The Solution Series: Family Preparedness and Building a Survival Community with Stefan Verstappen

What I am recommending now is for someone to join an existing community…. You’ve got to meet people in your neighborhood. So, that means joining the neighborhood watch program, or the block parent program, or join a service club like the Rotarians, the Lions Club, or certainly your local church. ~ Stefan Verstappen

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By Corey Lynn and James White

Have you ever known someone who was good at just about everything, knew a lot about everything, and spoke with a confidence and wisdom that only comes from many years of experience? If you’ve never met anyone like that before, this Solution Series episode will, no doubt, be quite a treat for you.

The man whose attributes we have just so aptly outlined is Canadian author, researcher, and adventurer Stefan Verstappen. With volumes and volumes of books inside his head and years and years of experience, Verstappen is a true Renaissance Man and an educator of the people.

At Verstappen’s website, which lists “the complete works of Stefan Verstappen,” you can gain invaluable insights into the main thrust of his work, which is building communities with the goal of long-term sustainability and community preparedness.

Verstappen notes that he himself is part of a larger community of about 40 people and their families, “all working together to support each other.” In addition to growing food, the community has a medical team as well as communications and security teams.

Our interview with Verstappen could be compared to an afternoon chat with a very wise uncle, one who has spent many years and hours preparing for the times that we are living in now. This episode is one you’re not going to want to miss!

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Stefan Verstappen website

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