Vaccine ID Passport Spurs Future Underground Black Market

Surely I jest. Or do I?

Maybe I’ve watched one too many movies, or maybe I’ve spent over 15,000 hours researching their plans and agendas for us all? Will it get this far? Is this just a joke? I could write up a short film on this and make it really intriguing, but let’s just stick with the list for now. New vaccine ID passports are all the rage! They have laid out their goal in print: there will be no more flying, leaving the country, concerts, movie theaters, or entry into offices or places of business, unless you get the jab. Don’t say we didn’t warn you a long time ago, while sporting our tinfoil hats.

In the beginning, this underground market will have a feel much like the paraphernalia shop I used to frequent as a teenager. It was on a prominent street, in a busy little town, masquerading as a gargoyles, skulls, and candle shop. If you knew the owner, or were introduced by someone he trusted, he would take you downstairs where bowls, bongs, and whippets were plentiful. Sometimes he even had a little bud on him for sale.

As time goes on, and people rise up to fight against this tyranny, stop working for the companies controlling these agendas, and stop feeding the IRS global mafia, a new system will hopefully evolve out of the ashes – one that will benefit us all. Meanwhile, the underground markets will be booming with business!

Checklist for Plausible 2021 Interventions:

(In no particular order)

Providers of vaccine ID passports – it’s a whole new spin on passport forgeries. Not to brag, but forgery was a skill of mine back in high school. I may have to pick that back up.

Runners – those who have been vaccinated can pick up supplies for those who haven’t, and no longer have access to stores.

Computer hackers – bypassing system entry to software and apps on computers for the non-vaxxers who have been locked out due to lack of vaccine ID passport.

Coyotes – no, not the animal, silly (we’ve already explained that one). Getting non-vaxxers through state borders requiring vaccine ID passports or proof of tests. Forget about airports or flying – those will be officially off limits, unless of course you score an underground passport. Wink, wink.

Medical doctors – once the chip stage has entered, doctors will eventually need to remove those bad boys. Plus, those without vaccine ID passports will likely not have access to health professionals.  

Insiders – at all major facilities, institutions, big pharma, and those monitoring vaccine ID passports and eventual chips.

Barter supply shops with no surveillance for those still using the real dollar instead of digital currency.

Compounds – for those unable to get jobs due to lack of vaccine ID passport, or a roof over their head, or supplies from a grocery store, migrating to the local compound may be your best bet. Here, everyone works together to grow food, barter supplies, and make a living in the underground black market. Don’t worry, it will be 5-star accommodation compared to the Capital Hill Occupied Zone (CHOP).

Tech geek and supplier of analog phones – it will be a whole new market, bringing back the 80s baby. That’s right, a cool unadulterated 1G.

Secret ranchers and butchers – for those who can’t consume the new 3D printed meat.

Seed supply – this will be a hot ticket item when they cut you off from grocery stores. The “runners” will come in handy here as well.

Brilliant tax attorneys – ones who can recite the entire tax code and know that it is 100% illegal to tax earnings, will be needed to assist everyone in distancing themselves from the global mafia IRS bounty hunters. We can no longer feed the monsters.

Speaking of bounty hunters – an onslaught of citizen arrests should ensue immediately upon the criminal power structure and taken directly to towns with law enforcement and judges who haven’t been corrupted. Someone will need to prepare a state by state dossier for that one.

Law enforcement – people have been pushing hard to back the blue, but the blue need to get some gonads and start backing the people when it comes to their constitutional rights, and need to meld as a force against the tyrants.

Spotters and recon – I threw this one in just for fun. I’ve really been itching to get a drone, so I may have to assign this underground position to myself.

Remote viewers – It will be the new underground Stargate version of remote viewers, and no, I’m not referring to the movie. Yet another slot I will have to take on. It’s always good to know what the enemy is up to.

Musicians – music is so vital, and being as non-vaxxers won’t be able to attend live shows and concerts anymore, serenades around the fire pits at the compound will be in tall order.

Tiny home builders and preppers got a bad rap, but now they will be looked upon as masters of the universe.

I could go on forever, but this is a good start. Keep this handy list in your back pocket for a rainy day, or a vaccine passport day – who knows, it may just be the name of the next Hallmark holiday? After all, they stole Christmas Eve from Jesus and named it after Dr. Fauci.

Meanwhile, defy lockdowns, don’t work for companies pushing our future into communism, expose all corruption, round up people in your communities to get a game plan and rise up, recall governors, sue everyone you can if you have legit judges, stop with the useless masks because you are signaling to the world that you submit, and avoid the mRNA genetic extravaganza that may rock your DNA world in a direction you don’t care to go.

Keep on keeping on.
Fight like hell.
Pray often.

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Corey Lynn is an investigative journalist, co-host of the weekly Dig It! podcast, and co-host of The Solution Series. Follow her at, on Twitter, Gab, Truth, Rumble, and Telegram. Support her work by becoming a Patron, making a donation or buying a Book.



    I agree, we need to stop feeding the IRS Global Mafia and we need brilliant tax attorneys to help people do this in large numbers.

    I am familiar with and

    Are you aware of any Tax Attorneys who work in this niche? I think more needs to
    be done to help people free themselves from the chains of the IRS.

    I have known many people who have who have not paid taxes in many years so I am always curious
    about their experiences.

    Some have gotten in trouble though, but it seems to be people that have helped others not pay their taxes.

