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Church Pedophiles & Child Sex Trafficking Nests Intersect by The Thousands

Do not turn a blind eye. Pedophilia goes far beyond the walls of the church, and spreads much like the plague, infesting local communities and infiltrating daycares, schools, and foster care, while many remain protected by local community leaders and officials. Child sex trafficking and church pedophiles are rampant, and the lists being disseminated by churches across the country, pointing to pedophile priests and clergy, most of which have long been deceased, is a swift way to clean their hands of it, with false transparency. What they don’t want people to know, is just how far this truly reaches, and the fact that teachers, attorneys, police officers, sheriffs, politicians, and even judges are in their “pedophile family,” making sure their secrets are safe, rather than the victims.

This is dark subject matter that is crucial for all to read in its entirety, in order to understand the true scope of what is happening to children across this country. Do not turn a blind eye – people must combat this for the children. This report will illustrate just how deep these nests go, the profoundly disturbing connections, detail of specific cases with numerous additional case links, show how communities are infiltrated, and what to pay very close attention to in one’s surroundings. Many churches are involved, not just the Catholic Church, who has the third highest total number of local congregations in the US, with 17,651 parishes. That said, it is important to touch on the Vatican in this report, due to significant statements and lack of action that has taken place.

The lists are trickling out, but are people seeing the bigger picture and just how widespread this is? Do people understand they have the power to stop this?

Let’s put this in perspective. In 2018 the Pennsylvania diocese released their list of 301 predator priests who sexually abused over 1,000 child victims. Since that report was released, investigations ensued into clergy in 14 states by attorneys general. New Jersey released a list of more than 180 priests. The Houston Chronicle uncovered 20 years of abuse by the Southern Baptist Convention, resulting in 700 victims, while those leaders who knew, did nothing. The Louisville KY diocese identified 48 priests. Bishops covered up the abuse by 118 Catholic clergy in Buffalo. In the California Bay Area, the list of priest sex offenders is currently at 212. Two Roman Catholic Jesuit provinces that cover nearly half the US, recently released a list of 153 priests and ministry leaders of sexual abuse that dates back to the 1950s. In a 2010 report by three advocacy groups, nearly 60% of Chicago’s Roman Catholic parishes have had a priest publicly accused of sexually abusing a child. In 2018, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan revealed there were nearly 700 clergymen in Illinois that have been accused of child sexual assault. In 2017, six families with nine children filed a lawsuit against LDS – The Corporation of the First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, alleging that LDS leaders knew one of their members was abusing children for years, and they covered it up. Is this nightmare beginning to sink in yet? This is a mere sampling. Continue reading. Hundreds of lists have been released across 28 states thus far, and we haven’t even touched on the child trafficking aspect in connection with churches. There needs to be an interactive map created, with pins in every church denomination across the country. The clickable pin would reveal names, dates, and charges of all clergy who have been involved in sexually abusing children, as well as those who covered it up. This is a great idea for someone who wants to develop this app. Italy and Poland have created maps worth looking at, to see just how widespread this issue is. A brilliant interactive map of L.A.’s pedophile priests was created back in 2012 by Socal Connect. This is the type of map that needs to be created across the entire country, by state.

Make no mistake, pedophiles sharing children, and child sex trafficking go hand-in-hand in these nests they build. Just recently three pastors from Ohio were indicted on child sex trafficking charges, sharing the children, while operating out of multiple facilities. This case is illustrated further down, along with other cases involving child sex trafficking, a church involved with child sexual abuse and mutilations of cats for satanic rituals, a nest in Kentucky with a Judge sentenced to 20 years, and the indictments of countless other pedophiles involved in atrocities against children. What is important to absorb, is the fact that these people exist everywhere, and choose positions of work where children thrive. It is critical to be observant of one’s surroundings, to be able to spot the nests, and to be deeply aware of this epidemic, so as to protect ALL children.

SHAMED: Pope Francis Says “Accusers Are Friends or Relatives of The Devil”

The Pope was recently addressing pilgrims from the Italian diocese of Benevento, where he stated:

Whose is the office of the accuser! The devil! And those who spend their life accusing, accusing, accusing, are – I will not say children, because the devil does not have any – but friends, cousins, relatives of the devil.
He who loves the Church knows how to forgive, because he knows that he himself is a sinner and is in need of God’s forgiveness.

Is the Pope trying to shame victims who are only recently seeing an admittance from the Church, of sexual child abuse dating back to the 1950’s – victims, whose perpetrators are long since dead? Victims who “accused” but never saw justice, and instead witnessed these men carry out their positions within the Church, while they continued to abuse other children. The Pope now states that these “accusers” are friends or relatives of the Devil, and if they love the Church they will know how to forgive. All the while, he sits on his throne beneath a magnificent sculpture called ‘The Resurrection’ which depicts Jesus with a seemingly skeletal tail, surrounded by skulls, as the Pope peers out to his audience seated in a hall, fashioned to look like that of a snake.

