Brazen Takeover Leading Up To Inauguration Day

By James Fitzgerald

This was to be an article about the transition team of Joe Biden in the run up to his possible inauguration. However, the unfolding events over the past few days cast new light on the nature of the presidential election and added credence to claims that the sitting president has been subject to an attempted coup on many levels. It would be unjournalistic and naive to echo the fait accompli of the corporate media about who will take the presidential podium on January 20th without first charting the staggering developments in the corporate media.

It has been postulated that the social and political schematics we see on TV “is all a movie”. Well, this week on Capitol Hill the movie plot moved into its third act, and the bi-partisan audience held its breath as an unexpected but inevitable showdown took place amid the corridors of power.

Protests against the “election steal” moved into the Capitol Hill building, where chaos ensued as Trump supporters mingled with would-be Trump supporters. Although the corporate media reported far-right members being among the crowd, they did not mention the myriad identifications of Antifa and BLM agitators that were picked up by social media commentators.

BLM and Antifa groups organized an identification system where they would wear their “MAGA” caps backwards to be distinguishable amid the melee of people.

Nancy Pelosi reported her laptop as “stolen” during the incursion, and some sources say that several laptops were seized by the intelligence services. This may help substantiate claims that the protest was used as cover for a sting operation by the military to gather information on equipment used by politicians. Equally, the removal of 25 or so laptops could have been genuine thefts by intruders.

The Trump supporter who was shot dead by law enforcement within the building — Ashli Babbitt, an Air Force veteran from California — will not likely be honored by further protests or by world leaders taking the knee in public. Babbitt, presumably like most of her contemporaries there on that day, were motivated to enter the state building by their disgust and anger at the perceived corruption that underpinned irregularities and obstruction during the presidential election, and which were further compounded by judicial decisions at the highest level to refuse appeals and recounts.   

When the whole democratic process is brought into disrepute and is gauged as being merely a facade, then the impulse to seek redress takes on a kinetic, collaborative nature, where people spontaneously merge in mind and body, and take to the streets — or Capitol Hill. Steven Sund, the Capitol Police Chief, and Michael Stenger, the Senate Sergeant at Arms, has both resigned over the incident. And the Seattle Police Department has said an investigation is underway into the alleged involvement of two of its officers in Wednesday’s protests in Washington D.C.

Several Republican senators used the protest to turn on the POTUS, as they suddenly changed their position on the alleged widespread election fraud. Others used their speeches in Congress to ruminate on the protest, while conveniently dropping any further discussion of the burgeoning evidence of voter fraud. Arguably, this could have been part of Trump’s plan to root out the insincere party members who would have deserted him at a later juncture. As he has stated in interviews in the past, Trump would be prepared “to lose it all” to find out who his real friends are. He has also said in interviews that he is not above seeking revenge on people who have betrayed him.  

On Friday, Sidney Powell and General Michael Flynn were suspended on Twitter. By the weekend, FaceBook, Shopify, Reddit, PayPal, Twitch and Snapchat had joined the purge of the sitting US President. Never in the history of the world — perhaps with the exception of the crucifixion of the Nazarene, Yeshua Ben Joseph — has an infamous leader been trounced by the corporate and social cognoscenti in such a blatant and cruel manner. His email server was also blocked from sending messages. When he tweeted about that development, it was quickly removed.

Following reports of disturbances in Washington, President Trump posted a message on Twitter: “I am asking for everyone at the U.S. Capitol to remain peaceful. No violence! Remember, WE are the Party of Law & Order – respect the Law and our great men and women in Blue. Thank you!” The social media platform’s response was to censure his tweet and lock his account for 12 hours. By Friday evening, the platform had permanently banned the @realDonaldTrump, citing the “risk of further incitement of violence.” For the lethargic observers who claim that the Capitol Hill protests were a rabble of right-wing troublemakers, this outrageous attempt to silence a sitting US President by a media company utterly nullifies the “conspiracy” label once and for all.

While seizing on this event as a horrific insurrection, the media and the Democrats expect the short attention span of the population to negate the fact that they encouraged the looting, fires and riots of Antifa and BLM during the summer months, which still continues in some cities. Despite everyone witnessing the destruction caused by Antifa, they still refuse to recognize them as a threat, or that they even exist at all. Yet, by Sunday, Joe Biden and other Democrats were calling those who entered the Capitol on January 6th, “domestic terrorists,” and are discussing passing a Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2020 that is co-sponsored by 179 Democrats, based on this event.

