Support J6ers: New Video Footage Released

By The Sharp Edge

Newly released footage offers transparency to the January 6th deception.

For nearly three years, the DC establishment uniparty has perpetuated the lie that the January 6th protest was an “insurrection,” by carefully controlling the information disseminated to the public about the events that transpired on that fateful day and repressing dissent against Biden’s illegitimate presidency utilizing the full weight of the Justice Department.

The foundation of falsehoods, on which charges against President Trump and more than 1,000 January 6th protesters stand, is beginning to crumble, as more than 40,000 hours of newly released footage becomes public under new House leadership.    

After years of political persecution based on the false narrative of “insurrection,” that led to the suicides and imprisonment of political dissidents, never-before-seen footage has revealed that Capitol police escorted peaceful protesters into the building, offering no indication that their behavior was unlawful.  In one incident caught on tape, Capitol police removed the restraints of a demonstrator in the halls of the building, away from the view of the crowd, and oddly congratulated the protester with a fist bump.

Source: “More Released J6 Tapes Show Police Escorting And Fist-Bumping Protesters At the Capitol,” The Federalist, November 20, 2023.

Still more disturbing, is a recently circulated video series indicating that police and government agents may have attempted to incite a riot by firing stun grenades, tear gas grenades, and rubber bullets into the peaceful crowd, without warning, prior to their entry into the capitol.  This stunning revelation is one of many to come, illustrating why only cherry-picked videos that propped up the “insurrection” narrative played repeatedly in the press, while tens of thousands of hours of tapes remained withheld from public view. 

Source: “Peaceful Protestor Joshua Black shot with a yellow rubber bullet through the cheek,” Investigate J6.

The latest disclosures add to a progression of discoveries that dismantle the establishment’s January 6th deceptions and raise questions about the role federal informants or agents may have played in the events that unfolded that day.   

The mounting video evidence and investigative reports discrediting the false premise of violent “insurrection” on January 6th highlight how the weaponized federal government targets political enemies, while turning a blind-eye to violent tactics of the left, such as the BLM rioters that looted, torched and destroyed buildings across the country in 2020.

A link to the newly released footage, along with a list of comprehensive investigative reports on January 6th, and ways of supporting J6 political prisoners can be found below.

Links to Footage & Investigative Reports on J6:

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Links to Contact & Support J6 Political Prisoners:

Connect with J6 Patriots

Donate to J6er Causes

Support a Christmas Drive for J6 Children

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  • 60GigaHertz

    After J6, the FBI showed up in Rutherford County, NC and Polk County, NC GOP offices – and politely tried to get the people there to provide the names of their members who were at the J6 protest in DC. No one said a thing, and everyone who witnessed it now sees the federal government in a much different way.

    5G masts and massive highways are being constructed here in the foothills, to support the “Piedmont Mega Region” development debacle. Most people have no idea what has been planned and is being implemented to make money for the developers who own our elected officals. The other reason for massive cloverleaf’s that are double the normal size, and multi-lane highways where country roads existed before – is to make the local infrastructure “military ready.” Massive cloverleafs can be re-purposed into military check points for population control. Ronald Reagan’s Readiness Exercise 1984 is alive and well.

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