Judge of Vatican’s Highest Appellate Court, Official of Vatican Embassy in D.C., and Vatican Diplomat – Child Sex Abuse and Child Pornography Charges

In 2018, Monsignor Pietro Amenta, one of 22 judges of the Roman Rota accepted a plea bargain on charges of sexual molestation and having 80 pornographic images on his computer, some involving minors. From 1996-2012 he served as an official of the Vatican’s Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, prior to becoming a judge in 2012.

In 2018, Monsignor Carlo Alberto Capella, former official of the Vatican embassy in Washington D.C., was sentenced to five years for using a computer to download and distribute pornographic images of children engaged in sexually explicit acts.

In 2015, Archbishop Józef Wesolowski, a Vatican diplomat, died while under a form of house arrest, after facing charges of child abuse while in the Dominican Republic.

They all cover for one another, and it’s all beginning to percolate to the surface, in the public eye. The recent Chilean scandal, where the bishops and the Pope were essentially covering for one of their own, is a perfect example of this.

These are only a few of the thousands who have sexual abuse claims against them. Perhaps this shines a little light on why the Pope would like to keep this quiet, as in the past, and shuns accusers for daring to keep a spotlight on one of the world’s biggest and fastest growing tragedies of all time – pedophilia and child trafficking.

5 Cases Detailing Churches’ Involvement with Child Molestation, Child Sex Trafficking & More

CASE #1:  3 Ohio Pastors, 3 Churches, 3 Victims (1 shared) – Child Sex Trafficking

Cordell Jenkins, Kenneth Butler, Anthony J. Haynes

In November, 2017 Cordell Jenkins, Kenneth Butler, and Anthony J. Haynes were indicted and charged with child sex trafficking and child pornography. For starters, these men were all sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl, in hotels, at Greater Life Christian Center in Toledo, and at Abundant Life Ministries, dating back to 2014. Haynes gave the girl hush money and told her not to tell anyone or it would ruin his life, as well as recorded the sexual assaults on his cellphone. He also arranged her being abused by several other men, including Jenkins, who even abused her at his own home. Jenkins also abused a second girl in March of 2017.

In addition to Butler’s involvement with this 14-year-old girl, he was also indicted on sex trafficking charges of a third girl. He was a pastor at Kingdom Encounter Family Worship.

Despite these detestable acts, in January 2019, Alisa Haynes and Alexis Fortune, the wife and step-daughter of Anthony Haynes were charged for abducting one of the victims at gunpoint and warning her not to testify at trial. They removed the victim from her apartment, choked her with a cord and told her to take back statements she had made to investigators. Both have federal charges against them.

In February, Laura Lloyd-Jenkins, the wife of Cordell Jenkins, pleaded guilty to making false statements to investigators, including stating that she wasn’t aware of Jenkins having sex with the girl, or being aware of her age. Lloyd served as a board member for Lucas County Children Services, and had been in regular communication with one of the victims dating back to 2016. She knew the girl was a minor, and met with her in person in March 2017, along with the girl’s guardian, at a local pizza place, whereby they showed Lloyd the text messages indicating Jenkins and Haynes had been paying the girl for sex.

Investigators testified that they found searches on Lloyd-Jenkins phone on the same date she had met with the girl at the pizza place. Her searches revealed: “husband slept with 17-year-old,” “what is sex trafficking?,” “Southwest companion pass international travel,” and “find Caribbean hotels by Marriott.”

Kenneth Butler was sentenced to 17-1/2 years in prison for conspiracy to sex traffic children, obstruction of sex trafficking investigation, and two counts of sex trafficking children.

Cordell Jenkins pleaded guilty to two counts of sex trafficking of children, one count of sexual exploitation of children, and is awaiting sentencing.

Anthony Haynes, who is charged with child sex trafficking, and knowingly recruiting, enticing, harboring, transporting, providing or obtaining a person under the age of 18, is awaiting trial. In an affidavit, it alleges that Haynes, along with a woman, engaged in sex acts on multiple occasions with a female teenager.

This is a perfect example of how pedophiles working within a church, share victims, as well as traffic them, beyond church walls. These pastors abused three girls within the walls of the church, in one of their homes, in a car, and in multiple hotels. Two of the wives, along with a step-daughter went to great means to protect them, and one of the wives was on the board of child services. Plus, there is an affidavit stating a woman was present with Haynes while engaging in sex acts with a female teenager. Oftentimes, pedophilia runs in families and/or marriages.

Sick yet? Don’t stop reading now. The children need help, and people need to be armed with this knowledge.