As Twitter carried out a purge of thousands of conservative accounts on Friday, the Parler platform was flooded with perhaps millions of users wishing to sign up. This caused outages amid the bottleneck, and drew ire from Apple, which issued a statement demanding that Parler “be held responsible for its content”, with the threat of removal from its iOS mobile system. It seems that Apple, which has lobbied hard to maintain its Section 230 rights, is trying to force Parler to waive its rights under that statute. The self-interested, psychopathic nature of these technocratic beasts is being revealed for all to see. Google joined the fray soon afterwards. The moralizing, self-righteous, virtue-signaling Silicon Valley executives we have grown to know and distrust do not think conversations and ideas are safe outwith their control.

The digital global citizenry just got a proverbial bucket of icy water thrown in its face — the “Great Awakening” might seem like a nightmare, but the collective must face its shadows and acknowledge what it has allowed to fester in the murky depths of cyber space — what the Native Americans call “wetiko”. Paul Levy, in his book Dispelling Wetiko described this “curse” thus: “There is a contagious psychospiritual disease of the soul, a parasite of the mind, that is currently being acted out en masse on the world stage via a collective psychosis of titanic proportions. This mind virus … covertly operates through the unconscious blind spots in the human psyche, rendering people oblivious to their own best interests.”

The antidote to this virus is hidden within its own venom, which once recognized “can help us wake up and bring sanity back to our society.”  

The characters and plotlines of this story are so outrageous, so brilliant, so degenerate and so remarkable that they could only be part of a structured plan that — although subject to free will and manipulation — has a beginning, a middle and a finale. We are approaching a denouement, and we have all been prepared and informed to various degrees by our interactions with other “truth-seekers”. The slow burn, the gradual revelations and interactions among interested and caring citizens has fostered links and bonds and a shared commitment to justice and peace and the tenets of the US Constitution. Going the distance involves faith in who you are and also in something bigger and more transcendent — constitutional law, universal law, the benevolent influence of the heavens.  

In the next few days, there will either be arrests of high-profile politicians on corruption charges and an avalanche of disclosure, and the Great Awakening will transcend the barriers of corporate media, or the transition to a Biden presidency will go ahead, and the media discourse towards the POTUS will suddenly shift from turgid and hateful to effusive and congratulatory — regardless of what happens in the world or what decisions he might make. It is strange behavior indeed for corporate giants to throw all semblance of reason and equity to the wind in an attempt to silence a sitting president and millions of conservative voices if they were convinced that he was about to exit stage left.

The United States of America (no longer a corporation, but once again a republic) was founded by people who believed in a universal law, or God’s Law, and sought to bring those heavenly principles to the citizens of that new country. In that sense, the US is a special place; a country bestowed with the highest aspirations for its people, even if that project has been hijacked and greatly manipulated along the way. The ugliness and the corruption that is emerging around the electoral process is reminding Americans that the good fight is worth the effort and struggle, because to give in to evil would be to forsake God’s land.

If Trump does not succeed in averting the handover of power, we could be facing a very dystopian future, involving “compact cities”, vaccine ID passports, a reversal of many Executive Orders, a reinstatement of the World Health Organization and adoption of Paris Agreement restrictions, for starters. In short, an Orwellian nightmare.

For those readers with an interest in the transition team players — short lived as it may be — a list of names is included in this link. It is worth noting that some of these individuals have strong ties to the Chinese Communist Party and others have alleged links to corruption.

The Biden-Harris organization currently includes five co-chairs, a 15-person advisory panel and a multitude of staff. Among the proposed appointments are John Kerry, as special presidential envoy on climate. Kerry’s step-son and daughter were both embroiled in the Hunter Biden scandal with China, which was covered on this website. Susan Rice, involved in the Benghazi coverup and General Michael Flynn setup, would be back in office. Sally Yates, who played a key role in “Spygate”, is also part of the line-up. Cindy McCain, whose father John also had ties to the Spygate affair, is a top pick for Biden. The Covid Advisory Board would extend Anthony Fauci’s reign as a medical figure, as Biden would champion contact-tracing and no doubt give more credence to the contradictory and draconian measures issued by Fauci over the past months.

