The Government Needs a Lobotomy and Humanity Needs to Grow Some Balls

I have a lot on my mind, as I’m sure many Americans do right now. First and foremost, why is the government injecting themselves into every area of our lives, and going so far as to make us a genderless country? That was a rhetorical question. I wonder if people comprehend what’s really transpiring? That one wasn’t. But, more on this later. The government needs a lobotomy. Humanity is losing its grip, if they ever had one to begin with, and it’s far past time everyone grow some balls – just not surgically.

Let me start with the obvious – abortions kill babies, puberty blockers taken at length cause sterilization, transition surgery is castration, some vaccines have caused infertility and big pharma isn’t yet sure if the Covid vaccine will do the same but they’re cool with this since they intentionally sterilized over 60,000 Americans in the name of eugenics once before, GMOs and pesticides have wreaked havoc on people’s health, nearly every state still has fluoridated water, depression and anxiety are causing all time high suicide rates which could have been avoided, sperm count in men is oddly down 50%, fear is the real killer with the virus, there are “population control” organizations and initiatives from sea to shining sea – but at the end of the day, it’s all good, because those in charge of the “population control” organizations are also involved in all of the above agendas, and by golly – they are “SAVING lives.” But don’t worry, if everything goes to hell in a handbasket and food becomes scarce, they will be cranking out their “holy grail” 3D printed meat or their wonderful lab grown meat to fill our bellies. Yum!

Ok, now that we got that out of the way, back to the government being involved with all of this “equality” talk over gender and discrimination – you know, for the less than 1% of the population. Even if we were to include the whole gang they like to exploit: LGBTQ, it’s still less than 4% of the population. But let’s stick with the less than 1% who identify as transgenders, whereby 40% attempt suicide, in most cases after transition surgery. They are exploiting the hell out of these poor people so they can ultimately create new discrimination laws to divide and conquer religious people, while allowing young boys in girls locker rooms and taking over their sports, among other things. But the bigger picture is to remove their identity. They want an identity crisis, mass confusion, and gender dysphoria. Why? First off, by the time people figure out who they are it will either be too late to have babies, or they will have castrated themselves. And well, there’s good money in that. But the bigger reason is because when you remove a person’s identity, it’s that much easier to introduce transhumanism. Oh, it’s happening. I could write a dissertation on it, but that’s for another day. People don’t realize how far along this already is. And hey, after they have demoralized and forced everyone into a state of isolation and depression, who wouldn’t want the newest AI virtual world to escape to, while their mind is infiltrated to the fullest extent? Good times!

Why would the government get involved in such a thing? Simple. It’s one phase of their NWO playbook that is being rolled out across the world, in multiple countries. In a similar vein, they are also trying to create division, confusion, and chaos by inserting “critical race theory” into every institution. Much like with transgenders, they are also taking advantage of and exploiting the hell out of black people, as always. They actually believe by trying to pass a non-lynching law that’s pretty much been in place for years already, because you know – murder and all, and by offering reparations for relatives that were slaves long before they were born, that they have won over the hearts of black people.

But once again, they continue to use them and abuse them for their own agendas, which is to demoralize the white race by insisting that every white child is automatically a racist, that white people need to be “less white,” and that even homeless white people are “white privilege” so as to drive a wedge between blacks and whites, that will forever confuse children and prevent them from building friendships with one another. Gosh, racism is so strong in this country that people must have accidentally filled out all of their ballots wrong and voted for a black man for president. How did that happen?

From Uncle Ben to Aunt Jemima, Dr. Seuss to Mr. Potato Head – they are gender neutralizing you, pinning you against one another, and laughing while they remove and alter everything as you knew it. Big gov and big companies are working overtime to erase history, including books from Amazon, prominent statues, and historical data from websites. The erasing of history is history repeating itself. Isn’t it ironic?

