Funding the Control Grid Part 2: The Psychological Framework

By The Sharp Edge

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. …We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of.” – Edward Bernays

For decades, agencies and organizations operating in the shadows have used billions of taxpayer dollars to create a grid of psychological control over the population.  The psychological control grid consists of psychological operations, narrative control campaigns, indoctrination programs and the weaponization of the mental healthcare system. 

These very agencies and organizations received a boost in funding through the Omnibus bill and National Defense Authorization Act 2023, to expand their operations.  The purpose of this report is to outline the agencies and organizations contributing to the psychological control grid condensed from 6,000 pages of legislation rushed through Congress at the end of 2022.

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Background & Context

Psychological Operations

  • After decades of experience, the intelligence community has perfected the art of psychological operations (PSYOPS) using propaganda and mind control tactics, as outlined in the Corey’s Digs report entitled The Cancer Within Modern Medicine Part 4: Manipulation of the MassesOne of the most nefarious operations conducted by the CIA was Project MK Ultra, a well-documented, extensive program using the most inhumane tactics to control and manipulate minds.  Though the intelligence community claimed that the MK Ultra program was shut down in 1973, subprojects, such as Project MONARCH, are alleged to have continued.  Aspects of CIA mind control techniques carried on in their interrogation methods outlined, for example, in the KUBARK Counterintelligence Manual, which was a “comprehensive guide for teaching interrogators how to effectively create ‘a world of fear, terror, anxiety [and] dread.’”
  • In 1961, as the CIA was funding MK Ultra research in at least 80 institutions, Stanley Milgram – a Yale psychologist, conducted experiments on obedience to authority.  The experiments tested the willingness of subjects to apply increasingly painful and dangerous shocks to other subjects if coerced by someone who appeared to be an authority figure wearing a white lab coat.  The purpose of the study was to determine how easily ordinary people could commit atrocities, if coaxed by someone they believed was a trusted authority.  The study found that 65%, two thirds of people tested, were willing to shock their counterpart subjects at potentially lethal voltage levels.  The research was funded by a grant from the National Science FoundationThe CIA has used NSF in the past as a vehicle to fund their programs.  Professor Alfred McCoy, a historian, has alleged that the Milgram experiments were likely part of the many CIA-funded MK Ultra projects.  In a recent interview, Robert Kennedy Jr. remarked on the government’s response to Covid, “We’re just in a huge Milgram experiment here.  We’ve got Anthony Fauci in his white lab coat…”
  • In the same interview, Robert Kennedy Jr. stated, “When I was writing my book… one of the most momentous and shocking discoveries that I encountered, that I made in my research, was seeing the deep involvement of the intelligence agencies in this public health space.  The last chapter in my book shows this series of tabletop exercises, about 20 tabletop exercises… They were sponsored – all of them by the CIA… What they each did was, they’d take a simulated pandemic, and they’d show what the response was, and the response was not a public health response.  It was the imposition of totalitarian control.  So, they weren’t talking about providing Vitamin D to people… or quarantining the sick… and keeping Constitutional rights, which is something that you’ve got to think of in a pandemic…  They weren’t doing any of that stuff.  What they were doing is – ‘How do we use this pandemic to suppress free speech, to censor social media and the media, to close churches, to lock down society, to force people to wear masks, and then funnel them into this chute of mass vaccination with a quickly created and untested zero liability vaccine?’  And every one of them does the same thing.  None of them [are] about public health.  It’s a militarized and monetized response.” 
  • Former Deputy Director of the CIA, Avril Haines, was one of the key players involved in the now infamous Event 201, which was a tabletop exercise that predicted the Covid pandemic in October 2019.  In Segment 4 of the pandemic simulation, players strategized how to censor “disinformation” related to the pandemic on social media.  The exercise presented a scenario in which information spread about the “man-made” origins of the virus – created by pharmaceutical companies for the purpose of profiting from vaccines.  The simulated news report explained, “In some cases, limited internet shutdowns are being implemented to quell panic.”  One commentator on the simulated news report remarked that “disinformation” on social media “is a huge problem that’s going to keep us from ending the pandemic and might even lead to the fall of governments… If the solution means controlling and reducing access to information, I think it’s the right choice.”  The strategies presented by panelists to combat “disinformation” included: having a “centralized” international response to the communications efforts, flooding social media platforms with the regime’s narrative, partnering with Big Tech companies on censoring and deamplifying “disinformation,” advancing technology for algorithms to censor information, planting “the right representatives” on traditional media platforms to “portray our side of the story,” as well as using trusted faith-based or community-based organizations to disseminate the regime narrative.
  • According to secretive internal documents, Twitter not only partnered with the intelligence community on narrative control operations, but they aided in the Pentagon’s PSYOP campaigns.  Twitter executives testified to Congress that the company pledged to “rapidly identify and shut down all state-backed covert information operations and deceptive propaganda.”  However, the Big Tech firm actually “gave approval and special protection of the US military’s online psychological influence ops.”  Twitter executives were well aware of the “vast network of fake accounts and covert propaganda” generated by the DOD and did nothing to suspend those accounts.  Internal documents reveal “Twitter actively assisted CENTCOM’s network going back to 2017 and as late as 2020 knew these accounts were covert/designed to deceive to manipulate the discourse, a violation of Twitter’s policies and promises.  They waited years to suspend.”