If readers haven’t been brainwashed by the blanket positive “news” of Biden and his contemporaries, now might be a good time to consider how close the world has come to witnessing the United States being dismantled from within. We may be hurtling towards a calendar date for an inauguration, but much can happen in nine days. 

James Fitzgerald is a senior editor and cutting edge journalist who has worked on national newspapers for 16 years.


    • Dympna O'Connell

      Every word you say is true. Although i do not live in and am not a citizen of America, i know the world depends on President Trump to save it. All i can say is that i am very worried, i feel like i have been holding my breath for so long waiting for the treacherous to be taken down and removed that if it doesn’t happen before 20th January i can exhale and give up to the forces of evil. Nothing and nobody can stop them …… except only the intercession of God himself. Pray.

  • Pat

    I never thought much of this guy and now I know he’s delusional. “…arrests of high-profile politicians on corruption charges.. Who the hell do you think you’re kidding. Let’s get back to Cory. At least she knows what she’s talking about.

    • Sandra S Pike

      Your evaluations of past & current in my opinion is spot on. The extraordinary events planned prior to Donald Trump running and subsequent players in his entry into at that time , the 2016 Presidential Race show incredible deception & planning in the Russia Hoax, the attempted Impeachment, and this mess @ the Capitol where social media have purported to have identified Disguised Antifa and BLM players breaking into the Capitol grounds & Bldg. Inciting some fed up Trump supporters to apparently go along with them. However, the FBI, CIA ,DOD, are unquestionably full of Obama holdovers questionably beholden to that Clinton/Obama/Biden era so there isn’t much hope that we will be told the truths about this debacle. Please continue your efforts for the real truth.

    • Steve

      So, it is impossible that high-profile politicians could be arrested? Is that what you are saying? You don’t think that some high-profile politicians SHOULD be arrested?

      If so, adjust your mask, continue to be six feet from everyone, and go away.

  • Michelle

    Interested in your statement that the US is NO LONGER a corporation, but a Republic again?
    When/how did POTUS Trump do this?
    Any sauce?
    Thank you! Great article.

    • JF

      Thanks, Michelle. When you see the gold rim on the US flag in govt buildings it denotes corporate status. Those should be nowhere to be seen now. When POTUS visited the UK, he was shown in a clip where the Queen ushered him in front of her at a parade. That symbolism and unique protocol was very significant. You could read it as she was on board with the disengagement of the US from Britain as a satellite state, with all the former obligations thereafter null and void. These revelations are for official announcements, but we can read the semiotics before that. US citizens have also been subject to UK Admiralty Law, which assumes you are “lost at sea” as soon as you are born – because your name is written in caps on the birth cert, normally only found on grave stones. But that’s another story…

      • Nikki

        Letting you know Trumps got this.
        They block me using links and getting into pages, thinking i nay be comprimsed here.

        For uodate on whats actually going on, If go to Cosmic News .org scroll down till get to gene decode on republican end date 13 jan 2021, though many go up daily but many are censored after a day or 2.

        Thought you may be interested in this. Roberts giving the four books free “online cipies” but you can buy paperbacks as I did on Amazon.

        If doesnt work just go to his website, as in link.


      • Astraios

        Objectively observing while restraining My angst towards what Eye overstand, must play out. The oblivious masses of Fluoride induced television programmed, NPC’s must be afforded Their opportunities for/to waking up. These are the lives of our families. Though the network of corporeally being awakened from Supreme Source Creator of Magnetic Service, the war on consciousness has all but reached Proportions of outright acquiescence of so many becoming batteries for the Matrix. And to Nikki, love how Ewer Heartmind flows.
        Namaste 🙏.

  • Barbara

    Sounds like the obama administration on steroids. There’s so much money involved and America worships money. This isn’t about D vs R, this is about good vs evil. Which one do we choose? Man thinks he runs the show but God rules. Fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge but fools despise wisdom and discipline.

  • Kelley M.

