Dear Diary…

While I’m working on this painstakingly massive report that ties up the central operation for the control grid, along with the financial acceleration and digital identity into one masterfully crafted plan, I find myself pondering the many other pieces of information I’ve pulled together that I’ve yet been able to deliver. If only I could condense the macro into the micro without having to cite a hundred sources per report, just imagine how quickly I could purge my mind of this knowledge, these connections, these random thoughts and tidbits that I “must share.”

At this point in the game, why not just purge it all out? People can “look it up” for themselves, right? Maybe. Maybe not.

Let’s take the International Seabed Authority as an example. Do I have to find every contract to show the “proof” that these animals are running their usual game on people? As they hammer everyone about the need to “keep the oceans clean,” they are signing away our underwater ecosystems to countries for mining of minerals, which is surely going to increase under the guise of “renewable energy” needs. It’s a joke. It doesn’t matter that hundreds of scientists have warned that they could destroy all life in our oceans, these gangsters don’t care. This world is a playground for their destruction. And, do I have to keep reminding people that all factions of the UN have been given full immunities and privileges by all member states, so they can lie and deceive all they want and will never be held accountable? Being as the UNCLOS funds ISA, that’s pretty cut and dry. ISA controls half of the total area of the world’s oceans, all because the creators of the UN say so and big gov is owned in every country by those same creators.

My favorite is the repetitive “we will produce 140,000 new jobs,” from some renewable energy project, AI, or robotics. I’m not quite sure how people read that sentence and don’t give it another thought. When you swap one industry for another, and the new industry is run by automation in most cases, what happens to all of the jobs from the industry it just wiped out? Hmmmm. I remember when utility guys used to come to everyone’s home and check the meters on a monthly basis. Then, they installed “smart meters,” which no longer require someone going on site. What happened to those jobs? The entire “climate change” hoax is a perpetual disaster of destroying our power supply in order to control it all remotely while also destroying our land and ecosystems, which is a bit of an oxymoron, but then… everything “they” do is just that.

Here’s one I’ve been really wanting to get out, and actually started working on, but had to table it to work on reports such as the one I’m taking a break from now while writing in my diary. On occasion people will call me out on social media and say, “who is ‘they’?!” or “name them!” and I find it rather comical that anyone would wish me to list out the 3,000 names of people and organizations I have reported on in depth, on a social media platform with 140-500 character limit. I mean, if they don’t know who “they” is yet, they ought to do a bit of research. And if they don’t, they are more than welcome to reference my site or the many other journalists out there who have been reporting on this for years. Regardless, I have every intention of consolidating my “they” list if for no other reason than to be able to put a big bold link as a single post, stating, “this is ‘they'” in response to those posts. Nah, I would never waste my time on such nonsense. I’m doing it because I would love to be able to reference my handy list in alphabetical order, because even I sometimes forget who some of the smaller organizations are that operate with “them” and for “them.” At least the corrupt globalists have established their pronoun. It is most definitely “they.”

Oh, another big project I started working on is the merging of all of my timelines from my reports into a single timeline. I may even have to turn that one into a book. I can’t wait to get that put together so I can read it from start to finish. Granted, if memory serves, it will likely begin in the late 1800s and I wish I had some in depth reports that precede that date, but I reckon 130 years will have to do.

On that note, time seems to be moving so quickly. It’s the energy of everything, the information tornado, and I get a sense that there is a thinning between dimensions, like a bleeding through effect. Maybe the dark forces will be vacuumed out into another dimension?

Speaking of dark forces, one thing that’s been really bothering me lately is all of the theater with Elon Musk. I’ve never seen so many people drift into the smokescreens and get devoured by the spell. I’ve studied and observed a lot of psyops over the years, but they cast this one so heavily, I thought everyone would have seen right through it. It’s upsetting to see so many people walk into the lion’s den and believe he is their friend. It’s like watching a boomerang over and over again. Every time people catch a glimmer or reminder of Musk’s true colors, allegiances, and connections, momentum builds and Musk is targeted. And that’s when the boomerang goes out. Like a weapon, it’s thrown to slice through everyone’s outrage and shock them with some new story of how Musk is being targeted by the left, then mainstream news, then advertisers, then other big tech, then Biden, then the ADL, then Ukraine, then Warren – oh my, he must be one of us battling against the globalists. The boomerang slices through, everyone is tempered, they see him as a victim and rush to his rescue, declaring him a hero from the evil villains, and the boomerang lands right back in his hands. The real attacks on him cease, the theater continues, nothing ever comes of the fake attacks, and the boomerang is resurrected with each outrage from the people when they manage a temporary break in the spell. It’s like an abusive relationship where people keep seeking validation that he is their hero and they can’t see past the spell because with each throw of the boomerang, they sink deeper and deeper into rationalization.