Narrative Control Campaigns

  • Newly unredacted NIH emails show that Dr. Fauci and Dr. Collins communicated with several scientists regarding the origins of the Covid virus in the early stages of the pandemic.  Though some scientists admitted in the emails that there was not enough evidence to disprove the lab leak theory, they were pressured to ‘get ahead of the narrative,’ by issuing a research paper discrediting it.  In the research paper entitled “The proximal origin of SARS-CoV-2,” which was published in Nature Medicine, the scientists concluded, “we do not believe that any type of laboratory-based scenario is plausible.”  The research paper has been viewed over 5.7 million times and has been cited more than 2000 times by mainstream media as a means to discredit the lab-leak theory.
  • Confidential emails obtained through the Missouri v. Biden lawsuit reveal that officials at the CDC were in constant communication with Facebook to censor information regarding the origins of Covid and the dangers of the Covid jab.  Claims such as “COVID-19 is man-made,” or “the Covid vaccine is not safe for kids,” that were vetted by the CDC were then censored by Facebook.  Furthermore, emails obtained through the Missouri v. Biden lawsuit reveal that the White House censored viewpoints that countered the establishment narrative on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  The Missouri v. Biden case against Biden, the White House, HHS, Fauci, NIAID, CDC, DHS, and CISA has produced troves of documents, particularly from HHS, CISA and the White House, that confirm these agencies actively engaged in the censorship of information relating to Covid and elections on social media platforms.
  • In April 2022, DHS launched a “Disinformation Governance Board,” designed to censor online information, which came to be known as an entity more like “Ministry of Truth,” described in the dystopian novel ‘1984’.  The Disinformation Governance Board was headed by extremely partisan activist, Nina Jankowicz, who had previously referred to all Trump supporters as purveyors of disinformation.  Following the public outrage of this clear violation of free speech, the DHS announced the termination of the board in August 2022.  However, leaked documents reveal that the DHS’s plans to censor information online remained ongoing.  The documents show that DHS continued to target information for censorship related to “the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic and the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines, racial justice, U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the nature of the U.S. support to Ukraine.”
  • A report published by Foundation for Freedom Online outlines the scope of DHS censorship across social media platforms, which extends far beyond what has been previously reported.  According to the report, under DHS leadership, 22 million tweets were labeled as “disinformation” on Twitter, 859 million tweets were collected in databases for “misinformation” analysis, 120 “misinformation” analysts monitored social media in up to 20-hour shifts, and DHS partners openly bragged about the “huge regulatory pressure” imposed on Big Tech platforms which impacted hundreds of millions of posts to social media sites.  
  • A series of disclosures from internal Twitter communications, known as the Twitter Files, reveals that the FBI, DHS, ODNI, CISA, CIA, NSA, HHS, the White House, the State Department, the Treasury, Big Pharma lobbyists, and even politicians like Adam Schiff, all had regular communications with Twitter executives to censor, deplatform, and deamplify individuals and information counter to the Washington establishment narrative on topics including the Hunter Biden laptop, the 2020 election, January 6th, and the dangers of the Covid mRNA injections.  Furthermore, Twitter executives were pressured to support the intelligence community’s narrative that Russian influence was behind information that countered the establishment agenda.

