Don’t Let The Global Chaos Snuff You Out

Is it exciting? Is it invigorating? Are we living in the greatest time in the history of mankind? The intrigue is palpable, the days and nights blend together, and the news is like a meteor shower raining down at lightning speed. It’s mind-bending, addictive, and at times an emotional rollercoaster, but don’t let the global chaos snuff you out.

The energy of billions of people are focused on one thing simultaneously across the globe – evolution. Some might say “revolution.” Every microcosm is engaged in an evolutionary process, as the entire world is transforming for better or worse. Most choose to believe it is for the better. It is like stepping into the twilight zone with different terrain, landscapes, and playing fields – and everyone wants in on the action. Well, not everyone. There are “sleepers” throughout who refuse to open their eyes, for fear they may be blinded for life, and lose sight of what they thought they knew.

While entering this hypnotizing playing field, some folks are drawn to teams, others prefer to go it alone. Once engaged, it’s much like kicking ass on an arcade game – you keep figuring out the next level, the next play, seeing the “enemy” go down, and wanting to stick it out to the wee hours of the night until you feel “fulfilled,” only to wake up the next day and repeat the same actions. Is it exciting? Yes. Is it exhausting? Yes. Is it the biggest adrenalin rush you’ve ever felt? The most action you’ve ever witnessed? Have you become your own superhero, or have you chosen superheroes to idolize? There are no superheroes, or villains for that matter – just human beings either carrying a flame of hope or a flame of doom.

When you wake up, do you feel good about yourself? Are you in fear of what may become of this world? Do you agonize over the chaos or find yourself in a stupor? These are the real questions. Forget about “who done it in the library with the candlestick.” So what is the great awakening? Is it about discovering that people aren’t so innocent? That there are monsters abound? That corruption has seethed its way into every institution in this world, with a stunningly similar playbook, much like that arcade game? That’s certainly part of it. But the bigger part is the reflection it has induced within mankind. The trickery, deception, and manipulation that has taken place since your birth. Has anyone stopped to unravel that? Taken the time to really process its effects or impact throughout the years. Decisions that were made, that may have been made differently were you given the full truth?

For some, it’s comparable to waking up one day in someone else’s shoes, on land they’ve never traveled, surrounded by a culture they’ve never interacted with. Much like a whole new world being presented before them. For others, they’ve been aware for a long time that things just weren’t right, some things were definitely “off,” and they’ve spent many years reflecting and doing inner work. It sounds like a psychological phrase – “inner work” – it is. However, in this case, the soul is what is being referenced.

Imagine, if one day you woke up to find you had super powers, were tapped into an invisible library of knowledge, your senses were unusually heightened, and you could connect to others and this world in ways you never imagined. Now imagine that to be real, but without artificial intelligence. Did it make you smile? Do you already know this to be truth? The soul is the key, and sadly, many have been snuffed out, bought out, sold out, and defamed.

Some are angry, some sad, many confused, and some thrilled to see change coming. Most are glued in like a hamster on a wheel, just waiting for the next drop, the next indictment, the next “fix.” Is this your new addiction? Did you forget to go outside today? Did you spend time with your family, your children, your pets? Did you reconnect with your soul and unravel that which doesn’t belong? Did you love yourself today?

Did you go to sleep fearing what may come of tomorrows – for your children or yourself? Fear isn’t really the root of all evil. Fear is a necessary survival mechanism within us to be able to sense danger. Imagine the decisions one would make if fear didn’t exist at all. Don’t think for one moment that Jesus was never afraid. It is natural, so cut yourself some slack. However, perpetual fear and fear of what has not yet happened and may never happen, feed into those that will happily syphon that energy right out of you. Big difference. Have you ever had a good day while being in fear? Not likely. Why waste a day of your life being in a state that serves no one, especially yourself? Most people have more fears over what “might” happen than actual fearful experiences in the moment. It’s wasted energy, and that energy feeds the overall collective consciousness. This is truth. This is the reality “they” don’t want you to be aware of. Even though science has proven this time and time again, they have the masses so brainwashed, they can’t even see it. Why? Because when the spiritual “new age” movement began, they took it over, filling it up with “gurus” to give the appearance that everyone was a “kook” and uncredible, just as they do every movement. They must control the “movements,” – all movement. Get it?

Let me put this a different way. Everything is energy. Energy is life. Energy is power. Energy moves, transforms, connects, shapes, alters, and never dies. Energy carries frequencies creating an invisible field. You know that feeling when you are standing in an empty room, you don’t hear a sound, but you “feel” something behind you? You turn around to find someone is standing there, yet you never heard them. You simply felt them. That same energy can be felt across the world – there are no borders, no boundaries, no interference. One can technically sense and absorb the energy from anywhere in the world, including seeing visuals, picking up scents, feeling temperatures, tapping into people, and hearing sounds. Yes, this is not only possible – everyone has this ability, but it has been stomped out of most. They were never taught about it, were overburdened with the physical world, and lost the connection along the way. This isn’t mystical, witchcraft, or nonsense. This is fact. It is simply who we are. THIS is what has been lost along the way.

Now imagine – everyone has their heightened senses back, they can feel one another’s pain, joy, and fear. Imagine the compassion that would fill everyone’s hearts. Imagine the intensity of the true connected world. Imagine how easy it would be for all to envision a future of peace and move toward that goal. Don’t let the chaos snuff you out – your light shines brighter than you know. Tap into it, dissect it, get reacquainted with it, then blast that light, stay in that light, and BE THE LIGHT.

