Why a COVID-19 Vaccine Likely Won’t Happen Anytime Soon

Leave it to me to go against the grain again, but I have to call it like I see it, just as I have said for months that Hillary Clinton would never run for President again, despite nearly everyone declaring “she’s running!” So once again, I’m going to call this like I see it, and perhaps I will be proven wrong in my theory, but knowing how these people run their strategies, what I foresee is their long game of not producing a vaccine so as to maintain power over people through fear. Let me explain…

While everyone is focused on the potential outcomes of a vaccine, they are missing the alternative flipside to this drama series. The name of the game is control through fear. Through governors and mayors, they have been controlling the economy, people’s civil rights, and placing mandates and restrictions on everything they can conjure up, from wearing masks to closing businesses and schools, social distancing rules, not allowing church service, and on and on it goes. Not only would a vaccine remove those abilities and allow everyone’s pretty faces to shine again, they would be handing over a perceived win to President Trump as the savior of this “virus.” It would put a hard stop to restrictions and relinquish their power over everyone.  

“But, they want to track us through chips, depopulate us, and make trillions on these vaccines!” Sure, the chip option is always on the table, as they’ve been working on variations of such devices for quite some time. As it stands, they indicate a chip may be on the syringe itself, not inside the syringe. Not that we would take their word for anything, but let’s contemplate the obvious. Millions of people get the flu shot every year. Who’s to say they are not already chipped, or perhaps they’re not – but that option has long been there. The same goes for the depopulation theory. We are of far more value alive and sick, than dead. The pharmaceutical and health industry make billions upon billions off of sick people. Now, what about trillions they could make on a global COVID-19 vaccine? Why would you do that and blow your load in a single vaccine that may or may not be required each year thereafter, when you can milk taxpayer dollars for years to come?

Of course, there is the theory that they will make the vaccine mandatory in every state and not allow people to go to work or buy groceries unless they can show proof of the vaccine. All signs point to this, when observing the tactics being used across the globe as a whole. And that may be their end game for the long haul, unless they are thrown completely off course. What would happen if therapeutics beat them to the punch? Or, if a vaccine can’t be approved for production? Or, what if enough evidence came to light of the actual death rate, that shuts this entire COVID vaccine agenda down? All are plausible at this point.

Let’s take the HIV/AIDS slush fund for an example on how these groups milk it for all its worth. In 1984, when they terrorized the nation with high intensity fear mongering, much like they are doing with COVID, they claimed they would have a vaccine produced within two years, then it was ten, then over 20 countries were running over 30 vaccine trials, and by 2015 Bill Gates declared “An HIV vaccine is coming! (by 2030).” On and on it went, as billions of taxpayer dollars were shelled out and 36 years later, they still don’t have a vaccine. A vaccine simply cannot be produced for some alleged viruses and diseases because of reasons we won’t get into in this article. Sure, there are also suppressed cures for some diseases, and I believe some of those may come to light over the next few years.

The longer they string it out, the more funds go in, allowing them to circulate those funds among one another, much how they have managed Bill Gates’ Global Fund for two decades. And let’s face it, if they allow people to drop their masks, how will the rioters continue their agenda to terrorize, destroy, and keep people in a state of fear? That 14-day quarantine has evolved into 6 months. Who saw that coming? I sure did. Their goal is the long game because they know Trump is going to win the election by a landslide. If they give him a vaccine, produced in record time, they just handed him another win, despite the fact that most would argue a “record time” would be irresponsibly dangerous without long term clinical trials. So why is Trump playing along? Does he want a vaccine?