Indoctrination Programs

  • According to a presentation hosted by Parents Rights in Education, in 2010 the Consolidated Appropriations Act signed by Obama sent federal funding through HHS to the CDC’s Department of Adolescent and School Health (DASH), which created a partnership with the Department of Education on a series of grants to accomplish three goals for school-based programs across the nation: to implement comprehensive sexual education, to create school-based access for sexual health services, and to ensure “safe, supportive environments,” in which to implement these programs.  As the presenter explained, the CDC’s DASH playbook in layman’s terms means “They’re going to teach it.  They’re going to give the kids access to it.  And they are not going to tell the parents anything about it or let them do anything about it.”  By 2018, federal grants were distributed for student access, including minors, to school-based sexual health services including birth control pills, condoms, IUDs, hormonal implants, emergency contraception, and referrals to Planned Parenthood.  As part of California’s Behavioral Health Initiative, in 2019 Planned Parenthood announced that they would be opening 50 on-campus clinics in Los Angeles high schools.  At least 5 Planned Parenthood clinics are currently operational in high schools in the Los Angeles area.
  • Planned Parenthood has been in the “gender transition business,” since 2017 and has shifted much more focus towards a “gender affirming” revenue stream since then.  With 239 clinics in more than 40 states offering transgender services, Planned Parenthood has made it quite easy for thousands of kids to access hormone treatments.  In some states, “gender affirming” care may be provided to minors without parental consent or knowledge.  Furthermore, public schools continue to use taxpayer dollars to hire Planned Parenthood or their affiliates to teach sexual education programs including the promotion of abortion, gender fluidity and transitioning.  Each year, 1.2 million students receive sex education from Planned Parenthood’s affiliates.
  • Documents uncovered through a recent FOIA request revealed that a California school district partnered with a healthcare facility known as CommuniCare to provide K-12 students with taxpayer funded school-based mental health services which included “gender-affirming medications.”  Furthermore, the documents confirmed that parents of children 12 or older would not be notified of their child’s “mental health” treatment unless the child consented.
  • The Social Emotional Learning model began decades ago, as outlined by the Corey’s Digs report entitled, ALERT: 2030 Psychological Agenda – Obedience Training for PreK-Adults Already Global with Billions in Funding for Full Control.  SEL programs are “the vision for a new model in American education,” embedded throughout all curricula, which focus on obedience training, emotional and behavioral modification, and indoctrination using key buzzwords such as diversity, equity, inclusion, gender identity, social justice, and global citizenship. Now, SEL programs receive billions of taxpayer dollars through Department of Education grants
  • In March 2021, Biden’s new Secretary of Education, Dr. Miguel Cardona, took office.  Cardona made clear in his June 2021 statement after taking office that his top priorities for the Department of Education included funding programs that support “the mental health, social and emotional needs of students.”  SEL programs are a trojan horse for introducing concepts of social justice to students.  For example, just one organization by the name of Committee for Children believes that “social-emotional learning (SEL) is fundamental to achieving social justice,” and they are “dedicated to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), to becoming an anti-racist organization, and to building a more just and peaceful world where every child can thrive.” Committee for Children provides government-backed curricula in 50 US states plus 70 countries around the world, reaching 24.4 million children.
  • In April 2021, the Department of Education proposed a new rule to allow federal funding for American History and Civics programs that promote the 1619 Project and the incorporation of “anti-racist practices into teaching and learning.”  Twenty Attorneys General objected to the department’s funding of CRT indoctrination for children. The letter stated, “The Department should not adopt the proposed rule or, at a minimum, should make clear that grants may not fund projects that are based on CRT, including any projects that characterize the United States as irredeemably racist or founded on principles of racism (as opposed to principles of equality) or that purport to ascribe character traits, values, privileges, status, or beliefs, or that assign fault, blame, or bias, to a particular race or to an individual because of his or her race,” adding, “Though the Department does not overtly refer to CRT in its priorities, it is prioritizing teaching this highly controversial ideology through the vehicle of this grant program. This is hardly what Congress intended when it authorized this program.”
  • In September 2022, House Republicans launched an investigation into Covid relief dollars funding Critical Race Theory in schools.  Congress appropriated $13.2 billion from the CARES Act and $54.3 billion for the Coronavirus Response and Relief Act to the ESSER fund to reopen schools and address learning loss due to Covid lockdowns.  The Department of Education is accused of using these Covid relief funds to pay for “radically biased” programs “to indoctrinate children in core tenants of leftist ideology.”
  • Several states have banned the teaching of CRT in schools, while many others are in the legislative process. However, a recent Project Veritas report exposed how CRT programs continue to receive funding, even in states that have banned it, by masquerading as “diversity, equity and inclusion” programs.