These globalists know exactly what they are doing. They know how to buildup an “idol” and a “hero,” to spin tales and seduce people while guiding them straight into their traps. They have nearly perfected it. But they can’t change the history, the evidence, and the actions of a person that tells a completely different story. It’s up to people to open their eyes and see the whole story instead of the mirage being laid out before them in the theater. I don’t like to see people I care about being manipulated. It irks me.

I’m on the road right now and one thing is for certain – we’ve reached that critical point. The point where everyone I speak with has lost someone to the jab. Healthy people in their 30s, 40s, and 50s just dropping dead from heart attacks and strokes. It’s absolutely tragic, and yet despite this, I’m also observing people embracing and projecting love for one another, and coming to the realization that we are all going through the most profound time individually and together simultaneously. It’s lonely but not isolating, and tragic and glorious all at once. It’s a hell of a thing to balance this ricochet of emotions. It’s fascinating, inspiring, and numbing all at once. The challenges we all face can either hold power over us or be the power that fuels our soul to create and evolve with one another in the most powerful way. I believe we humans can endure and overcome so much more than dark forces believe us to be capable of, and that will be their biggest mistake of all. This spiritual battle is not for the weak of heart. As difficult as it is, people must learn to let go of judgement because there will be much to judge.

One day, I will teach what I was put here to share. I believe that time is coming soon, but there seems to be an order to it, and I was guided to expose the darkness first so that there was an understanding, and I imagine, a level of consciousness that needed to be achieved on some level. I can’t wait til that day comes because I have much to say and much to share. It hasn’t been easy keeping silent on that front for all of these years.

For now, I guess I will continue to rollout the information I gather with each passing day. Though sometimes I bounce from one set of information onto the next and need to bounce back to complete the rest of the story on another agenda. Like the laundering with immunity 5-part series! I’ve only published the first 2 parts, and yet I have pages upon pages of notes for the remaining parts. I will venture back to it soon enough. Sometimes I get frustrated with myself when I leave something unfinished for a long period of time, but it always seems to be about timing. Just as I’m working on a report, there will often be a delay where something sidelines me, and when I come back to finish it, something very significant had taken place during that time which needed to be included in the report. So I always go where I’m guided. This newest report is quite intriguing. I honestly hope that this will be the final year of the “big reports” and I can move on to the “brighter side” of things, and share those.

This work has been heavy, intense, and sometimes taken its toll on me, but I understand its purpose, and I recognize that these times have taken a toll on everyone in some fashion. My hope is that the information and resources I’ve provided have helped bring awareness to the bigger picture and provided a guide for people to assess things for themselves and be able to more easily process decisions and choices. I think that’s what most of us want – to share knowledge and help one another. I’ve met so many wonderful people on this path and developed bonds and friendships that I will cherish forever.

This was a nice break to stop and reflect for a moment, but now I must get back to this report I’ve been working on for a couple of weeks now. With any luck, the words will find themselves and the keystrokes will pour out so I can get this crater published sooner than later.

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  • michael

    I deeply appreciate all the research you do. I never thought in my lifetime I would see so many people follow along like sheep and not do any research. They are so many of us non-followers out there but we are so far and few between, sometimes it is hard to see it.

  • Sue Thomas

    This was a wonderful note to us all and I agree there are so many sheep and many of us live in a different universe. I am always concerned about the food supply especially the meat industry. The ranchers trying to survive and preserving a like style in the West. Imports and centralized control of the beef industry. It is a difficlut discussion when people are lulled into convenience and the big box stores. I reseach locally and created a list of local producers but it is only a few interested. A friend reminded me that people are more concerned about entertiainent and many issuses a lonely battle.