Going back to my report from April, ‘Investigations & The Battle for A Vaccine: Where is This Headed?’ I stated this same theory back then, but with much less to go on. I showed a timeline of critical events, actions, and words that had been carried out by the Trump administration versus Bill Gates’ “team,” and indicated that vaccines feel like a longshot for the US. President Trump pulled out of the WHO, refuses to be a part of the vaccine COVAX team, pulled funds from NIH and announced an investigation into it, stated that the $6 billion a year to PEPFAR needed to be looked into and reallocated, and that they would be doing some research “on important people who take a lot of credit for what they do.” Trump is fully aware of all individuals involved in running what he knows to be – slush funds. In addition to all of this, which is a LOT, he has repeatedly fought for hydroxychloroquine, which has more recently been pushed in an even brighter spotlight, and I covered this in my report ‘COVID-19: The Coverup, The Cure, and Key Evidence.’ In fact, on August 18th, Senators Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Ron Johnson submitted a letter to the FDA demanding information regarding their actions on the use of hydroxychloroquine.

So why does Trump consistently tout that a vaccine is coming soon and that we may see it as early as October or December, while the CDC puts out a statement to all governors to prepare by November 1st for a COVID vaccine, just in case it’s ready by then – two days before the election. We are in a battle against a global enemy that runs so deep and operates on pushing fear and propaganda – you have to play the game if you are in it to win it. This is an election year, the most important election in the history of America, and people are already in an amped up state of fear by the enemy’s tactics. They are organized, diligent, and have many low-hanging players involved across the globe, willing to alter numbers, test results, and death rates in order to keep this fear alive. If Trump were to say that he has no interest in a vaccine, though he has stated he prefers therapeutics several times, it would be game over. Does that make him a liar? Is it being done with good intention to help the people? Do you want transparency over strategy, loss over win? That’s for you to decide.

What’s it going to look like after he wins the election? If big pharma, Bill Gates, and Dr. Anthony Fauci have already stated numerous times that they don’t think they will have a vaccine until 2021, and their intention is to drag this out much longer, create another COVID-19 wave in winter, and milk it for every restriction they can impose on people, when will it end?

I suspect we are going to see a lot more evidence and rectified statistics emerging over the next couple of months. We have already seen the CDC come out and state, “For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 2.6 additional conditions or causes per death.” The 2.6 comorbidities consist of heart disease, influenza, cardiac arrest, and other life-threatening illnesses, with over 40% of the deaths resulting from nursing homes. There have also been numerous reports on labs only reporting positive numbers, which skews data, and others who were getting false/positive tests. Even the New York Times published an article titled ‘Your Coronavirus Test is Positive. Maybe it Shouldn’t Be,” stating that “Up to 90% of people testing positive carried barely any virus” and suggesting that too many people are unnecessarily isolating.

On August 26th, the Justice Department put out an immediate release “requesting data from Governors of states that issued COVID-19 orders that may have resulted in deaths of elderly nursing home residents,” which include New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. The “data will help inform whether the Department of Justice will initiate investigations under the Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act (CRIPA).”

When you take all of this into consideration, after having studied President Trump and the enemies’ actions, strategies, and patterns, I can only conclude that information will come to light shortly after the elections. I do not believe we will have a COVID-19 vaccine in the U.S., more data will be revealed exposing the exaggerations of this virus and the fact that the economy did not need to be shut down, and therapeutics will be made more readily available for those who may need them. I do believe that big pharma and its entourage will continue to push for a vaccine, siphoning as much funding as possible, while corrupt governors and mayors forge ahead with ongoing restrictions. For some, the prospect of ongoing restrictions is far worse than a vaccine emerging with potential mandates. Though these restrictions are mandated on a state level, I do feel that as new information surfaces, there will be a concerted effort by the people, attorneys, and the Trump administration to apply pressure to states that are overstepping their authority and ultimately destroying people’s livelihood. To date, I believe that not enough people have stepped up against this tyranny and are following along for fear of confrontation. After six months of this, I had hoped to see more action, but think we are right on the cusp of that tide turning.

What do you see at Trump’s rallies? I see the most enthusiastic group of patriots ever to have walked the earth. I see a man who has the support of millions. I also see a man who knows that masks and social distancing are not necessary. What does this tell you? Follow his actions and read between the lines when he speaks. We are at war.

