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Democrats Have No Play, No Game & No Hope

Unless the Democrats manage to rig the elections for 2020, Trump will serve a second term by a landslide, after playing them like a fiddle for the past year. As the candidates are picked off one by one, it’s quite clear – they have no play, no game, and no hope. Grab your popcorn, the show has only just begun.

The Dropouts

One of the most gratifying drop-outs to witness, was New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who cares little about his city, let alone his country. A man who prides himself with passing legislation for full-term abortions while releasing child rapists into the general population rather than turn them over to ICE, who turns a blind eye to the attacks on law enforcement officers while 9 have committed suicide this year, is a man who doesn’t belong running New York City, let alone this country. And let’s not forget the most recent law they implemented, stating that if a person uses the term “illegal alien” or “illegals” they can be fined up to $250,000. Of course, if someone ever goes before a court of law for such a fine, it will likely be shut down.

New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand also dropped out of the race, as she should. Gillibrand has been another hothead, spinning lies and projections, while denying her connections to the NXIVM cult.

And, who couldn’t be happier to see arrogant California congressman Eric Swalwell bow out of the race, after his false claims of their being evidence of Russian collusion with Trump? In fact, even after the Mueller report was released, he doubled down on his claim, stating “I stand by what I said about seeing evidence of collusion. If he has a problem with that, he can sue me. And I promise you I would win in court.” Arrogance and stupidity.

The Disillusioned

Let’s cut to the chase and cut those that are likely to be dropouts soon enough: Michael Bennet, Steve Bullock, Julián Castro, John Delaney, Amy Klobuchar, Wayne Messam, Tim Ryan, Joe Sestak, and Marianne Williamson.

Whereas Rep. Tulsi Gabbard has been in the spotlight quite a bit, and did a little number on Kamala, most people see through her socialist agendas. I don’t see her moving to the top, and if she did, she wouldn’t stand a chance against Trump. Interestingly, one of her campaign donors is Yolando Jones King, wife of former New Mexico AG Gary King. You know, the King family whose land insulates Zorro Ranch, which was purchased from former Gov. Bruce King by convicted and now deceased child sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein.

Entrepreneur and founder of Venture for America Andrew Yang is an interesting cat who has been steadily climbing the ranks, and doing well with fundraising, though he still sits at just a little over $5 million. He’s sharp on his feet and doesn’t come from a sordid political background like most of the others running. He may just go further than people anticipated. That said, I still don’t feel he will stand up against Trump.

New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker is a blip on the radar, despite spending hours in front of the mirror practicing his dramatic speeches, and Jon Bon Jovi coming to his rescue to try to raise funds for his campaign before he was forced to drop out. Sitting at a cool $6 million, he’s going nowhere fast. Even the most easily fooled individuals can see there isn’t a genuine bone in his body.

Billionaire hedge funder manager and investor Tom Steyer may buy his way into debates, but he’s not going to win on “impeach!” Democrats such as Rep. Debbie Dingell felt pressured to impeach Trump, by Tom Steyer and It was interesting when Tom threw his hat in the ring, because Tom is well nested in with the “climate change” gang taking over the Caribbean islands that I reported on. He’s in bed with George Soros, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Reid Hoffman, and many others. Perhaps he was their last ditch effort when they saw things going sideways.

Though Mayor of South Bend, IN Pete Buttigieg appears to be moving up the ranks, I just don’t see it. He’s young, foolish, doesn’t have the black vote, and just recently took heat for his pro-abortion stance, even after 2,246 fetal remains were found medically preserved in former South Bend abortion Dr. Ulrich Klopfer’s garage at his home in Illinois, just days after he had passed away.

Some news stations are promoting Beto O’Rourke in the top ten. I find this hard to believe. You would have to do ten lines of cocaine while on steroids, spin around 100 times until you are dizzy, pass a low IQ test, and slip into a sheep mask, just to be on the same wavelength as this man. The media are just as disillusioned as he is with these rankings.

Whereas Bernie Sanders purportedly and miraculously remains in the top three, despite his hardcore socialist agendas, his recent surgery has taken him off the campaign trail for the moment. If Bernie does make his way back on the trail, the path will lead to a dead end. There may be a lot of sleepy sheep out there, but not enough to give Bernie the reins.

Cunning California Sen. Kamala Harris keeps sticking her foot in her mouth. Last week she called for censorship of President Trump stating that he should be removed from twitter. That backfired. Let’s talk Planned Parenthood for a moment. Aside from the fact that they donated over $81,000 to her political campaigns, Harris is the one who ordered up the search warrant on David Daleiden’s apartment when she was the California AG. Daleiden is the one, along with Sandra Merritt, who exposed Planned Parenthood for selling fetal body parts, while capturing the conversation on video. In recent court hearings, Planned Parenthood has admitted to these crimes, and it goes far beyond fetal tissue. She’s a snake. She hasn’t lifted a finger to clean up the streets of California, but she wants to clean up this country. Her false compassion, forced laugh, transparent lies, and arrogance are not going to land her in the White House. She’s sort of like a doctor with no bedside manner – only a corrupt one. No one wants that.

