The Solution Series

    The Future is Now

    Whereas the one-eyed “Madame X” version of Madonna likes to preach “not everyone is coming to the future,” while cinching her robe to flash her upside down cross accompanied by a serpent on the other side, here’s what I believe… I believe the future is ours for creation, and it’s time to start creating. Forget about what you think is possible, realistic, or an option – just fantasize for a moment. Create the world you want to exist in, see it, feel it, manifest it. This is where it begins. This is the fun stage, followed by incredible manifestation, action, and what often times feels like small miracles. Let it percolate, take on its own shape, and see the vision very clearly in your mind. Don’t get hung up on all the little details for now. And remember, anything is possible. Just imagine a future where we don’t pay unjust…


    The System Put You in a Box, But the Box Doesn’t Exist

    You weren’t born to be put into a box, yet here you are with invisible constraints. At every turn you are faced with a decision – to go along with the system or break free from it. From the moment you came out of the womb, you were put into the system, entered in databases, and soon to be vaccinated with doses upon doses of cocktails over the next two years of your life. While television commercials sought to fill parent’s minds with the dos and don’ts for their child, you were being downloaded with cartoons and children’s books filled with messages of fear, family separation, and dysfunction. By age five you entered the “education system,” which was really an indoctrination to keep your mind tooled around their agendas for hours on end, five days a week. As time went on, you were told what to learn, how to think,…

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