FACT CHECK: “It’s a rosary that Biden wears that belonged to his son Beau Biden”

The night of the first Presidential debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden on September 29th created viral controversy over whether Joe Biden was wearing some sort of device on his left wrist, or the rosary from his deceased son Beau who passed away on May 30, 2015. The mainstream media quickly flooded the narrative with headlines about right-wing conspiracy theorists while exclaiming, “it’s his dead son’s rosary” and the social media trolls quickly pounced the scene to discredit anyone alleging otherwise. But the fact of the matter is – it wasn’t his dead son’s rosary – and the evidence is below.

CLAIM by Reuters: “The object on his wrist appears to be a pen or a rosary that he wears to honor his late son,” and they linked to the 2017 interview with Megyn Kelly.

CLAIM by USA Today: “It’s much more likely that object is a rosary,” and they linked to the 2017 interview with Megyn Kelly.

CLAIM by AP News: “In fact, Biden was wearing his late son Beau’s rosary beads on his wrist. Photos and video from the debate show the rosary peeking out of his cuff,” and they linked to the 2017 interview with Megyn Kelly.

CLAIM by Snopes: “It’s a rosary that Biden wears that belonged to his son Beau Biden, who died in 2015 of cancer,” and they linked to the 2017 interview with Megyn Kelly.

CLAIM by Social Media Trolls: “It’s his dead son’s rosary idiot! He always wears it on his left wrist and never takes it off,” and they linked to the 2017 interview with Megyn Kelly.

CLAIM by Joe Biden:  On November 13, 2017 in the Megyn Kelly interview for the opening night of his book tour, that all mainstream news cited, Biden claimed “I have not taken off the rosary Beau was wearing when he passed since then, but it’s my connection with him.”


Whereas Biden may very well have been wearing his rosary, tucked away beneath his watch where he typically wears it, he doesn’t wear the rosary as often as people may think, he lied to Megyn Kelly on November 13, 2017, and at no point in time over the past five years has the rosary actually stuck out of his cuff in a vertical fashion, up his wrist. By the way, the Biden’s made $2.7 million in book deals after leaving the White House.


From reviewing 4200 Photos plus a dozen videos between May 30, 2015 when Beau passed away, and September 29, 2020 when the presidential debate took place.

3 Events revealed Biden was wearing the rosary he wore in the interview with Megyn Kelly

3 Events revealed an entirely different bracelet he was wearing, which he later referred to as Beau’s rosary as well

1 Event where Biden revealed an entirely different piece of jewelry that he kept in his pocket, referring to it as Beau’s rosary as well

10 Events revealed he wasn’t wearing the rosary or the other bracelet at all

3,900 Photos revealed it can’t be seen under his sleeve and if he was wearing it, it never stuck out beyond his cuff

0 Photos revealed the rosary sticking out of the cuff in a vertical fashion – GRAVITY

The Trick & Why This Is So Important

The Biden campaign and media’s main emphasis was to squash the wrist object as quickly as possible, by directing people’s attention to the interview with Biden talking about his dead son’s rosary, so as to put a lid on it by shaming and guilting people. They spent the majority of their words focusing on discrediting claims of a wire under the lapel and smart contact lenses because these are easier to disqualify. It would be impossible to prove the contact lenses, and the video of the alleged wire under the lapel is in fact a shadow, making it an easy target to discredit. If one watches the video from several news channels, you can clearly see the hard-lined shadow shift and evaporate. Unfortunately, this left people quickly discrediting the object on the wrist, which is quite significant.

If there is one tactic people should be all too familiar with by now, it is the guilt and shame narrative they attach to every agenda to trick everyone into silence. They’ve been doing it for decades with the LGBTQ movement while exploiting transgenders to further their agendas. They do the same with racism, while trying to shame white people into believing they are racist, even when they’re not. They even do it with their abortion agenda, and try to make people feel bad for pedophiles as though it is a mental illness and they are a victim. How dare you question a man who is wearing a rosary that belonged to his dead son?! It’s the oldest trick in the book to keep people silent, and it even worked on some conservatives who were too afraid to be deemed a “conspiracy theorist,” while letting their own eyes deceive them, or bothering to dig into photo and video evidence.