Weaponization of Mental Healthcare Systems

  • A recent review by scientists at the University College London found that the science backing the linkage between depression and chemical imbalances in the brain is “tenuous, at best.”  The researchers “found that the world may have been duped for decades into believing that a chemical imbalance, specifically serotonin, causes depression.”  In 1980, the American Psychiatric Association (APA) sought to rebrand the field of psychiatry by embracing the “medical model” of psychiatric disorders under their publication of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders III.   Eager to broaden the market for antidepressants, Big Pharma poured money into the APA’s rebranding campaign.  In 1988, Big Pharma funded a National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) campaign known as “Depression Awareness, Recognition and Treatment (DART)” to inform the public of this new model for dealing with depression.  By 2005, public opinion shifted with 75% of consumers acknowledging that “mental illnesses are usually caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain.”  An independent review published in the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology found that the vast majority of clinical trials on antidepressants “have some industry link, with a corresponding suppression of negative results,” – meaning Big Pharma companies have been suppressing negative results of antidepressant clinical trials for profit and personal gainAs a result, the consumption of antidepressants has skyrocketed around the world.  By 2017, 17% of British citizens were taking antidepressants, a trend that was also observed across Europe, the US, as well as China.  By 2019, one-in-eight Americans, 43 million people, were taking antidepressants.  Since 2017, antidepressant use among teens has increased by 41%.  Though the consumption of antidepressants continues to rise, a recent study found that these medications over time “may do little to improve overall quality of life.”
  • A report published in 2014 found that, at the time, boys had a one-in-seven chance of being diagnosed with ADHD and there was a high likelihood of those who were diagnosed to receive a prescription for stimulants.  The CDC reported a five-fold increase of children on psychostimulants between the times of 1988-1994 and 2007-2010.  By 2017, a study published in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Mental Health found “clear signs that child and adolescent mental disorders are widely overdiagnosed.”  According to the study, “approximately 1.1 million children received an inappropriate diagnosis [of ADHD] and over 800,000 received stimulant medication due only to relative [im]maturity.”
  • Between 2006 and 2015, Big Pharma companies spent $880 million on lobbying and campaign contributions to persuade public health officials, legislators and policy makers on opioid-friendly policies.  By 2016, almost 90% of House members and nearly two thirds of Senate members had received contributions from PACs associated with firms who were under investigation for their roles in the opioid crisis.  In 2017, NIH launched a “public-private partnership” to publicly address the opioid crisis.  However, their partners included Purdue Pharma and Johnson & Johnson, two key Big Pharma contributors to the opioid crisis.  In a report published by the New England Journal of Medicine, NIH and NIMH were careful not to point blame at themselves, policy makers, or Big Pharma companies for their contributions in fueling the opioid crisis.
  • Since the onset of the Covid pandemic, consumption of prescription mental health medication has exploded.  More than 24% of Americans, nearly one-in-four people, are now taking prescriptions for their mental health.  The number of Americans taking mental health medication has risen by 20% since 2021, reaching nearly 50 million Americans.
  • While prescriptions for mental health medications continue to rise, recent recommendations by the medical establishment will likely add fuel to the fire.  In September and October 2022, the US Preventative Services Task Force updated their recommendations for primary care doctors to regularly screen children, adolescents and adults for anxiety.
  • The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP), the American Medical Association (AMA), the American Psychological Association (APA), and the American Psychiatric Association (APA) all support a gender-affirming care model to meet the mental health needs of children and adults, citing studies of greater risk to anxiety, depression and suicide for gender dysphoric patients who do not receive gender-affirming care.  The American Psychological Association and the National Association of School Psychologists recommend that “school administrations and mental health providers, in the context of schools, develop partnerships and networks to promote cross-agency collaboration to create policies that directly improve, affirm, and support the health and wellbeing of gender and sexual[ly] diverse children and adolescents of all ages.”  In other words, according to the medical and psychological establishment, gender-affirming care for children and adults is considered mental health care.  Furthermore, this form of “mental health care” is recommended in a school setting for children of all ages.
  • The agenda to exploit gender dysphoric people and manufacture the entire ‘transgender industry’ began decades ago, as outlined by the Corey’s Digs report entitled “Exploiting Transgenders Part 1: Manufacturing an Industry.”  While the medical industrial complex may claim that the basis for gender-affirming care is to prevent suicide, research shows that the suicide rate for individuals 10 to 15 years after sex reassignment is 20 times greater than their comparable peers.  While “gender incongruence” among children in most cases does not persist through adolescence according to recently changed NHS guidelines, gender treatments on the other hand, can cause long-lasting and even permanent damage to physical and mental health.  According to the American College of Pediatricians, “There is not a single long-term study to demonstrate the safety or efficacy of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and surgeries for transgender-believing youth. This means that youth transition is experimental, and therefore, parents cannot provide informed consent, nor can minors provide assent for these interventions.”  While the gender-affirming model of mental health care has led to a surge of adolescents and young adults identifying as trans – that number doubling over the past 5 years, so has the “detransition” movement.  Young people are beginning to realize that they were misguided by mental health authorities they thought they could trust.  For example, one Subreddit forum known as a “Detrans” chatroom has over 40,000 members.

If history is any indicator, agencies and organizations which have contributed to the psychological control grid will continue their nefarious activities with additional funding from the Omnibus and NDAA by imposing psychological operations, narrative control campaigns, indoctrination systems, and programs to weaponize mental health.

Omnibus & NDAA Boost Psychological Control Grid

Total funding from the 2023 Omnibus bill reaches $1.7 trillion, a $134 billion increase over the 2022 budget.  Total authorizations from the 2023 NDAA reaches $858 billion, an increase of $80 billion over the 2022 defense budget.  Sections and page numbers referenced below can be found here in the Omnibus bill and NDAA.

Agencies & Organizations Involved in Narrative Control

  • CDC receives $9.2 billion, an increase of $760 million.
  • CISA receives $2.9 billion, an increase of $313 million.
  • Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) receives $535 million, an increase of $10 million, plus $60 million for upgrading infrastructure.
  • Democracy Fund (State Department, USAID) receives $355.7 million, an increase of $15 million.
  • Democracy Programs receive $2.9 billion, an increase of $300 million.
  • DHS receives $60.7 billion, an increase of $3.2 billion.
  • DOJ receives $38.5 billion, an increase of $3.3 billion.
  • FBI receives $11.3 billion, an increase of $569.6 million.
  • Military Intelligence Programs (MIP) requested $26.6 billion, an increase of $2.5 billion.
  • National Endowment for Democracy (NED) receives $315 million.
  • NIH receives $47.5 billion, an increase of $2.5 billion.
  • National Intelligence Programs (NIP) requested $67.1 billion, an increase of 1.4 billion.
  • US Agency for Global Media (USAGM) receives $875 million, an increase of $24.7 million.
  • White House receives $878 million, an increase of $92 million.

*Details on Intelligence program appropriations and legislation are classified.  The ODNI is required to release the “aggregate amount of funds appropriated by Congress” for National Intelligence Programs (NIP) no later than 30 days after the end of the fiscal year.  Until then, only the 2023 budgets requested for intelligence programs are provided by ODNI.

Departments Contributing to Indoctrination

  • Administration for Children and Families (ACF) receives $35 billion, an increase of $2.5 billion. Early childhood education programs receive an increase of over $2.8 billion.
  • CDC Healthy Schools Program requested $50 million, an increase of $34.6 million.
  • Department of Education (ED) receives $79.6 billion, an increase of $3.2 billion. K-12 programs receive $45 billion, an increase of $2.4 billion. Higher education programs receive $3.5 billion, an increase of $532 million.
  • Title X Family Planning (Planned Parenthood) receives $286.5 million.