    Thank you Corey. I love the way you write. Some day when we get to the other side of this Insanity, I hope you write a novel. I’m very serious your such a intriguing writer. I have been keeping track of certain people like General Mcinerney latest interview etc he explains alot what’s goin on also. None of us know what exactly how this is going to play out but I feel it’s going to be good guys win. Let’s pray so. 🙏🏽

  • Jo

    Witko (in Lakota) is usually translated and in common use meaning “crazy” in English ,but in a sense of being spiritually “touched”. The most famous example is probably Tsunka Witko=Crazy Horse.

  • Donna

    The US is a Corporation, and its “ Citizens “ are slaves to it!

    I voted for Trump, but learned as I watched him that he is the same as the rest…. a puppet for the ultra rich who only seek to control the worlds population, unless they murder you first with their disgusting health care, plandemics, fear porn, lies, vaccines , mandates, thievery divisiveness, spells, secret societies, fake laws….. take your pick! I have ZERO faith in this thing called government and people ( no matter what you are) need to wake up and join reality. NONE , NOT ONE, of these fake ass politicians is for the people. They are all bought and paid for! We would do better focusing on spiritual matters and caring for our communities, building, planting, raising things, helping each other! How many things have you put your hopes and faith in only to be disappointed or make an excuse for why things promised NEVER HAPPENED! That tells you right there that this system is intentionally rigged against us and the government is broken on both sides ( if you still believe in this democracy!) lol…. I pray that Yashua, the Creator, whole ver you believe in will come and flatten this system for a REAL reset , that works the way HE , the most high intended!

  • Geraldine L Burgess

    the Hate that began when President Trump was elected has gotten out of control by politicians and citizens bent on destroying America. The recent outburst in DC was not from his followers. The president has been pro America in all he has done. The Democrats have and continue to discredit him. The pandemic was used to keep Americans down – in homes, closed businesses, voter balloting (known for fraud). The media has played an important part of the hate also. It’s been shameful. The ignorant have not looked in history to see what socialism truly is. The evil in our land can only be halted by admitting our sins and asking God to forgive us. The former president and politicians have shown there true colors in not doing what they could have done to unite the country – they have and continue to work for its destruction. Very sad – but God is still on His throne! He has the last word in the end.

  • jenny

    I can’t believe we would let a proven criminal ascend to the office of President of The United States. He should never have been allowed to even run. Im just disgusted and if he is inaugurated then I know its the end of our country….

    • Michael Wachocki

      In the last several days I have discovered that the words election fraud are not allowed. removed a petition with these words. Nextdoor app also removed posts with these words and lastly today discus would not allow these words to be posted.
      What a brave new world.

  • catlady

    Thank you for an excellent summary of this situation. My take on Trump is that he is sincerely working in the best interest of the USA, the common man, jobs, peace. This is opposite of what the deep state/global elites want. So they have been scheming for years to discredit and discard him. The mass media’s blatant propaganda is sickening and even more frightening is that so many people believe what is reported. The deep state have had 4 years to plan the election fraud as their other efforts have come to naught.

    My question now is why the haste to get rid of him when he will be out of office in a few days. Most of the Republicans are running for cover. The media, corporations, banks have cancelled him. What are they really afraid of? Some say that the deep state wants to prevent him from running for President in future. Other comments indicate a publicity stunt as a distraction from a bogus election. Any other ideas?

    • JF

      Hi Catlady, I agree with you; the edifices that sought to be our intermediaries – big tech, media, the political class – are behaving like desperados. There is also a frenzied projection and attribution of negative traits onto the people who challenge their consensus reality. It is very reassuring that they are so blatant, as it means the veil has dropped. The chunks of the population who blindly parrot those narratives, without checks and balances, are demonstrating their negation of sovereignty and self-respect. I alluded to mythic structure in the article, with the three Acts. The Hero’s Journey includes a Dark Night of the Soul, when all seems lost. We are in that phase. The great divide would seem to be between those who are adults and those who were only pretending. The comments I read here always give me reassurance that we are going to be okay; in fact, way more than okay.

  • Angela

    As always you’re spot on, great article, unfortunately by some of these comments I see some people are still in the dark of the truth , they continue to listen to the MSM, who hasn’t told the truth in 4 yrs, I may not have always agreed with Trump, and I may not have always liked what he said on many occasions ,but I was able to separate that from what I see happening to this country, and the destruction both parties have caused , the mass corruption,deep state and the greed for power and money has consumed our Elected officials, but there is a two tiered justice system, they protect each other and will continue to do so , if people would actually get off social media, stop watching the main stream media and do research they will see the direction this country is going, and now with Biden they will be back in track to the dismantle of our constitution, and this great country..