This isn’t about a man who lost his son. This is about a man that has shown clear signs of dementia, has been implicated in very serious crimes, is notorious for lying, and is running to be the President of the United States of America.

This is a man who has lied about the night of a presidential debate, telling people that the strange object under his left cuff was a rosary, and the mainstream news covered for him. This same man used teleprompters for tv interviews because he can’t remember what he is talking about from moment to moment. This is a man who refused to be checked for ear devices prior to the debate. This is a man who took a knee for BLM, a Marxist organization rooted in communism. This is a man who calls Antifa “an idea” and will not condemn them for burning cities, looting, and committing murder, which was all witnessed during the debate. They are attempting to install this man so that the far left communists can take over and run this country into the ground, because he is definitely not fit to run a country. Are you willing to play the shame game over a rosary, or do you want the truth exposed?

The Evidence

All mainstream news sources are pointing to this interview the Bidens did with Megyn Kelly to kick off their book tour back on November 13, 2017, over two years after Beau’s passing on May 30, 2015. This is what Joe Biden said about the rosary:

“Beau wore these. Hunt got these for Beau and me and ah, at Lady of Guadalupe down in Mexico, and we all wore them. I’m a practicing Catholic and Beau was a devout Catholic as well and it was more, both of us found solace in the elements of the church. It’s almost like meditation for us. And so, I have not taken off the rosary Beau was wearing when he passed, since then, but it’s my connection with him.

To be clear, on that day in November 2017, Biden claimed he had not taken off his son’s rosary since May 30, 2015.

Watch this short clip where Biden talks about the rosary.

Full video of interview

CLOSEUPS: Gravity & Facts

Joe Biden wears one of two bracelets on his left wrist, and always wears it behind his watch. He moved it in front of his watch here for people to see while they were discussing it. Notice that the bracelet always runs horizontal across the wrist, and as the wrist moves, the beads and charm all drop. At no point does any part of this bracelet go up his wrist in a vertical fashion. GRAVITY.

The last picture above consists of different beads, but with the same charm hanging from it.


July 30, 2015
Exactly two months after Beau’s passing, Biden was golfing with former president Barack Obama. He was not wearing the rosary, despite telling Megyn Kelly and the public in November 2017 that he hasn’t taken it off since Beau passed away.

September 7, 2015
Four months after Beau’s passing, he was not wearing the rosary.

October 7, 2016
Biden was wearing a completely different bracelet, one with a squared off wood cross, rather than the one he spoke of with Megyn Kelly. Here you can see where a portion of it slid up above his watch. Again, it does not protrude in a vertical fashion up his wrist. Gravity.

November 2, 2016
This is the bracelet in the above photos. He generally wears his bracelets behind his watch, when he does actually wear them. Again, this is not the rosary he told Kelly he hasn’t taken off since Beau’s death.

March 2017
The bracelet with the cross is seen here again. When the arm is raised, the bracelet droops downward, not upward. Gravity.

July 2017
Four months before going on air with Megyn Kelly, he was not wearing the rosary.

September 29, 2017
Two months before going on air with Megyn Kelly, he was not wearing the rosary.

September 30, 2017
Two months before going on air with Megyn Kelly, he was not wearing the rosary. This makes 8 events where he was not wearing the rosary.

At this point, it is well established that Joe Biden lied in the interview with Megyn Kelly on November 13, 2017, which is the video all media sources are using to make their claim about the debate. He lied about never having taken off his dead son’s rosary.

January 23, 2018
Two months after being on with Megyn Kelly, he was not wearing the rosary, in this video at the Council on Foreign Relations.

June 29, 2018
Seven months after being on with Megyn Kelly, he was still not wearing Beau’s rosary.