But no one should worry about this. It’s all perfectly normal, acceptable, and we love having this much “guidance” over us. Where would we be without our government telling us when we can speak, how we should speak, what we should think, and what we should believe? Thank goodness they are teamed up with the media and big tech to keep us in line, and the “domestic terrorist” label is such a fancy addition. With the first amendment nearly obliterated, they are only steps away from tearing down our second amendment. They may even move their vote up on controlling our gun rights, over the next couple weeks, just to ensure our safety! After all, if we have to relinquish our guns, it must be for the greater good. Right? Ummm.

Don’t worry, they’ve got our backs. They are on their way to grabbing another $1.9 trillion so they can toss a few pennies your way. Don’t pay any attention to all of the pork in that “relief” package. Rest assured, THEY will all be very “relieved” when we’re all standing in line for bread. Just kidding – Amazon will probably deliver it right to our door for us!

Yes, the government needs a lobotomy. They themselves need to be castrated, sterilized, divided into bubbles 6’ apart – preferably made of iron and steel – and salaries stripped away. Speaking of iron and steel. Who needs a border wall anymore? Let’s welcome millions of immigrants in, provide them with free healthcare, a nice stimulus check, sanctuary, and oh… it’s cool if they want to rape, traffic, or murder someone, because we’ll just kick them back – inside the US so they can do it again. Cool. Yeah. Let’s do that repeatedly so they feel so welcomed, all of their votes can go toward those “protecting us” from ICE and the police, and they can even provide them rides to the voting booths like in the past. Such unity.

And hey, while we’re making this country so beautiful, we should be so grateful that they are back on track with climate change. After all, who doesn’t like a good winter storm with no power to keep warm? While the 1% gets rich pouring chemicals into this country, frequencies through the air, building skyscrapers and windmills that destroy the birds, exploiting the aquifers to create sinkholes, and doing everything they can to dimmish our environment while flying around in their private jets to their private islands, they just blame and shame society for all damage done. It’s so convenient because society falls for it every time! But the biggest joke of all are the grants and funds coming straight from taxpayer dollars for these jokers to carry out most of this damage. It’s damn near comical.

What’s not comical, are the people who see all of this, or at least some of it, and say nothing or do nothing. When is humanity going to grow some balls? And I’m not even on the topic of hormone therapy or surgery. All anyone has to do is review any of their agendas, where the money goes, who does it help, how does it help, who does it really serve – and BINGO! It doesn’t serve humanity and they are eating us alive, crippling us beyond measure, and there will be no turning back. That day is approaching faster than people realize, yet millions of people who claim to be “aware” of all of this still refuse to remove their masks – the single most powerful symbol of submission. The very thing I warned about one year ago. It’s an easy measure for them to take. Observe society in a single glance and gauge the percentage of people complying. Easy peasy. Over 90% of people are complying – even in states that are fully open. How do I know this? Because I’ve traveled across the country, stopped in numerous towns, gone into countless public places (without a mask on) and everywhere I turn – blue state or red state, mandates or not – over 90% of people are wearing masks.

The illegal, unconstitutional mask mandates don’t even have to be in place. The government has passed the buck to big corp and little corp followed in their footsteps. Shame and fear are powerful tools – see past it and get over it! I warned of this a year ago as well. I screamed from the rooftops, “Remove your masks! Open your businesses! Do not comply or it will be the end of us!” I guess I failed miserably, because even those that are “woke” are still complying. How is this possible? Because people are scared to “offend” other people.  Well, they better get over themselves really fast because the offenses are going to hit them like a ton of bricks right quick when they realize their cowardness helped allow for what is to come, which is full control over our housing, jobs, finances, health, ability to travel, and so much more. It’s like a snowball picking up speed, and when they see over 90% of people visibly complying, they know they have it in the bag. Congratulations – you just helped sell out humanity. If you can’t get past step one, what are you going to do when they come for your business? Oh, that’s right – they already did. How many locked their “non-essential business” doors and complied? What are you going to do when they come for your home? Your money? Your kids, by forced vaccines? Your guns? Your food? What is your breaking point? Do you have one?