Organizations Involved in Mental Health Crises

  • Behavioral Health Crisis Coordinating Office receives $5 million each year 2023-2027.
  • Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) receives $9.7 billion, an increase of $852 million.
  • National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) receives $2.34 billion, an increase of $120.9 million.
  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) receives $7.5 billion, an increase of $970 million.

Narrative Control Programs

  • On page 1103, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) receives $535 million, an increase of $10 million, plus an additional $60 million for upgrading infrastructure.  The conditions of these appropriations include restrictions on funds for parties and entertainment, restrictions on discrimination against race, religion, sex, etc., and restrictions on using funds to provide a political litmus test for hiring and promoting practices of CPB personnel.  No mention of restrictions on funds being used for propaganda to promote the current regime’s preferred narrative.  State-funded media through CPB, which includes NPR and PBS, have been accused of being liberal, elitist, and propaganda arms of the Washington establishment.
  • On page 1295, the United States Agency for Global Media (USAGM) receives $875 million for radio, television, and internet grants.  USAGM is state-funded media that seeks to advance the preferred US establishment narrative throughout the world.
  • On page 1298, The Asia Foundation receives $22 million, an increase of $500,000.  Declassified CIA files document how this seemingly benign organization was actually created by the CIA as a propaganda machine and a “front for psychological warfare.”
  • On page 1300, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) receives $315 million of which over $109 million must be made available for “democracy programs.”  The cofounder of NED has compared this organization to operations conducted by the CIA, stating, “A lot of what we do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA.”  The NED, which is often referred to as the “Second CIA,” has been accused of involvement in election interference, color revolutions and coups around the world.  CIA whistleblower, Philip Agee has remarked, “Nowadays, instead of having the CIA going around behind the scenes and trying to manipulate the process by inserting money here and giving instructions secretly and so forth, they have now a sidekick, which is this National Endowment for Democracy, NED.”
  • On page 1315, the Human Rights and Democracy Fund under the State Department receives $222.5 million.  This appears to be a slush fund to funnel additional money to the NED.  The bill states, “That funds appropriated under this heading that are made available to the National Endowment for Democracy and its core institutes are in addition to amounts otherwise made available by this Act.”  Furthermore, an additional amount of $133.3 million will remain available under this fund until September 2024 for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).
  • USAID receives $2.1 billion, an increase of $108.8 million, to maintain their operations while advancing “diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility initiatives” as well as climate programs.  USAID requested $2.94 billion to “revitalize global democracy,” claiming the funds would be used in part to fight “disinformation” by authoritarian regimes.  USAID is a multibillion-dollar agency that has been used as a front for CIA clandestine operations, by funding “high-tech propaganda and destabilization programs” abroad. “Democracy programs” funded by USAID have been described as “regime change programs” by others.  USAID “democracy” funding provided support for color revolutions in Ukraine and elsewhere. 
  • On page 1414 in Section 7032, the Omnibus bill appropriates $2.9 billion towards so-called “Democracy Programs.”  Of those funds, no less than $117 million is made available to the State Department’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor Department.  “Democracy programs” are defined in this section as support for “good governance, credible and competitive elections, freedom of expression, association, assembly, and religion, human rights, labor rights, independent media, and the rule of law, and that otherwise strengthen the capacity of democratic political parties, governments, nongovernmental organizations and institutions, and citizens to support the development of democratic states and institutions that are responsive and accountable to citizens.”  Again, what legislatures describe as “Democracy Programs,” could be described by others as “destabilization programs” or “regime change programs” by others, which could include support for propaganda campaigns and election interference in foreign countries.  Furthermore, on page 1417, funds appropriated under this section must be made available to “advance digital security and counter disinformation.”
  • On page 1536 in Section 7050, entitled “Global Internet Freedom,” $90.5 million, an increase of $13 million, is made available through the State Department, USAID and USAGM for programs “to protect international freedom of expression and independent media.”  Members of Congress who backed the passage of the Internet Freedom and Operations (INFO) Act as part of the Omnibus explained that a top priority of this initiative is to “counter disinformation and provide tools to independent media suffering under authoritarian regimes.”
  • On page 1583, appropriations under the State Department may be made available for contributions to the Organization of American States (OAS).  The US permanent representative to the OAS is tasked with prioritizing “areas in which the OAS has expertise, such as strengthening democracy, monitoring electoral processes, and protecting human rights.”  OAS recently oversaw the Brazil election, which is considered by millions of Brazilians to have been stolen.
  • The FBI receives a total of $11.3 billion, an increase of $569.6 million, including funding for efforts to investigate extremist violence and domestic terrorism.”  Biden’s budget request called for the FBI to receive “an increase of $33 million for domestic terrorism investigations.”  This additional funding to investigate cases of domestic extremism comes after the House Judiciary Committee released a report based on the testimony of multiple FBI whistleblowers that the agency was “rotted at its core,” and artificially inflated numbers in order to prop up the Biden regime narrative since the events of January 6th that domestic violent extremism is the greatest threat to the nation.
  • US Attorneys under the DOJ receive $2.63 billion, an increase of $212.1 million, which includes funding to “further support prosecutions related to the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol and domestic terrorism cases.”  While prosecutions related to January 6th remain a priority for the DOJ, investigations of election irregularities do not.  Recent FOIA requests to produce all documents related to US Attorneys opening preliminary inquiries into election irregularity allegations, following former Attorney General Bill Barr’s authorization to do so, returned zero resultsIn other words, there is no evidence that US Attorneys investigated serious allegations of fraud in the 2020 election.
  • On page 469 in Section 1274 of the NDAA, entitled “Report on Use of Social Media by Foreign Terrorist Organizations,” the Director of National Intelligence, the Secretary of State and the Secretary of Defense are tasked with submitting a report on the use of social media platforms by “entities designated as foreign terrorist organizations” to disseminate information as well as the threat posed to US national security “by the online radicalization of terrorists and violent extremists with ties to foreign governments or elements thereof, foreign organizations, or foreign persons, or international terrorist activities.”
  • On page 1213 in Section 6815 of the NDAA, Congress moves forward on a new ‘Social Media Data and Threat Analysis Center,’ which centralizes efforts by the intelligence community to coordinate with Big Tech companies on the censorship of “disinformation.”  While the 2020 NDAA established this new center, the 2023 NDAA calls for a plan from the Director of National Intelligence within 90 days on the new department’s operations.  The plan must include details of how the center will coordinate with Big Tech companies on which categories of data to collect, criteria for spotting “foreign malign influence activities,” and so-called “protections” of civil liberties and privacy of social media users.