December 13, 2018
Thirteen months after being on with Megyn Kelly, he was not wearing the rosary.

May 2019
One and a half years after the interview with Megyn Kelly, Biden can be seen here wearing the rosary, tied tightly behind his watch. When he raises his arm, the charm drops and the rosary stays behind his watch.

Aug 20, 2020
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

June 1, 2020
When Biden attended Bethel AME Church in Wilmington, Delaware, he was not wearing the rosary.

June 2, 2020
It’s important to take note that Biden raises his hands frequently when speaking. After reviewing over 4200 photos and numerous videos, it is clear that he wears a watch 99.99% of the time. He seldom wears the bracelet with the wood cross, and is seen wearing the rosary that he told Megyn Kelly was his son Beau’s, only once since that date in November, 2017. The only photos, from the 4200 reviewed, that show the bracelet or rosary even popped out of his cuff, are in this report.

On August 21, 2020, in an interview with CNN’s Gloria Borger, she asked Joe Biden, “Is it true you keep Beau’s rosary with you?” Biden’s response was, “got it in my pocket. I keep it all the time.” He pulled it out of his pocket and said, “it was more gold, you can see it’s worn.” Borger went on to tell her cohosts, “I’m sure he’s going to have it in his pocket tonight when he addresses the convention.”

This is not the rosary he showed to Megyn Kelly back in 2017, nor is it the other bracelet with the wood cross that he wore a handful of times. So the original rosary that Beau wore, that Biden claimed to never have taken off back in 2017, has changed to a bracelet with a wood cross, and again to a small metal ring with a metal cross that he keeps in his pocket. Just so those facts are clear when people are referencing “Biden’s rosary.”

September 15, 2020
For only the second time in a long time, Biden can be seen wearing the rosary he had worn in the interview with Megyn Kelly, however, there is now a section that appears to hang out longer than seen before. Notice how it drapes and swings – GRAVITY. Also notice how it has a small silver ring at the end of it, which is not seen on the vertically protruding object in the night of the debate.

Sept 16, 2020
Biden is seen wearing it again the following day. Again, he may have been wearing it during the debate, but by no means is the object observed in the debate video footage representative of this rosary or the other bracelet he wears.

Sept 29, 2020
The Presidential Debate – The Controversy Over The Rosary vs Device

He is wearing his Omega watch. There is no visible bracelet or rosary above the watch. Therefore, if he is wearing it, he has it tucked behind his watch. Notice his cuff is slightly worn and frayed. He was not wearing cuff links, as you can see the button holes, so the theory that his rosary got caught on his cuff links, would not be the case, nor is it in line with where the object at the interior of the wrist protruded.

Right out the gate, at the beginning of the debate, when the first question was asked, Biden turned and coughed, and a strange object vertically protruded up his wrist, and out of his cuff. It does not have the silver ring at the end of it as his rosary does, as seen in photos above.

This can be seen at 2:08:15 from the full debate video.

Video clip of object extending up his wrist.

Notice that the rosary below has a bead and a silver ring at the end of it, unlike the object above, and it falls out of the cuff. GRAVITY.

Now watch what happens at 57:17 when 2 new objects protrude upward out of his cuff.

Watch the interior center point of the wrist, and the side at about 90 degrees. Suddenly, two objects shoot up vertically, one appearing to be encased in some sort of clear material. The one at the interior of the wrist arcs and pulls on the skin at the top of the wrist, then straightens back out and rapidly drops, leaving the skin slightly puckered outward.

Full debate video – watch at 57:17

Clip of this segment at regular speed. Watch the bottom right corner.

Now watch it again in slow motion.

Slow motion video

Below are closeups of still shots from the video.

These two objects vertically shoot up from his cusp in an almost animated fashion. The one at the interior of the wrist appears to be encased in some sort of transparent casing. The one at 90 degrees is more difficult to discern, but they seem to be operating in unison.