I know – I’m sounding a little brash right now, but what the hell does it take for people to see the bigger picture? What does it take for people to be willing to deal with maybe a tiny shred of embarrassment or confrontation to stand up for their rights and their families? Even if you have to take it one step further than that – one step sure beats 10 steps that are coming by force. Humanity has shown them their cards – and they are not operating from a full house, and pretty soon they may not have a house at all. But rather than “offend” someone by not wearing a mask or being “inconvenienced” by shopping at a different store and not supporting the agenda pushers, or finding a different job rather than working for bad big corp, they would rather comply and give up their entire future. THEIR. ENTIRE. FUTURE.

They are rolling out their “phases” of destruction at record speed and this train has no brakes. The only brakes are the people. If you think the election fraud was a big deal (and boy was it), you haven’t seen anything yet. The level of control these folks plan to roll out is staggering, and it’s all been preplanned.

People are afraid of the unknown, lack of answers, and lack of control, but not enough to take a stand. Why is that? The one simple thing everyone can do is remove their damn masks with one big nod to these bastards, saying “We do not submit or comply. You do not rule us.” If humanity doesn’t have the balls to do that, they are going to find themselves far more uncomfortable in the next phase, and I haven’t even touched on the vaccine agenda. The vaccine id passports will undoubtedly create a need for a black market. You think I’m kidding? I wrote about this back in December. It had about as much sarcasm and smartassery as I have in this post, but the points were mostly legit.

I’ve been very busy. I’m sure people think that I’m taking time off and just snoozing away the days in between my writings, but they have no idea how much research and analysis I am doing. My wheels are always turning. I have projects lined up in my head, two of which are very important. I even have a whiteboard rolling in my head – it’s more cost effective this way. I’ve already gathered over 16 pages of data and source links on one project that will undoubtedly take weeks. Both of my projects are intended to assist humanity with steps moving forward.

It’s time to build, create, and navigate these waters. It’s best to get comfortable with the idea that you may have to be uncomfortable at times, and that’s ok. Don’t fear it. People get far too used to their routines and relying on others. It’s time to dig deep and learn how to take the punches, dodge the punches, and punch back without having your world rocked, and balancing it with some peace and calm at the same time. It’s challenging, I know – but it’s necessary. Practice how to detach and how to switch your thoughts and emotions on a dime. These are skills that will benefit you and those around you no matter what comes your way.

They are pulling out all the stops. This goes far beyond politics – this is about the human race. There are many battles ahead, but the biggest battle is with oneself – it is a spiritual battle. Change your perception and you will change your emotional reactions. If you can view this as a necessary end to evil, a transcendence for humanity, albeit with harsh growing pains, it removes the unsettling feeling that is moving through most people during these times. Faith, hope, and determination fueled with creation will carry us through this journey together. And… balls.

Corey Lynn is an investigative journalist, co-host of the weekly Dig It! podcast, and co-host of The Solution Series. Follow her at, on Twitter, Gab, Truth, Rumble, and Telegram. Support her work by becoming a Patron, making a donation or buying a Book.


  • Cindy Duffy

    I am covered in goosebumps after reading this Corey. You have the incredible gift of putting your thoughts into words we can all relate to and understand. But we must now use our ears to hear, our mouths to speak and our feet to step into action. We are running out of time.
    Until people realize this is not about Republicans vs Democrats or left vs right or conservatives vs liberals.
    It’s ALL about GOOD vs EVIL.
    It’s time to choose sides.
    Bless you for giving us the information to make the bold decision.

  • TripleD

    I’ve been saying this two weeks into this nonsense I agree with you I hope change comes but not the way it’s headed. I have said the same thing it’s unbelievable what you wrote because you know a little more than I but I said from the very beginning something is awry amiss. I also said this happens got to get a group of people go up to the mountains and live free from tyranny. That or move to Texas.

  • Linda

    Great article as always Corey. Thank you. You are an invaluable source of information during these times. i think so many people are just drinking the kool aid because the alternative is just too much. I’m doing work for an older couple this week and they both got the second covid shot yesterday and just think it’s great. Nice people. Trump supporters. I just don’t know. This is one thing that I think Trump failed us is with the vaccines. It just seems like he supports vaccines. Yes, he has touted alternatives, but he also really pushed the vaccines. It’s too bad he didn’t push the therapeutics more. Too many people died because of this BS that didn’t need to. They still are, and now people are getting injected with experimental poison. They are going to start trials on infants. How disgusting.
    Anyway. Thanks again for all you do.

