The Solution Series

    Google & Partner To Install Surveillance Nests In Your New Home

    If you happen to be in the market for a new home, as many Americans are, be sure to shop on so you can get a grand discount on the smart home surveillance bundle by Google. Currently being offered in select markets in Missouri and Tennessee, with the hope to branch out so everyone can enjoy their newly customized prison cell. This wonderful smart home rewards program can get you everything from a google nest thermostat and video doorbell, all the way up to the indoor surveillance cameras! All that’s required is a minimum purchase of $150,000 home and you can get between $699 – $2014 off this spying bundle of joy. The only thing necessary, aside from purchasing a home and submitting all of the required documentation for the smart home rewards, is that you must use a real estate agent that Opcity Inc. (a subsidiary of’s…

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