The object at the interior of his wrist, extends further up before arcing around the very top of his wrist, and the skin extrudes out from his wrist, clinging to this object. There almost appears to be a thin wire with a reflective ball at the tip.

After it rapidly descends back into the cuff, the skin remains extruding, as though something had pinched it and pulled it away from the bone.

What was just witnessed, was NOT the rosary, the charm, the other bracelet, the wood cross, or the metal ring that he keeps in his pocket. It would defy gravity, for starters.

So what did Joe Biden do, since he already told the media that he was in fact wearing the rosary the night of the debate, but didn’t seem to deny there was some sort of device around his wrist? He wore BOTH bracelets to his visit to Little Haiti on October 5th, and rolled up his sleeves for everyone to see. Out of 4200 photos, plus video footage, this is the only time he has visibly worn a bracelet on each wrist. It looks as though he even added a longer extension to the rosary to give the appearance that it could have poked out of the cuff, beyond his watch, the night of the debate. The only problem is… GRAVITY. It extends downward, not vertically up his wrist, nor does it tug at his skin and retract down at rapid speed.


On September 29, 2020, the night of the first presidential debate, Joe Biden was wearing some sort of device around his wrist that appears to be intelligent in nature, had the ability to quickly protrude in a vertical fashion, then arc and tug on the skin at the top of his wrist, leaving the skin pinched outward away from the bone, and then rapidly retracted into his cuff. What is it? Is it some sort of medical device, like a tens unit? Is it meant to trigger or stimulate? Without seeing the device up close it would be impossible to say exactly what it is for certain. But, it is most certainly not the rosary.

Biden ran a campaign ad in 2019 that used the death of his former wife, daughter, and son to promote the Affordable Care Act. Many would find this rather distasteful. He changed what he referred to as his son’s rosary, three times. He lied to Megyn Kelly when he told her that he had not removed the rosary since Beau’s death, as evidenced in photos above.

He is running for the President of the United States of America, and requires teleprompters, 9am lids, and medical devices to keep him moving forward. He had knowledge and involvement in spying on President Trump before Trump became president, during the 2016 run. His cohorts want to install him so they can run the show and run this country into communism. They want him in so bad, they are willing to commit voter fraud to do so. There are currently two affidavits filed at the Texas Supreme Court by a former FBI agent and former police officer who allege to have video, documents, and witnesses to prove that Joe Biden’s political director in Texas is running an illegal ballot-harvesting operation.

The next presidential debate is October 15th, and Joe Biden needs to be inspected for devices, and drug tested. These people are not messing around, and their game is to keep this country locked down, masked up, and headed to a new world order of communism, under the guise of COVID-19. But don’t take my word for it, the World Economic Forum spells it all out for you.

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  • Ginger Ware

    He also had a wire coming out of his jacket, already know that, too, correct?
    It is on Twitter….
    Its not easy to find…but you can find it…I HOPE!!!
    I have it saved…”somewhere” in my phone.if you want me to find it( ;
    Thankyou( ;
    I love our President!!!
    I can’t stand these CROOKS that have been running this country since the 1920’s!!!
    I will do ANYTHING that is (God would be ok with…)TO HELP rid this evil from Gaia…especially America!!! I LOVE my country!!! USA!!!!!MAGA WWG1WGA!!!!!

    Love And Blessings,

    Very Sincerely,


    • poo

      The ‘wire’ from his jacket was not a wire it was a crease. HD videos clearly show this it isn’t even hard to see. I admit I thought it was a wire at first too. The wrist thing is weird though.

  • Pauline Lange

    The sad thing is that the rosary is a devotion of prayers honoring the life of Christ. To use this to gain sympathy from those who say the rosary is despicable. This man is not a Catholic or a Christian and he needs to bow out of the race as he is a fraud. The millions of babies in heaven will testify and we must be their voice here on earth.
    He has voted for the murder of innocent babies in the womb which again is totally against the laws of God and the Church he says he belongs to. Yes, we can pray for mercy, but we cannot vote for him. This would be a moral wrong.