  • Dr John

    President Trump, our President, and the massive team backing him including the military and NSA are letting the corrupt destroy themselves. We all know by now the election was corrupted. We know Donald Trump won the election by a massive landslide. And for those digging we know the Trump team have all of the evidence needed to prove he won the election. There will be a military tribunal to review the data and the true winner determined. If the military needs more information from the six states withholding evidence they can go take it by force legally under Martial Law. Yes the United States is under martial law.

    Biden is a paper president, a toothless tiger. He cannot officially sign Executive Orders since he did not take the oath of office at the Capital. Scenes of Biden in the White House are just that scenes from studio sets in LA. The White House is locked and the lights are off.

    Biden asked for classified war information and was refused by the Pentagon. The Pentagon made it clear he was not welcome at their location.

    The podium Biden Speaks at does not have the official Presidential medallion, but a studio prop. He does not have the seal of the President that appears on all signed documents.

    The military through two Generals report to President Trump. The military with his coordination are running the office of the President; the country. President Trump is still writing Executive Orders. He has a SCIF (Secured Communications Information facility) located at his Florida Resort.

    If you have not seen Biden flying in Marine 1 or Air Force 1; it is because he does not have access to them.

    Our problem before arrests can happen is that a significant part of the population does not understand the coupe that is taking place. They need to see the vile corruption. They are seeing the craziness in the paper president and the House and Senate over the last 10 days. People are turning away from Biden and looking to President Trump for help. Every day more people are being Red Pilled/waking up to the truth. The second false impeachment is a perfect example of obvious lies and the violent disregard for our laws by our political leadership. Judges from across the nation have been exposed and more are still being exposed from the highest offices.

    Where this has been hard on us, you have to remember; all of the bad guys need to be exposed to the public. Over the years Trillions of dollars have been stolen from our country and many others. False wars have maimed and killed friends and family from many nations so that the elite could profit from the false wars. Our losses are not their concern; after all the planet, according to them, is over populated by the scurvy we consider friends, family and humans. We are Chattel, a commodity of minimal value, to be exterminated through toxins in foods and medicines including vaccines.

    President Trump will be back in office soon as our 19th President and elites from Hollywood, the political arena and beyond will be arrested and sent to jail and worse. We are talking about sedition, treason, human slavery, child molestation, torture and murder, as well as fraud and massive grand theft. I am sure I have missed a few of the crimes, but it is massive and gross. These trials will not be in civil courts, but fall under military law. Tribunals will be held where big money and slick lawyers are not allowed. Cases will not drag on for years, but hours, day, maybe weeks at the very most.

    Our stolen wealth will be recovered and false debts will be erased. The Federal Reserve a private company owned by England and the Rothschild’s will collapse along with the IRS taxing machine also owned by the same pair. Income tax, is suggested, will be done away with, much of the money was stolen by the aforementioned for the over throw of the world. Taxation instead will be attached to luxury items; one suggestion that could cover the needs of America. Imagine keeping 30% of your salary! Imagine the government trimmed down and running with less people and less intervention.

    If you have seen the disregard for human life, by the FDA, EPA, CDC, NIH, EPA, FBI and CIA you may realize we don’t need their criminal help. Many things like Mask Mandates have nothing to do with an epidemic, but an election fraud and conditioning us for the next tightening of our freedom along with toxic vaccines.

    Finally, there are many lies in the medical field that protect profits and harm those relying on treatment. Imagine the corrupt unnecessary 15 million medical procedures each year due to false recommendations going away. What if bad drugs that are harmful are taking off the market and replaced with safe drugs that deal with the problem and not the symptoms. What if doctors were focused on the health of the patient and not anchored to greedy hospitals that insist on so many tests and procedures a month or prescription per patient. What if people were no longer getting sick form medications and toxins in foods or pesticides in fields.

    Imagine with just these few things and a government that cared for the people far lower taxation, no needless wars; what an amazing world it would be, just with those few things. It is what President Trump and his team are fighting for every day.

    Viet Vet Spc OPs

    Dr John

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