Corey Lynn is an investigative journalist, co-host of the weekly Dig It! podcast, and co-host of The Solution Series. Follow her at, on Twitter, Gab, Truth, Rumble, and Telegram. Support her work by becoming a Patron, making a donation or buying a Book.


  • Ginger

    Awesome Corey. I also know this is true and I’m no longer afraid. But so many of my friends are. Now, I have a great article to send them. They will still be skeptical but maybe they will start to understand that: Life is eternal.

  • Dustin Jones

    I am so proud that there are people like you out there, I’ve known this all my life, and I have tried to explain it to people in the EXACT same terms you used. God bless you and all life on this beautiful blue marble in space. Keep up the great work!

  • D Miriam

    Great and encouraging words. I have known this but you have spoken well. I CHOSE to live in THE LIGHT, THE LIGHT OF YESHUA. 😁😂🤣😃😀😊😍😍😍 NO FEAR!!! Thank you.

  • Nana Albert

    Dear Corey, thank you so much for your help through this times! I live here nearby Hamburg and you describe my actual feelings perfect…i think it is ubelievable that this evil could exist in our world since so long … this is a mirror what mankind after it will be stopped will have to swallow and everybody connected too. It will be since ever before: nobody had known nothing and isnt tight to it in anyway (the same after the holocaust)! I hope there will be ways and mechanisms to prevent this possibility this time. The sheeps around me are still sleeping deeply aaaand some refuse hardly to wake up! :0(

  • Ella

    Corey, I really love all your work. I think this article is insightful and hopeful. So why the double-negative title? Do people not click on uplifting items, so click-bait is the lure. Not sure how I feel about this other than confused.

    • Corey Lynn

      Ella, when I look around the globe, I see chaos everywhere, and people working tirelessly until they are burnt out (or snuffed out). This is what I see. This is what I felt when I wrote the headline for this article, that came to me in seconds. Hence why I am telling people NOT to let it snuff you out. At no point in time did my imagination go to, “Gee, I bet if I put a double negative in the title I can get more clicks out of this.” Sorry if you felt confused by it, but that was not my intention. 😉

  • Janet Reid Thornhill

    I just read some of your articles they were great, a new found site. Onto Alex about 10 years ago . Many more sites to learn all that is possible. Your Arkansas piece very good the corruption always seems to run in these circles of friends or political figures. Can’t wait for the justice to come on earth or from heaven above but someday it will come. Thank you for keeping the fight alive and well as I’ve determined in my heart to spread the truth as many times per day as opportunity will allow like on planes airports where people are killing time target age is under 30 they seem very interested and a lot of them already turn on to this global chaos. Or so shocked by the info it will keep them up a night or two doing their own research. Most people that aren’t satanic know lots of things are off the mark they just need a little help on the right direction to take. May God bless and strengthen his people as the fight is here and the battles grow hourly. Information of the people is presenting problems to these evil demons. We all need to use these precious tools to arm ourselves in this game of life. Victory is our goal!

  • Sandi

    Thank you, Corey. You have amazing insight. And the article is beautifully written. Your whole site is superb. Thanks for doing what you do.

  • Toula McFadden

    Dear Corey,

    Thanks so much for your insightful words and great digs exposing the darkness attempting to control this world.

    I live in Australia and have joined the great awakening unfortunately many in this country are asleep.

    I have become a light worker by connecting to my divine heart and constantly sending light into the world.

    The most insightful lesson I have leant is the importance of controlling individual thoughts. I have consciously removed myself from my egoic mind and only allow my intuition to guide me. This is the path to freeing consciousness from this low frequency reality we are currently experiencing. Our consciousness has been enslaved for many years. By connecting to our divine heart we free ourselves and find protection under the divine light. In this reality we have the ability to manifest our hearts desires including abundance for all.

    By using our collective consciousness we can all connect with our divine hearts and remove ourselves from this low frequency reality.

    I thank you Corey for your light, let’s unite and create the high frequency reality humanity deserves.

    Love, peace, compassion, kindness, goodness and abundance for all.

  • Carolyn Norman

    Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I love this site. I did a lot of research 3 to 4 years ago or longer. I found out about the Clintons death count, pizza gate, and a bunch of other stuff that I had no one to share it with and ended up being afraid and ending up in the hospital. I think I had information overload.

    When I tried to talk to my family about it, they said that you couldn’t believe what was on the internet, they are asleep. They will wake up one day or they’ll stay asleep. At least I know the truth. I can’t watch tv that much. I also found out about MKUltra Mind Control, Monarch, and Sex Kitten Mind Control.

    It was July of 2018 when I ended up with the information. Now, I have a couple of friends that I can talk to about things. One of them has been doing her own research and finding out that the things that I was saying are true.

    I have lost a friend because of me trying to share the truth about what’s going on. He told me that he didn’t want to hear the junk.

    I keep doing research and want to find out more. Thanks for this site I can learn a lot.

  • Arthur Coff

    Are you familiar with the Wetiko mind-virus ?
    It’s has been written about by the ancient Gnostics and the term “wetiko” was coined by the native Americans.
    It describes the “sleepers” who think of themselves as being clear of mind,yet are in fact blinded by their blindness.

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