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Threading My Way Through

Author’s Note:

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted an article on here and I want to share what I have been so busy doing. I spend a great deal of time researching, connecting dots, analyzing, and going down extensive rabbit holes. I am currently working on a huge operation that involves multiple NGOs, governments, and “elites”. It is very intensive work, which is why it is taking me weeks to sift through. Once I complete it, it will likely be a 6-part article that I will release simultaneously.

In addition to my research for this particular article(s), I often work on smaller digs and thread them on twitter. I spend a fair amount of time on twitter because that is where you get your news in real time. Despite its biased censoring, it is still the main source for being on the end of receiving breaking stories, as well as being able to disseminate information rapidly. Therefore, you will often find me going down multiple rabbit holes at a time and threading breaking news stories on twitter, or threading pertinent information I have stumbled upon. If you are not familiar with twitter, “threading” simply means attaching multiple tweets in a thread so all of the information stays together, since each tweet has a limited character count.

I highly recommend for anyone who is looking to stay in the loop on current news and be informed by alternative news sources and terrific researchers, to get yourself setup on twitter. It’s quick and very easy to learn. Of course, you will find all of your mainstream news sources on there as well, but you will have to discern fact from fiction. There is a handy little app that converts twitter threads to a url so people not on twitter are able to read the threads. I have taken a handful of my threads and posted the links below if you are interested in reading a bit of my twitter work. Per people’s request, I have setup a “get notified when a new article is published” link in the sidebar (or down below if you are reading this from a cell phone). All that is required is your email and it will notify you each time I publish, which is typically every few weeks with exception of this ginormous one I am working on now.

You can follow me on twitter here: @CoreysDigs

Below are a handful of threads I have done more recently on twitter. Be sure to click on any additional thread boxes within each thread… it’s all clickable. Give it a minute, as sometimes it takes a few to fully load all of the images in:


Haiti Uprising – July, 2018

As of today, Haitian are still protesting for the remove of their President, Jovenel Moise.


BIG government contracts, immigration, border facilities, child trafficking – IMPORTANT THREAD

This one is a MUST READ, plus it includes 3 other threads within my thread from brilliant researchers, so it’s critical to review those as well.


Joel Getz: Owns Kindergarten Chain in China Reported for Child Sex Abuse

Getz is connected to a LOT of key people, including the Clintons, and was on the board of The Mayor’s Fund for Advancement in New York City.


Why is Barack Obama in Kenya This Week?


NEW Executive Order – July 10, 2018

This is a very important one, as it pertains to the ALJ’s in our federal court system.


George Soros – It’s Time to Leave The U.S.

A thread about 5 other countries who have given the boot to George Soros, who he is, and why he needs to go!


Complete List of Clinton Foundations & Shell Companies


Interesting Technology Connections

This is a thread about various technology systems in place, being put in place, the Clintons, Snowden, Hong Kong, etc. Be sure to click on the other thread within this thread as well.


Incredibly Important 6-min Video from the FBI on Child Pornography (just aired on PBS)

This is a must watch for everyone, especially if you are a parent. The numbers have increased at an alarming rate over the years. The link to the video is in the short thread.


PizzaGate IS REAL

Very important thread. A MUST READ. Contains court documents stating the connection to pizza with this pedophiles arrest. Again, be sure to click on the other thread within this thread.


Human Trafficking Report 2018

This is a thread pertaining to the Human Trafficking Report that was recently put out by the U.S. Department of State. Here is a direct link to the report by itself.


A Thread of Recent Arrests of Significant Pedophiles & Investigation into Netflix


A Thread of Recent Arrests of Significant Pedophiles

Including a 30-yr DCFS veteran handling adoptions, and the director of a charity that supposedly campaigns against sexual violence.


Note: There have been thousands of pedophiles arrested over the past 1-1/2 years. They are not only draining the political swamp, but are draining the drug trafficking, organ trafficking, child trafficking and pedophile swamp as well.


The swamp is big folks… much bigger than most realize. This is a fantastic video put together by Joe M. (StormIs UponUs via youtube): In just 13 minutes, he breaks down what’s really been going on and what we are up against. Let’s bring dark to light together!




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