Indoctrination Initiatives

  • The Department of Education receives $79.6 billion, an increase of $3.2 billion.  Kindergarten through 12th grade programs receive $45 billion, an increase of $2.4 billion.  Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grants total up to $1.4 billion, an increase of $100 million.  Title I Grants account for $18.4 billion, an increase of $850 million.  Title I Grants may be used to fund SEL programs, a trojan horse for obedience training and indoctrination of woke ideologies (discussed in more detail below).
  • American History and Civics programs receive $23 million, an increase of $15 million, despite the fact that in April 2021 the Department of Education proposed a rule to use federal funding under this program to promote the 1619 Project, and the incorporation of “anti-racist practices into teaching and learning.”  The department received push-back from twenty Attorneys General on the use of federal funding to promote CRT in schools.  Meanwhile, several states have banned CRT curriculum in schools, and many others are in the legislative process.  However, a recent Project Veritas report exposed how CRT programs continue to receive funding, even in states that have banned it, by masquerading as “diversity, equity and inclusion” programs.
  • The Omnibus bill provides “continued support for Social and Emotional Learning (SEL)” initiatives, which claim to provide “’whole child’ approaches to education.”  SEL programs funded by the Omnibus include $87 million, an increase of $5 million, for “evidence-based, field-initiated grants that address student social, emotional, and cognitive needs within the Education Innovation and Research program.”  Additionally, the Supporting Effective Educator Development (SEED) program receives $90 million, an increase of $5 million, with a “priority for professional development and pathways into teaching that includes a strong foundation in SEL and ‘whole child’ strategies.”  Furthermore, Full-Service Community Schools receive $150 million, an increase of $75 million, for SEL programs to “provide comprehensive services and expand evidence-based models that meet the holistic needs of children, families and communities.”  SEL programs are “the vision for a new model in American education,” embedded throughout all curricula, while focusing on obedience training, emotional and behavioral modification, and indoctrination using key buzzwords such as diversity, equity, inclusion, gender identity, social justice, and global citizenship.  For a full breakdown of SEL programs see the Corey’s Digs report entitled “ALERT: 2030 Psychological Agenda – Obedience Training for PreK-Adults Already Global with Billions In Funding for Full Control.”
  • The Administration for Children and Families (ACF) will receive $35 billion, an increase of $2.5 billion.  Under this funding, early childhood education programs receive an increase of over $2.8 billion.  The Child Care and Development Block Grant receives $8 billion, an increase of $1.9 billion, while $12 billion goes to Head Start, for an increase of $960 million.  Preschool Development Grants receive $315 million, an increase of $25 million.  Early childhood programs such as Head Start also promote the incorporation of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) throughout their curricula.  Again, SEL programs are “the vision for a new model in American education,” which aims to create a system of obedience training and indoctrination of woke ideologies beginning in the earliest stages of childhood and continuing throughout life.

Mental Health Programs

The Omnibus bill appropriates at least $10 billion for mental and behavioral health.

High-Level Coordination of Mental Health Programs

  • On page 3002 in Section 1101, under the “Behavioral Health Crisis Coordinating Office,” a new office is established within SAMSHA to coordinate all work related to “behavioral health crisis care,” across all departments of HHS.  This coordinating office will provide top-down “best practices” recommendations to be used by healthcare providers for a “continuum of care” in response to patients (including children and adolescents) who are experiencing a mental health crisis or substance abuse crisis.
  • On page 3037 under Section 1121, a new committee is established called the “Interdepartmental Serious Mental Illness Coordinating Committee,” comprised of the Secretary of HHS, the Assistant Secretary for Mental Health and Substance Use, the Attorney General, the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of HUD, the Secretary of Education, the Secretary of Labor, the Administrator for Medicare and Medicaid, the Administrator for Community Living and the Commissioner of Social Security.  The committee is tasked with evaluating advancements in research of serious mental illnesses and federal programs to address them, as well as provide recommendations for federal agencies across the entire government to better coordinate mental health services for children and adults with serious mental health illnesses or emotional disturbances.
  • On page 3055 in Section 1124, the Director of HHS, along with the Assistant Secretary for Mental Health and Substance Use, the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation, the Attorney General, the Secretary of Labor, and the Secretary of HUD are directed to conduct a study on “the direct and indirect costs of serious mental illness.”  The study must include the costs to the healthcare system (including the costs of drugs,) the costs of residential facilities, the costs of law enforcement matters related to mental health, the costs on employment and caregivers, as well as any other relevant costs for the nation associated with “serious mental illness.”