    • Lynn

      Description:Here before us is a Soviet archival document,* a top secret report by a communist apparatchik who had received a delegation of US Senators led by Joseph Biden in 1979.

      After describing routine arms control discussions, it quotes Biden as telling the Soviets off-record that he did not really care about the persecution of Russian dissidents. He and other Senators might raise human rights issues with their Soviet counterparts, but only to be seen by the public as defenders of human rights, not to have those problems really solved. They would happily take no for an answer.

      Date uploaded
      Jun 17, 2010

      Biden’s Secret Diplomacy
      By: Vladimir Bukovsky and Pavel Stroilov | Tuesday, October 14, 2008

      Here before us is a Soviet archival document,* a top secret report by a communistapparatchik who had received a delegation of US Senators led by Joseph Biden in 1979. After describing routine arms control discussions, it quotes Biden as telling the Sovietsoff-record that he did not really care about the persecution of Russian dissidents.

      He and other Senators might raise human rights issues with their Soviet counterparts, but only to be seen by the public as defenders of human rights, not to have those problemsreally solved. They would happily take no for an answer. Vadim V. Zagladin, the then deputy head of the International Department of the CPSUCentral Committee (the organization formerly known as the Comintern), wrote in thereport:
      The delegationdid not officially raise the issue of human rights during the negotiations.Biden said they did not want ‘to spoil the atmosphere with problems which are bound tocause distrust in our relations.’ However, during the breaks between the sessions thesenators passed to us several letters concerning these or those ‘refuseniks’.

      Refuseniks were one of the best known groups of oppressed citizens in the USSR atthat time: thousands of Jews who were refused exit permissions to emigrate to Israelon various trumped-up pretexts.

      Unofficially, Biden and [Senator Richard]
      Lugar said that, in the end of the day, theywere not so much concerned with having a problem of this or that citizen solved as withshowing to the American public that they do care for ‘human rights’. They must proveto their voters that they are ‘effective in fulfilling their wishes’. In other words, thecollocutors directly admitted that what is happening is a kind of a show, that they absolutely do not care for the fate of most so-called dissidents.In the same conversation, Biden asked us to ensure that senators’ appeals on those issues are not left unanswered-even if we just reply that the letter is received but we cannot do anything.

      Like most secret documents of the Cold War years, this report still remains classified inRussia’s official archives. However, a copy is available in the Gorbachev Foundation Archive in Moscow, where it was deposited by Mr. Zagladin-who himself works for theGorbachev Foundation since the collapse of the USSR.Under pressure from theKremlin, the archive had to limit the access to some of its documentary collections.