  • Esthersdaughter

    I have appreciated all that you have taught us throughout the years and guided us to the truth.
    I woke up in 2015 and continue to learn about the oligarchs, deep state, the globalist, and all their evil doings for hundreds of years. I want to continue learning and Corey you are a Watchman on the wall.
    I feel we are turning into a different season soon.
    With God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit guiding us we Will make it through. “No weapons formed against us shall prosper “. Just keep that Amor on, as EPHESIANS 6 12 teaches us.
    God bless you.

  • Lori Lively

    Corey, just want to add my gratitude for what you do. Truly you were born for this work and it is benefiting so many. Thank you. Keep your frequency high. Much love from Washington state.

  • Vicki Ragland

    I so look forward to your postings and articles. You are one of the few people I trust for information. You are one of the best researchers in the English-speaking world. Thank you for your hard work.

  • Melissa Berge

    I just want to reach out for the first time and tell you your words, wisdom, digging, and hard work really mean the world to me. I can’t tell you how satisfying it is to know I am not alone. You are like no other and your work is appreciated. I share your articles far and wide and love to browse your site for tidbits I may have missed along the years. The light will prevail as long as we do it through God!

  • Rebecca Denhoff

    Thanks for your hard work. It would be interesting to see any work you have done on the Jesuits, Society of Jesus. They are at the top of the pyramid and have been thrown out of most countries of the world due to their evil seditions and treachery. They are well established here in the US and indeed Catholic universities are infested with them. Georgetown is their flagship school along with Loyola and Notre Dame. They have been at it since Ignatius of Loyola started their evil doings in 1541 to fight the Reformation beginning with Martin Luther. They are responsible for the Spanish Inquisition, numerous assassinations, promulgating wars, murders, corrupting governments, oppression of people, taking away lands and rights along the way. Read their mission statements about using any means to achieve their black devious goals including various types of murder and mayhem. They are behind the Jewish banking establishments, the WEF and all the blasphemy and filth of our world today.

    Before the Reformation of the 16th century, the Catholic church and the Pope reigned supreme over all the western nations. Corrupt to the core, insanely rich and armed to the teeth and still are today. They have been fighting since that time to re-establish feudal fealty to the Church. They tried on numerous occasions to assassinate Elizabeth I of England. The whole Spanish Armada was sent against England at their behest.

    As a previous Catholic, even sent to a convent school to be educated as a girl, I have researched deeply into the Reformation and the devils of Loyola. I am not an outsider looking in, I was an insider who detested what I saw. I was a devout person, but I left the church when I was 14, totally disgusted by what I saw personally and what I had researched. Were you aware that before the 16th century you could be sentenced to burning at the stake for reading any of the scriptures of the Bible. The Catholic Church had outlawed it, it was kept from the people to prevent them from seeing the word of God. No one had heard the true word of God from the scriptures except the highest in the Church. This way the Catholic Church could impose all sorts of laws that were antitheticall to God’s word.
    The reformers that followed or were contemporaneous with Luther were the first translators of the Bible from Greek into English, Dutch and German. The Bible had been around for millenia ( Old Testament) and for 1600 years (New Testament). During the 1st century AD, the word of Jesus and the New Testament was already being subverted and corrupted by devious men. When Constantine ruled that Christianity would be the official religion of the Roman Empire in 325AD, the Catholic (Universal) church grew out of this. Yet they claim to have been a direct apostolic succession from Peter. It was never about anything but money, murder, land and power that the Catholic Church cared about. And it never has been about anything other than that since.

    Today the Pope answers to the Black Pope who is the General of the Jesuits. Why would a church call one of their supposed holy men a General? General is a military designation of the highest ranking officer. And what he is leading is a army of the most diabolical sorts of religious zealots who are experts in the Machiavellian way. Francis or Bergoglio as he is derogatively called is a Jesuit himself. The emblem of the Jesuits illustrates sun like rays around the letters IHS. I for Isis, H for Horus and S for Set, the Egyptian dieties. Theirs is a Luciferian religion, which has taken a stronghold in the world and only the most deluded can deny that. All the so called Secret Societies are involved in this cult, although in some, the lower ranking members are totally unaware(Freemasons). Secret Societies are a whole other article in themselves. And as you can see, when it boils down, it is still about nothing else but wealth, land, power and murder. It is the true cult of death. The Jesuits are at the pinnacle of this whole mess. The next is the Jewish banking houses/institutions and various so called elites. Under that are the UN/WEF/IMF/BIS, etc. Then the Jewish Bolsheviks, nation states and their governments, national, state and local. Then the social justice warriors and various useful idiots. Underneath are the ignorant uneducated masses who easily accept whatever tripe they are told. Off to the side observing and fighting the whole debacle is the people who are non accepting, suspect or know the truth and see what is coming.