Somehow Pocahontas has managed to climb the ladder, and recently pulled in millions in fundraising. Everyone on the right is yelling, “Yes! Elizabeth Warren debating Trump will be the show of the century. Let’s do this!” Meanwhile, the never Trump Republicans say they will never back Warren, leaving them with two unacceptable options, and Wall Street Democratic donors warn they will “sit it out or back Trump” if she’s nominated. Warren is an easily frazzled woman who comes across as slightly neurotic and most definitely a ding-a-ling. She is not presidential material. I don’t think this will end well for her. Though, some seem to believe she will bring Hillary Clinton along with her as vice president. Hillary would never accept second position to Elizabeth Warren.

Lastly, we have geriatric former Vice President Joe Biden. Joe can barely carry a sentence. He is in way over his head! As the media and Democrats try to spin Joe’s Ukraine corruption onto President Trump, while screaming “Impeach!” Joe is aimlessly wandering about, probably not even realizing he is a sinking ship. If his history didn’t consist of crimes against our country, nefarious dealings with Ukraine and China, and child predatory tendencies, I might feel bad for the old guy. But I don’t. He is done!

Their Message

Impeach! Impeach! Impeach! Climate change! Medicare for all! No college debt! Free benefits for all illegals! Aside from their socialist agendas, most have no realistic plan, no game and no hope for winning this election. They do not have the people of this country in their best interest. They are about power, control, and money. That is all. Trying to impeach is their last ditch effort to gain back that control. It’s futile, and it will backfire just as all of their other attempts have.

Is Hillary Clinton Going to Throw Her Hat in The Ring?

Is Hillary Clinton running for president 2020

Hillary would be better off hiding under her hat than throwing it in the ring. Last week Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon stated on Fox Business that “she’s running, she’s just trying to decide how to fit her way in.” Within hours, it went viral on every major news station and all social media platforms. He also mentioned that the Dems would “throw Biden away.” Bannon’s a smart guy and knows all about controlling narratives. Does he actually believe this, or was he throwing shade on Biden, putting Hillary in the hot seat while on her book tour, and beefing up Elizabeth Warren – who is not favored by many, and who Trump would squash like a grape?

This isn’t the first time these rumors have spurred about Hillary running again. It seems to happen every few months. Social media goes crazy, while many believe she will run to try to save herself from all the investigations and potential convictions she could be facing. Running for president will not put a halt to ongoing investigations. Whereas Hillary may be a tough cookie – in a psychopath kind of way – she would be utterly crushed and defamed by the majority of the population. People from all parties despise the Clintons and are fully aware of their crimes. This would only serve to spotlight her crimes and keep them in the forefront.

When Bill and Hillary thought it would be a grand idea to do “an evening with the Clintons” speaking tour, they were so hard pressed to sell tickets, they resorted to selling them on Groupon at a discounted rate. Even then, they had to cancel events and couldn’t even fill an arena after ticket sales were slashed. They know she doesn’t have the numbers. They know.

Sure, they could hire agencies that fill seats and give the impression there is a crowd cheering her on, and they can fake polls just like they did in 2016, but they can’t fake the election results. Of course they will still be up to their usual tactics of trying to rig votes in any way possible, but regardless, her numbers will have only gone down since 2016. Why you ask?

Millions of people have become privy to several facts and investigations surrounding the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation, and more and more people have become disgusted by them. Even now, Hillary runs “Onward Together,” registered by none other than Perkins Coie, and is facilitating a political agenda while operating a 501(c)(4). And, after this past year of arrests of many of her friends and business partners for crimes against children, such as NXIVM, Anthony Weiner, Kevin Spacey, Jeffrey Epstein, Joel Getz, Harold Moody, and George Nader, it most certainly gives people a lot of pause and questioning – are Bill and Hillary Clinton involved with child trafficking? Not to mention, with all of the exposure of Planned Parenthood selling baby body parts, that doesn’t bode well for Hillary either, being as she’s received campaign funds from them, an endorsement, and she has been working on abortion agendas with them going back to 1993. I think people on all sides have pretty much had it with this psychopath.