  • TA Cotham

    As usual, spot-on article.

    One thing that has been nagging at me is that we all depended on Trump to get us out of these scraps. He can’t do that right now, but we do need more outspoken leaders who are not in DC. The upcoming 2-3 years are going to be very difficult and with no real leaders to help point the way, we will probably feel like we are alone and trying to push that 700 pound rock up hill.

    So many people can’t believe that their fellow Americans can be that evil, so they won’t believe what you and others are saying. We really need knowledgeable, honest, honorable Americans who are not looking for a vote to help us navigate this journey. Oh, and the Bible.

    Thanks, Corey. You are amazing!

  • Rebecca Denhoff

    I have never worn a mask except in the hospital I work in as staff. No where else. I also don’t social distance. God forbid anyone should come to take my guns, it will be bloody. God forbid they should come for the guns of any of my neighbors because there will be a war. I speak out loudly against all the BS. I have allowed family into rooms with their dying relatives and dared anyone to give me crap. I have become involved locally in politics and am taking our local elected officials to task. I am encouraging others to do the same thing. I go where I want and if I am challenged about a mask, I tell them to call the police and I will make a scene about civil liberties. When I go out into public, I am armed to the teeth. I wear something else on my face, it is called determination against chaos and evil. People sense it. No one has called the police. I will do whatever is possible to stem the evil tide coming in. I try to educate people, some look at me as if I am crazy, others listen and consider.

    Americans have become lazy, they believe anything they are told by the media. They do not seek to verify.
    But have faith, there are many patriots out there, at least 80 million Trump supporters who know better. They are fighting and eventually it will become larger and more powerful as more governmental transgressions are made and cannot be hidden. More people are armed now more than ever before. The evil ones will find we do not given up guns easily and that they will have plenty of skin in the game if they try. There are more of us than the armed forces and the government combined. Not every one fought or agreed with the Revolutionary war with Britain. There were traitors. We started with a rag tag group of farmers, preachers, craftsmen, physicians and other folks, but we beat the largest and most powerful empire in the world at that time.

    This evil government is absolutely scared to death of us, hence all the fencing and troops. I do believe that it will be only so long when states, cities, jurisdictions, private businesses and citizens will begin to subvert and disobey the new laws to act in their own best interests. We were not born to enslavement and to enslavement we will not proceed.

  • Joey

    I agree and it is hard and lonely to know and be around people who you love dearly but do not know or do not want to know. I went into the store with my son the other day and he wouldn’t even walk with me because I had no mask. He was basically upset the whole time telling me I need to respect people’s opinions abd put a mask on. I couldn’t believe my own son was embarrassed to be seen with me. It felt incredibly disheartening. He is 19. I also have a 3 and 4 year old and they know why mommy does not wear one. This has been a very hard time. It’s not about politics. It’s about the division within your own communities and homes. And our families. This is a deep ugly relentless evil and I am staying strong but I have to tell you there had been some really hard days where you think to yourself, where are the rest of the people like me? Where are the people who know this is wrong and are willing to stand up? I go into stores and I am the only one with no mask. I won’t lie, I have work one probably 3 to 4 times during this whole thing and that was because I had to go into places, ( husband had cancer) I had to do the things. Every time I had to wear one, it felt worse than the day my son was embarrassed to be seen with me. I don’t know all that you know but I know this is wrong and I would be so polite to ask you, what do you advise us to do? Where is the best place to go when you have small children and you want them to be around other people who show their faces and smile. Is Texas going to stay open or is this a teaser?

  • Tom

    I recently saw a quote of General MacArthur’s: “There is no compromise with atheistic communism.”
    There was a scholar of Russian affairs, George F. Kennan, of “the long telegram” fame. He wrote some books and I believe it was in “Memoirs, 1925 to 1950” that he said that only force will stop the communists. The enemy has pulled out all the stops, as you state in your last paragraph, and there is now no alternative. We must bear in mind that the CCP takes it orders from its original founders and funders. The assets of Lenin and Trotsky would be worth billions today. We should remember who is and was behind all this.