CASE #2: Nine Clergy & Deputy Sheriff Arrested in Sexual Abuse of Two Dozen Children Involving Satanic Rituals

Not long after Hosanna Church in Ponchatoula, LA closed its doors, in 2005 an investigation into sexual abuse of children and mutilations of cats for satanic rituals ensued, landing many of the church leaders in prison, including a deputy sheriff who once lived on the church grounds.

Sheriff Daniel H. Edwards said that as many as 25 children, evenly split between boys and girls, may have been involved in sex acts at the youth center, in cars, and in homes of at least two of those charged. They believe the abuse began in 1999, and stopped occurring on the church grounds after 2003. “But nobody really believes that they just stopped abusing kids,” Sheriff Edward said.

Nine people had been arrested, and numerous computers, videotapes, computer disks, boxes containing documents and photographs, and nine bags full of costumes, were all seized, in which police believed some contained child pornography. The victims ranged in age from 1 to 16, and the police found a faint imprint of a pentagram on the floor in the youth hall located behind the sanctuary. Some that were arrested stated rituals involving cats’ blood and people dressed in black robes took place within the pentagrams.

Pastor Louis Lamonica Jr. confessed to being the head of a Satanic ring, claiming he was one of six who took part in the abuse of children, animal sacrifice, and satanic rituals. His wife, the deputy sheriff, and other church members were involved as well. Lamonica described the pentagram in the middle of the floor, a book of ‘Spells and Temptations,’ and the youth room where all of the windows were covered in black. They dedicated a baby to Satan, put the baby in a black dress in the middle of the pentagram, played satanic music, and lit candles. They would drain the blood of a cat, each drink it, and then kill the cat, removed the dress from the baby and sprinkled the blood over her/him, all while chanting around the child.

When they weren’t performing rituals on babies, they would pick up girls, the males would line up and have sex with her, and the females would perform oral sex. He also stated there was feces and urine laid around, and during these rituals he would become distorted by the Devil and demons would change him into an animal.

The others that were arrested described other disturbing scenes of bestiality, one who had abused his daughter since she was 2-months-old, and Lamonica’s own sons had given detailed accounts of long-term abuse by their father, and others they were passed around to. They later recanted their statements on the stand.

Lamonica is serving four life sentences. The others plead guilty to charges ranging from aggravated rape to sexual battery to obstruction of justice. Deputy Sheriff Christopher Labat was charged with child pornography, but charges were later dismissed. Labat had covered for these people, and when church members brought concerns to him, he dismissed them. He also had charges of obstruction of justice dismissed against one of the church members involved. Labat still resides in Louisiana, in a location where 35 registered sex offenders live close by.

Ironically, the church itself was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. This case is an example of how leaders of a church, the members of a church, and a deputy sheriff all worked together to abuse children in the most barbaric way, while covering for one another, within their community.

Disgusted? Don’t stop reading now. There is critical information, that must be known by all, so the children can be protected.

CASE #3:  NEST in Northern Kentucky: Former Judge Sentenced to 20 Years for Human Trafficking, Rape, Sodomy: 19 Victims, 7 Juveniles – Plus Attorney, 2 Churches, and Others

Remember the incident at Covington Catholic High School where the Native American taunted the young boys wearing MAGA hats at an anti-abortion march, captured it all on video, and spun it to appear as though the boys were out of line, racists, and derogatory toward the man? Heck, who could forget it? Even Mayor Joseph Meyer got behind it, denouncing the kids. Of course, since then the truth has come out and lawsuits are proceeding. Well it just so happens, Covington appears to sit inside a nest in northern Kentucky – one that is likely protected well, and therefore, easy to pull off a stunt such as that. Aside from the fact that it butts up to Newport, KY, otherwise known as “Sin City” for its gambling and prostitution back when gangsters were the hit of the town, it’s right down the road from the Diocese of Covington Chancery, near the Licking River. Not only that, just across the Ohio River is the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. Why are these two locations significant?

The Roman Catholic diocese of Covington, KY had received 205 allegations against 35 priests by over 100 victims in a 50-year cover-up, which was nearly 10% of the 364 priests who ever worked for the diocese. In 2005, they settled a class-action lawsuit over the sexual abuse by priests, in the amount of $120M – the largest church abuse settlement reached at that time.

The Bishop Accountability website, which maintains a database of those committing child sex abuse in the church from the 1930s to the early 2000s, documents 31 priests at the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, just across the Ohio River.

It seems this epidemic spans across much of Kentucky, including human trafficking. In 2013 Kentucky investigated 20 cases of human trafficking in four months. Gretchen Hunt, staff attorney for the Kentucky Association of Sexual Assault Programs stated, “It tells us that Kentucky is, unfortunately, a state that is rife with human trafficking.”

