all an illusion

All An Illusion

Is it not all an illusion? Setting aside, for a moment, the trials and tribulations we witness day in and day out. Is it not ALL an illusion? Are these doorways we walk through leading us to what’s next? Or, are they merely doorways to what we perceive is next? What then, becomes of the way, at the end of that alley? The one with no door? Do we then create a door? Manifest the door? Walk through the door?

Is it not all created by mankind, in a cyclical swirl of events, manifested by perception and injected with consciousness? What if these doors were not governed? Are we free to be you and me? Do we walk hand-in-hand down the path to a double door perhaps? A door with greater vision, with more complexities? One that only we choose to see – to be.

We are the creators. We govern our own existence. These interwoven events that spiral around us are but images on a projector. Still shots frozen static, shattered, and spun. It is not magic. It is not glory. It just IS.

The hustle and the bustle is so trite, and drenched in aberrations. They do not exist. The true exploration is in the depth of the soul, and far beyond that which most men know. To be so outside of oneself, that you no longer know the self – that is exploration. These tools we have today. These computers, words, keystrokes… are fraught with deception. That is not the soul speaking. That is ego, arrogance, anger, passion, and sometimes love. But a tool it is. And it will grow weary.

Courage. Courage is courageous by its own right. Courage is perception in its variances with deception. Together, they intertwine a beauty. A duality. A complexity. The dance. But not THE dance. No, THE dance goes beyond measure, beyond pain, beyond sane – it invokes the very nature of our being. It evolves as a thunderous momentum that goes unsurpassed by anything known to mankind. Few, yes few, feel the breadth of its nature. Even fewer have basked in it.

It is time. For too long, man has stood still. Suppressed in madness and stifled by fear. Man must enter its soul, now. The soul. Your soul. My soul. Our souls are trapped. They’ve been snuffed out, bought out, sold out, and defamed. They must go back to their rightful owners. The binds must be broken. All this writing. All this weary. Words on paper. Move beyond. Move deeper.

Whether it be God or Jesus or a higher power that you connect with, find that connection, bask in that connection, and find solace. Ask the important questions while in this space, and seek that which you’ve lost along the way, for in the days to come, you will ne­ed your strength and the ability to see with much clarity. The greater one knows thyself, the greater one can see all beings and the inner workings of this complex universe. Above all – manifest that which is needed on this planet – love.

Corey Lynn is an investigative journalist, co-host of the weekly Dig It! podcast, and co-host of The Solution Series. Follow her at, on Twitter, Gab, Truth, Rumble, and Telegram. Support her work by becoming a Patron, making a donation or buying a Book.


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