 AM, I woke up at 11 A.M. and was able to get in contact with a technician who helped me navigate the intricacies of downloading the printer and getting it functional.

  • Paul Dudash

    Brand new to your site, heard you on Dr Dave’s podcast the other day, great, great insight and research on the deep state. Thank you for all your hard word and dedication to truth.

  • native male

    natives seeking to do no harm require no governments.
    females are more intelligent and have better instincts than men…who are apt to forget the benefactor, mother earth and riot over the benefit.
    man, a servant or an attendent to the male sex.
    woman, a slave belonging to man or mankind.
    male, protector for females and kids.
    email me for more about life.
    thanks for your article, it’s great.

  • nikki tokarsyck

    As always Corey, your words are perfect for this time constant information overload. Taking a moment to breathe, search and seek, is a great reminder. Thank you!!!!

  • Nikki

    Wow Lyn, you really smashed through that veil. So spot on & on point to the very core, articulate in everyway, as usual.
    You get it & while there is a lot to consider in this piece, delicious food for thought if you will, you have encaptulated truth like never before explained.
    I love your honesty- sooooo refreshing, I love your tenacity- ripping of the masks and the bandaids so that we may all be shocked into waking up, that we may heal once & for all, so that we can finally stand in our earth born, living sovereign power.

    I love & appreciate you Lyn. Your enlightenment, that which we have long forgotten yet you remind us of, it is so pivitol right now. Keep up the fantastic work Lovie.
    If you want some further innerstanding & understanding of how they trick & manipulate us all as they have for millenia, you may like to checkout Pao Chang’s sites at either &/or essotericknowledge. Some deep & researched information there, from Word Magik they use to keep us under their spell & controlled, to the truths of how & why Christmas is really celebrated & what really goes on, to the Vatican & so on. Dig there honey & you may be surprised what you come up with to elaborate on or give leads to other things maybe.

    Michael Tellinger- Abuntu another good man.

    I really think his site will blow your mind open further.
    Cheers to us all for finally waking up.

  • Tony

    The most important information in this article IMHO is when you said, just BE. We are pure consciousness. Find your true self, not the “person” your conditioning and circumstances have created over the years. This is the key to peace within our selves and by extension, this world. It starts with us. That’s why I included the website (which is not mine) because it points the way to becoming more aware of one’s true nature. Thank you Cory for your work, you’re an inspiration in a world that can seem very dark indeed.

  • Kenj64

    Thank you for posting this very insightful article. I am just learning about how everything in the universe is connected through the “Law of One.” I am currently listening to David Wilcock’s book, “SourceField Investigations.” It’s like a whole new world is being opened before my eyes. The sources I have read talk about a consciousness we are all connected to. Your article is the first one I’ve read from someone who works as an investigative reporter who ever suggested we can know what is true by connecting to this mass consciousness and get an intuitive feeling about an event. When I first heard about global warming I thought, from an intuitive level, there was something not right about this claim. I quickly located articles from scientist who disagreed with the findings of the scientist making the claim for warming. Over time, my doubts have been proven accurate. So, thanks again and keep up the great work!

  • Mark

    To believe that people can sit still and ask themselves “does this new information bear any truth. Yes or no?” is completely wrong and untrue. Do an experiment with a variety of people and test this hypothesis with far left ranging to far right and you will recognize the fallacy of this unproven phrase. This approach is not objectively true because of the many thoughts, feelings, ideas and beliefs we carry in our mind at any one time, that are not objectively true but based on our own false biases, unscrutinized by the Truth of God’s Word. There is only one way to begin to recognize what is objectively true and that is through the serious study of God’s Word, which is Truth. If this approach were true, wouldn’t we all be coming to a more congenial agreement on the most important concerns in this world? Since this is not objectively true, we don’t. Mankind is sinful and so without God’s Truth to guide us, we remain lost and undiscerning. “The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked.” Jeremiah 17:9

    • Corey Lynn

      If you have not been able to achieve this, it does not make it untrue. When sitting in this space, and removing all thoughts and emotions, one is indeed connected to a higher power – God. And yes, discernment and truths are available in this space, otherwise, what you are suggesting, would make me a miracle. Everyone can make these deeper connections, but it is a choice, and therefore what’s being witnessed are many individuals who have lost sight of this and chosen the more difficult path.

  • Marilyn

    Just Be. Two small words that encompass all of the great advice in this article. On a side note, thank you so much for introducing me to Lightshot! That pesky Print Screen button actually works now! I so appreciate the hard work you put into your digs, you help us to understand what’s really going on. #JustBe

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