  • ellie

    I was elated yesterday to hear “no more masks in Texas!” Wahoo! Finally! I’m 60 and know horse-shit when I smell it! I saw through this propaganda from the beginning. I’ve not worn a mask except when dictated to by my daughter, in order to spend time with my precious, awake, 11 year-old grand-daughter.

    As soon as I heard the great news I shared it via text with all my family and friends here in Texas with a photo of my own big happy face. My daughter promptly replied that she and her family (her poor husband and daughter) will still wear masks, distance themselves, and only order take- out! What the heck? This plandemic is a narcissists dream world.

    I wonder — who is more scared — her, from the fear-mongering fake news or me, from the truth of what’s really happening?

  • kimberly

    To Joey….My 18 year old daughter has been embarrassed of my behavior regarding the world event, which I have
    been voicing my freedom loving opinion on, from the beginning. So sad. Of course teenagers care even more than most grown ups about what “other people think”, but his whole event is taking it to the next level. The constant concern for other people’s feelings now. What they have done to the minds of the youth, Terrifying.
    WAKE THE F UP PEOPLE!!! I want to shout it, from the rooftops, driving in my car, everywhere I go.
    “The battle for the souls of humankind will be fought in healthcare” Dannion Brinkley, said that many years ago, had more than 1 near death experience. HE WAS RIGHT.
    Corey….You are a badass and I freakin LOVE you!!!

  • Laura

    Thanks Corey – I’m in complete agreement. I retired to the White Mountains and even up here I can’t get on the bus without a mask. Though when I get to Walmart (the only game in town up here), I take it off and I always bring my own reusable bags with me which against their policy, but lo, when I was there last week, I was told by the checkout clerk, that I can use them now. I’ve always walked against the directional signs in defiance – I guess some people just know by looking at someone whether they can be pushed around…no one has ever said anything.

    This being the Live Free Or Die state, I have also sought out my representatives and a group called the NH Porcupines. I’ve asked them to help me create a Citizen Lobbying Group – and they are. I’ve written to the property management company where I live questioning a new sign on the front door of the building “No Mask, No Entry.” I asked them what authority they’re using to enforce this, since it has no more authority than if I put it there. So far, no response.

    At 72, I thought my activist days were over – naw, looks like there’s another round coming right up!

    Love ya, Corey, keep on keepin’ on.

  • Brad

    @Josie – take off your mask and get involved on the local level. Push back on your circle who continue to wear masks and virtue signal!

  • ellie

    Joey, I feel for you. Perhaps encourage your son to read The U.S. Constitution, and your state’s Constitution. The right to NOT wear a mask is an inalienable right. Ask him to look up ‘inalienable’. If others want to wear a mask, or 2 or 3, or stay home, or social distance, that is their choice, their right. Ask your son to look up ‘propaganda’ too. Most people aren’t ignorant by choice, but by lack of the truth. Unfortunately, as you know, our world right now is controlled by psychopaths that want us to be ignorant and uneducated, so we are more easily controlled. The best thing we can do is stand firm in the love we have for our families, and stand firm for the trut. When we don’t honor the truth we lose our freedom. When we do honor and fight for the truth we enjoy and maintain our freedom. Hang in there!

  • Bea

    I have not worn a mask since day one! My husband thinks I’m asking for trouble. I say if you are afraid of me then stay 6ft. away from me.
    I’ve been asked to leave one furniture store which I did and said I would gladly take my business elsewhere. I had a lady approach me at Michaels and ask, “where is your mask? People are dying” I told her if she pretends I have a mask, I’ll pretend hers is working.
    To which I received a polite, F#%&
    You! She later sought me out and apologized. I said I understand and wished her a Merry Christmas. I will not fight with these people! They think I should wear a mask out of respect, well what about respect for me? Don’t I deserve respect for how I feel about it? You were not concerned about me last year so don’t act like you care now.
    And you better have some REAL facts about this scamdemic before you step into the ring with me. I’ve done my research! I wish all of you non-mask wearing, awake people the best of luck. Stay strong!

