Google & Partner To Install Surveillance Nests In Your New Home

If you happen to be in the market for a new home, as many Americans are, be sure to shop on so you can get a grand discount on the smart home surveillance bundle by Google. Currently being offered in select markets in Missouri and Tennessee, with the hope to branch out so everyone can enjoy their newly customized prison cell.

Ad displays under listings in Missouri and Tennessee selected markets.

This wonderful smart home rewards program can get you everything from a google nest thermostat and video doorbell, all the way up to the indoor surveillance cameras! All that’s required is a minimum purchase of $150,000 home and you can get between $699 – $2014 off this spying bundle of joy. The only thing necessary, aside from purchasing a home and submitting all of the required documentation for the smart home rewards, is that you must use a real estate agent that Opcity Inc. (a subsidiary of’s operator, Move Sales, Inc.) or Move Sales, Inc. hooks you up with, and the installation must be done by their chosen third party – OnTech Smart Services (a subsidiary of Dish Network Corp.)

Just take a look at this exciting bundle you could get. From smart locks to lock you in or out, thermostats and temperature sensors to adjust when you’ve surpassed your monthly energy rations, a video doorbell to capture all your closest friends and neighbors, your own special router you’re going to need for your daily instructions and access to work in the virtual world, an indoor camera for full observation into your cell, and we can’t forget the hub that connects and controls it all remotely, in one convenient location. Gosh, it all sounds so “convenient” it’s almost too good to be true.

By design, this is for your “convenience” and “safety” because no one should have to manually adjust their thermostat, especially when smart meters can detect the energy usage and a smart thermostat can be controlled remotely to just shut everything off when there’s unnecessary energy being used. Who needs heat or air conditioning anyway?

And who wouldn’t want a video doorbell and indoor camera hooked into a google hub where everything can be accessed remotely – to protect them? A whole new creation of another Backpage or Pornhub would never emerge from millions of homes “Nested.” That would have been a dream come true for Epstein and Maxwell – a real blackmail paradise. But I’m sure no one is going to be watching other people in their bedrooms through Nest surveillance cameras.

Much in the same way masks keep people safe from Covid, Google’s Nest products are ultra safe. Is it really that big of a deal that one couple had their heat cranked up via their Nest thermostat, and a stranger announced through their Google Nest camera that they were in their child’s room? Get over it. I’m sure the couple that was warned by some stranger through their surveillance camera of incoming missiles from North Korea just shrugged it off over a glass of wine. The man who hacked into the camera of a 7-month-old’s room to observe and talk to him, was probably really just singing lullabies. What a kind man.

I’m certain the average homeowner knows all the ways to protect themselves against hacks, especially from the globalists – so there’s nothing to worry about here. Surely that two-factor authentication will keep all intruders and predators out. So by all means, step right up and get your “safe and convenient” surveillance hub and welcome Google to nest inside your home. While you’re at it, consider outfitting your home with Amazon’s spyware too. Why not go all in? Don’t forget to leave the key for them once you’re done tricking out your cell.

Just think how much more convenient it will truly be once they finish building out the smart control grid. You’ll be able to be a good little digital citizen and use your digital ID to access your digital wallet that holds your digital invisible money to purchase digital blockchain-traced products and get even more great surveillance bundles in this glorious digital world!

Is this really what you want?

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  • Kelley McCrory

    Wow i cant believe how gullible people have become. Another amazing article Corey . I absolutely love your humor, which is necessary with this crazy world.

  • Dan Baron

    😂 I want to know if they have developed “smart” toilets, with cameras that are aimed upwards from the bottoms of the bowls. Who wouldn’t need those?!! 🤣

  • Deni

    Good article ~I’m sorry for all of us it had to be written. My understanding is that if you have a “ring” the video is automatically fed to local police. I’m not certain it’s true, but it wouldn’t be a surprise. I’ll keep all my laborious manual stuff and no cameras (that I’m aware of!). Blessings to all ❤️

  • Diana Brown

    I totally agree. As a Realtor in AZ, imagine this: I had no idea. Lets hope the “partnership” fails miserably.

  • Jeanne

    Well, that is likely all already working in many places. In addition, a 2 year old boy stuck his head underneath a restaurant ladies room stall, and said “Hi” to my good friend. It was not so funny when in Japan a pervert was caught with a small camera on tip of his shoe. He snuck into ladies rooms and filmed in a manner similar to how the 2 year old gained access.

    There are cameras in hooks in ladies room in some areas of the world. And other ways to film. So how we protect our privacy from that ? Put a paper bag over the toilet opening, and show them nothing, LOL !

  • Neb

    In Manhattan, landlords are trying this in individual apts under the guise of “temperature monitoring” so everyone gets enough heat. One group of tenants won a lawsuit against the digital entry card, which enables a landlord to know where ever you go (w/ the card). They were forced to provide old fashioned metal door keys. But thats not the least of this potential: If hacked? Its wide open season for robbery, home invasion and burglary. Or as occurred in EU awhile back? Doors got jammed unlocked to everyone.

  • Starchild

    For those concerned about the loss of privacy and freedom, please support the Libertarian Party, the leading alternative party in the U.S. outside the 2-party duopoly cartel. Let’s stop investing in the establishment and encouraging them. (that’s the U.S. national site, there are libertarian parties in a growing number of other countries around the world).

  • ellie

    I just returned from a week-long visit with relatives. Every bedroom in their home has a “night-light” installed on the ceiling. It is motion-activiated, so any movement causes it to light up with a bright-blue-white-glow. At first I said, what the hell? Then I realized it is part of the Nest system installed throughout the house. So, now, my every waking, and sleeping, movement is illuminated. I wonder if it is also recorded on the owner’s cell phone, or base device. Unbelievably intrusive.

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