    I would be glad to help you with the research should you thing you would be interested.

  • Lynn

    Thank you a million times over. You have been a light of knowledge breaking through my confusion, saneness during all the crazyness, and so much more. I am grateful to you for caring and for your hard work. I am done letting people stick their heads in the sand and not acknowledge what is being done to us and our beautiful Earth. Their apathy hurts our efforts. As more people wake up, the greater the level of consciousness, and this is what we need to overcome ‘them’.

  • Ana

    While we’re all distracted by a million catastrophes a day …
    Just found this website;
    It shows all the projects that the “governments” all over the world have been working on to corral us All
    Please read, share,
    God Bless,

  • 60GigaHertz

    Boy do we think alike. I loved the paragraph on “them.” I agree. If a person hasn’t figured out which groups are behind it all – and who controls those groups – they probably never will… and I love to ask them back:

    “What if I told you the global financial elite is largely Luciferian? Would you expect me to know these people by name individually? I’d really rather not. Would you like to know who these Luciferians are?”

  • ellie

    Thank YOU Corey Lynn for sharing your diary. Yes, the globalists have revealed their pronoun; they! Yuck!!

    I’ve came across a fantastic chronologist, Jason Breshears. He spent 23 years reading and combining 100s of calendars and charts in his Chronology.




    He has 500 videos on his YouTube channel.

  • Richard

    I appreciate your dedication to sharing your research with the rest of the world. I also appreciate the extra work required for the citations. They make all the difference in presenting the information to those who are awakening. Look forward to your book, whenever you get around to publishing it. Bless you Corey for being who you are and for doing what you do.

  • iread

    delightful entry to website for me…”the they” indeed.
    nevertheless I typed in ….Who created the UN ?
    I usu start these days with Kofi Anan’s Quiet Revolution
    But then I remembered….
    Thy Will Be Done: Nelson Rockefeller and Evangelism in the Age of Oil
    by Gerard Colby and Charlotte Dennett
    but I can’t remember the details except something about the Conference in S.F.
    some Jekyll islandish monkey business….that book haunts me to this day
    not to mention the barges of creatures in cages on the Amazon
    on their way to the laboratories of hell to unveil the mysteries of
    snake venom and so forth, now 7 decades past
    never forgive never forget the they and what “they” are capable of
    How do so many of the creatures of this world do both as if flawlessly?
    Maybe they just….dig it?


  • Lori

    Corey Lynn, I sincerely hope you get to be finished exposing the darkness very soon and that this is your last Big Report! I’ve been reading and learning about the shenanigans of “They/Them” since I was 18 years old. I am now 62. I am excited for you to tell us what you were “put here to share” so we can see the brighter side of things, finally. While there are absolutely many beautiful aspects of humanity and this wonderful earth, life here has been so very traumatic for all involved. Thanks for many years of keeping us informed.

  • Marguerite Rothe

    I love your work so much! A job that goes in depth, without concessions. You are a role model for me. THANKS.
    The paragraph about E. Musk did me a lot of good, I feel less alone. I am amazed that people who are awake cannot see the obvious.
    God bless you.

  • Miller, Lillian



  • M.K. Styllinski

    I second all these encouraging comments. You do great work. I know it is exhausting to keep going sometimes – both financially and emotionally – but this knowledge will be even more valuable in the times to come.

  • Paulette

    I am so thankful for all your research, hard work and information you provide. At times, when I feel despair, I come to your website to see what your are reporting, and even though times are still scary, it gives me some hope. I’m just so discouraged by how many people seem unaware of what is going on, or perhaps, they don’t want to know because they are fearful for the future. All I know, is we need to join together and organize against this evil. Do not comply. Thank you again for everything you do. ♥️

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