Scaling Up & Integrating Primary Care with Mental Health Care

  • On page 989, under the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) $1.859 billion is appropriated for primary health care, of which $1.39 billion goes to the “Health Workforce.”  From these funds, $6 million will go to community-based nurse practitioner programs for practicing primary care or behavioral health.  Under this section, $60 million will remain available for grants to higher education institutions for the education of primary care physicians, giving priority to states that are projecting a primary care shortage by 2025.
  • On page 1015, under SAMSHA’s appropriations, $385 million is made available through September 2025 for grants to community-based behavioral health clinics, an increase of 70 million.
  • On page 3047 under Section 1122, Mental Health Awareness Training Grants receive $25 million for each year from 2023 to 2027, an increase from $14.7 million for each year from 2018 to 2022.
  • On page 3062 in Section 1141, Community Mental Health Services Block Grant receives $857.6 million for each year from 2023 to 2027, an increase from $532.6 million for each year from 2018 to 2022.
  • On page 3065 in Section 1151, Peer-Supported Mental Health Services receive $13 million for each year from 2023 to 2027.
  • On page 3158 in Section 1301, entitled “Improving Uptake and Patient Access to Integrated Care Services,” the Public Health Service Act is amended to include “integrated care,” which is defined as a model of care that merges primary care with behavioral and mental health care referred to as the “Psychiatric Collaborative Care Model,” directed by a primary care team.
  • On page 3169 under Section 1311, Mental and Behavioral Health Education and Training Grants receive $31.7 million each year from 2023 to 2027, an increase from $10 million each year from 2018 to 2022.
  • On page 277 in Section 737 of the NDAA, Congress authorizes funding for a pilot program providing scholarships in exchange for service for civilian behavioral health providers.  Tuition will be paid for individuals enrolled in the program to study clinical psychology, social work, and counseling, in exchange for agreements to work as civilian behavioral health providers who are covered under the military healthcare system.
  • On page 286 in Section 742 of the NDAA, the Secretary of Defense is tasked with assessing the feasibility of an internship program to train clinical psychologists to work as civilian behavioral health providers that are covered under the military healthcare system.

Mental Health Programs for Children & Adolescents

  • On page 3177 in Section 1402, infant and early childhood mental health programs receive $50 million from 2023 to 2027, an increase from $20 million over 2018 to 2022. 
  • Pediatric Mental Health Access receives $13 million, an increase of $2 million.
  • The Department of Education receives $111 million for “school-based mental health programs, including expanding training for school psychologists.”  As discussed above, school-based mental health programs are a gateway for providing gender-affirming care to students in schools.
  • The Omnibus sets aside $140 million, an increase of $20 million, for Project AWARE, which is a collaboration program between states and the federal government on raising mental health awareness among K-12 students as well as training staff to respond to mental health issues.
  • On page 1014, under SAMSHA’s appropriations, $93.9 million goes to the “National Child Traumatic Stress Initiative,” an increase of $12 million.
  • On page 3178 in Section 1404, the Secretary of HHS along with the Assistant Secretary for Mental Health and Substance Use and the Secretary of Education will provide top-down recommendations of best practices for “behavioral and mental health intervention teams,” which may be used by elementary, secondary, and higher education schools to address mental and behavioral needs of students.  Behavioral and mental health intervention teams consist of individuals who are trained in identifying and assessing the mental and behavioral health needs of children and adolescents.
  • On page 3182 in Section 1411, $125 million goes to “Comprehensive Community Mental Health Services for Children with Serious Emotional Disturbances,” for each year from 2023 to 2027, an increase from $119 million for each year from 2018 to 2022.

Substance Abuse & Mental Health Programs

  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) receives $7.5 billion, an increase of $970 million.
  • In Section 1122, entitled “Crisis Care Coordination” and “Strengthening Community Crisis Response Systems,” a pilot program has been established to award grants to states and localities for the creation and advancement of mental health crisis teams that divert mental health and substance abuse cases away from law enforcement, including diverting calls from 911 to 988 for matters related to mental health and substance abuse.  Behavioral Health Crisis Services and the new 988 program receive $502 million, an increase of $390 million.
  • Mental Health Crisis Response Grants receive $20 million, an increase of $10 million, “to help communities create mobile behavioral health crisis response teams.”
  • Substance Abuse Services receive $4.2 billion, an increase of $203 million, which includes funding for opioid prevention and treatment.  Of this amount, the Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant (SABG) receives $2 billion, an increase of $100 million.
  • State Opioid Response Grants receive $1.6 billion, an increase of $50 million.
  • Substance Abuse Prevention Services receive $237 million, an increase of $19 million.