    And Irwin Schiff

    If things weren’t bad enough already for small businesses , it’s good to know the IRS is looking out for small businesses, unbelievable:

  • MCookie

    Has anyone else noticed Nanny P’s necklace?
    When Ob was in office the only necklace Nanny wore was an extremely expensive strand of colored South Sea Pearls- quite large in size.
    The moment President Trump took office- nanny P put her Rate Asian pearls in the Vault and chose colored glass beads – no pearls for four years.
    Did you catch Nanny’s news conferences this week- THE SOUTH SEA PEARLS ARE BACK!!!
    Silly I know but just the little signals those kind of people take pleasure in flaunting.
    Trust me on this- N P pearls aren’t from JTV !! Just sayin………

  • Concerned Citizen

    Please correct this post. It is NOT a chip and it cannot be removed. The experimental technology that can track is called nanotechnology and hydrogel, specifically Profusa hydrogel. It can be used for pharmacovigilance…and potentially many other uses the media does not dare tell you.

    Nanotechnology is like a computer operating system in your body. Gates refers to the mRNA nanotechnology as a “vaccine machine”. Injected nanotechnology will require frequent updates just like a computer to install different capabilities into your body.

    Now do you understand why a computer guy is into health? Gates slogan of a “A computer in every home” has evolved to “A computer in every human”. Combine nanotechnology with the Common PASS to enforce different levels of communist human controls, require digital currency, adopt social credit scores for measuring compliance and add on Microsoft’s patent WO2020060606A1 to generate cryptocurrency from human body and brain activity, you get digital era slaves. Do you see where this is going?

    World Economic Forum “Great Reset” propaganda boasts we will “own nothing and be happy”. How is that possible? Nanotechnology can read/write to our brains. See- Tech has advanced very far … few people realize what is possible.

    Here’s some info other good sources to learn about nanotechnology.

    US DoD expert classes on nanotechnology.  
    Elon Musk mRNA nanotechnology warning

    Left leaning Huff Post nanotechnology warnings 

    Additional nanotechnology technology warnings

    The United Nations / World Economic Forum “Internet of Bodies” content is finally out in the open now.  For the ignorant masses, they might want to skim through it 

    Operation Warp Speed leader nanotechnology presentation from 2019.

  • Diann Bowen

    I didn’t know rather to cry or laugh at this article. Sick, evil bastards out there.Hard to believe this kind of thing is right at our door.
    Raise your hand if anyone can please direct me to where I may find one of these passports 😉😉. I’m in serious need to get my life back.
    Corey is right! It is time to rise up and fight, actually it is past time. If we don’t start banding together, this will be our future VERY soon.

  • Percy Blakeney

    One of the most important things for the future is, identifying all those who are loyal to the state, such as by a willingness to turn in the undesirables, like Anne Frank, and those who chose not to make the state or so called science their religion.

    This goes far beyond just relying on someone you know saying someone is a snitch. It requires solid proof, since turning the ending around may be impossible, and a wrong decision could make those who act on it as bad, or worse, than the evil they fight.

    Situational awareness may be key. Is that questionable neighbor or public official a real life Scarlet Pimpernel? Is that cop bumbling is job on purpose, to protect the innocent from an obviously corrupt system? Is that philanthropist or man of religion the cause of the doom and despair of many?

    Remember, Jack McLamb was a cop. That loving, caring nurse believes fully in vaccines. If Jack could change, could the nurse? And how much injury should someone be allowed to cause before they are stopped?

  • Kurt Anderson

    Hi Corey, spot on as usual. But you forgot about education, particularly civics and history will have to be “reimagined” because you can’t have young people understanding what individual liberty means. I’m feeling a target on my back more and more. Happy new year my friend.


      I agree 100% – for the most part young people don’t even know what individual liberty is and are far removed from actually experiencing it. Explaining individual liberty to young people is like taking a bird out of its cage for the first time in its life.

    • Corey Lynn

      You’re right! I could have made that list so much longer. I think education slipped past me because these criminals have always made vaccines mandatory through the education system, and I was going for the newest, crazy terms they were laying out. 😉

  • Nancy Bovee

    Don’t forget the underground dermatologists to remove the nano tattoos and apply fake nano gel makeup scars.
    Imagine being in an accident and having your tattooed arm ripped up and the medical staff going crazy trying to figure out what to scan????

  • Arnold Ziffel

    Roe Vs Wade could be used as legal precedence in a lawsuit against laws requiring vaccines in order to receive services, job requirements, and etc. It’s my body and my choice.

  • Guenter

    Just new to your space Cory. Nice work. Interesting and concise delivery. We are, in S. Oregon, codifying our materials for an informational flow delivery, with Courtesy Notice of Liability to our dear officials, health directors, etc. It will also be forged with an extensive witness list, as we begin the process next week. Your well crafted contributions are quite helpful and for our sharing in house. Thanks. Yes, we will be fighting like hell. Our precious generations will not be assimilated into this. It ends here, in our time. Many, many alliances are being forged. We are also with the group, F. Gamble, R.O. Young, Del Bigtree, David Martin, America’s Frontline Doctors, World Doctors Alliance, Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance, etc. Thank you again for your crucial work. Keep on keeping on. GA

  • Daliah B.

    Wow. I’ve been trying to sift through all the options – how to move forward in the best way possible. I came up with the same kind of scenarios! Surviving underground. Crazy! And I’m glad I found your blog. But here’s my comment – and question. Have you heard of Ronald Bernard? I watched a testimony he gave for the International Tribunal of Justice. Then did some research. Turns out he’s been actively trying to help us all break free from the “enslavement of humanity”. I know that term sounds pretty grand, but it is the reality. Bernard helped to create the United Peoples Foundation, with its Declaration of Peace, and most importantly, a people’s run bank. He is a former Dutch banker – that’s his expertise. He insists it is the only way out of our predicament. And it makes sense. We can’t fight “them”. They will win at war. But to unite and create our own banking system, we can “win”. Here’s the United Peoples Foundation link: and here’s the one for the bank. There are videos of interviews he has done – just duckduckgo and you will find him. For me, it’s a start. Thanks, Corey!

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