In December 2016, AG Andy Beshear laid out a plan to ramp up efforts in combatting human trafficking in Kentucky, and said it is occurring in every county of the state.

For those who don’t believe that, they need to understand that there is no such thing as a child prostitute in Kentucky. Those children are being trafficked. They are innocent. They are children of God, and they deserve our protection.

In 2018, an FBI agent in Kentucky said that human trafficking is now the third-largest criminal enterprise in the world, and it’s expected to eclipse drug-running in a few years. That same year, the state attorney general’s office was seeking legislative approval to convene a grand jury to investigate Catholic dioceses handling of sexual abusers in the priesthood throughout the state.

Right smack between these two dioceses is the Campbell County Circuit Court, where Mr. Timothy L. Nolan served as a district judge from 1978 – 1986. Nolan was recently sentenced to 20 years in prison after being charged with multiple felonies consisting of rape, human trafficking, witness tampering, prostitution, unlawful transaction with a minor and sodomy. This spanned over 10 years with 19 victims, including seven minors under 16. This man traded heroin for sex, threatened eviction from his properties, and used intimidation and threats of knowing people in power that could put them in jail and take their children away. Based on what’s surfacing in this area, with his connections, he probably wasn’t joking.

What’s worse, Nolan often visited Transitions’ Women’s Residential Addiction Program in Covington, and was a frequent volunteer at drug court. This is how he would meet women addicted to opioids. He also served on the school board from 2016 until he was a indicted in May of 2017.

Governor Matt Bevin appointed Nolan as one of the four members of the first Kentucky Boxing and Wrestling Commission on May 17, 2016 for a term expiring in May 2019. Governor Matt Bevin and AG Beshear would appear to be in a pissing match for quite some time now, with lawsuits flying from both ends of the field. Beshear is running against Bevin for Governor in May 2019.

On February 20, 2019 Beshear opposed senate bill 41 that would allow a ‘power grab’ by the Governor. The legislation would give a cabinet secretary appointed by Gov. Bevin the exclusive decision-making power over whether and how to settle lawsuits brought by the Office of the Attorney General. Beshear believes this to be an attempt to undermine his lawsuits against nine pharmaceutical companies that have contributed to the Kentucky drug epidemic. He argued that this bill is unconstitutional and interferes with the AG’s role as the chief law officer for the Commonwealth regardless of who holds that office.

This nest continues to grow. Attorney Robert L. Poole, protégé of former judge Timothy Nolan, was indicted on charges of human trafficking and sex crimes with minors immediately following Nolan’s arrest. He was indicted after a 9-month investigation by the Kentucky AG’s office and the Erlanger Police Department. The investigators working the Nolan case, contacted Erlanger police after discovering evidence that implicated Poole. They had identified several victims and believed there were still others.

Approximately 13 miles south, Joseph Niemeyer, a youth leader at New Banklick Baptist Church was accused of sexually abusing and raping a 7-year-old girl in his Independence home for 3 years. Niemeyer was also a volunteer at Twenhofel middle school. What’s worse, he was a foster care parent. He is now serving a 17-year prison sentence.

As awful as all of this is, other levels of corruption exist in this area, which very well may play a role in the above. In November 2018, Bridget Johnson, 20-year finance director at the Northern Kentucky Convention and Visitors Bureau, was charged with theft of $3,840,500. Not only was she paying people that weren’t really vendors, she was creating and deleting the transactions on the bureau computer. The money went to “real people,” charges may be brought against additional defendants, and this case is an ongoing investigation.

Kentucky state legislature approved a measure that created stricter deadlines for biological parents to turn around their “troubled lives” or for the state to ask a judge to sever parental rights so it can permanently place children with adoptive families. As of 2018, 9,034 children in Kentucky were in state care, up from 7,917 in 2017. They state that “they were removed from their homes for their own protection.” Kentucky is also considering completely privatizing its foster care system.

This entire nest is a prime example of how deeply rooted pedophilia is in communities. It shows how people in power use their power to prey on the vulnerable. It illustrates how the church covered up child sexual abuse by their priests for 50-years. It also reveals that while the state continues to pull children away from their biological parents, they are sometimes placing those children right into the hands of predators who wish to foster them. And finally, it shows that predators seek out youth centers, churches, schools, and shelters to find their prey. Wouldn’t it be grand if these institutions had mandatory lie-detector tests that questioned individuals about abusing children, PRIOR to their obtaining positions?

Repulsed? Don’t stop reading now. If people don’t understand the scope of this, how can they help the children?

