I Have Nothing To Hide

I don’t care if they are surveilling me through my smartphone, I have nothing to hide, he said.

What do I care if government can spy on me, I have nothing to hide, she said.

Why does it matter if Amazon can listen to me and see me coming and going from my house, I can see if there are intruders, and I have nothing to hide, he said.

What difference does it make if organizations, globalists, and law enforcement can track my whereabouts through my vehicle, I have nothing to hide, she said.

Who cares if big box stores aggregate data on everything I purchase and target me with ads on every device I own, I have nothing to hide, he said.

These cameras installed throughout my home are to spy on intruders so if it means I get spied on through them what do I care, I have nothing to hide, she said.

So what if they are collecting all of my health records and sharing them with government agencies, big pharma, and organizations across the globe, I have nothing to hide, he said.

If they want to install a kill switch on my vehicle to prevent me from driving and setup vehicle-to-everything surveillance, I have nothing to hide, she said.

I’m OK with banks categorizing all of my spending habits, I have nothing to hide, he said.

What does it matter if they are installing facial recognition and biometrics in street lights, at entrances, and in airports, when I have nothing to hide, she said.

What’s the big deal if they want digital IDs with everyone’s background report, drivers license, health records, education, vaccine status, bank info, contact info, family network and friends, and any other info they want, when I have nothing to hide, he said.

Who cares about the thousands of satellites launched to surveil, I have nothing to hide, she said.

Why would I care if they can spy on me through my phone, computer, television, and in-home smart devices, when I have nothing to hide, he said.

What’s the big deal if they put all of my information on the blockchain and can monitor my entire life, habits, spending, or locations, and have the ability to alter the data, it’s not like I have anything to hide, she said.

Why should I be concerned about my child’s knowledge, behavior, and whereabouts being tracked through the education system and smartphones – I have nothing to hide, he said.

So what if they want to build a social credit score on all of us as some new credit system for getting access to establishments, jobs, or our financials, if I have nothing to hide, she said.

What’s the big deal if they pass some mandatory law requiring every citizen to move from a digital ID to a chip for ease, since I have nothing to hide, he said.

What’s wrong with having all of these apps, cool wireless tech devices, and virtual reality worlds where they can study our behaviors, when I have nothing to hide, she said.

Who cares if they ditch cash and we have to use digital wallets that are monitored and tracked, it’s not like I have anything to hide, he said.

Why does it matter if I can’t get into an establishment any longer, or make purchases I wish to make, or travel anywhere because of my social credit score being lowered due to buying meat or exceeding my monthly water and thermostat ration – I don’t have anything to hide, she said.

Just because I couldn’t buy any food today doesn’t mean I won’t be given access to it tomorrow, after all, I have nothing to hide, he said.

It’s ok that I can’t grow food anymore because they have these new indoor vertical farms that replaced traditional farming, and one day when I’m allowed access to the grocery store again, I get to nourish myself with this gene-edited food, and surely they’ll let me in because I have nothing to hide, she said.

I may not be able to drive any longer because I’ve run out of time to buy my mandatory electric vehicle, but I can just walk to where I need to go, and the street cameras can monitor me all they want because I have nothing to hide, he said.

The bench in the park is just fine for me to sleep on since they bought up all of our homes when we could no longer afford them. I will be OK on this bench because I have nothing to hide, she said.

I may have been cut off from my digital wallet, and cash no longer exists, but hopefully I will get my social credit score back up soon, because I have nothing to hide, he said.

I once dreamt of having a beautiful home in the country, raising a few children, and living life to the fullest, but now I own nothing, and I’m happy.

I have nothing left to hide.

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  • Daniel Cunningham

    Yeah, this is what they want,total control. FUCK the wef and their ilk. FUCK the U.S Corporate government, the fbi doj e I e I o agencies. MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS, freaks of nature. You go, Corey!

  • ColumbanusO'Riada

    Thanks Corey, With nothing left to “Hide” there is actualy NO YOU! Like taking all of a childs toys away? And starving the child mentaly and physically? There will be no more child. It’s an ilusionists way of saying “I am going to kill you”. it’s a physiopathic way of telling you “I/We, vehenemently Hate you”. if one cannot “wake up” and run after reading that? Well then thats whats coming …..SOON? It is allready here!

