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    Support J6ers: New Video Footage Released

    By The Sharp Edge Newly released footage offers transparency to the January 6th deception. For nearly three years, the DC establishment uniparty has perpetuated the lie that the January 6th protest was an “insurrection,” by carefully controlling the information disseminated to the public about the events that transpired on that fateful day and repressing dissent against Biden’s illegitimate presidency utilizing the full weight of the Justice Department. The foundation of falsehoods, on which charges against President Trump and more than 1,000 January 6th protesters stand, is beginning to crumble, as more than 40,000 hours of newly released footage becomes public under new House leadership.     After years of political persecution based on the false narrative of “insurrection,” that led to the suicides and imprisonment of political dissidents, never-before-seen footage has revealed that Capitol police escorted peaceful protesters into the building, offering no indication that their behavior was unlawful.  In one…

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