Case #4:  Baptist Church Hires Famous Child Molester Pastor – to Make Money

registered sex offender

Pastor Darrell Gilyard of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL, was charged in 2009 for lewd or lascivious conduct to a female victim under 16-years-old, as well as lewd or lascivious molestation to a female victim under 12-years-old. He was a nationally known preacher and knew how to corral people in. He served three years, and had to register as a sex offender. No less than two months after getting out of prison, he was offered to preach at Christ Tabernacle Baptist Church. Their reason for allowing a registered sex offender to return to work at their church? They needed the money, and he was the one that could raise it. They don’t even hide this fact.

His three-year probation stipulated that he was not to have contact with minors. So, what did the church do? They barred minors from the services and he wasn’t allowed to perform marriage counseling or other pastoral work. Of course his probation officer approved, and so – minors were no longer allowed to attend service when he was preaching. Amazing. The church’s Trustee Eloise Bolden said that the church was ensuring they would hold separate youth services for minors, and that Gilyard should be forgiven and offered another shot at ministry. Once his probation period ended, the church allowed him to be around minors again.

But it wasn’t just children he sexually abused. In 2004, Gilyard admitted to fathering the child of a woman who had accused him of raping her during a counseling session. Furthermore, there are several women who claimed that Gilyard assaulted them at Texas churches in the 1980s.

Despite all of this, the church’s only concern was money. They were about to go under, so they hired on a famous child sex abuser pastor to raise money. And guess what? They did. The parents and families attending that church clearly were not concerned either. They all supported him. If one believes the false psychoanalysis that pedophilia is in fact a disease, then obviously this man cannot control himself around children. If one doesn’t believe it’s a disease, but rather a desire – the same outcome applies.

There was recently an investigation that found 380 Southern Baptist Church ministers, deacons, leaders and volunteers have been credibly accused or convicted of sexual abuse in the last 20 years. They also found evidence that leadership has systematically covered up sex abuse allegations and moved sex offenders to other churches. At least 10 churches re-hired sex offenders. Paul Pressler, the former vice president of the Southern Baptist Convention was accused of child molestation. Lawsuits have been filed by victims of sex abuse in the SBC church.

This case reveals the mentality of the church. No matter what denomination, they all cover for one another. They prey on the vulnerable. They shame victims. They use God as a tool for demanding forgiveness. They do not want the victims to go to the police, so they deal with it quietly, and settle with money, oftentimes removing a priest only to place him at a church several towns away. WHY are people tolerating this? WHY are people attending this church? WHY were the parents okay with being separated from their children at services? THEY ALL KNEW, and they supported this man, and this church. This man, who sexually molested a child under 12-years-old and raped a woman in the church office during his counseling session with her. At what point will people take back their power, stand up for children, and say enough is enough, rather than encouraging these barbaric acts against children to continue. Does one truly believe THIS is what God wants?

Infuriated? Don’t stop reading now. It is necessary to absorb ALL of this to understand its many tentacles. It’s time to take back power – for the children.

CASE #5: Boise Priest Sentenced to 25 Years: Desires of Murder, Satanism & Sex with Children

Photo credit: Idaho Statesman

Rev. W. Thomas Faucher, priest at the Roman Catholic Diocese of Boise, was sentenced to 25 years in prison without parole. At 73-years-old, Faucher had amassed thousands of child pornography videos and images, and shared some of them online. The deeply disturbing part to this case, is Faucher’s desires, described by Detective John Brumbaugh who had investigated the videos, photos, chats, and emails. He stated that Faucher was actively seeking interests with gay men, satanic interests, and the rape and killing of minors. His cellphone and computer contained more than 2,500 sexually exploitative files with young-looking subjects, that were violent, torturous, and involved children crying.

Brumbaugh said that Faucher expressed a desire to have sex with 6-year-old boys, satanic desires, and that the thought of killing someone excited him. He fantasized about sexual abuse of altar boys and babies, and enjoyed a video of a boy being beaten to death. Faucher had images of him urinating on the cross and canon law book, and wrote that he urinated in the wine for Mass at least once. He also stated that “it felt good to lie for no good reason except to do it…Most of the time, I just make a new reality and believe it as long as it suits me.”

In December 2018, the Idaho Statesman had reported that two men came forward to church officials and prosecutors to accuse him of sexually abusing them when they were children several decades ago; no charges have been filed in those cases.

This is a case that depicts what goes on inside the mind of a monster – a monster that served in the church for 45-years. God only knows what may have happened on a physical level throughout this time, being has his desires seemed to have reached a full-scale level of pure evil. To hide such desires for so many years, without anyone knowing, or anyone coming forward, seems highly unlikely.

Absolutely shocked? Don’t stop reading now. It’s important to understand those who protect people like this, and others involved in the pedophile family. Keep reading.

