The Solution Series
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    Don’t Let The Global Chaos Snuff You Out

    Is it exciting? Is it invigorating? Are we living in the greatest time in the history of mankind? The intrigue is palpable, the days and nights blend together, and the news is like a meteor shower raining down at lightning speed. It’s mind-bending, addictive, and at times an emotional rollercoaster, but don’t let the global chaos snuff you out. The energy of billions of people are focused on one thing simultaneously across the globe – evolution. Some might say “revolution.” Every microcosm is engaged in an evolutionary process, as the entire world is transforming for better or worse. Most choose to believe it is for the better. It is like stepping into the twilight zone with different terrain, landscapes, and playing fields – and everyone wants in on the action. Well, not everyone. There are “sleepers” throughout who refuse to open their eyes, for fear they may be blinded for…

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