      However, Zagladin’s documents (Inventory 3/1)-including the one quoted above-were still available to researchers a few years ago, and that is how we obtained copies.Of course, when people’s reputations are at stake, a natural question is: how far can we believe a document written by a communist? Other things being equal, if it is Zagladin’sword against a word of a U.S. Senator, one would surely believe the latter. Hopefully,Sen. Biden and Sen. Lugar will fairly soon provide the public with their own accounts of that episode, and then we will be able to compare. Yet, we should not forget that these top secret documents were never intended to see the light of the day. They were written not for us, but for a very narrow circle of Zagladin’s communist bosses. Indeed, it was his job to deceive simple mortals; butdeceiving the Politburo would be both pointless and dangerous. After reading andanalyzing hundreds of suchlike reports by Zagladin, one cannot but conclude that healways portrayed his foreign collocutors as tougher, not softer, than they really were.That was natural, because that was safer for Zagladin himself. It was his job to cultivate foreign contacts, which made him to a degree responsible for their behavior. If he reported that someone was pro-Soviet and then the man turned out to be anti-Soviet, Zagladin would be held responsible. That is why he always preferred to err onthe otherside.In any case, diplomacy is not so much about what you mean as how you areunderstood. If you go Moscow sincerely determined to fight like a lion for humanrights, and then leave the enemy with an impression that you don’t care–this is amonumental failure. It hardly matters what Senators Biden and Lugar actually thoughtabout Soviet human rights abuses in the first place. If they really cared for humanrights and meant to pressure the Soviets–so much the worse. Be that as it may, theywere understood as the document reads. The message which the enemy received fromthem was this: we don’t care for those whom you keep torturing and rotting in prisons,but we would appreciate if you help us improve our public image.There was more to it than simply the betrayal of dissidents; for this involved thequestion of the Senators’ own independence. Indeed, they should have known thatevery Soviet official who dealt with high-ranking foreigners would see them not aspartners, but as potential targets for recruitment, potential collaborators or fellow-travelers. On such occasions, the Soviets always searched for a way to corrupt you. Theworst thing you could do was to show the enemy that you depend on him in any way.For any Western politician, telling the Soviets that his public image depends on theirgood will was the first step to becoming an agent of influence, de facto if not dejure.
      Today, it is a fact rather than a possibility that the next U.S. administration will have tolead the free world in theSecond Cold War. Respectively, the staunchest critics of Russia’s authoritarianism from recent years-Senators McCain and Biden-are now atthe center stage of the electoral campaign. Yet, fighting and winning this new Cold Warwill require more than just rhetoric. In order to work out correct strategies and tactics,

      it is more important than ever to analyze the lessons and mistakes of the first ColdWar.*
      [Top secret document is printed below]
      9-20 April 1979 [?]The memo by Vadim V. Zagladin, deputy head of the International Department of theCPSU Central CommitteeON THE BASIC CONTENTS OF TALKS WITH THE US SENATORSDuring the official negotiations with the delegation of US senators led by J. Biden andthe unofficial talks with the delegation’s head and some members, our collocutorsexpressed a number of considerations of certain interest.1. J. Biden, the head of the delegation, said that the mutual understanding that theSALT-2 treaty should be ratified is, basically, achieved in the Senate Commission forForeign Affairs. However, four reservations should be formulated. The contents of thosereservations have already been reported to us by our embassy in Washington.While commenting on the contents of those reservations, Biden said they should notworry the Soviet Union because they do not concern the substance of the treaty. Theonly reservation which, in his opinion, may cause our ‘displeasure’ says that the SALT-2should not prevent the US from providing the defence capabilities of their allies. Inpractice, the collocutor said, this is a way to confirm the US’ preparedness to keepsupplying European NATO members with modern US weapons, with the exception,naturally, of those types which are covered by the treaty itself.The Senate Commission for Foreign Affairs is going to conclude the consideration of thetreaty by the end of September. However, the Senate itself is starting to work on thisproblem later, possibly on the eve of the Christmas.2. As for the problem of supplying Western Europewith new types of weapons,including the Pershing missiles etc.;, Biden said that no final decisions had been takenon this issue yet. Those decisions will be taken in December. And a lot there, heemphasised, will depend on the position of the Soviet Union.During unofficial talks, Biden noted rather cynically that he personally and othermembers of the US Senate do not very much care about the Europeans’ concerns. Themain area of the US citizens’ interest is the security of the US itself. Nevertheless,thefeelings of our allies also ‘concern us’, he said. ‘We cannot stop supporting our allies,because if we did that, we would have weakened America’s own security’. Therefore,Biden continued, the Americans will probably have to solve the question of thesuppliesof the new types of armaments to Western Europe positively in principle. In any case,the majority in the Senate supports that, he said.