That said, according to the FEC, Hillary’s official campaign committee from the 2016 election is still active under “Hillary for America.” As with many political candidates, it’s not out of the norm to keep campaign committees active for years. It does reflect that it raised a little over $165,000, and spent a little over $131,000 in the first six months of 2019. She has a balance of just over $650,000, which would leave her with the need to raise millions if she wanted to throw her hat in the ring. As of June 30th, Trump had already raised over $135 million, Warren was sitting just over $35 million, Buttigieg around $32 million, and everyone else is under $30 million, with many under $6 million.

Much like Obama, Hillary has chosen not to endorse any of the candidates. Does this mean she’s running herself? According to Vanity Fair, she has firmly denied any interest in the 2020 race, according to The Hill she has dismissed any speculation of a third run for President, and according to her recent appearance on The View just last week, she also denied another run. If she is looking to take another beating, she’s going to have to decide quickly, as voting begins early next year.

Knowing full well she doesn’t have the votes and could never win, it’s unlikely she would run. She still hasn’t reconciled with losing in 2016. Being vice president in second position to Elizabeth Warren would be an insult to her ego. Hillary being back in the spotlight, running for a position of power, would shine a big spotlight on all of her crimes and ongoing investigations.

Now, if they want one of the best liars front and center to push their impeachment agenda and stall things out leading up to the election, Hillary may be their gal, but they know it will never get through the senate. That said, this woman doesn’t do well with defeat, and though we all know her “legacy” is shattered, somewhere in her psychopathic mind, she believes her legacy is the crème de la crème. Do you really think she is going to take a three-peat loss for the team?

Corey Lynn is an investigative journalist, co-host of the weekly Dig It! podcast, and co-host of The Solution Series. Follow her at, on Twitter, Gab, Truth, Rumble, and Telegram. Support her work by becoming a Patron, making a donation or buying a Book.


  • Karen Bracken

    So Corey, who do you think will be the last Democrat standing? I am kind of in the Hillary side. There is not one candidate that can stand up to Trump. Hillary is a criminal but she is tough and will give Trump a run for his money. This is going to be interesting. If Hillary doesn’t step up they will go into full throttle fraudmode.

  • LRR

    Any thoughts about the rumor of Michael aka Michelle Obama emerging as the Dems’ new star?

    Personally I think it’s unlikely for many reasons, but would love to hear your opinion.

  • Richard Quitliano

    I can see one scenario where Hillary would run in the #2 spot with Warren… in the unlikely event that Warren gets elected she would almost immediately be “suicided” via heart problems or some other quick and fatal illness.

  • Gregl Drebert

    I’m always impressed with your insights and excellent writing, thank you so much for sharing and putting this out to a both real and fake world we are living in and divided by every day…

  • Eileen

    I expect Michelle Obama to run. The DNC is quite willing to let these socialists go after one another, then as the Congressional Democrats throw Biden under the bus with this phony impeachment. At the last minute, guess who announces? Michelle Obama and she takes out the others.

  • John Bonner

    Your statement regarding HRC, “her legacy is the crème de la crème” was epic! It would be from my perspective even more epic to add, or should we say, crime de la crime, allegedly. Blessings friend

  • John

    My take is ALL the others in the race are placeholders — they don’t KNOW they’re placeholders — for the Hild-a-beast. You’re analysis is ‘right-on’ regarding the people and the Party. What I think we’re all discounting is the plan is push ahead, facts or not, with a textbook Coup. That will include his termination with extreme predjudice. They think the the populace will rollover, assume a fetal position, wet themselves, shut up, and do what they’re told by the Media. I pray that’s not true.

  • Victorious Overflowing

    Thanks Corey. Been catching your You tube show also with the Sharp Edge and The Speaker.
    Great reporting.
    Yeah. I’d say it’s #DoITQ! time. Now till it’s over. WWG1WGA and Father God leads us forever more.
    Love ya girl. Keep digging. Shalom.

  • pez

    Greetings. I have also read that former MA governor Deval Patrick, close friend of Obama, could be the surprise closer once these clowns implode.

  • Molly

    When the clintons took over the democratic party, they finished it off. Buying candidates like themselves who are actually nazi but go by the democratic meme.Trying to scramble at the last minute and find a candidate will be a blast to watch. Hopefully, hillary’s delusions of grandeur will put her into prison……same for Joe biden. Trump has had 2 eastern European wives, so he knows about what really went on in Ukraine. It is horrific and the true story has yet to come out on MSM or internet……..another Argentina.

  • SS

    I, too, am so grateful to have found your site. Your in-depth research and writing is amazing! Thank you very much for sharing your talents and tools to those of us who are seeking knowledge and discernment. Especially at a time when our world is incredibly divided (not to mention disturbing). In my humble opinion, the present circumstances in which we are living can far exceed human comprehension or control. Godspeed, my friend. Many blessings to you.

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