  • Jonathan Hurley

    Oh CRAP!!!
    I just remembered , I DO have something to hide. My sexual proclivities are embarrassing.
    And I buy stuff from organizations not approved by the government, as they supposedly are anti-govt. And, oh CRAP!!!…I just found out that my particular brand of worship has just been deemed too radical to be a state-authorized religion. OMG!! MY TRUCK!!! A 4WD…only gets 12 mpg…that’s a violation. I think they are coming to confiscate it. CRAP!
    OH CRAP!!! I think I got a heads up about gold and silver possession. It’s gonna be illegal by Friday….they know EXACTLY how much I have. My entire safety net there. Their digital money thing is worthless but it DOES tell them where I spend my money.
    Just found out I have exceeded both my sugar ration ( when did THAT start?) and my meat ration.
    I thought the 2nd amendment protected me. They cornered me. I could only buy so much ammo… hell not enough to shoot the varmits around the house, let alone protect myself from intruders. There is an emergency and the Government has deemed it a requirement that semi-automatics, and over .22 caliber is not protected, so they are coming next week for my 9 mm pistol and my AR-15. I thought I had a 2nd amendment right!
    I heard back in the 20s ( but I looked in EVERY history book, EVERY online history channel and could find no mention) there was a big hoop-de-do about election fraud, gun ownership, abortions and government “over-reach” they said it was called. But, as I said….nowhere to be found.
    I DID however, find a diary written by my grandpop!! As I was reading, ( I could not BELIEVE half the shit he was rtalking about) and seeing weird stuff like…people moving from one place to another without a permit…and other just plain strange shit, when a knock came at the door. I answered …and without a word ( normal procedure, so I wasn’t TOO concerned) confiscated my grand dad’s diary, poured gasoline all over it ( I was SHOCKED!!!! Gas had been banned for over a decade!!!) lit a match and we watched it burn.
    I remember thinking ” damn…If I woulda known it was gonnam get burned like that, I woulda used it next January … the keeping your home warm was considered a crime if it went warmer than 40 degrees. I coulda just hunkered down in the bathroom, and burned it in the tub, I woulda been warm for 10 minutes.
    Oh well.

  • Mitch

    We need to push this out to everyone on our email list. Don’t care if we lose friends. It truly is a battle for our souls. Either way Jesus is coming. Either way, we have a duty and an obligation to inform those we love/care about. What they do with the information is none of our business! Take good care and God Bless you all!!!

  • Ozone

    Thanks Corey – great work as usual – I will spread this far & wide.
    Trouble is we seem to be way too late to change anything now.
    Apathy, fueled by globo-commies, has hypnotized the sheeple.
    Frogs in a pot enjoying the warm bath, getting comfortably numb.

  • Liz

    Fabulous article!! Would love a good quick comeback to people when they say “So what, I have nothing to hide”. Perhaps I will just tell them, “Great, then you will own nothing and be happy”.

  • Ella

    Janet, where does this person live? HERE! That’s where we’re headed >just like China. Social credit scores. We’ve got to wake up!

  • Deb

    These are the exact comments my best friend since my childhood says , ” I have nothing to hide”. That’s not the damn point now is it ? It is the principal behind it. They want to be in full control. You have no privacy . It is no one else’s business what you do in the privacy of your own home or
    Your vehicle . There are vehicle invented that run off water.. time to figure it out.
    Get phones that can’t track your every move. ? Invent a visor hat for your forehead that has a shield from facial recognition. Conteract their every move . Time to stop worring about product patients- just get the products out to us

  • Greg O'Neill

    Hi, since the malignant corporate DC regime is seen for what it is, as a vet who served in the Navy during the Vietnam police action, sent there by the UN Security Council, and later served in the Army, I have been looking for, and finding available systems to produce abundant clean energy, food and water, entirely off the grid. My plan now is to establish forest farm-based AgriHood communities for my co-workers to share what we grow, and make, to show that we don’t need to be dependent on government for anything.

  • NS

    I don’t know how your thought process was working before you created this article, it’s AMAZING! It hits on every truth and should not only scare the 💩out of people, it should at the very least get people to start looking up, get out of their bubble. In the past 3 years, I’ve read thousands of articles, and other material looking for ways to wake people up, and THIS article is the absolutely best tool I’ve come across. Thank you

  • Shnarkle Von Barkle

    They may want me to reduce my carbon footprint, but over the last few years, I’ve been reducing my digital footprint instead. At some point, it will appear that I may be hiding because they can no longer see me anymore.

    I spent over a decade living on the street and another decade living off grid, and I can go right back there again. While I will be the first to admit this isn’t a flattering description of my home life, those were the happiest days of my life.

    Owning things doesn’t make me happy.

  • Valarie Reiners

    Absolutely amazing! And, Out of all the alternative media sources I follow, which are great, I truly am grateful that you often give advice, resources and solutions!
    Thank you so very much! I appreciate your work, time and effort as well as your colleagues!

  • JJ

    A gentlemen in airport did just that. Go to airport completely naked but he was chased by Airport Security.
    eventhough he had nothing to hide.

  • Ann

    This reminds me of a poem I once read, don’t know who wrote or said it,

    “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out,
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out,
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out,
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me,
    and there was no one left to speak for me.”

  • Yes Nadadistime

    I’d add another just for good measure:
    “Who cares if my biometric ovulation data is tracked by the global govt and pharma for when they need to reduce population growth and I’m selected for sterility for the greater good, I have nothing to hide”

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