      Then Biden meaningfully emphasised (and he was actively supported by Senator Priorhere) that if the SALT-2 treaty is ratified before December, and if the Soviet Unionmakes some demonstrative steps in favour of further disarmament progress before theNATO meeting, the European countries probably may refrain from deploying new typesof American weapons in Europe,or at least, postpone the decisions taken on this issue.To our question on what exactly steps are meant here, Prior answered that, forexample, the Soviet government might state it is not going to increase the number of SS-20 missiles any further.3. Something that caught our attention was that this time, in both official and unofficialtalks, the senators would raise more questions about the prospects, about the SALT-3,than the SALT-2. Unofficially, Biden said that ‘the question of the future is moresignificant to the more serious senators-although not to all-than the question of thepresent treaty. The thing is (he explained) that many in the Senate consider the presenttreaty as a kind of an intermediate step, a booster for the further reductionof the armsrace. Many in the US are very serious about this, believing it is possible to negotiate thereduction of the level of military confrontation with the Soviet Union. However, at thesame time, many people are uncertain whether the USSR will agree to further serioussteps of that kind.’Most questions concerned two subjects. Firstly, whether the USSR would agree to asignificant reduction of the number of nuclear missiles at the next stage (the senatorswere particularly interested in heavy missiles in this connection). Secondly, whether theUSSR would agree to the explansion of control and the introduction of ‘more effectivemethods’ (for example, the ‘black boxes’, which were discussed during the negotiationson the prohibition of underground nuclear tests).It emerged during that talks that, in spite of all huge work we are doing about this.

      The relevant texts were given to them, along withsome other documents of the CPSU and the Soviet government.4. It should also be noted that, this time, the delegation did not officially raise the issueof human rights during the negotiations. Biden said the did not want ‘to spoil theatmosphere with problems which are bound to cause distrust in our relations.’ However,during the breaks between the sessions the senators passed to us several lettersconcerningthese or those ‘refuseniks’.

      Unofficially, Biden and Lugar said that, in the end of the day, they were not so muchconcerned with having a problem of this or that citizen solved as with showing to the American public that they do care for ‘human rights’.They must prove to their votersthat they are ‘effective in fulfilling their wishes’. In other words, the collocutors directlyadmitted that what is happening is a kind of a show, that they absolutely do not carefor the fate of most so-called dissidents.

      Biden’s Secret Diplomacy – Bukovsky and Stroilov

  • Gail Grafford Canty

    BeadsTo begin with a rosary is not to be worn as jewelry. It is a link of 5 sets of 10 beads to keep count of the prayers so it is obvious the “rosary “ has been altered in to a piece of jewelry. A rosary is usually about 18” long though it can be a number of sizes. It certainly isn’t the size of a bracelet. Some good practicing Catholic, huh?

  • marymagdalene

    Does Joe wear the rosary when he is having forced sex with a minor? Or when he is promoting late term abortions which is against the Catholic Church?

  • Loraine Forshee

    I just read somewhere about hearing but not with your ears but through your skin. Facebook was working with it in 2017. In the article it seemed rather primitive at that point but who knows what has changed in 3 years.
    In that clip of the video Joe seems to say “yea” as though he was responding to someone.
    Not saying that is what it is but thought I would just throw it out there.

  • Cindy Duffy

    You are amazing Corey! I find myself sharing your info all the time. Sleepy Joe and the Rosary sham is just another example of your incredible research and truthfulness. You speak the truth when others are afraid to. You are both wise and wonderful.
    May God continue to bless and keep you and those you love. Sending you all the best from Texas!!!!!

  • LEONIE Wynne

    Some of the debate videos with Trump don’t seem to be working in this article. Great article though and it was as plain as the nose on Biden’s face the wire and the instrument that was protruding from the sleeve and his jacket. Had to watch it several times to make sure I wasn’t seeing things though.


    Something I’ve noticed, whatever that device was it was exposed when he coughed into his left hand. Probably to test it.
    I’ve seen dozens of photos/videos of him coughing before and after and he ALWAYS 100% of the time coughs into his right hand.

  • MickieKnows

    Joe was known to carry with him 2 cell phones at all times, one for his wife’s calls and another for all his girlfriends. And, they were listed in order of who was his favorite at the time. Now they may be checking his pockets, ya know, cuz of his given state.

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