Additional Arrests of Child Sexual Abuse and Child Sex Trafficking in Connection with Churches

child trafficking and abduction, child abuse, CPS, foster care, kidnapping

This is a small sampling from hundreds of thousands of cases:

Former Fayetteville Pastor Faces 142 Charges for the Rapes of Four Children

Grace Baptist Pastor of Children’s Ministry in Knoxville Arrested in Sex Trafficking Sting: He Responded to Ads on for To Have Sex with Two Females – One Under 18. A Second Pastor was Also Arrested in This Sting.

Dallas-area Pastor, Gospel Singer Arrested on Multiple Charges of Child Sex Abuse

Homosexual Lutheran Pastor Arrested for Trafficking Child Porn in San Francisco

Deacon in Child Porn Charge was Former School Worker

Police Arrested Pastor of the First United Methodist Church of Pace for Traveling to Two Locations with Intention to Have Intercourse with a 14-year-old Boy

Willow Creek Paid $3.25M to Settle Lawsuits Over Child Sex Abuse by Church Volunteer

Pastor Sexually Abused Children in Church and Homes – Gaston County Police Say

Former Baptist Church Director Arrested in Prostitution Sting

Boston Archdiocese Settled an $85M Lawsuit with 552 Victims Back in 2003

Church Deacon Arrested in Pedophile Ring

Richland Deacon Charged with Two Counts of Child Molestation

Former Baptist Church Deacon Charged with Sexual Abuse of Young Girls

March, 2018 Bishop Joseph Cistone’s Home was Raided for Lack of Cooperation of Investigation into Pedophile Ring in Saginaw, MI. Seven Months Later, Cistone Died in His Home at Age 69 for Causes Yet to be Determined.

TEN Additional Clergy Sex Scandals in 2017 Alone

Many People in Places of Power Are Part of The Pedophile Family or Protect Those That Are

This is a small sampling from hundreds of thousands of cases.

Former Albertville, AL Judge Sentenced for Molesting a Child and Possessing Thousands of Images of Child Pornography, Including Graphic Sexual Assaults on Toddlers, and Advised Other Sexual Predators on How to Groom and Molest Children

California Judge Ronald C. Kline’s Case of Child Molestation and Child Pornography was Suppressed by Court

Center City Lawyer Charged with Having Sex with 14-Year-Old Girl

Indiana Lawyer and Former Judge Charged in Sexual Misconduct Case

Arkansas Police Officer Arrested on Sexual Assault and Child Pornography Charges

Clark County, KY Sheriff Indicted by Feds for Paying a Prostitute for Oral Sex and Giving Her a Badge and Uniform to Get Government Employee Rate at Area Hotels

2 Arrested for Human Trafficking, Including a Former Vice Squad Supervisor

Police Sergeant and Firefighter Both Busted in Child Sex Sting

Federal Prosecutors Broke Law in New York Hedge Fund Manager Jeffrey Epstein Case, Judge Rules

(They concealed a plea agreement from more than 30 underage victims who had been sexually abused. In a 33-page opinion, Judge Marra said: “prosecutors not only violated the Crime Victims’ Rights Act by not informing the victims, they also misled the girls into believing that the FBI’s sex trafficking case against Epstein was still ongoing — when in fact, prosecutors had secretly closed it after sealing the plea bargain from the public record. Epstein worked in concert with others to obtain minors not only for his own sexual gratification, but also for the sexual gratification of others.”)

Actress Allison Mack Charged in The NXIVM Cult Case on Child Sex Trafficking Charges (Many are involved in this case with potentially more indictments to come. Whereas mainstream news ALL leave off the word “Child” after “Sex Trafficking,” court documents clearly reflect this.)

Former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner, Husband of Hillary Clinton’s Aide Huma Abedin, Served Prison Time for Sexting with a 15-Year-Old Girl (Weiner’s laptop contained 340,000 emails, with a significant amount of them being between Hillary and Huma. On page 294 of the IG report, it states: Initial analysis of laptop – thousands emails, Hillary Clinton & Foundation, crime against children.)

Famous Singer R. Kelly Surrendered to Police After Being Indicted on 10 Counts of Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse Involving Four Victims – Three Were Between 13-17 Years Old

Satanic Temple’s Baphomet Statues on Display

In Birmingham, AL they boast a large fountain with Baphomet featured as “the storyteller,” while characters right out of Alice in Wonderland look to Baphomet in awe. It was erected in 1983, and is located at ‘Five Points South’, where five streets converge in front of Highlands United Methodist Church. Five points, as in five points of the pentacle.

In 2018, the Satanic Temple brought a Baphomet statue to Little Rock, Arkansas for a rally to call for the removal of a Ten Commandments monument that was already mounted on the Capitol grounds.

Photo credit: FOX16

Outside the Oklahoma State Capitol, the Satanic Temple from New York crowdfunded $28,000 to erect a statue of Baphomet, to sit alongside the Ten Commandments statue.