  • Pat

    The name of the game is de-stabilzation and it has actually been going on for quite a long time. But they are becoming desperate which is why they are upping the ante. Global populism is a real threat to them.

  • Debbie

    Corey I have followed you for awhile first on twitter. My account was purged in January and so was my youtube channel and my original fb in January. I lost 3000 subscribers on youtube all my videos. I lost all my photos from 2009 until now on fb. I’m quite angry and sad. The CENSORSHIP is real. You’re a great writer I’m happy I found you and subscribed to your emails. America is in deep trouble so many people still believe what ever narrative the msm throws at them. You stated you have been doing alot of research heres a subject you can look into fraudclosures. Our homes are being stolen they have been since 2008. The courts are turning a blind eye to the corruption. Theres foreclosuremillattys aka debt Collectors that are creating fake documents recording them and then stealing our property. Trust me I know I have been fighting for mine for 6yrs now. It all goes back to the Clinton era when he repealed the Glass Steagall Act of 1933 and then deregulated the banks and implemented MERS Mortgage Electronic Registry System MBS Mortgage back securities and ABS Asset back securities. Wait until America realizes not only was their votes stolen by foreign interference but so is our property. Thank you Corey your very cool.

  • Patti

    I know this is bs too. Problem is I live in a Democratic run state. Half our assembly is corrupt and so is the SC here. I do not wear masks unless I’m forced to. That means shopping for food. The stores have already been threatened with fines and license loss so they are actually the ones forcing the mask issue. Our assembly has passed many bills, they get vetoed. The assembly vetoes and the Governor runs to the corrupt SC and they side with him. We have all the voice and action but don’t have a legal system to back us up. Most people here just do it to get stuff done. No one will group and stand up. I can’t do it alone. Be the majority in the assembly are voting to make his orders permanent. I’d move if I could.

  • Leonie Wynne

    Dear people, you all need to realise you have all been duped, well and truly. There is no Covid 19 virus as it has NEVER been ISOLATED, therefore THERE IS NO VIRUS. All the scientists at the WHO, CDC etc. cannot isolate this particular virus – do some research for yourself and find out. These people that are dying ALL have underlying issues, heart, lung, high blood pressure, pneumonia etc. so when they pick up a chest cold or flu symptoms their body cannot fight off a form of influenza and that’s what this virus is, another form of influenza. Stop wearing masks, they are useless and cause more problems for your health. As Cory says, grow some balls and start fighting for yourselves and the State your in.

    Evidence of Global Fraud

  • David Robertson

    “Behold! I tell you a mystery. We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised imperishable, and we shall be changed. For this perishable body must put on the imperishable, and this mortal body must put on immortality. When the perishable puts on the imperishable, and the mortal puts on immortality, then shall come to pass the saying that is written:

    Death is swallowed up in victory. O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting?

    The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law. But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” (1 Corinthians 15:51-57)

    The Enemy of God and humanity is the father of lies. He is the deceiver and he attempts to counterfeit the work of God. The transhumanism agenda is such an effort. He is however restricted to the physical dimension as he and his minions have been cast out of Heaven and have come down to the Earth to assist their servants in this realm to resist their own removal. They will fail but they will not go gently as they face a millennium of imprisonment.

    We are indeed in transition into the next Age of history, as has been prophesied. We need not be afraid because God is in control and He does everything for our good.

    “Sing praises to the Lord, O you his saints, and give thanks to his holy name. For his anger is but for a moment, and his favour is for a lifetime. Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning.” (Psalm 30:4-5)

  • Joe Tittiger

    Amen Corey. I have spent a decade here in the bible belt for Christian Men with testicles and a spine. They are no where to be found! I suspect that they are too busy following the “Satanic Agenda” that seems to pass for Christianity these days.
    The holy day of the spineless and ball-less is coming up April 15th the day that the saints pay tribute to the Globalists and Lord Lucifer because as we should know all of it goes to the Federal Reserve to reward them for pissing on the Constitution and counterfeiting our money.