That said, at no point should anyone be sitting back without taking action. People need to be vocal, stand up for their rights, defy these monsters setting unrealistic and unnecessary mandates, demand that schools open, fight to get on school boards, pay close attention to legislation in your area and fight against it, and most importantly – vote on every single local and state level election that takes place, in addition to the presidency.

It is our responsibility to make the changes we want to see, to fight against tyranny, and to create a better “here and now” as well as a better future. We are our own saviors.

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  • JTK

    That could explain why the execs at Moderna having been dumping their stock lately.
    It may all be one big pump and dump..They simply come out and say it didn’t work
    that’s a shame meanwhile they sold tens of millions of dollars in stock and they never
    intended for it to work in the first place.

  • dob paloff

    It is a scientific fact. Wuhan coronavirus is RNA based, as all coronaviruses as all flu viruses, are RNA based. Their main characteristic is their high mutation rate – Wuhan coronavirus has already more than 13 (if not mistaken and there are more than 300?!) which by definition makes them not good “candidates” for an effective vaccine. That is why we still do not have universal flu vaccine and every year drug companies try to guess the future mutation, hence every year a new flu shot. Not much success for the people but sure success for the medical industrial complex. When you don’t know the reason for something it is most likely money.

  • Nikki

    Hi Corey Lynn, thankyou and bless you sweet pea.

    I have something for you to hear, if you and tour followers haven’t heard already and brace yourselves, some will be hard to hear and some will not want to hear, but is necessary as part of all of our healing processes, united we stand, united we heal.

    (To Donald and Others who will know who they are, if your listening, I know you are, may the One True Prime Creator bless you all and bless all those fighting for all humanity and all those who have died for us all, in the name of saving all of humanity from the griphold of the evil powers that “were” You were listening and you are all gracious and thank god you are unrelenting in your goodness. Thank you, Amen Amen Amen. Namaste)


    Namaste and Bless all.

  • Marlene

    Thank you Corey. I am new to your site, and spent some time checking out all your links. I also read your report on Protecting the Bulk Power System. Whew!!! The reason we have any hope at this point in time is because we have President Trump.

    I am finally learning that with Trump, patience is the way to go. Wait and see how it shakes out. There is a theme repeated throughout Psalms that talked about ensnaring the enemy in their own trap. Sound familiar?
    I also believe one of the rules in The Art of War is to not interfere with your enemy while they are making mistakes.

    When at least one day a week I learn new information that takes me straight to “This will be an apocalypse” and I fear like crazy for my grandchildren, I later find out that the President is saying one thing which scares me, but then realize he will walk that back, or switch it around. Not to worry. He has a plan. No need for me to shorten my life span by worrying about all of it!!

    I must learn to Trust. Listen to Don Jr. for 5 minutes and you want to stand on top of a mountain screaming – G-d Bless America!!!

    So here we are – I was apoplectic about Bill Gates (that man has a “vaccinating” fetish; truly an unholy human being) pushing the vaccines. Moderna (what a horrible company – never brought a product to market – give me a break – financial scammers), the chip thing, the worry that my son and DIL would inject that into my precious grandsons kept me up at night. Trump talking about the vaccine – I realize now he is playing the players (Gates, Fauci, et al).

    100% agree, there will not be a vaccine for corona. The fact that there is more than one treatment is a miracle – and a cheap and old one to boot!! G-d brings Mercy when he brings a plague. We just have to trust in Him and look for it. If I am not mistaken, He did crate our immune system. Hello! When man thinks he can control the world, bad shit happens.

    We must participate though as you correctly say. Locally, pay attention, get on school boards, watch those who make decisions.

  • Paul

    I have a friend who is a never Trumper; he is also a chef. Covid-19 is a massive scam to bring down Donald Trump. Ironically Mr. Trump is still in business while my friend has lost his. As they say, be careful what you wish for.

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