Be The Warrior You Are – For The Children


These nests exist all throughout the world. Pedophilias have been bred into the church system since their inception, and covered-up for decades. They are drawn to locations where it is easier to prey on vulnerable children. They infiltrate communities and setup nests, covering for one another, and sharing in their evil deeds. From a DCFS adoption manager, to boy scout leaders, teachers, daycares, and thousands of others, they exploit children from positions of power, and leaders who are supposed to be trusted. In 2018, a San Francisco Bay area family was charged with running a human trafficking ring out of a child daycare center and two residential senior care facilities, on 59 counts of human trafficking, rape and labor abuse. It is rampant.

None of this is going to change until people start taking back their power. Start questioning so-called “leaders,” start demanding more action be taken, start boycotting and stop supporting places and people who perpetrate and cover-up these barbaric actions, and stop living in shame or fear. They have worked very hard to keep people down, to keep them quiet so they don’t question “authority,” and to keep them busy so they cannot see what is happening. It is time for everyone to open their eyes, accept these tragedies are happening, and stop making excuses that they “don’t want to know about it because it’s too dark.” Tough cookies. Imagine what all of the children have been going through? They need real leaders. They need people who are going to stand up and say, “we refuse to attend your church if you are going to allow a child molester to preach the word of God.”

The children need people who are going to take the time to understand what is happening, to accept it is reality, and are willing to step up to make a change. When people are driving from one end of town to the other, they should be paying attention to the buildings they pass, the churches, the schools, people and children along the roads. Observe. Report. Speak up. Help these children. When someone is covering up for a child abuser at a school, daycare, church or other institution, demand that person is removed as well. When a child abuser is removed from a position, track their whereabouts to be certain t­hey were not placed at another location where children reside. All of this can be done open-source, online. This is not stalking – this is protecting children. It is time to hunt the hunters, so they can no longer prey on children.

Only a very small fraction of pedophiles are ever caught, and of those caught, many cases are dismissed, and charges are dropped. Yet still, there are currently 861,837 registered sex offenders in the United States. How many live in your neighborhood?

Pope Francis would like everyone to believe that accusers are friends or relatives of the Devil, when in reality, it is the exact opposite. Those who commit atrocities against children, those who cover for them, and those who join in or allow it to continue – those are the people who are friends with the Devil. If that’s not clear, then one does not truly know God at all.­­

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  • Pat Patterson

    Thank you for all you do! One of my favorite independent citizen journalists! With everything going on in our country, besides the unfettered corruption within our government, child trafficking and human trafficking have become I would say a passion of mine to try and get your words and the word of others out to people so they can see just how much evil there is in our world! Thank you again for all you do!



  • Maureen Greene

    If there is a way to develop a list of suspects of sex rings such as functioning as NXIVM. Is there a safe way to do this?

  • Michael Knapp

    The ‘Red Pill’ of truth is tough to swallow, but the light will always extinguish the darkness in the end. I know this had to be a difficult dig to get through. Heck, it was hard reading it all. I went to the same Bible College, Trinity College of Florida, that Billy Graham received his undergraduate degree from. I knew about some of these cases, but man… I had no idea. Great job Cory Lynn! Please take a breather from time to time, especially after something as deep and dark as this one… mk

  • Jim McMurtry

    America has been warned: The Franklin Coverup, The Franklin Scandal, The TranCeformation of America. Unfortunately, the rich are busy counting their money, the middle-class is busy trying to become the rich, & the lower-class is headed to the mailbox in between reality-shows. Meanwhile, babies are being slaughtered, children are being raped, the young are being sacrificed, and their blood drank. And now, our “brave men & women” are headed for Venezuela to teach them “Creoles” a thing or two about human rights. USA! USA! USA!

  • Jim McMurtry

    America has been warned: The Franklin Coverup, The Franklin Scandal, The TranCeformation of America. Unfortunately, the rich are busy counting their money, the middle-class is busy trying to become the rich, and the lower-class is busy headed to the mailbox in between reality-shows. Meanwhile, babies are being slaughtered, children are being raped, the young are being sacrificed, and their blood drank. And now, our “brave men and women” are headed for Venezuela to teach them South-American’s a thing or two about human-rights. USA! USA! USA!

  • Free Speech Message Board

    The US is an immoral bankrupt warmongering police state.

    Those who warned about black helicopters and jack-booted thugs twenty years ago were called nutjobs.

    Ten or fifteen years ago, patriotic and thinking Americans really started to worry about the direction of the USA.

    Today most Americans know something is wrong, but they either don’t know what or don’t care.

    The few Americans who are awake are increasingly becoming more pessimistic as the US obviously declines. The situation in USA looks hopeless.

    Everyday the elites make more laws, the debt rises, wars are conducted, and Americans become more immoral.