    April 15th, shamefully the day “Christians” quite literally pay tribute to Satan

  • Mara

    For me it’s a dilemma. Where I live the governor has mandated masks and all the other bullshit. If no compliance, no entry to any public building – and you may get arrested. Many HAVE been arrested, jailed for 6 months and fined $5000.

    That’s what they do here: arrest, jail for 6 months and $5000 fine.

    What would you all do?

    States pay varying amounts of attention to these things and many people ignore it with no peril. Seventeen states have wised up and ended the bullshit.

    What sort of state do you live in? Can you ignore the mask bs and still go to a store or the dentist? If you lived in a state like mine, what would you do?

    Really, what would you do? March in without a mask and get arrested? Would you really? All you posting here?

    It’s easy to tell others what to do and how you don’t wear a mask, but are you in a state like mine or in a state where you can get away with it?

    I ignore the other stuff but wear a thin and breathable tube that is washed after every wear. If I didn’t I would not have been able to get my broken tooth taken care of. Not been able to get my very sick animals to the vet. Not be able to buy food. I suppose I could pay someone to do my shopping but that’s no real answer and is a weasel way out.

    I’ve written letters but had no real answers, just form letters. They are either afraid of the cv or one of the freaks that are knowingly running this scam.

    Next it will be the jab, like Israel. Can’t go anywhere without it very soon even tho it’s killing a much larger number of their citizens than cv has done. They must be so pleased. Makes me want to bang my head on a wall to see if that will help to make that irrationality make sense.

    • Corey Lynn

      Are you saying that you know “many” people who have been arrested and put in jail for 6 full months, with a $5000 fine on top of it, for simply not wearing a mask? That would never stand up in a court of law – even the corrupt ones. What state do you live in, and do have the public court records for anyone who has served time for this?

  • Errol Flynn

    I’ve moved to Cambodia and so glad I did. Watching into the states is like looking in a football stadium from a blimp. Read and/or study mass delusion psychosis It will explain where the world is now and can not see out of it. Remember who you are dealing with Bill Gates with his 7 private jets is a busy man along with the other Davos private jeter’s criss crossing the globe. They own the narrative, platforms, congress, media. It’s street time. I think the biggest power force would be females en masse’ and with balls. this is the last opening and maybe too late. what happened to #mybodymychoice for vaccines? Remember “Pussy Riot” in USSR. Have flash mobs of “Pussy Riots” and work with influencers and get into the echo chamber. Where are the feminists??? Men winning all the girls events?? Crickets. They have been sidelined do to their pact witht he devil as an “ally”…Best bet, if its going down pick a developing country to go toas they will be the last to be chipped….go girls go.

  • Bert33

    The richpeople who own the country, are using the government to re-engineer American society to their liking. You (the individual) might find yourself edited out of that grand vision if you make a bunch of trouble about it. It’s their country, we just live here, and it’s been that way, like, for a really long time, now, probably going back 60 years or better. So, you can be whiny little fist-shaker about it, or a grownup, your call. Be happy in your work.

    • Corey Lynn

      I’m not quite sure where you are going with this, but this is how it reads to me… It’s “their” country? I think not. “Be a grownup” and accept it by enslaving ourselves and submitting to “their” tyranny? I think not. This does not make one a “whiny little fist-shaker.”

  • Paul

    Hello good people,

    Whether we are free or peons at a fundamental level, we are well controlled. That will remain so until we collectively understand and reject the means of that control.

    I would suggest that a core element and force of our dominant narrative is its use of a split model of reality where God is far away and where objects and their manipulation become a primary measure of success. If we were to assume that the spiritual and the physical are the same thing rather than being considered as being fundamentally different we might change from an object based(biased) consciousness toward a relationship based consciousness.

    The central task for controllers has always been and still is, to interfere with heart connection to Source within the general population. Proper cultivation of our heart connection will be much easier if we have a better initial premise to work with.

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