Expansion of Mental Health Programs for Sub-Groups

Maternal Health
  • The Maternal and Child Health Block Grant receives $823 million, an increase of $87 million.  This includes $55 million for State Maternal Health Innovation Grants, an increase of $26 million.  The Maternal Mental Health Hotline receives $7 million, an increase of $3 million.
  • Screening and Treatment for Maternal Depression receives $10 million, an increase of $3.5 million.
Medicare & Medicaid
  • The Omnibus bill expands Medicare coverage to outpatient mental health programs, mental health counselors and marriage counselors.
  • Medicaid is the “single-largest payer of mental health services in the nation,” increasing enrollment by 26% since Covid, providing coverage for about 91 million adults and children.  The Omnibus bill requires the creation of a searchable database for providers, which includes mental health services.
Native Americans
  • Veterans receive $13.9 billion for mental healthcare.  From this fund, $498 million goes to suicide prevention, including the Veterans Crisis Line, which is expected to see an increase in demand by over 100 percent this year.
  • Substance Use Disorder programs receive $183.3 million while Opioid Abuse Prevention programs receive $663 million, an increase of $41 million.

Mental & Behavioral Research

  • National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) receives $2.34 billion, an increase of $120.9 million.  The NIMH is “the largest funder of research on mental disorders in the world.”
  • On page 1012, $80 million from NIH funds are appropriated to “biomedical and behavioral research facilities.”
  • On page 1019, under the “Health Surveillance and Program Support” section, $31.4 million goes to “national surveys on drug abuse and mental health.”
  • On page 3191 in Section 1431, the Secretary of HHS is mandated to conduct a study of the effects on the emotional, behavioral, and physical development of adolescents who use smart phones and social media.  On page 3192 in Section 1432, the Secretary of HHS must conduct a study on the mental health and cognitive development of infants, children and adolescents who use various technologies including mobile devices, computers, and video games.
  • On page 274 in Section 735 of the NDAA, entitled “Brain Health Initiative of Department of Defense,” the Secretary of Defense is tasked with launching a “comprehensive initiative for brain health known as the “Warfighter Brain Health Initiative.”  The purpose of this initiative is to consolidate programs across the Defense Department in order to “improve the cognitive performance and brain health of members of the Armed Forces.”
  • The NDAA adds $175 million for psychological health research and traumatic brain injury programs.

In Summary

Edward Bernays, who wrote the book on Propaganda, stated, “In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”

Despite overwhelming evidence that agencies and organizations outlined in this report used taxpayer dollars to manipulate the minds of the masses, these very entities received a boost in funding through the 2023 budget, allowing them to expand their psychological control grid.

It is time for the masses to become aware of this war on our minds and to take action.  We have the power to take back control over the collective consciousness by countering the establishment narrative, taking charge over the education of future generations, defunding programs that psychologically enslave us, and working together to build new systems that will nurture mental health rather than destroy it.

If you missed Part 1 of this series, find it here. Look for additions to this ‘Funding the Control Grid’ series coming soon on Corey’s Digs.

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  • Laura Borst

    While I don’t agree with your opposition to Critical Race Theory, I strongly agree with your opposition to the psychiatric/behavioral “health” control grid. This attacks people who don’t conform to this oppressive and corrupt Fascist society. Psychiatry suppresses and permanently damages people that it claims to be “treating”. Governments often use psychiatry to imprison and permanently disable(via psychosurgery, electroshock, and/or drugs) any people who get in their way. The schools, rather than focusing on teaching literacy, math, and other essential skills, are instead diverted into indoctrinating children with psychobabble nonsense. Schools and the media have failed to educate children on the dangers of the psychiatric tyranny. Psychiatry has taken over the legal system in order to circumvent the Constitution’s requirement for due process of law before people are imprisoned.

  • Russelli

    Your Bernays quote at the start explains it all. It is a contradiction putting “democracy” with “manipulate”, “invisible” and “ruling” which is not the face of what people have been indoctrinated to believe is democracy or what is going on. (My only gripe with you is your persistant belief in politics. Read CFR historian Quigley’s chapter on politics to see how BOTH sides are owned and controlled “so that every four years the rascals can be thrown out” and replaced by the other controlled team which is why nothing changes for the good.)
    The CIA and ALL government agencies and partnerships are nothing but a praetorian guard for this invisible Judeo-Masonic (meaning secret anti-Christian) ruling class which is funded by us and directed against what are Christian values (predominantly of Eastern European “white” settlers). CRT is nothing more than warmed over modernized Jewish Marxism.
    If all this crap were just random stuff just happening, occasionally something would go towards more freedom which it never does, ever tightening like the constrictor snake that it is.
    You cannot survive, let alone beat, the boa constrictor from within so you are right in your quest to be outside in your independent local living. The only question is “Will you be left alone?” Since this government apparatus is nothing but Organized Crime, an inspection of the Mafia’s workings suggests that you will not any more than the South was allowed to seceed (as promised in the articles of Confederation) in the 1860 war for southern independence. (Kind of like the song Hotel California.)
    Hopefully, your illustration of the depth and magnitude of this conspicracy against We the People from day one will strenghten the resistance of those willing to see because they will need it as the war against us goes from words and organizations to genocide as in the Stalin’s Holodamor and Mao’s cultural revolution. It’s a coming!
    God’s speed to you.

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