    Courts won’t rule against unconstitutional laws, politicians don’t repeal laws, the Gestapo has become more brazen, no one cares about government spending, wars are not being ended, and Americans are not flocking to churches and embracing morality.

    Trump is either part of the establishment, naive, or being drugged or threatened to build the police state, increase the debt, and keep the wars going.

    Some say the USA could last another 100 years, but that outlook seems unlikely.

    Concerned Americans who once didn’t take the US collapse seriously are wondering what to do.

    Buying guns, gold, and food is good advice, but something more must be done other than just waiting for the US Ponzi economy to implode, riots to happen, Civil War 2.0 to break out, the concentration camps to open, and WWIII to start.

    Having a few thousand prepared Americans won’t do much good against the evil ruling class when they launch their final solution against the 99%.

    The US needs millions of Americans to get out into the streets with pitchforks and torches now. Windows will need to be broken, people are going to be arrested, and people are going to die.

    Americans must start making sacrifices today to wake people up, prepare, protest, and resist.

    Americans need to talk to everyone to get the word out. Americans need to spend some money to start websites, print up flyers, and rent billboards.

    If Americans remain quiet then there is nothing to stop the ruling powers from sending the 99% off to the gulags.

    This is no joke.

    Anyone who has eyes and studied a little bit of history can tell you what’s going to happen.

  • Linda Ritterskamp

    It seems like many political figures identify themselves as United Methodists (Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush to name two). Makes me wonder if there is a connection with the Methodist Church and their child victims.

  • Anonymous

    This was a great article with attention to detail. I will be sharing it with others. I did want to add that Jehovah’s Witnesses have been in court recently on child sex abuse scandals. They would tell the victims not to talk to police, or the congregation, and let the perpetrator continue in the congregation. Headquarters knew about it and kept a database of all the pedophiles, but didn’t turn them over to police. This was going on for decades! They believed the law didn’t apply to them. A judge (in California?) ordered them to hand over the database, the JW’s lawyers refused to comply and they were found in contempt of court. Also, the Australian Royal Commission busted the JW’s a couple years ago. That was huge! The JW’s used to point fingers at the Catholic Church for the child sex abuse, but it turns out they were hiding just as much, if not, even more. It’s the people you trust the most….

  • KateA

    Thank you for the work that you do. I discovered your work through Twitter where other people had reposted your tweets. I grew up in Los Angeles and for years I always thought that my very conservative Irish immigrant parents were too overprotective, but now that I am a parent myself I am so glad that they were since I see now how corrupt things are. I work overseas at the moment, but when I come back to the States I am flummoxed where to move to (it won’t be L.A.), since there seems to be perversion EVERYWHERE. Some states do seem worse – California obviously, but places like Kentucky surprise me since I thought that part of the country was better than Cali. What are anyone else’s thoughts on this? Are there any states that are better, or are things so bad that there are only pockets of decent places?

  • LaDonna Woodley

    I knew America was on a downhill slide because the Bible tells us what the end will look like and I believe the Bible point blank period. However, I had no idea it was this bad/wide spread/covered up/practiced by the highest “rulers” of the land. You, Corey Lynn are an incredible journalist and should be given every prize up to and including the Pulitzer. Keep digging but like a prior poster said, take a breather now and then to recharge.

  • Janeen

    Hi Corey, I too want to thank you for digging, because I guess our first instinct is to be in a beautiful world where bad things don’t happen. I have been awakened to this evil, for about a year or two-the deep extent of it, and the sacrificing, torture and cannibalism. Yes, one often cannot sleep and one prays even harder! You are a Godsend, as are President Trump, and the Q movement. We have hope, and bringing out the truth is what will end this. Things are clear in the light of day, evil exposed! I am Catholic, I love the Church Christ founded, there are such good and very holy people in the Church-but!!!! Let the evil ones be exposed and justly punished, wherever they are in the world. Thank you, for helping children and young people, and our World!

  • SK

    Late 80’s worked in a law firm with an attorney, who was the attorney for the local Diocese. Once every year he would travel and attend a “secret” meeting in FL held by Catholic Church, where they would decide what to do with, or where offending sexual abusing priests would go.

  • Ian

    Thank you for speaking the truth. If people were ever to discover whats happening in Thailand islands such as koh phangan and koh tao … worst than all !

  • Deanna Johnston Clark

    There seems to be little uncovered pedophilia in the Episcopal church (US). They are not squeamish about facing reality like most churches. I’m talking about in house pedos. Congregations may have all sorts of sinners.

  • Freeman

    Recently Meghan Walsh, dau of J. Walsh has come onto twt asking a LOT of questions.
    Her children have been removed from her home; now in custody of her parents.
    She’s also putting out some revealing vids.
    If you can, check out @MeghanWalsh_ AND

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